Expert Reveals: How To Stop Failing And Start Succeeding Happily!

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“How is it we make changes to overcome difficulties and move in positive directions? What must we do to eliminate the self doubt and the negative feelings? How do we keep going and changing instead of giving up and quitting. It is actually quite simple.

Welcome to Part 14 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 15 tomorrow. Let’s go!

We use the very same method we were first programmed by. Instead of less than glorious messages and feelings we now deliberately provide it the positive messages we wish we would have gotten the first time around.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Yes, we can change any thought, feeling or behavior. We can change and learn to get better, positive more successful results in our life. It is simple and most of the time it is easy. It is not easy all the time. It takes application and dedication.

You can’t quit and expect things to be any different. They won’t be. They will be the same as always because your brain will insure you remain consistent. With dedication and perseverance, however, there comes that tipping point you can take advantage of.

There will come that time when the old gives way to the new. Keep going. Yes, you have arrived and you have to keep going! Once you arrive at the tipping point it will get easier and easier because you create momentum for change. Change is easier and faster then.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

If you have ever changed residences you may have found yourself taking the route back to the old residence shortly after your move. Your brain knew the old way and wants to keep taking it at first, until your brain learns and remembers the new one.

You don’t lose or forget the previous address you just now know to go to the new one instead. You still have a choice which to go to. As you learn new behaviors your choices increase. Your talents and abilities increase. You upgrade yourself and up-level your life.

Why do most people fail? They quit. It is over and done. They make excuses, blame themselves, others and the world. Or they don’t take the first step. THE VERY FIRST STEP  we all need to take to do better and guarantee our success is to take control of our mind.

You Become What You Think About Most Often

This missing first step IS why so many fail to change. Attitude and mindset, what you think and believe, determine what you feel and the kind of actions you take and the type of results you get. It all begins with the appropriate mindset. Most don’t prepare well.

That is why Henry Ford said,  ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right!’ Condition your mind for change. Prepare the soil for planting and harvesting the seeds. Get control of your thoughts and feelings. Develop a powerful basis for change.

Positive thinking is not wishful thinking it is powerful thinking. Those who say ‘and this is not positive thinking’ as if thinking positive is a bad thing are wrong! Your mind is the one thing you can control for certain in this life. You either think negative or positive.

You Get What You Focus On

If you don’t like the results you are getting in your life right now realize there will not be any change if you don’t change your thinking. Your brain will insure things remain the same for you to be consistent. You will continue to do what you have always done.

You will get what you have always got! That is the truth. That is the way it is.  You won’t be different unless you think different things. Your life won’t be more positive and better unless you think more positive and better things. Want to change? Change your thinking!

If you want it to be different in the future you must think things differently now. You are where your thoughts brought you tomorrow you will be where your thoughts today take you. Right now you are where you are because of previous, prior thinking.

Whatever You Nurture Is What Tends To Grow

If today’s thoughts are the same as those yesterday and the day before and the day before that, well then, you will get what you have always got. Most of us THINK we think lot’s of different thoughts. Research states we think mostly the same thoughts again and again.

Yes, there is some variation. Life circumstances change, we learn new info and have different discussions BUT we react mostly the same. We think the same things, the same way, we say the same things in different conversations, we don’t change much.

We are habitual, reliable and routine. We think, feel, say, act and do the same things over and over most of the time but we think we are freely thinking and acting differently. We are not. We are on automatic and very robot like. Sad, but it is true. We are automated.

Old Habits Die Hard – But They Do Die

Do you get it yet? If you want things to be different change your thinking. That is the first step. When you change your thinking your feelings will change in alignment to what and how you are thinking. To be truly different you have to think truly different.

If your life isn’t what you want it to be it is because of your thinking and acting it is not the government, the weather, your parent’s fault even if you think it is. Even if they were contributing factors unless you take responsibility and think and do differently it’ll be the same.

If you don’t like the results you have been getting you need to change your thoughts and what you focus on. You need to get your energy and attention moving in a different direction.  You must realize and accept this first in order for change to begin.

You Can Do Anything When You Learn How

Negative thoughts produce negative feelings. Positive thoughts produce positive feelings. Negative thoughts rarely make you feel happy and successful. Positive thoughts can contribute to you feeling happy and successful. It is a choice you have to make.

What do you want more of? To get more of what you want is dictated by where you spend most of your time. If you want to be happy but are mostly negative you will not be happy. Do you understand this? If you want to be happy you must think happy.

You must spend most of your time thinking and feeling and saying and doing that which brings happiness about. It doesn’t work any other way. People think something will happen and then they will be happy. It doesn’t, and if it does occasionally it is temporary only.

If You Always Do What You Always Did …

Lottery winners are happy for a short while but most of them return to the lifestyle prior to winning the lottery. Broke! Why? Because their habits don’t change. They spend as they always did. They think as they did when they weren’t rich.

They return to their conditioning. Temporarily, they got a big bump. Their happiness meter went up with their bank account. Sadly, they both plummet pretty soon. WHY? Because they aren’t in charge of their happiness or wealth. They aren’t in charge of their thinking.

If you want to be different you must think, feel and act different long enough for it to become habit. If you learned successful thinking and money management strategies, learned to feel and live wealthy, then, if you won the lottery you would be better prepared to keep it.

… You Will Always Get What You Always Got

Otherwise, it is likely you’d end up like the rest. The odds are in favor of returning to the previous life style. If mind set doesn’t change you don’t change. If you want to be happier don’t wait to be happy, don’t expect it to come from the outside. Begin now within.

Take hold of your thinking and do what is necessary to get it under control. Take charge. Think positive repeatedly. Read positive books. Surround yourself with positive people and mentors. Chant powerfully, positive, inspiring affirmations. Take action inside!

When you feel in charge and on top of the world, and you feel as if you can accomplish anything because you believe in yourself and your ability to learn whatever is necessary to succeed, then the magic happens. It really does happen, only its not magic.

The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing …

Then you begin to take the right actions that make success much more likely. It is mindset first and feelings follow. Your feelings determine your actions and your actions determine your results. That is the way it is. Repeat after me. Seriously, repeat it.

Mind to feelings. Feelings to actions. Actions to results. That is the cycle. If your mind is positive you get positive feelings and take positive actions which leads to better results. Then you feel good again as you acknowledge the results of your actions.

Feeling good makes you want think positive and feel even better. This cycle spirals upward, do you get it? The more you do the more you can do. You continue to bring about positive thoughts, feelings, actions and results because they add to each other.

… Over and Over Again But Expecting A Different Result

What if you get some not so good results or obstacles? You learn from them, take the feedback, adjust whatever it is you need to, your thoughts, feelings or actions and continue on again, repeating as necessary, until you get what you wanted. You don’t quit.

The opposite side of the spiral up equation is true, too, and you could spiral downward. That is what far too many are already doing. They use the same formula I am proposing but negatively. So they screw themselves up and out of good things.

They have been doing this forever. They can learn to do things differently but they must want to. They must first become aware  and become willing to change. Then they need to do what you and I need to do. Make the changes. Take action and follow through.

The More You Do The More You Can Do

You don’t have to live in the dark side. Walk in the light. Take control of your thoughts and feelings. Take charge and be in control. Stop blaming yourself and start appreciating yourself for all the cool things your brain does for you. It truly is marvelous. Make it a friend!

Beyond beating your heart, circulating your blood, filling your lungs and a myriad of other beneficial things it does for you it helps you win or lose depending on what you  tell it to do. If you aren’t getting the results you want you aren’t speaking the language it does.

I have shared that language in this blog site. Throughout the pages here, search, affirmations, Directed Questions™, visualization, go back through and re-read on Intentional Thinking and becoming a Deliberate Creator. Study this blog site to learn and to change!

Whatever You Want To Do With Ease … 

Learn the brains language and use it. Your subconscious has to ‘get it’ and ‘know’ what you want in order to carry out what you want. You can speak all day to a waiter in a language the waiter doesn’t understand and what is the likelihood you will get what you desire?

Speak your brains language. Positive self talk AND positive feelings is how it understands. It is the FEELINGS you feel most often and the strongest the brain responds to most. You have to begin feeling things, even when you don’t, to signal the brain to respond.

That is the trick to learning control. You have to learn to do it, in some cases, by sheer force of will, in order to begin making it a habit. For example. Motivation comes from doing. You don’t feel like doing something, anything, like cleaning your room, so you never will.

… You Must First Learn To Do With Diligence

You wait and wait but don’t feel like it. However, if you start cleaning your room, even though you don’t feel like it at first, once you begin you are more likely to continue. The motivation comes from beginning the process. Sometimes you don’t feel a certain way.

You wake up feeling dumpy and down. Get up, stand up, chant your powerful affirmations, jump up and down if you have to. Laugh, sing, giggle, do whatever it takes, to change your emotional state from down to up. When you do this YOU ARE IN CHARGE!

You took control, you changed what you were thinking and feeling and doing by chanting your new positive thought affirmations and doing whatever it took to feel good while chanting. THAT is taking charge. The more you do it the more the habit will develop.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way …

You want to develop the habit of being in charge of your thoughts, your feelings and actions. THEN you will get better results. BUT you must first learn to make this a habit. If you do not everything will remain as it is. You won’t be in charge everything else will be.

DO you understand this? The powerful uplifting emotions you generate while chanting the affirmations IS what the brain recognizes most. Then it thinks ‘OH This is what you want, I get it ‘ and it looks for matches. It produces more! Like attracts like.

Get it? You have to initiate and maintain the process until the brain gets it. It learns from extreme emotions negative or positive. If you want more positivity and happiness in your life then you must provide those to your brain to begin with.

… If You Don’t You Will Find An Excuse

There are two dogs fighting inside you? Said the old man. ‘Two dogs live within you and are constantly fighting.’ ‘Which one wins”‘ asked the young boy. ‘Whichever one you feed.’ was the reply. What are you feeding your brain? Positivity or Negativity. YOUR choice!

You must continue the process until the brain gets it. Just like learning to ride a bike, or anything you have learned to do. You use spaced correct repetition through time. You do the correct things repeated over and over long enough until it becomes habit.

If you don’t feel like learning to ride a bike you most probably never will. So you won’t develop the habit of bike riding. To become a  bike rider you must first make yourself feel like doing it, you must put yourself in the mood. You must think you enjoy it or need it to do it.

You Go Wherever Your Thoughts Take You

You may need to pump yourself up at first. You might have to do that military boot camp style ‘HooHAA’ until you do it. Chant, use discipline, get a tough love coach who will get in your face until you do. Think the thoughts ‘I am a fabulous bike rider,’ ‘I love this!’

Because unless you actually eventually get on the bike you will never learn how to do it. You must motivate yourself since it is unlikely anyone else would bother. If you wait to be inspired you will wait forever. YOU take charge if it is something you want.

DO you understand this example? Everything begins and ends with you! Not in a narcissistic egotistical way but in the way that matters if you want better results in your life. If you want to be happier, healthier, wealthier, enjoy more loving relationships and more.

Thoughts Are Things

Affirmations and visualization with powerful positive emotions are the way you program the brain. Repeat and repeat. Keep going and don’t quit. You will get there eventually. How long? Who knows but you will. Enjoy the journey along the way. Attitude is everything!

Enjoy the journey because many wonderful things will become available to you as you progress. Keep your eye on the prize but also notice all the other cool things going on around you as you make your changes. Appreciate everything. Have fun! Enjoy it all!

Align with yourself, be respectful of you and your subconscious. Love all of you even when it seems in conflict. Pat yourself on the back either way. You did whatever you did. If you screwed up so what? Stop the judgements. Carry on positively. Learn to let go.

Drop By Drop The Tub Gets Full – Skill Comes Of Doing

When in conflict seek to communicate and co-operate not fight and negate. Don’t add insult to injury instead create harmony. Work together for a change. Get it? Work together for a change! Great things are in store for those who will. Open your eyes to take it all in.

Your beliefs determine what you see. In order to find and see good things believe they are there. Think, ‘there is so much good all around me, I wonder how soon I can more fully delight and begin to appreciate the incredible opportunities that surround me right now?’ Yes, useDirected Questions™ AND count your blessings. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a blessed day?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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