The Secret: How To Stop Being A Crap Magnet

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“Consider this. What you focus on expands. Energy flows where your attention goes. You become what you think about. Keep this in mind. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. Why do I point this out?

Because when you focus on your problems you get back more problems. Whether you focus on career or job related problems, relationship issues with family or friends, health issues or wealth issues if you focus on the problem you find, attract and or create more problems. When you focus on crap you get crap back.

When you try to solve your problems you only end up with more problems. You think fixing them will make things better but it won’t because your focus is on what is wrong. If you focus on what is wrong you get more of the same. You do this because of habit. You were brought up to try to fix and solve things.

Success Secret: Don’t Fight The Old Focus On Building the New

It is old, chronic, habitual, mental conditioning that does not serve you well. When you look for and find what is wrong you only end up with more of the same. If your present moment is fill with crap how do you expect to live a wonderful life? How do you expect to feel marvelous? I mean really, why would you expect it to be different?

To feel marvelous and live a wonderful life you must look for and find what is good and what is right about this moment. You must accentuate the positive and nurture it. You look for and find anything and everything to feel grateful about and your life will change. Focus on the good in the present moment!

Consider this. You are on the freeway and traffic is moving quite well. No hangups everything is great. Suddenly, someone cuts you off, gives you the finger, slams on the brakes and screws with your driving. It sucks! THEN what do you do. Right then, you probably get hot, call him an ahole, give the finger back, and swear a bit. Or some version of all this.

What You Say Is What You Get – What You See Is What You Get

BUT what really happens. IT ruins your drive. You focus on and recount to others the ahole on the freeway. You have lost sight of the fact that traffic was moving well and all was good. What looms in your mind is the negative moment. YOU do this because of habit. Your brain has been conditioned and wired that way.

You focus on what was wrong and ignore and forget about all the rest. You miss all the good stuff. It doesn’t even exist anymore to your preoccupied mind. Your physiology changed, you got stressed, angry and then you relive it over again doing the same thing to yourself. Don’t forget the good just because bad happens.

This is just an example but realize your focus, your state of being, your emotions, your energy, your thoughts all change around the problem. They will stay that way as long as you focus on it. So what do most people do. They go from problem to problem in life either complaining or complaining and trying to fix them. It doesn’t work!

Whatever You Focus On You Create

Your focus, your state of being, your emotions, your energy, your thoughts will change around what is right and good too. You will get the good thoughts, feelings and chemicals from within. Whatever you focus on you get more of it back. Happy states of being or turbulent states; what do you want for yourself and your life?

This is precisely why gratitude is so powerful. Look for and find all the good in your present. Find what is right! Find all the good from your past. Stop reliving old wounds. Stop surviving hurts and start thriving. You will discover powerful, positive changes occur for you when you let go of the negative and switch to the positive.

You can do this if you think you can. It is simple. Look around your and find the good no matter how tiny or obscure. Put your attention ofYou won’t if you don’t think you can. It is always up to you and only you. Stop trying to fix everything. You never will anyway. If you don’t think you can do this you won’t. The choice is always yours.

What You Think About You Bring About

Stop trying to fix yourself. Stop looking for what is wrong. Start looking for what is right, what is working, what your strengths, talents, abilities and resources are and focus on these. Be grateful and discover your excellent self. Fall in love with you at the deepest level. Enjoy and delight in you. Find all the good things!

Stop criticizing and blaming yourself. Start loving, feeling grateful for you and enjoy yourself. Focus your attention on what what works in your life. Focus on the positive and value it. Truly value yourself and every aspect of your history. Put your energy and attention onto these. Think these thoughts repeatedly.

The quality of your life is determined by what you focus on. The quality of your life is determined by how you focus your attention on what you focus on? Get that? How you look at yourself and your situations past and present determine how you feel. How you feel determines how much you enjoy life. Stop the negative.

Thoughts Become Things

Stop looking at what is wrong, doesn’t work, disappointments and hurts past and present. Start looking at the good, the new, the right, the positive, what does work. STOP and smell the roses! STOP and see the forest through the trees! Want to live a magnificent life? Stop and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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