There’s A Big Difference Between Wishing And Being Ready To Receive It!

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“Napoleon Hill said, ‘There’s a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish.’

Welcome to Part 15 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment.  Part 16 tomorrow. Let’s go!

You must eventually come to realize you are the true author of your life. No one else is. You determine what it is like now and what it will be like in the future. Whatever is Is going to be according to you. You decide it. You create it. You, YOU, make it happen.

The Brain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Take responsibility and write your life book. Line by line, page by page, chapter by chapter. Be the author of your experience. Responsibility is the critical factor. Assume responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you good or not so good.

Accept that you are the creator of your life. Imagine yourself as the potter and your life the clay. Shape and fashion it into what you want. Make what you want. If you don’t you will always live a life of other’s left overs. If you don’t design it who will? YOU MUST DO IT!

You are the designer, the architect, you draw the blueprints. You  are the engineers, and the plumbers and the electricians and the construction workers who build what you drew. You dream it and bring it into being through your actions.

Conceive It Believe It And You Can Achieve It

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking what if something bad happens to me, did I create it?  The best answer is, whether you actually did or did not, whether it is ordained from on high, or completely random or accidental, act as if you did.

Don’t be a victim of whatever circumstances come your way. Use the good and bad times to learn and grow. Bad times may be more difficult to do that with, at first, maybe always. The key is to learn and grow. Go on in life not letting anything stop or get you down.

What about down times and unhappy times? The same applies. Accept them. Theses are part of life. Learn to accept what is and go through them without getting stuck in them. Day gives way to night and night gives way to day. You will get through them. Trust!

You Get What You Focus On

Allow, learn, grow and move on when appropriate. Learn to be flexible. Learn to look for the silver lining in the dark clouds. Learn to count your blessings when faced with troubling times. There is always a reason to be grateful, no matter what happens.

When you take responsibility for everything you begin to understand that you have choice. You have decisions to make. You are not a victim. You can be a victor. You are ‘at cause’ not ‘at effect’ of the situations. You are in control without being a control freak.

A great leader said, when told that circumstances weren’t the best for his army to win the battle, ‘Circumstances, hell, I make the circumstances. I dictate the circumstances!’ Let this be you. Become aware of your power to choose and to respond.

There Are Two Ways Of Meeting Difficulties …

As you take control of your thoughts and feelings you realize you are in charge. To be in charge means to be responsible. Accept it, and author your life as you want it to unfold. Conceive it, believe it and you can achieve it is what Hill said.

Okay, I will tell you the truth. Are you ready for this? YOU are ALWAYS in charge whether you know it or not. YOU are ALWAY responsible. Your results come from your thoughts, feelings and actions. YOU cannot NOT be in charge. If your results suck …

Then change it. Learn how to be in charge and make things work for you. You must change what you are doing and what you are focused on. Accept the fact that you are in charge and responsible. Great power comes with this realization. GAME CHANGER ALERT!

… You Alter The Difficulties Or You Alter Yourself Meeting Them

For much of my life I was terrific at getting what I didn’t want. I was awesome at it and it was painful. I complained, and whined and moaned and suffered. UNTIL I realized what a powerful creator I already was. THEN it was just a matter of learning good taste.

It was a matter of creating what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want. I had to switch up what I was doing. I had to be real clear about who was in charge and who was responsible for the results I was getting. Once clear, I could move forward getting better results.

Do you understand this critical point? You’re already the author of your life. You’re getting precisely what you’re getting because of your current thoughts, feelings and actions. If you want it different you have to be different. You’re still the author writing differently.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Brought You

When it comes to your desires you must want it very badly. You must want it more than anything else. That separates your want, your desire from a mere hope or wish. You must believe you can bring about whatever it is you want to bring about. FAITH!

If you think, ‘I can’t’, or ‘I never could do that’, or ‘yeah, right’, then you have some more work to do. If you react to what is proposed from your old conditioning that is a clue, that if you want to, you have the opportunity to work on developing new beliefs.

Of course, you can choose to keep the ones you have thought so far. Some of them have served you quite well. It is your choice. It is ALWAYS YOUR choice. If you noticed you reacted as you always have then perhaps you want to learn to respond rather than react.

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You

To respond means there is a gap, a choice, a moment when you decide instead of merely act from habitual old chronic conditioning. You are learning to control your thoughts so that you can better respond to situations and events and people.

You are learning to respond in that gap rather than to react from old habit and programming as an robot would. To respond means you pause and respond appropriately with the needs of the situation in mind. To react is a knee jerk. You do whatever you always do.

This brings up the concept of freedom and freedom of choice or will. What choice do you have if you habitually pick the same things 99.9% of the time because you were conditioned to do that growing up. Little to none, right. You always do what you always do.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

You are on automatic making choices those who helped program you would have made. You are living out of your previous conditioning. That requires no thought at all because it is habit. You are thinking, feeling and acting from old habit. You’re on automatic.

Don’t you think you deserve to make the choices? You are worthy to make the choices. Don’t you think you at least deserve a shot at making them? I certainly do. By the way to be worthy you have to think you are worthy. Think yourself worthy. You are worthy.

It starts with your thinking, remember. If you don’t feel you deserve it begin to change your thinking so you do. Begin to affirm and assert and declare that you are worthy. You are absolutely worthy and deserving of all good things. You are worthy to learn to choose.

The Choices We Make Determine Our Destiny

I will reduce the percentages. What if 90% of the time you are on automatic? How about 75% of the time? Let’s reduce it further, 50, 40, 10% of the time. Which is acceptable to you and why? At what point does not being able to choose become okay?

At what point does being able to choose more often become okay?Consider that? How much freedom and choice do you want for yourself? How much do you think is reasonable? How much will you claim for yourself?

Whatever your answer is IS what you think it is. You answer is a product of your thoughts. Good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, it is your thinking and concluding. I know this is similar to a snake eating its tail. Our thoughts are our thoughts. Be aware!

Your Life Is A Result Of The Choices You Make …

If you don’t like your answers change your thinking. If you like your answers don’t change unless your answers are excuses, blames or whining. Then maybe you should want to change your thinking. You go where your thoughts take you, remember. Thoughts are things.

You can most likely have everything you want in life if you prepare your mind, condition it well, and take the right actions. It begins inside the mind and feelings. Thinking and feeling determine the actions you take. Your actions determine your results.

You don’t have to hurt anyone else. You can co-operate and celebrate with others. You can get what you want and they can too. You can live in a world that works beautifully. You can work in harmony with others. They accomplish their dreams and you yours.

… If You Don’t Like Your Life – Start Making Better Choices

You can discover how abundant and wonderful everything is. This world is absolutely incredible. It is a most marvelous. How you experience it is completely up to you. You either see all the good and the joy, or the human made darkness. It’s whatever you focus on.

It starts within you. It starts with your thoughts and where they lead you. It begins, as Hill said, in the imagination. You first conceive of it. Then you believe you can make it happen and that you will make it happen come what may. You want it and you know you will have it.

Then you take action and you keep going until you achieve it. You start before you are ready. You begin and keep moving forward all the while learning how. You attempt things as Edison did until you get it right, learning all the time. You keep the faith and keep moving.

You Always Have Choice And The Choice Is Always Yours

You are aligned. You are congruent. All of your inner resources working together to accomplish this. Your thoughts and feelings. Your talents and abilities. Your prior experiences provide learning and experience and more necessary for your progress.

Because your inner resources are aligned you are better able to allocate the outer resources necessary to bring it about, the people, the finances, the conditions to make it happen. Keep in mind that birds of a feather flock together. You attract like people and events.

From within to without. Believe it first and you will see it. Your brain will look for examples and matches and evidence for how this is true and how this is possible. If you don’t believe it your brain will do the same work but in the opposite direction.

When You Are In Alignment Circumstances Matter

So get free. Use your brain for the change you want. Gather your resources. Work as a team consciously and unconsciously on the inside and then find the team you work with on the outside. The inner game becomes an outward one at the same time.

What you are already on the inside is reflected and radiated outward every moment. Every atom and every cell of you is a broadcasting station. People can see, hear and feel if you are happy or sad, weak or powerful. You demonstrate who you are always!

Be the author of your life. Be a powerful, positive, deliberate creator who intentionally thinks and designs your life in the wonderful and glorious ways you see fit. Remember, to delight and celebrate and be grateful, and to create a world where you and others all benefit.

Be At Cause – Be One With Your Purpose – Be Relentless

There is plenty for all and all can win. As you do this you attract others who feel and do the same. Together you can create great things. Together we can make the world more wonderful one person at a time.

It is already incredible and we can add to that. Create yourself!  Fill yourself with incredible joyous life, laughter, and love. Enjoy great health and great wealth and everything wonderful. Be grateful, enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Create the day you want to have!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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