Expert Reveals: You Have Been Hypnotized And Lied To – Wake Up!

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“Consider this: there is what you know. There is what you know you know. There is what you know, you, don’t know. THEN, there is all the rest. There is everything you ACTUALLY don’t know, AND you don’t know, you don’t know it. That, we are completely clueless of.

Today, we take a break from our series to include this blog post on awareness and conditioning. Enjoy. We will return to and conclude our series shortly.

What we actually know is a very tiny sliver or piece.  A little larger portion is what we know we don’t know. Then, there is everything else we couldn’t possibly know, that we don’t know. ON top of that we are limited by what we think or don’t think.

Awareness Is Like The Sun When It Shines On Things They Grow

Our only limitations exist in our mind. In what we think we can or can NOT do. What we believe is possible for us, or not, versus what we believe is possible, or not, for others. Sometimes we think we could do it but no one else could, and vice versa.

One reason for this is we are expert hypnotists. Most people have hypnotized themselves into deluded limitations and act as if those are real.  They regularly hypnotize and suck in people around them too, to believe limiting things.

People are expert at hypnosis because they have been hypnotized (or conditioned) since birth. What they are not is elegant with it. They are not purposed or directed, rather they are like monkeys with machine guns. They just spray everywhere.

The First Step Toward Change Is Awareness

They simply spray the world with their limited thinking, believing all the while, they are correct about their beliefs. They believe they know what actual reality is. They think their circumstances are real. They experience those as the ‘real world’ but those aren’t.

They don’t know that it isn’t. They act as if the drama and the illusions they create for themselves are real. The dramas are hypnotized delusions that are not real, but they think they are. They buy into the drama and the troubles and the crap. The live as victims.

They don’t know their true power because from the beginning they were never told. They were told to be a worker bee, to work for 40 years, retire and die. They weren’t told they have choice and can determine their destiny. They weren’t given any clues to their power.

The Second Step Toward Change Is Acceptance

The brain works this way. What you look for you CAN find. If you seek it you will find it or evidence of it. It is, as you THINK it will be. What you say ordains it. You state it, assert it, declare it, and in doing so you create it in your results.

People operate unconsciously from habits given birth from the time they were born. Mostly, old habits that die hard. People operate from these believing they have choice. They may have SOME choice, but very little do they actually realize. Realization is the key.

We don’t experience much choice unless we work consciously to develop it. The first step is to develop awareness for what we do not know versus everything we do know and think we are correct about. It is a delicate game to become aware that you are aware.

As Our Awareness Grows We Grow And Transform

Change is not futile, it is eminently possible  but it means overcoming habits which die hard. Most people won’t change and will continue to live from their previously conditioned programming because they don’t know it could  be different for them.

They just don’t know it could be any different. Many won’t because they think it is too tough. If it is uncomfortable they won’t change unless forced. They won’t willingly leave their comfort zone to make a difference in their lives for themselves or others. Both reasons are why they  remain the same.

Both reasons come from our conditioning. 99.9% of us are run by automatic habits. 1/10 of 1% of us is conscious choice. The engine that drives our ‘everything’ is our unconscious, automated, habitual thoughts and behaviors run by our subconscious mind and is not easily subjected to our conscious control.

I Am And I Have Are Powerful Words …

Imagine a huge ship. The ship and the power source are 99.9%. The rudder that steers the massive vehicle is that 1/10 of 1%. That tiny little rudder is small by comparison to the rest of that huge machine.

It is what determines where the ship goes. It is small but it determines our direction. The rudder is our conscious awareness. The unconscious is the power that gets us there.

We have enormous power at our disposal, yet most people never realize that. Because they were conditioned to be the worker bee they never learn to harness and direct their full power.

They don’t steer the ship they only go where it goes. They aren’t in control. They lives are determined by the 99.9% that is automatic. They don’t use the 1% that they could.

Consider our ability to choose. Think of it this way. Imagine tying to get out of a huge prison through a tiny tunnel you make with a spoon. There is a lot of effort dedicated to break through or out.

It takes massive work and commitment. You really must want it or you will never keep going. To get free you can’t quit. You work and work and work!

… What You Put After I Am And I Have Shapes Your Reality

Outside the tunnel, on the other side, the area enlarges, it opens up. You are free. You are outside of the prison. Anything and everything is now available. You can enjoy and go anywhere.

Yet, many will return to where they were most comfortable and familiar. True for some, right? They got used to being within the walls so they get caught again.

However, the more you change the more change you can make. Once you recognize and become aware of that which binds you and imprisons  you you can work to be free.

You can do what necessary to get free. When you are finally FREE from the bondage; because YOU DECIDED to do something about it, the easier it is to continue making changes.

NOW changing becomes even easier! Once you get begin to change you can apply what you learned to make even more changes. You get exponential returns on your efforts once you begin the process.

Few people initiate the needed process to improve their lives but you can be one who does. You can break free from your prior limiting conditioning.

When You Have Think You Exhausted All Possibilities You Haven’t

To flee a burning house one needs to know it is burning. If one is not aware, one is not aware. If one smells smoke, realizes their is danger and acts to one can get to safety.

There are constraints on analogy but I assume you get what I mean. If one never notices the signal, doesn’t know there is danger, they may perish instead.

Once we are aware that we have reason to change, or need to change, we need to become aware that we CAN change. Some people realize they must change but don’t know they can change.

So they remain stuck. We need to realize change IS possible for us. Once we become aware that we CAN change, WE need to do something TO instigate that change.

We need to act in a manner that eventually brings us our desired results. Furthermore, we must CONTINUE to act in like manner until we get the intended results.

Eventually, we overcome our prior habits and learn new and better ones. We exchange the old for some good, new and better ones. Once free, we may realize we had been hypnotized.

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

The first thing we need to change is our habitual thinking. We can get free of it if we want. If we realize we have choice. Mentors and coaches have told us this is possible for centuries.

We either begin to believe it or we don’t. If we don’t we remain the same. Some people hear and still don’t understand. The teacher appears when the student is ready.

The choice remains ours even when we don’t realize it is OUR choice. As some mystic once said, ‘everyone sleeps, everyone awakens but at different times’. Noone better than another.

People just sleeping and wake up at different times. So we need not judge those who remain the same. Take care of your self first. Let others be who they are.

Once we begin to wake up and realize we were sleeping we discover that our limitations are only dreams that had bound us. We can become aware of what is possible.

The more we explore what is possible the more we good we can discover. The more we seek the more we find. The brain, our Reticular Activating System (RAS) works this way, remember?

You Can’t Start The Next Chapter Of Your Life …

Once awake and making positive changes we can readily continue because the process gets easier the more we do it.  We have learned HOW to change. Skill comes of doing.

The more we do the more we can do. At first it seems tough. It may even seem impossible. That is the inertia we must overcome in the beginning. The tendency to do nothing, to resist.

Once we start keep at it until the new changes are wired in. It takes a minimum of 21 days repeated practice to make or break a habit. That is the bare minimum.

If your goal is to be free you will continue until you make the new thoughts and behaviors habit. Keep going and don’t quit. You will if you absolutely want it. If not, you’ll find excuses.

The goal is to overcome useless, chronic, negative, habitual thinking, feeling and actions that get you less than desirable results and exchange them for powerful, positive new automated thinking.

Exchange those for powerful, positive feeling and actions that enable you to be, do and have anything you want in life. In order to change you need to first know you must change.

… If You Keep Re-Reading The Last One

Exercise your choices and make decisions that serve and support you. Begin now by looking for and finding anything and everything you can feel grateful for. Acknowledge each of these.

Feel each fully and enjoy. Find everything you can to appreciate daily. Create a list. Add to it each day. Focus on your gratitude. As you do new worlds will open up.

Find lessons in challenges and obstacles, and in your hurts and woes, that  you didn’t previously realize were there. You will if you look. That is the job of the RAS.

Find positive reasons to keep going in spite of difficulty. As you do you will discover many other opportunities to be free and happier you didn’t know we available to you. Things open up!

You will gradually lighten up. These positive changes create more momentum so that changing positively becomes easier and easier. You’ll discover so much you never knew was wonderful within you.

You’ll discover it around you too. Focus on the good you will find so much more. This is because what we focus on actually expands. We discover and include more!

Your Life Gets Better By Change Not By Chance<

Enjoy, delight, savor. Bask, bathe and linger. Allow yourself to experience the goodness and the power of making positive choices. Your ship has always been taking you places, whether you wanted to go or not. Now, it is time to take charge and determine where you want to travel in life. You have choices. Choose wisely! Be thankful for all, celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

It is another glorious day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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