How To Change Your Limitations Into Opportunities

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“Why do people opt for the less than glorious? Why do the maintain their problems and limitations? Why do they make changing hard work that requires effort? Have you ever considered this?

One of the reasons for this is that people adopt notions, beliefs, frames of minds and attitude that include concepts such as, ‘without pain there is no gain’. Or ‘it isn’t real or worth it unless you work really hard and suffer’.

Or ‘happiness is being unrealistic’, OR ‘you can’t be happy all the time’.  There may be  many reasons or excuses why someone opts to feel bad instead of feeling good. They may not think it is possible or that they deserve it.

Success Is An Attitude A Mindset A Decision A Commitment

They may put all sorts of conditions and requirements on it. They may have an unrealistic view of what it means to be happy or to be a positive thinker. I could go on and on I am sure. If you are a person who embraces some of these you might wish to consider them as things you assume are true but which may not actually be true.

It gets a bit tricky. People tend to defend their beliefs very strongly. They don’t want to believe that they may not be true. We think they are. We cling to them and insist we know what is best and what is right. We each feel as if we have a monopoly on the truth.

Most of us certainly act as if we do.  We don’t BUT we think we do. We are prepared to argue the case strongly to prove others wrong and ourselves correct. Most likely, we already have numerous times. We defend our beliefs even if they border on the ridiculous.

You Can Have Anything If You Give Up The Belief You Can’t

We just hate to be wrong about things. In order to begin to be free and move more freely into a new way of being we have to be willing to allow some room for anything else to be possible. We need to be willing to explore some other options even just a little bit.

Before you get into bed at night you remove your clothing. Perhaps, you put on other bed clothes that are more comfortable. Still, you change. You take off, you remove your clothes. Consider all of your beliefs as articles of clothing. Use your imagination!

Imagine! You can remove your beliefs in the same way. Take them off, fold them up, or hang them up and try some other beliefs on for a time being. Yours are still there where you left them. Don’t worry. You can always get them back whenever you wish, if you must.

As You Believe So You Are

Relax, they are right there.  What is the worst that would happen if you tried on other beliefs? Really, what is the worst thing that could happen if you believed you could always be happy? What if you believed happiness is a choice you can make? What if you make it?

Imagine believing differently for just a little while. What if you could entertain the opposite of limiting beliefs? What if you imagined you can find love, be successful, have all the money you desire, be debt free, own a great car and a beautiful home? Imagine it is all possible.

What if instead of thinking ‘I couldn’t’ or ‘I can’t’, you thought, ‘I could’ or ‘I can’? How might your life be different in a positive way?What if you created space, actually gave yourself some space, to allow for other possibilities? How freeing would it be? Imagine.

Belief Creates The Actual Fact

Can you give yourself permission to belief things differently? What would life be like if you had all the love, health, wealth and success you could find in life? Would you allow it? What if you could be truly happy in spite of any difficulty? Imagine your life differently!

If you could be and believe anything you wanted what might that be? What if you believed the exact opposite of what you already hold to be true? Can you entertain this notion for a little while. What might your life look like, sound like and feel like if you believed things more positively and productively more of the time? Visualize it!

Some people wear their beliefs as tight, clingy clothing. They may be better served to wear a more relaxed, loose fit. If you don’t believe you can get good things without suffering look around and find examples of others who have plenty of good things. You can too!

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

What do you think? Do you think you could believe that? Could you do that? Could you easily replace your beliefs that you have held for a long time with other beliefs? Do you think it would be difficult to do or easy? Because what ever you think you are right.

How you answer, mostly stems from your mindset, your model, your beliefs and attitudes of what is and isn’t possible, what is or isn’t likely, what you can or can’t do easily. If you want your life to change you have to change some things in your life. Really, you must.

Play with this. Notice what it is like to entertain other possibilities. Do you prefer these? If so, adopt them. If not, let them go. Realize any time you try something new on you might not be immediately comfortable. It may take some time to get used to.

To Succeed We Must First Believe We Can

So don’t be too hasty. Sometime, getting comfortable takes a little time. It’s okay. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes. Why a mile? Because it takes some time to get used to. Some people have difficulty falling asleep in a hotel bed, or in a guest room because it isn’t their bed.

They aren’t used to it, it is foreign, unfamiliar and not comfortable. Sometimes, it takes a while to enjoy a new food or beverage. You don’t instantly enjoy it. However, the more you taste it the more it grows on you. Sometimes you need to do it more than once.

So give the new beliefs a little time to discover if they fit. Play with them, live from them. Find out if they serve you better. Enjoy the exploration. Have fun, be gentle and explore your limitations and what it is like to go beyond them into new areas. Do it! Really.

Endless Possibilities Exist Just Beyond Your Belief System

It can be glorious and it can be a little frightening. Whatever it is, is what it is. Whatever it is it is all okay. Celebrate it and you will discover many nuances you might not have otherwise noticed. Find nuances. In fact, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today – Look for good things!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “How To Change Your Limitations Into Opportunities”

  1. I like the gentle but persistently challenging tone. Why not explore other thoughts and beliefs? We assume it’s life that limits us, but isn’t it really our own limits that hold us back? Thanks for another stimulating post, Rex.

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