You Get What You Command! What Are You Worth?

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“I had a great coaching session recently. A client was struggling with pricing their services. My client was not sure what to ask. We reviewed the strengths, weaknesses and merits of what he offered.

It is a good product and could be valued very highly. Still, he felt unsure. The key to pricing is win win. You have to be satisfied with your fees. They must fit for you. You have to be fully congruent.

If you ask too much and don’t believe you are worth it you will not get it. You always radiate and transmit what you believe you are worth. Nor is it good if you ask too little and aren’t happy with it.

Self Worth Comes From One Thing – Thinking You Are Worthy

You must be at home, congruent, aligned with what you put your service value at. Don’t be concerned with the ‘common sense’ market value at first. Get your attitude right first.

Once you get your mindset right we can discuss the market and business principle at another time. FOR NOW manage your thinking. Get your beliefs, your words and feelings into alignment.

Then know and remember the following!

Napoleon Hill shared a wonderful poem from Think And Grow Rich. I share it here too with a few lines he wrote preceding the poem.

I Am Not What Happens To Me I Am What I Choose To Become

‘There is a difference between WISHING for a thing and being READY to receive it. No one is ready for a thing, until he believes he can acquire it.’

‘The state of mind must be BELIEF, not mere hope or wish. Open-mindedness is essential for belief. Closed minds do not inspire faith, courage, and belief.’

‘Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.’

‘A great poet has correctly stated this universal truth through these lines:’

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

‘I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store.

For Life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask, But once you have set the wages, Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire, Only to learn, dismayed, That any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have willingly paid.’

Beautiful! Whatever you ask of life life would have willingly paid! However, sadly, many of us don’t ask much. We don’t ask much or expect much or ourselves either. It could be different for us!

I started off talking about fees because of a wonderful coaching session I had. The truth is it isn’t only about fees it is about what you expect and demand of life. What do you expect in each area of life?

Whatever We Plant In Our Subconscious Minds…

Life will give you whatever you ask of it. More importantly, you will give you whatever you ask of yourself. Again and again thought leaders stress, ask it, declare it, command it. YOU make it so!

You have to believe you are worth it! Whether it is the fees you command in business, or the enjoyment and love you command in life. The respect you get, the fun you have, the leisure you enjoy.

It is all up to you and you mindset. Your attitude. Are you thinking about what you want and speaking that or are you thinking about what you don’t want and complaining and blaming?

… And Nourish With Repetition And Emotion…

Are you creating value for yourself and others? Are you promoting positivity and increase or negativity and decrease? LIFE will give you what you ask of it. What are you worth? What do you believe?

If you aren’t getting everything you want in any area of your life it is time to address your beliefs and change them. Either they support you and what you want or they do not. It truly is either or.

You may need to change some of your beliefs. We all do. Go back through these blog pages. There is so much valuable material for making the changes you want. Put it to use. Study and apply it!

Two lessons today. Ask for what you want and believe you will get it. Make sure you believe it. Make sure everything you think and say supports that you will get it. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper.

… Will One Day Become A Reality

If you don’t believe it that is what you must first work on. Change your beliefs so you do believe it. Here is an easy way to begin doing that. When you become aware of thinking or expressing limitations.

When you find yourself thinking or hear yourself say anything expressed as what you do not want, ‘I don’t want to miss out’. Change it to the opposite. Speak what you do want.

‘I want to be included,’ or ‘I want to make it happen.’  Speak the opposite of any limitation you become aware of. Say the positive opposite statement over and over again. It works when you do it!

What You Can Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve

Assert it, declare it. Say it with energy, enthusiasm and strong emotion. Make the positive statements your affirmations or mantras. Your thoughts determine the results you ultimately get.

If you have weak, negative or penny thoughts that is what you get. SO put a guard before your mind and lips and think and speak only the best, most positive, powerful thoughts you can.

Keep at it. Repeat the new thoughts over and over and over. Eventually, they will take hold and stick. This is one way to change a limiting belief into a positive supportive belief.

Ask And You Shall Receive – Command Ye Me

Keep in mind what Napoleon said: ‘Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.’ Do you believe it?

If not, that is where you start the changes. Be thorough, be rigorous with yourself if you want to get ahead. Don’t beat yourself up but don’t allow yourself to succumb to thinking weakly either.

Think strong, powerful, positive thoughts. Decide you can do this and then do it.  Take charge of your thoughts and your statements. Speak only to bless, heal, prosper and inspire! Also, look around and appreciate and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Delight yourself and someone else today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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