Don’t Be Mislead: Accepting What Is And Doing Nothing Are Not The Same!

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“There is a horrible article going around masquerading as a piece to help people. It is a truly sad and disappointing article. I understand the sentiment behind it but it is destructive, not productive.

The author states don’t dream, don’t try to be successful because you might disappoint yourself and then feel worse than if you just accept where you are at. Don’t try to be different. You don’t need to.

Don’t think positive. Don’t try to achieve. Don’t try to improve your life. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was a disguised letter from the castle telling the feudal serfs to enjoy their life as is. Settle!

Acceptance Is Having Faith That All Is Well Despite Circumstances

Accepting what IS doesn’t mean staying the same until you aren’t. Wanting something different and accepting what IS aren’t mutually exclusive. People can accept themselves and make positive changes.

It is sad. This piece that was shared a lot on social media suggests people accept defeat and accept not doing anything to improve their life or make anything better because they may be disappointed.

How disappointed might they be when they get to the end of their lives and they didn’t do anything they wanted? They simply lived as they did. They didn’t make waves and accepted their lot. Hmmmm?

Accept What Is Let Go Of What Was Have Faith In What Will Be

Enlightened acceptance is not what is proffered by this article at all. The author suggested you not read self improvement books or go to education programs that could benefit you. Because?

That is you trying to improve when you should just accept the way you are. Don’t be inspired or motivated by others who tell you you can change or have more of the good things.

It is accurate. She is correct. You don’t have to read another book or go to a seminar. You don’t have to do anything. After all, it is your choice how you spend your time, energy, and money. You decide.

Accept Who You Are Be Happy With What You Find

You have choice to pursue goals or not. You have a choice to enjoy it or not. You shouldn’t have to feel you need to do more but that is not the same thing as accepting what is. You change because you want it.

One can completely accept and appreciate the present while endeavoring to enjoy more of what life has to offer. If you aren’t expanding and increasing you are shrinking and decreasing.

Which do you want to do? You either fill up a balloon with air or let the air out of it. The same with life. You either enjoy it for all it is and  include more or you do not. Life is for living.

Once You Accept Yourself As You Are Then You Can Change

This author suggested rather than running a race and getting to the finish line it is best not to run the race at all because you might lose and then you’d feel bad about yourself. Poor thing. Awe, you lost.

I find this such sorry thinking. I saw people I know re-post the article. Don’t think you can improve because if you don’t you might be disappointed. WOW! Disappointment and discontent are valuable.

Without either, my guess is we wouldn’t have the wheel, chairs, houses, computers, fancy cars, luxury items or any modern conveniences. We wouldn’t have art or commerce.

Beautiful Thoughts Build A Beautiful Soul

We wanted more and better. We wanted innovation because we were dissatisfied. We strive and we strove to improve our lives  and our conditions because we knew we could improve on what is.

We evolve similarly to how we build muscle. We exercise. We break down the tissue and provide it rest and nutrients so it grows. Without challenge muscle would never grow.

Without dissatisfaction we would only always remain the same. Because of it we innovate. We improve. We get better. Without desire and imagination we would be animals not humans.

As A Snake Sheds Its Skin We Must Shed Our Past Repeatedly

Without yearning and dreaming where would we be? Accepting what is and doing nothing IS NOT the same thing. Accepting what is means be grateful for where you are. Appreciate everything, YES!

That doesn’t mean you must remain the same. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve on what you have. It doesn’t mean you have to but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It is always your choice! YOU decide.

This author’s view is not an enlightened one. It is a message of give up. Let the rich be rich you are better off where you are at, message. Don’t try to be happy you might only be sad in the end.

Don’t Exist – Live – Get Out There And Explore – Thrive

If you never try, you never grow. You will never improve. If you can’t risk anything ever you will remain the same. Many people are stuck, frozen with fear, worried about the future. It is true.

Some are stuck in the past. Re-living past tragedy and never getting over the old wounds. People are stuck in many ways. Some are stuck in ruts and feel like they can’t get ahead no matter what.

Better not do anything was the author’s message. I suggest you not listen to that message. Don’t stay the same if you don’t want to. Accept who and what you are. Celebrate it, enjoy it and enhance it.

Challenge Yourself – Evolve

If you do want a better life you have to risk not having one. BUT you can also manage the risk, take calculated risks. You can do little things to improve. Take tiny steps if you wish. It is valuable to do so.

You can smile more. You can laugh and move more. You can look around and appreciate all the beauty in the world. You can focus on the good things you find and ignore much of what isn’t.

You can do special things for yourself and others that make you feel good. You can enjoy relationships with family and friends. You can enjoy hobbies and recreation. You can delight in the day.

We Were Not Put On The Earth To Remain Stagnant

We can enjoy life. We ought not to feel as if we have to excel or feel pressured to be a success at the expense of enjoying life but one can have fun, feel good and enjoy pursuing lofty goals at the same time.

You can dream and set goals and go after them. Small or large. If you want to dream big, as many do, that is up to you. But if you never dream big you will never know what might be.

‘Might be’ isn’t a guarantee. Success isn’t handed anyone. You make your own. If you intend to be successful and do what it takes you can be. You may not be the first time you try but you can succeed.

Everything Changes – Change Is A Constant

Realize it is all up to you and take responsibility for your own success. Hey, you also get to define what success means to you. It doesn’t have to be others definition it should be your definition.

It is true you need not live the rat race. You need not live to others expectations to be happy. You should live your expectations and your life as you choose to. You do this by intentionally deciding to.

It won’t happen to you. You won’t luck into it. You make it happen. Do you have to read a book or take a seminar? NO but if those help you get what you want then they are resources. Stepping stones.

Drop By Drop The Tub Gets Filled

You determine the person you want to be and the life you want to have. You make it happen from your thoughts to your actions. You and no one else, really. Even though everything is a collaboration.

Together we all help each other in a variety of ways. We don’t live in isolation. The point is YOU set your course and you sail it. You are the captain  of your ship. Go wherever you want to go.

Don’t get to the end of your life and feel you lost out. Enjoy the relationships that are important to you. Be grateful for the love, and friendship. Be grateful for your fun and leisure. Enjoy it all now.

Treat Yourself As If You Were Your Own Best Friend

Continue to improve if that is important to you. Change, grow, expand and increase. Accept what you can’t change, learn from it and let go. Be gentle and kind with yourself and others.

Aspire to live well. Why not? You may only have this one go around, as far as we know. Don’t spend it struggling always, although are struggles are good for us, spend it thriving too. Live well and enjoy.

Find every reason to delight now and later. You can think positive or negative, you choose. You can be rich or poor, you choose. You can have fun or not, you choose. You can love or not, you choose.

It Never Gets Easier You Just Get Better

It is your choice how you live now and live later. I suggest you learn to live fabulously now so you continue to later. If you wait you will accomplish only one thing. You will wait. You won’t get you will wait.

Live in wonder and joy. Live with appreciation and gratitude. Live with passion and enthusiasm. Live with fun and delight. Include smiles and laughter, health and wealth in all areas. It is your life make it what you want it to be! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Find whatever you can most delight in today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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