95% Of All People Won’t Do This But You Must To Succeed

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“From time to time, on numerous occasions, you will experience moments, hours, even days of doubts and fears. You may worry and feel anxiety and  want to quit.

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Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

It is natural. It is normal. When difficulties or disappointments arise you may want to throw in the towel. You may be afraid you won’t make it, you might doubt you will be successful.

When one joins the military that person knows up front basic will be tough. Even then some are not prepared for how tough. Those who make it through can go on and succeed.

The military doesn’t sell you on how tough it is but on what you accomplish by participating in the program. Most understand service may be incredibly demanding.

If You Are Going To Doubt Anything Doubt Your Limitations

The Military promotes the  end result. You will be disciplined, a patriot, you will help others, fight for freedom. They don’t tell you, although you know, you may loose limbs or life.

What do they want?  They want a few good men and women. Why, because that is all they will get. Better few of quality than many who aren’t. Few who begin any endeavor actually finish the endeavor.

Not everyone makes it through basic training. Still, many do. No matter how tough it is. They go all in. Either they feel they have no alternative but to succeed or it is worth it to them. So they do!

Most Things You Worry About Never Happen

If personal change and transformation is worth it to you you will continue the course no matter what. You will stick with it because you know the end is worth what it takes to get there.

Along the way you will doubt, have fears and worry. You will continue in spite of them. That is what the courageous do. It’s not that they aren’t afraid, they are, but they go on anyway.

Nothing will stop you. So it won’t be all rosy. You’d never learn to manage your worries, doubts and fears if you didn’t have them. That is precisely how you take control by facing them and overcoming.

Worrying Is Like Praying For What You Don’t Want

You prove to yourself you are bigger than your fears and problems. They do not prevent you from progressing and accomplishing your goals or dreams. You manage them and you control them.

Because you face them you become victorious over them. There is no other way. They will not magically disappear. The path will have pitfalls but you will navigate them and emerge the champion.

BUT only if you encounter what would have stopped you before and push through it. Don’t run away even though you may feel like it. If you do at first, come back. Keep going. By returning you will reign.

When You Doubt Your Power You Give Power To Your Doubt

The person who gets back on the horse after falling is the one who learns to ride. Keep coming back, keep going on. It will get easier and easier.

Life is never free from troubles. You get better at handling them. So remember this and determine to carry on no matter what. While you do notice your progress, validate your forward movement. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy and discover delight today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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9 thoughts on “95% Of All People Won’t Do This But You Must To Succeed”

  1. I believe in myself. I have considerable confidence in my ability. Nevertheless, there are 160,000 SAG/AFTRA members. How many of us are making a good living year to year? If there’s 1 film/TV role for every 100 qualified actors, does that mean the 99 who didn’t land it doubted themselves? Perceiving reality and comprehending arithmetic are helpful too. Living in a dream world is not.

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  2. Hey T.R. I feel you. I am SAG/AFTRA too and I have felt that way for certain. What helped me was when I realized I was only in competition with myself not with 160,000 other actors. EVEN the many who ‘are my type’ aren’t me. All I have to do is be the best me possible and work to make my own breaks. I focus on what I can do not on 160,000 others or all the jobs I might be missing.

    I agree that living in a dream world isn’t helpful. Neither is a defeatist attitude. Either you understand the odds and work it in your favor or why be in the business. I know there are limited jobs out there but that doesn’t prevent me from working my craft and booking work and enjoying all of it in times of feast or famine.

    Attitude is everything my friend. Who knows when that opportunity will present itself and you break through. Maybe now, maybe later, maybe never if you aren’t prepared for it. Mindset, marketing and craft is how to put your career in order. If you don’t do it who will? If you are so concerned with the ‘odds against you and arithmetic’ the perhaps you should do something else. After all there are plenty who will take your place.

    Your career is completely up to you. How you act, how you treat others, how you network, how you audition, how you handle rejection, how you work on set, how friendly you are and whether people want you on their team. Learn to work on the things you can control and not worry about what you can’t control.

    Someone always makes it, why shouldn’t it be you?


  3. Excellent Points… Excellent topic for sure… you have to say this is what I want and I am ok doing this for the rest of my life whether I end up famous or not. Make a lot of money or not.
    If you are doing it everyday that how the story ends good. If you don’t then your story ends. They are thousand of people that don’t make it but work very hard and are very good! The thing is you don’t control when it will happen…. you can only control if you will have a chance for it to happen. I have a business that is successful, I have a patent that has been very promising, I am also a actor but currently my focus is my two kids because I have noticed how quickly they are growing up and if I am focusing on everything on my plate and not theirs… I will miss out on the most important thing that matters and the biggest thing I will regret later. I already am a actor, business owner, and inventor and I am not famous for any of them… it bothers me too! But I have to tell myself all the time that it’s more important that I enjoy the ride. Because I have seen the people that don’t. I know people that have been in the industry for years and years and they are still hustling everyday but they are resentful towards the industry and it’s because they have been working a long time and they are still not famous and making money and they are getting older….. this story isn’t just about actors everyone feels this way when they have been struggling for a long time. And the only thing certain is if you stop… you will never get there. So you have to keep going and if it is to much for you to handle take a break and remember it’s like running a marathon, along marathon for most. We hear all these stories about people making it and that’s the problem… only take from them stories that it can happen tomorrow if I keep going. We all need to know that nobody in your life needs to understand what your doing… as long as you do! 🙂

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    1. Hey, if you stop and smell the roses be grateful for that. There is so much in life to revel in and enjoy.

      I decided, when I had kids, that I wanted to be in their lives and have them in mine. Career took a back seat to family. That is a values change. That is absolutely valid. We each decide what is important to use as we live our lives. I can’t tell anyone how they should live.

      I do know that at the end of my life I will look back at accomplishments and relationships, of course I want to be proud of both. I do realize however, it is unlikely I will look back at the final moment and wish I had made another movie or been more famous. Hopefully, I will look back and feel filled with love for the incredible people I got to be with and know. Especially, my children and family. I say be thankful you realize that, not everyone does until it is too late.


  4. I am an actor, voice talent, acting teacher and voiceover coach I can usually tell within my first lesson with somebody whether or not they’re going to make it as a working actor because of attitude, discipline, drive
    Professionalism and wanting it so bad that you continue to work on your craft. they say there are 85,000 actors in New York City and 80,000 of them are lazy you don’t want to be one of those 80,000. too often I hear people criticize other people’s work and wonder why they didn’t get that job etc. if you obsess on that rather than your own work you won’t work. I can remember many times in my career over 40 years feeling numb and just going through the motions thinking what a my doing? why am I doing this ?but eventually you come out on the other end realizing one day that hey I have something here that I can offer. I have knowledge. I have experience. like he said it’s like going through Boot Camp you come out the end in shape and ready to go that’s what agents and casting people look for
    one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard from an agent was “become so good that people can’t help but notice you” I remember being in an acting class with a lot of working actors and celebrities who were still working on their craft to get better and continue their careers. it’s a never ending process. my father once told me “you never stop learning till the day you die”….so keep learning. keep working on your craft so you have something to offer to the people who want to hire you

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