Expert Reveals: The Single Most Critical Factor In Success Conditioning

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“What makes the difference between success and failure? Is there something we aren’t doing that would change the game? How can we succeed and reach our goals? People have struggles. They try but they abandon their pursuit.

Did you know there was a time in your life when you did anything and everything to succeed? You didn’t stop. You worked until you got there. Giving up was not an option for you. Did you know this? It is true. You worked and continued to work until you achieved.

People asked me, why is repetition important? The reason it is important is that is how you learned as an infant, toddler, child and all the while growing up. As an youngster you worked harder than you ever had and you kept going until you got what you were after.

Mastery Only Comes From Doing It Over Again Correctly

As an infant you repeated movements necessary to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk and feed yourself. The movements that you needed and were successful at you kept. Those not needed, you discarded. You eliminated the unnecessary movements.

Even the unnecessary movements were important. You moved wildly, without control.  You had to learn control. You had to learn which got you to your desired goal. In feeding yourself you had to eliminate all those that didn’t get the spoon to your mouth.

You kept doing it, getting food everywhere, all over you. Eventually, through repetition you learned which ones you needed. Then you repeated those. You maintained the correct repetition to succeed. From random and error you made it to your target by doing.

What We Want To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

You kept doing over and over again until you succeeded. Failure wasn’t an option. You tried to walk and fell. You got up and tried again. You fell. You got up and repeated what you were doing until you did it successfully. Everything you learned to do this in this way.

As a child you learned songs and nursery rhymes by repeating them again and again. You learned you alphabet, and mathematical tables by repeating over and over. You repeatedly practiced printing letters, then cursive. You learned to read by repetition.

Repetition is how you have learned everything. You learned your name and the names of those around you by repeatedly hearing them. You learned to speak by hearing over and over your native language and then babbling and babbling until you could talk.

Skill Comes Of Doing

Your muscles and strength grow by exercise repeated often. You repeat eating a  number of times each day and you repeat sleeping and waking each day. The piston in your car engine pumps again and again to take you places. Your heart does the same as do your lungs.

Your cells repair and re-create themselves every so often. Your entire body renews itself through the years. Repetition is the way of the universe. Hot and cold, summer and winter, day and night. Tides come in and go out again and again.

Learn to use repetition to your advantage. We have been trained out of it to. We were conditioned for limiting beliefs in this same way. We adopted poor attitudes in a similar manner. Unfortunately, not everything we were exposed to was positive, useful and supportive.

Self Discipline Begins With The Mastery Of Your Thoughts

We got lots of junk conditioning in there and we will continue to live from that junk unless WE decide to eliminate and change it. If we don’t we run on and on automatically reproducing the habits we learned. We continue to live from our limitations and issues.

We listened passively, as infants and children, as the people around us expressed their worries and their fears. We witnessed their concerns and arguments. We grew up modeling and adopting their issues. These weren’t originally our own but they became our own.

Now we need to wake up to the fact that we can deliberately decide to change these. Only, if we attempt to change can we make a difference. Now, we have to do it consciously, with intention. We apply the very same method we originally were conditioned with.

Mastering Yourself Is True Power

Instead of the passive modeling and conditioning  we actively condition ourselves for success. We choose what we want instead and actively install it through correct repetition and powerful emotion. We do it through spaced repetition over time.

We must do it because no one is going to or be able to do it for us. We override the original less than glorious programming for new updated programming of our own choosing. That is how and why it works this way. This is important to understand.

You adopted try and try again, once more, then quit. This was counter to your original instincts which are to continue for as long as it takes to be successful. We learned to want things easy, quick and comfortable. We aren’t as driven as we once were.

Happiness Relies Solely On What You Think

It wasn’t comfortable to try to roll over or sit up and support your body weight but you kept going until you were able to. Crawling took massive effort. Yet you did it. When you walked you fell, but YOU got back up. You didn’t remain down. You kept going.

By comparison we are wimps and wanna bees who won’t put in the effort. We whine and complain and excuse. That doesn’t serve us. If you want something badly enough you will find a way and keep going until you get it. We need to learn perseverance over again.

We need to learn positivity and supportive beliefs and attitudes. We need to acquire commitment and sheer will power. We can and will if we commit to practice and repetition. We can succeed. Athletes do all the time. They have a goal and they go after it relentlessly.

The Price You Pay To Be Great At Something Is Repetition

They workout even when they don’t feel like it. They know motivation comes from doing not by waiting for it. They repeat their mental and physical conditioning exercises. They use correct repetition to become world class. You can be world class too!

It is the mental game for us now. We need to learn the attitudes, the beliefs, the positive thoughts that see us through to the end. We need to exercise our will power, our imagination, our ability to decide. We can do anything once we learn we can do anything.

The first and most important ability you have, that probably no one told you about while growing up, is the ability to control your thoughts and take charge of your mind. Success and happiness starts from within in. It doesn’t come from the outside. This is important!

It Is Repetition Of Affirmations That Leads To Belief …

Learn to control your thinking. Keep at it until you master it. Apply feedback and correction as necessary. You will master it if you keep going. It is good to get a skilled mentor or coach because they can guide you in making corrections. They can keep you on track.

Alone or with a coach you can become a CAN DO person. You can adopt a winner’s attitude and learn what it is like to be a champion in your life. You can learn and evolve yourself into the person you have always wanted to be. You can learn to be, do and have anything.

This is the process. Apply it to whatever you do. Correct repetition for as long as it takes for you to condition yourself with the new thought, feeling and behavioral habits. Once they are habits they are automatic and reliable. It gets easier as you go along.

… Once That Belief Becomes A Deep Conviction Things Happen

The effort is up front. Yes, you must persist. Get used to the idea and stop looking for excuses or magic avenues to change. Be grateful you can change! All the while you effort be grateful and enjoy the process, even when most difficult, and you will excel through it.

Keep your eye on the prize. Athletes persist because the really want to be top in their field. It is important to them. It is a burning desire and they strive to be at the top. If you do too, you will. Enjoy all of it, keep going and you can claim it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Continued in tomorrow’s post.

The magic of your day begins within you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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