Expert Reveals: Some People Live A Charmed Life – You Can Too!

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“At times there is a tendency for people who what to make change to do as much as they can, then they stop and check to see if they have made any progress.

They compare where they are to where they want to be. If they come up short they lose faith, doubt, feel bad, give up, or frustrated they try even harder and harder.

Welcome to Part 17 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 18 tomorrow. Let’s go!

Either way can be an obstacle to becoming and having what you want. There is a nuance, a caveat to living and using the Law of Attraction or, as I prefer to think about it, being a deliberate creator.

Think Positive Be Positive And Positive Things Will Happen

So, I must say this, if you are a regular reader of my blog everything that has come before this post is relevant and applicable and will help you transform your life when you apply it correctly.

Information alone will never transform you. It is the correct application of information that becomes power and potential to change. Nothing less than using the material will bring change.

I want to point out. Some people know nothing of the law of attraction, they have never read a book or have seen a movie. They simply have an incredible life.

I’m Thankful For My Struggle – Through It I Found My Strength

They get what they want and are blessed in many ways. It seems magical, as if they naturally had a midas touch. Whatever they do seems to pay off well.

How is this possible? We will explore in a moment. First understand there is positive and negative, lack and plenty, up and down, thin and fat, fast and slow and other distinctions.

These are ways we divide the world that make sense for us. It is part of living in more than three dimensions. Time, space, and beyond. Some call it duality or polarity. The names don’t matter much.

Train Your Mind To See The Good In Every Situation

We can measure hot and cold, near and far. Our mind compares and contrasts. Realize however hot and cold are different degrees of temperature. Two aspects of the same thing.

Night and day are different aspects of a 24 hour cycle. Positive or negative are two sides of the same coin.  Each of the opposite ends of these are extremes. They may be infinite for all we know.

Some things we are able to measure finitely to the best of our measuring instruments. Size for example gets harder and harder as we move from our world to the subatomic.

Positive Or Negative It Is Your Choice

Opposites are part of the same thing. We divide them into near and far,  up and down to simplify our world. They are one thing. Whenever there is one there is at the very same time the opposite.

Somewhere in this world it is day and night simultaneously. The antarctic is cold while the Sahara hot. These notions are dualities. They are aspects of the same thing. I keep coming back to this point.

They are different sides of the very same coin. When you begin to think positive, negativity also exists. If you try to fight the negativity you only exaggerate it because you put your attention on it.

There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For

Whatever you focus on expands. You get more of what you focus on. The very thing you attempt to eliminate you get more of if you fight it. You become what you predominantly think about.

Understand it and accept it. Embrace it and let it go. It is part of life. There is nothing bad about it. It is what it is. It allows for some things and doesn’t allow for others.

If you focus on not having enough money, and put your attention on lack and debt you get more of the same. To change this you need to put your attention of what you can think, feel and do differently.

Thought Change Leads To Life Change

To succeed you first must feel successful and prosperous to create and attract the people, events and circumstances to make more money. You do it with the focus of your thoughts.

Keep this in mind. When you want something you don’t yet have what is your awareness on? Your attention goes into wanting what isn’t yet yours. You notice the gap, the distance.

You compare the future with now and come up lacking. This brings more of the lacking and comparisons. It doesn’t bring you what you want. It brings you more of not having it, yet. It brings more waiting.

Positive Mind – Positive Vibes – Positive Life

To have what you want to have you must be what you want to have in order to get more of the same. This can be a difficult concept for some to appreciate or it can be quite easily understood.

The law of attraction states you attract more of the same. Whatever you already are is what you attract back. You do not attract something you aren’t. If you want to attract gold you must be gold.

So if you want to be happy you must first become happy then you will attract more of the same. If you want success you must first become successful to get more of the same. Do you understand?

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

The same with wealth, health, and loving relationships. You want a loving partner become one first. You must be it to attract it. If you are not it first you won’t attract it. Like attracts LIKE.

Your first effort of mind must be becoming one with what you want to have. You must think and feel and be it first. You want more love you must BE love first ONLY THEN will you get more back!

The Law of Cause and Effect states if you want it you must cause it. You must be at cause and then you will experience the effects. This means it is not just going to happen for you.

Positive Things Happen To Positive People

It is not going to land in your lap without your involvement. You cause it to happen. You go first. You no one and nothing else but YOU. Most people don’t get this they put it on other sources.

Additionally, it means, combined with the Law of Attraction, everything you are and have right now or don’t have is, and has always been, up to you. You are already a creator and attractor.

You have always been creating and attracting whether you know it or not. You have always already been getting the results of your predominant thoughts. If you don’t like the results change thinking.

Believe It And You Will See It

The Law of Increase indicates that when you plant a seed you will get much more back in return. The fruit will bear many fruit with countless more seeds. You can experience exponential return.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. There are those, as previously mentioned, who without formal knowledge of these principles lived blessed or what appear to be charmed lives.

How is this possible? Why them and not you?  They, for whatever reason, grew up learning or stumbled upon that which works for them. Some people don’t think much they just feel happy.

What You Say Is What You Get

Their frames of mind, previously discussed, support them. They are as intelligent as you or I, but they don’t get caught up in over thinking and analyzing. They are busy enjoying life.

They accept things as they are. They don’t fight to get more or fight to resist lack. They accept what is and celebrate everything. They always seem to have enough.

Whatever they do they succeed at. They have great love and joy in their lives. Why? Because they seem to live filled with gratitude for the present moment.

The Greatest Weapon Against Stress…

They don’t compare with others. They don’t compete with others. They do what they do happily and are glad. What is most important to them is the love in their lives.

Family, friends, enjoyment, enjoying each other is important to them. Celebration and delight is a high priority.  Joy governs their lives. They look for the best and find it. They focus on the good.

Hardships come and go and they handle them and rebound because, first and foremost, they are filled with love, joy, support for each other, community, closeness, and more. They are connected.

… Is Our Ability To Choose One Thought Over Another

Their values, what is important to them, cause them to live blessed lives because they don’t notice the glass half empty. Why? Because they are too busy enjoying whatever is in the glass.

As an analogy you could say they are people who live in the light. Darkness flees from them. When in a dark room you don’t have to fight darkness you simply light a candle. They live in the light.

You could say their vibrations are high vibrations. Because they are living light and high vibrations they attract and create and get more back of the same exponentially. They attract more of who they are.

Talking About Problems Is Our Greatest Addiction …

Yes, they are charmed, but they are doing it! It is from the mindset, the attitude and the heart they live from. It is who they are and what they put their attention on.

It is determined by what they feel is important and they don’t get distracted by what they don’t have. They are the example of being first and doing and having.

They embody it and live it. Others have come to it through study and application. They arrive because they devote themselves to it and they learn and change and adapt on the journey.

… Break The Habit Talk About Your Joys

These latter creators, just like the former ones discussed, recognize that the journey is what is important. They don’t sacrifice the journey for the prize at the end. They enjoy each moment of it.

If you want a blessed life enjoy the journey. It is an adventure. Delight in everything it brings. When it brings joy, delight! When it brings hardship, delight.

You say, wait delighting in hardship is tough, not logical. You would be correct from where you come from. Those who live charmed lives don’t resist challenge  but embrace it and learn from it.

There Is No Time Like The Present – Begin Now

To those who have learned otherwise, all that can be said is, when the student is ready the teacher appears. When one is ready, anything is possible. You are ready when you ARE it.

Those who live it know it, those who don’t live it can’t know it yet. Some day perhaps, if they continue on they will. For now, it is a concept that may be difficult to grasp.

Many abandon a practice or discipline because the concept is difficult or the practice is difficult. All that can be said is, you get what you focus on. If you give up, you gave up.

The Kite Rises Against The Wind – Opposition Is Useful And Good

No harm no foul, that is what you did. If you change your mind later and want to resume, so be it. If not, so be it. Life will be whatever it is for you. You are always creating and attracting. Please realize this.

Making life wonderful starts with us. It begins inside us and no where else. Yes, the world goes on, you are part of it, one with all of it or separate and distinct from it.

Whatever you choose to believe will determine your results. It won’t change many things though. You may not know about or believe in the Law of Gravity but that doesn’t change the effect it has on you.

I Don’t Know The Way But I Will Be There Soon

Gravity effects you and the rest of the world. It operates whether you know about it or not. It operates whether you like it or not. You can’t change the fact that gravity is affecting us.

You will be affected and effected by what you know and don’t know. What you don’t know you don’t know. You don’t even know you don’t know it when you don’t know it. Nor do I. We can’t, can we.

The problem with most people is they think they know. They draw conclusions. Sadly, their ignorance is their undoing. They just keep missing until they don’t. To each their own. It changes nothing.

Promote What You Love Instead Of Bashing What You Hate

Those who have happy lives may continue to do so. Those who don’t may continue to miss out or they may change something and find happiness. Either way the world goes on as it always has.

Our mindset, your mindset, determines what you do and don’t do. What you have and don’t have. If you want more happiness become happy now. It begins with you and ends with you. You start it!

All the practices and approaches shared in these blog pages help you do that. THAT is WHY they are shared here. So you can learn what to do if you don’t know. So you can live a marvelously fulfilled life!

A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life

Once you know about it that is a step in the right direction. Nothing will change unless you apply what you learn. To know and not to do is to not know. If it is to be for you it is completely up to you.

No one can do it for you. You make your life as it is, as it has been and as it will be. YOU have always been in charge, even if you didn’t know this, or if you haven’t acted as such. You are responsible.

You are always in charge. It is time to assume the responsibility and live as you want to. Become it! You have to GO FIRST to attract what you want. A great start is with total gratitude and appreciation.

Speak What You Seek – Until You See What You’ve Said

Remember, the old saying, where there is a will you will find a way. You can do this and will if you truly want to. Begin now. Find out what you can begin to really appreciate and fill yourself with true gratitude. Feel it fully. Enjoy it delight in each moment! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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