Expert Reveals: For Success You Need To Choose Useful Frames Of Mind!

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“You know what a frame of mind is, right? There are useful frames and not so useful ones. Positive ones and negative ones. Supportive ones and non-supportive frames of mind. Which is yours?

Welcome to Part 16 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 17 tomorrow. Let’s go!

Choose useful ones. Choose frames that serve you to live better, more joyously, to succeed in you career or job, to increase your wealth, enjoy fabulous health and loving, caring relationships.

You Become What You Think About

We adopted frames of mind, beliefs, attitudes and values from others as we grew up. Some conclusions we came to from our own experience combined with the previously co-opted thoughts.

We think, we think originally most of the time, yet sadly, we think mostly the same things over and over again, most of the time. There is room for new thought and we have some.

Mostly we think, feel, live and act from habits. Some have told you your paradigms keep you trapped. They may, certainly, they could. Some have led you to believe that you can sabotage yourself.

What You Focus On Expands

Some have told you perception is everything. You may or may not believe it is true. Whatever you believe, from previous habit, or from free choice determines how you live, feel and move in the world.

If you believe you paradigms can trap you then most likely they will. If you believe you can sabotage yourself then you will mostly act as if you could. Your perceptions are everything and determine much.

Have you ever seen the face of a friend in a crowd? You look and wow, sure enough, there is your friend. You didn’t expect to see them there, perhaps they weren’t even on your mind.

You Get What You Focus On

You rush to make your way to them, fighting the crowd. When you get up close to say hello you discover it isn’t your friend at all. You saw the face you thought it was, but it wasn’t.

Our mind does that to us. Perception is everything. If you think it is likely you will succeed at something it is more likely that you will. You may not, but it is far likely than if you don’t think it is.

Positive thinking doesn’t guarantee your success. There are other things, up to you, to insure success, but negative thinking certainly doesn’t. You don’t get uphill, easily, thinking down hill thoughts.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

So what frames of mind do you use? Do you think you can or do you think you can’t? Henry Ford said you are right either way. It is up to what you believe. You will only go as far as your thoughts take you.

Do you think you are successful or not? Are you happy or not? Are you healthy or not? Are you able to learn or not? Are you smart or stupid? What do you think about yourself?

Are you worthy or not? Do you deserve riches or not? Is the world an abundant place or not? Is there more than enough for everyone or not? Is the world tough or easy to live in?

Success Is A Decision A Commitment A Promise A Mindset

Your attitude, your beliefs, your ‘frame’, your perceptions determine what you will do and not do. They will determine how you feel, and what actions you take or not. They determine how far you go.

Even if you have limiting beliefs and frames you can change them! You change them the same way you learned them in the first place. You hear them or say them over and over again until they take hold.

The more emotion you put into saying them the sooner you will believe them. You condition your mind in this fashion. You fill your mind with what you want to believe instead. You change your focus.

You Can Have Anything – If You Give Up The Belief You Can’t 

You become what you focus on most of the time. Watch and listen, to positive, inspirational, motivational materials. Surround yourself with positive messages you want to believe instead. Immerse!

Think and say and act the way you want to be. Declare it so. Affirm it powerfully! Chant these with intense emotion. Have fun. Be and feel powerful. Determine you will be what you say you will be!

Decide to be it! Keep repeating and doing and it gets easier. It will take some time. It isn’t going to happen over night because you have so many competing distractions and old habits to overcome.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

YOU WILL SUCCEED IF YOU KEEP AT IT! You won’t if you try it for awhile and quit. Stick with it! Make the changes you want, yours changes. Own it. Live it. Eat it. Drink it. Sleep it. Breath it.

If you want it badly enough you will have it. If you MUST have it you will. If you KNOW inside with certainty YOU CAN DO IT you will do it. Why wouldn’t you? Declare it! Command It. Own Your Decisions!

If you must have it you will make it happen.

Let’s explore what is and what isn’t a useful frame of mind. You might think, ‘I can fly without a plane’. Okay, if that is what you believe the stand on the ground and practice flying up. Don’t get up high to begin with. Stay low and take off safely.

The Only Limits You Have Are The Limits You Believe

I don’t think that is the wisest frame of mind but someone always asks ‘what if I believe I can fly without a plane?’ Duh. Can god create  a rock so big he can’t lift it up? Get it?

Somethings aren’t that useful to ponder. Fun perhaps. Useful frames of mind help you live better, not stupider, nor should they lead you to get hurt. They are USEFUL! I’ll give you another example.

‘I can do anything’. That is a great belief to have. ‘I am confident’. Awesome.  Great, let’s go for a 100 foot high tight rope walk. While I can do anything and I am confident, I don’t know how to walk one.

To Succeed You First Must Believe You Can

I could begin by believing I can learn to walk a tightrope easily. I can believe I can succeed at walking the tightrope no matter how difficult. I am confident with practice I can become accomplished.

I c an even believe I can become the best tightrope walker ever. I want my beliefs to be big and to support my efforts learning to walk a tightrope.

I do not, however, want to attempt walking the tightrope until I clearly know how. The way one learns is by walking the rope on the ground. Then a few inches off the ground, then a few feet.

Believing In Yourself Is The First Secret To Success

One works up to the higher heights after accomplishing the lower ones first. Progress is made inch by inch.  We will get there. Thinking you are the best and the greatest is fine.

Eventually, you want to be able to back it up. You don’t just want to be a bragger. Confidence without actual competence isn’t good. However, in order to begin you may need to develop competence.

Adopt frames of mind that help you be what you want to be and get what you want to get. None of them are true or untrue all the time. Consider them useful templates.

There Is No Truth There Is Only Perception

You use these templates to more readily and easily make changes. These frames are how we perceive ourselves and the world. Use them to your advantage. Don’t let lies prevent you from excelling.

Beliefs change. At one time you believed in monsters under the bed, later you didn’t. You may have believed in certain holiday figures bringing you gifts on those occasions. Now you believe differently.

You have changed beliefs. You can adopt new useful ones that help you live how you want to live. If you are having money trouble and think you are in debt and will never get out, how is that serving you?

We Can Complain Because Rose Bushes Have Thorns …

It serves to keep you broke and in debt. Do you get it? On the other hand IF you say ‘never again, I am done being broke’ you can use that less than glorious circumstance as the impetus for change.

Once you do, you must change your focus from ‘i’m broke and will never’ to ‘I can learn new ways to make money. I can get out of debt. Money flows to me. I find opportunity everywhere I look’.

‘The world is abundant and I deserve money just like everyone else. Money is my friend. I am a great learner. I take action. I can live debt free. I am in charge of my finances’.

… Or We Can Rejoice Because Thorn Bushes Have Roses

‘I learn to manage my money well and make wise investments. I can grow my money. I am rich and live an abundant lifestyle’. Imagine in your mind all this being true. Imagine being rich.

Imagine living how you want, in the house you want, with the cars. You have the career or job you want and all the trappings that come with success. See it, hear, it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Fully imagine it!

Describe it out loud. Write it in your journal. Do this every day. Imagine a friend comes along as says, ‘wow congratulations, you did it! How? What did you do?  Tell me!’

The Happiest People Don’t Have Everything …

Tell him how you did it. Speak it out loud. Journal it. What was the first things you thought? What first steps did you take that led you to where you are today? Describe the process.

Then what did you do? What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them? Author your success story. See it and write it as you see fit. Imagine the process in your mind’s eye in detail.

As you do this exercise, again and again, you tap into your inner creativity. You locate your inner resources. Your intuition comes to your air. Your brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) assists you.

… The Happiest People Make The Best Of Everything

Your RAS looks for matches and evidence from your past. It also scours your present circumstances looking for matches in your outer world to help you create the results in reality.

Put on your best mindset because that is what unleashes the power within you to change. This power if what helps you make happen what you want.

From this powerful, positive thinking and positive emotions comes your ability to align your skills and abilities to act congruently and make your goals happen. You achieve them!

Right Now You’re Looking At The Results Of Your Past Creations …

Your frame of mind determines how far you reach and whether you reach at all. This is critical for you to know. You can change your frames from not supportive to supportive.

You can change from wimpy to powerful; from negative to positive, from lack and decrease to increase and prosperity. You decide how it will be because of your attitude and mindset. You are doing it.

God or no god? One or many? Universe or nature? Random or intelligent? Law Of Attraction or Nothing? Frames of mind. Might they be true. Sure. Might they be false, sure.

… And Right Now How You Feel Is Creating Your Future

All of these concepts are frames of mind, too. Which works best for you? Choose the one that stretches you the most and helps you fulfill your purpose on the planet. Which is most meaningful to you?

Which brings out the best in you and helps you live in harmony and abundantly? For some it will be a personal god for others an infinite intelligence.

For some it will be mystical and magical made for others reasonable or scientific. These are ways of perceiving the universe. Are they the right or only way? Who knows? They are different ways.

If You Continue To Talk About The Drama You Don’t Want …

Some will argue only their way is the right way WHICH is another frame of mind. Some will argue none are correct and everyone who thinks they are, is deluded. Another frame of mind.

My job as author of this blog is not to decide for you, others have already done that. My job is to expose you to life changing opportunity and let you make the decision.

You decide which frame of mind you want to use. Try them on. See if you can leave your comfort zone. Nothing comes from being comfortable but good relaxation and rest. Get out of your comfort.

… You Will Continue To Attract It Into Your Life

Try some new things. Explore. Adventure! Have fun. Attempt seeing the world in new and different ways. Be the person you always wanted to be and notice what that feels like. Awesome, right?

Choose frames of mind that lead to success. A successful person doesn’t doubt oneself. A successful person knows that s/he will make happen whatever is needed at the right time.

S/he will create it or find it or attract it. The successful person never thinks s/he can’t do the impossible s/he just does it. ‘If I want it I make it happen. I will get it or have one. I will find a way’.

Focus All Of Your Energy On Building The New

Imagine living from that frame. Imagine being certain you will succeed because you decide you will. Because you believe in yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Because you believe in yourself you will keep going until you achieve what you set out to do. Obstacles are part of the process NO big deal. Making your fortune is a fun game to play in life. One of many.

What if you had these thoughts? You can. Just because you never did before doesn’t mean you can’t now. It means if you want them YOU must implement them. You must activate them.

When You Fill Your Mind With Positive Thoughts You Will Change

If you want it bad enough you will. If not you will make excuses. Life is great. What if you were grateful for every single thing, good or bad. You learned from challenges and embraced them. Life is good.

You are thankful and appreciative and filled with joy and enthusiasm for each moment of everyday. Life is glorious and you get to experience it with others. Imagine how incredible to feel this way.

What if you felt this way all the time? You can if you believe you can. If you don’t yet it doesn’t mean you can’t ever. Your beliefs determine how far you will go. Adopt useful ones and live from those. Enjoy everything. Learn from it all. Be in charge and make things happen because you decide to. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is a wonderful new day don’t you think?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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