Expert Reveals: How To Easily Handle Your Problems And Woes

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“How do we get more of the good life? Is there any principle or practice we can immediately apply to help make things better? Absolutely there is! This one practice can help take your life from not so good to so much better, quickly, you will want to do it now.

Welcome to Part 18 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 19 tomorrow. Let’s go!

In the original 1925 version of ‘The Laws Of Success’, Napoleon Hill re-publishes an address by Major C A Bach to graduating military officers. You’ll find it in the chapter on Initiative and Leadership.

Of course, the entire essay, and the entire book are a most worthy and recommended read. I encourage you to locate and secure a copy for yourself. Today, I quote one line, from this wonderful essay.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

The Major stated, ‘Make light of your troubles, belittle your trials and you will help vitally to build up within your organization an esprit whose value in time of stress cannot be measured’.

There are many critical and relevant points made by Hill and Bach that can benefit all of us. One of the reasons Hill includes Bach’s words is because to be successful one must learn how to lead.

Before leading others, however, one must learn how to lead oneself. This is the most crucial understanding of this chapter in the book. Lead yourself well, be exemplary and others will gravitate to you.

You Get What You Focus On

Learn the power of self-initiation: how to begin, follow through and complete things, without being asked. Master both principles and you become more successful by becoming valuable to others.

All excellent points for certain. I point out this one sentence because I think the thought is critical when applied. It is a potent reminder on how to use your energy and why.

‘Make light of your troubles, belittle your trials…’ In other words, don’t take anything too seriously. is an important reminder! Do not focus on your problems.

Whatever You Think About Most You Become

Do not focus on your problems or exaggerate them, in your mind, to yourself OR to others. There are benefits that come with learning this practice. Great benefits too.

He stated, make light and belittle your problems and you will build up an esprit with your organization (or yourself) whose value is immeasurable in times of stress. Valuable now and valuable then.

When you learn and make this practice a habit then no matter what may come your way, in times of stress you are prepared. You are used to handling problems and seeing your way through them.

What You Say Is What You Get

Monitor your thoughts and self talk about problems. Be on guard what you think and say to yourself AND to those around you. ‘Make light and belittle’.

Why? Because you minimize their power in your mind. You shrink them down by not giving them energy. You put them in their proper perspective. No matter how large it is NO BIG DEAL.

Most people talk to anyone and everyone about their daily woes. They recount them to their family, to their co-workers, to the people they encounter during the day. They love the drama.

Make Light Of Your Troubles – Belittle Your Trials

Perhaps, they love the attention and probably the (feigned) sympathy it brings them. Beyond that they are comfortable doing it. They are acting out of habit. The habit is focusing on problems.

Energy flows where attention goes. What you focus on expands. What you think about you become. STOP talking about your problems. Put an end to your problems withdraw the energy.

Suck the oxygen out of them and let them die. Put your attention on that which better, more positively serves you. Notice however, he didn’t say ignore, he said make light and belittle. Perspective!

Skill To Do Comes From Doing

You can handle them. You are bigger then them. They are insignificant compared to you. Troubles come and troubles go. What is important are your blessings.

Adopt this attitude and mindset. Watch your talk. Only speak to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others. What you SAY is what you get.

What you assert, declare, focus on and repeat is what you get. So only say what you want. As long as you say what you have you will always have as you say. Your thoughts and words matter!

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

You are the author of your experience. You emphasize what is important every moment. You describe the situations, you add the detail when you speak. So monitor your mouth!

Only author what you want to include in your life. Focus on what you want. Do not focus on what you do not want. Put the energy into your blessings. Exaggerate the good minimize the bad. Get it?

Focus on all that you enjoy and delight in. Put your focus on who you are and not into the problems whether larger or small. Be the changes you want to include in your life. Be grateful and enjoy!

Decide What You Want – Determine How You Want It To Be

When you are able to make light and belittle you demonstrate to yourself and others you are in charge of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors, your problems, and your results.

You are the one calling the shots not the issues. You don’t allow circumstances to control you. You are not a cork bobbing helplessly in the water you act from a place of power and volition.

Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Build things up, increase what is good, right and wonderful. Decrease what is not. Stop getting hooked by distractions. Learn from problems and challenges.

Speak Only To Bless Heal And Prosper

You grow strong through resistance. Instead of talking about how wrong things are, embrace problems for their potential to add to your development.  Talk about how right things are.

Keep your focus on the positive. Focus on what is good right now. Focus on what you appreciate. Focus on that which you want to create, make happen or attract. Stay tuned to the wonderful!

What you think about you bring about. Staying focused this way  will bring about the results you desire so much quicker than wandering off into your woes. You might amaze yourself how quickly it works.

Increase Or Decrease – Your Choice – You Decide

Distraction lead us astray and wastes valuable time. So if you are a complainer. STOP! Don’t beat yourself up. Just STOP complaining and start finding the good to accentuate. Accentuate the positive!

If you go hiking and you inadvertently leave the path, just gently nudge yourself back onto the trail without more complaining. Accept what was, and decide now what will be.

Then enjoy the present moment by looking for and finding all the good things to fill your moments and your mind with. Think, speak and accentuate those. Make it a habit! You and your life will positively transform when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is another magical and mysterious day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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