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Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter! Part 2

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“Have you noticed you can feel stopped by all sorts of things? What we think and say to ourselves has a great impact. Some people never get going for this reason. Instead of making their dreams come true they live life as a victim. Do you? Do you have victim mentality?

If you honestly ended up answering yes, you can change it. That’s good news! You don’t have to live as a victim of excuses and blames. You can become free and begin to make marvelous positive changes that are meaningful and powerful. Let’s begin to explore how!

Start changing all your ‘I can’t’ and ‘I don’t’ to ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will not’. Take complete responsibility for being in charge. Example; I won’t make enough money because I will not. I won’t make enough money because I won’t do the things I have to. ACCEPT responsibility!

Awareness Is The First Step

I won’t be happy because I won’t think positive thoughts. OR I am not going to get healthier, any time soon, because I refuse to eat right. I will not get a raise because I will not do what is expected of me at work. I will not be good at basketball because I won’t practice.

Take FULL responsibility for not being, doing and not having. Accept that it won’t happen because YOU won’t make it happen. No blames, no excuses simply shoulder the responsibility. Convert all your can’ts and don’t’s to won’t and will not. If YOU won’t then YOU won’t.

I can’t be rich because I won’t work at it. I won’t be rich because I will not do what is necessary. I am not going to be happy because I will not take control of my mind. I will not be healthy because I will not eat right, exercise right or sleep right. I am not going to ___________.

The Second Step Is Understanding

OWN up to not being, doing or having what it is you want! Understand if you want to be, do or have anything in life it is up to YOU. It is not going to happen without YOU making it happen. YOU are the one who determines your own happiness and success.

Take all your excuses and blames and reasons why YOU can’t be, do or have, why life isn’t grand, and convert them to ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will not’ statements and notice what is different.  WRITE these out. Notice what happens when you change them. Notice how you feel.

Notice if and how things shift. It may feel very foreign or uncomfortable. You may fight or resist trying these statements on but do it anyway. If YOU can’t do it then you must! Realize you must put yourself in the driver’s seat if you want to get anywhere.

Beliefs Create What Seem Like Facts – They Are Beliefs

Besides, the only way you couldn’t write these is if someone tied your arms down or removed all writing implements and locked you up so you couldn’t write them out. Otherwise, you are more than capable to make these adjustments to your excuses list.

Of course, there are those of you who didn’t do the exercise from my last post, to begin with. Why not? Didn’t want to. Seemed silly. I already know it. Didn’t have time. What was the reason you didn’t do it fully? Why not? Own up to it.

The bottom line is you chose not to for whatever reason. Own your decision. Each second we have a choice. Each second we come up with  reasons for the choices we make. Whether they are valid or not is a separate issue. We believe they are. Hence, believing is seeing.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t – You Are Right

We act as if these limiting beliefs are the truth. They aren’t but we think they are. As long as we maintain limiting beliefs we will be limited. Don’t you think it is time to change them? Do the exercises and we’ll discuss more in the next blog post.

Once you convert your I can’t, or I am not able to, or this is what prevents me to I won’t or I will not THEN hang in there. It can be upsetting or it can be liberating. You are challenging assumptions and beliefs you have held for a while. It takes a bit of time to adjust.

Realize this, whatever you discover can be wonderful. Even if it is painful at first. Look at it and understand you don’t have to be limited. You have the opportunity to change in wonderful ways. Sit with it, even if it is uneasy. Relief is coming!

Be Willing To Explore Discover Become Aware And Understand

You will discover how marvelous you truly are. You are marvelous with imperfections and flaws. Embrace yourself and be gentle with yourself. Understand it is only old conditioning, it ISN’T YOU who are limited. Beliefs either support us or they don’t. It’s the beliefs!

Most of us weren’t brought up told we can choose. We were brought up believing we had to be the way we were. We had to accept what we think and believe as the truth. The TRUTH is we aren’t our beliefs but we operated from them as if we were. We can change them!

As we choose more supportive and productive and positive beliefs we transform delightfully. As we accept responsibility for everything, without blaming ourselves or outside ourselves, it frees up our energy to find opportunities so we make good things happen.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

This is a journey of discovery and exploration. This is all about becoming aware. Great changes can occur and you can get anything your heart desires. Let’s clean some house and make room for the new, good stuff. Do the exercise. Learn what you learn. Be grateful, enjoy and delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: The Single Most Critical Factor In Success Conditioning

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“What makes the difference between success and failure? Is there something we aren’t doing that would change the game? How can we succeed and reach our goals? People have struggles. They try but they abandon their pursuit.

Did you know there was a time in your life when you did anything and everything to succeed? You didn’t stop. You worked until you got there. Giving up was not an option for you. Did you know this? It is true. You worked and continued to work until you achieved.

People asked me, why is repetition important? The reason it is important is that is how you learned as an infant, toddler, child and all the while growing up. As an youngster you worked harder than you ever had and you kept going until you got what you were after.

Mastery Only Comes From Doing It Over Again Correctly

As an infant you repeated movements necessary to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk and feed yourself. The movements that you needed and were successful at you kept. Those not needed, you discarded. You eliminated the unnecessary movements.

Even the unnecessary movements were important. You moved wildly, without control.  You had to learn control. You had to learn which got you to your desired goal. In feeding yourself you had to eliminate all those that didn’t get the spoon to your mouth.

You kept doing it, getting food everywhere, all over you. Eventually, through repetition you learned which ones you needed. Then you repeated those. You maintained the correct repetition to succeed. From random and error you made it to your target by doing.

What We Want To Do With Ease We Must First Do With Diligence

You kept doing over and over again until you succeeded. Failure wasn’t an option. You tried to walk and fell. You got up and tried again. You fell. You got up and repeated what you were doing until you did it successfully. Everything you learned to do this in this way.

As a child you learned songs and nursery rhymes by repeating them again and again. You learned you alphabet, and mathematical tables by repeating over and over. You repeatedly practiced printing letters, then cursive. You learned to read by repetition.

Repetition is how you have learned everything. You learned your name and the names of those around you by repeatedly hearing them. You learned to speak by hearing over and over your native language and then babbling and babbling until you could talk.

Skill Comes Of Doing

Your muscles and strength grow by exercise repeated often. You repeat eating a  number of times each day and you repeat sleeping and waking each day. The piston in your car engine pumps again and again to take you places. Your heart does the same as do your lungs.

Your cells repair and re-create themselves every so often. Your entire body renews itself through the years. Repetition is the way of the universe. Hot and cold, summer and winter, day and night. Tides come in and go out again and again.

Learn to use repetition to your advantage. We have been trained out of it to. We were conditioned for limiting beliefs in this same way. We adopted poor attitudes in a similar manner. Unfortunately, not everything we were exposed to was positive, useful and supportive.

Self Discipline Begins With The Mastery Of Your Thoughts

We got lots of junk conditioning in there and we will continue to live from that junk unless WE decide to eliminate and change it. If we don’t we run on and on automatically reproducing the habits we learned. We continue to live from our limitations and issues.

We listened passively, as infants and children, as the people around us expressed their worries and their fears. We witnessed their concerns and arguments. We grew up modeling and adopting their issues. These weren’t originally our own but they became our own.

Now we need to wake up to the fact that we can deliberately decide to change these. Only, if we attempt to change can we make a difference. Now, we have to do it consciously, with intention. We apply the very same method we originally were conditioned with.

Mastering Yourself Is True Power

Instead of the passive modeling and conditioning  we actively condition ourselves for success. We choose what we want instead and actively install it through correct repetition and powerful emotion. We do it through spaced repetition over time.

We must do it because no one is going to or be able to do it for us. We override the original less than glorious programming for new updated programming of our own choosing. That is how and why it works this way. This is important to understand.

You adopted try and try again, once more, then quit. This was counter to your original instincts which are to continue for as long as it takes to be successful. We learned to want things easy, quick and comfortable. We aren’t as driven as we once were.

Happiness Relies Solely On What You Think

It wasn’t comfortable to try to roll over or sit up and support your body weight but you kept going until you were able to. Crawling took massive effort. Yet you did it. When you walked you fell, but YOU got back up. You didn’t remain down. You kept going.

By comparison we are wimps and wanna bees who won’t put in the effort. We whine and complain and excuse. That doesn’t serve us. If you want something badly enough you will find a way and keep going until you get it. We need to learn perseverance over again.

We need to learn positivity and supportive beliefs and attitudes. We need to acquire commitment and sheer will power. We can and will if we commit to practice and repetition. We can succeed. Athletes do all the time. They have a goal and they go after it relentlessly.

The Price You Pay To Be Great At Something Is Repetition

They workout even when they don’t feel like it. They know motivation comes from doing not by waiting for it. They repeat their mental and physical conditioning exercises. They use correct repetition to become world class. You can be world class too!

It is the mental game for us now. We need to learn the attitudes, the beliefs, the positive thoughts that see us through to the end. We need to exercise our will power, our imagination, our ability to decide. We can do anything once we learn we can do anything.

The first and most important ability you have, that probably no one told you about while growing up, is the ability to control your thoughts and take charge of your mind. Success and happiness starts from within in. It doesn’t come from the outside. This is important!

It Is Repetition Of Affirmations That Leads To Belief …

Learn to control your thinking. Keep at it until you master it. Apply feedback and correction as necessary. You will master it if you keep going. It is good to get a skilled mentor or coach because they can guide you in making corrections. They can keep you on track.

Alone or with a coach you can become a CAN DO person. You can adopt a winner’s attitude and learn what it is like to be a champion in your life. You can learn and evolve yourself into the person you have always wanted to be. You can learn to be, do and have anything.

This is the process. Apply it to whatever you do. Correct repetition for as long as it takes for you to condition yourself with the new thought, feeling and behavioral habits. Once they are habits they are automatic and reliable. It gets easier as you go along.

… Once That Belief Becomes A Deep Conviction Things Happen

The effort is up front. Yes, you must persist. Get used to the idea and stop looking for excuses or magic avenues to change. Be grateful you can change! All the while you effort be grateful and enjoy the process, even when most difficult, and you will excel through it.

Keep your eye on the prize. Athletes persist because the really want to be top in their field. It is important to them. It is a burning desire and they strive to be at the top. If you do too, you will. Enjoy all of it, keep going and you can claim it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Continued in tomorrow’s post.

The magic of your day begins within you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Be Mislead: Accepting What Is And Doing Nothing Are Not The Same!

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“There is a horrible article going around masquerading as a piece to help people. It is a truly sad and disappointing article. I understand the sentiment behind it but it is destructive, not productive.

The author states don’t dream, don’t try to be successful because you might disappoint yourself and then feel worse than if you just accept where you are at. Don’t try to be different. You don’t need to.

Don’t think positive. Don’t try to achieve. Don’t try to improve your life. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was a disguised letter from the castle telling the feudal serfs to enjoy their life as is. Settle!

Acceptance Is Having Faith That All Is Well Despite Circumstances

Accepting what IS doesn’t mean staying the same until you aren’t. Wanting something different and accepting what IS aren’t mutually exclusive. People can accept themselves and make positive changes.

It is sad. This piece that was shared a lot on social media suggests people accept defeat and accept not doing anything to improve their life or make anything better because they may be disappointed.

How disappointed might they be when they get to the end of their lives and they didn’t do anything they wanted? They simply lived as they did. They didn’t make waves and accepted their lot. Hmmmm?

Accept What Is Let Go Of What Was Have Faith In What Will Be

Enlightened acceptance is not what is proffered by this article at all. The author suggested you not read self improvement books or go to education programs that could benefit you. Because?

That is you trying to improve when you should just accept the way you are. Don’t be inspired or motivated by others who tell you you can change or have more of the good things.

It is accurate. She is correct. You don’t have to read another book or go to a seminar. You don’t have to do anything. After all, it is your choice how you spend your time, energy, and money. You decide.

Accept Who You Are Be Happy With What You Find

You have choice to pursue goals or not. You have a choice to enjoy it or not. You shouldn’t have to feel you need to do more but that is not the same thing as accepting what is. You change because you want it.

One can completely accept and appreciate the present while endeavoring to enjoy more of what life has to offer. If you aren’t expanding and increasing you are shrinking and decreasing.

Which do you want to do? You either fill up a balloon with air or let the air out of it. The same with life. You either enjoy it for all it is and  include more or you do not. Life is for living.

Once You Accept Yourself As You Are Then You Can Change

This author suggested rather than running a race and getting to the finish line it is best not to run the race at all because you might lose and then you’d feel bad about yourself. Poor thing. Awe, you lost.

I find this such sorry thinking. I saw people I know re-post the article. Don’t think you can improve because if you don’t you might be disappointed. WOW! Disappointment and discontent are valuable.

Without either, my guess is we wouldn’t have the wheel, chairs, houses, computers, fancy cars, luxury items or any modern conveniences. We wouldn’t have art or commerce.

Beautiful Thoughts Build A Beautiful Soul

We wanted more and better. We wanted innovation because we were dissatisfied. We strive and we strove to improve our lives  and our conditions because we knew we could improve on what is.

We evolve similarly to how we build muscle. We exercise. We break down the tissue and provide it rest and nutrients so it grows. Without challenge muscle would never grow.

Without dissatisfaction we would only always remain the same. Because of it we innovate. We improve. We get better. Without desire and imagination we would be animals not humans.

As A Snake Sheds Its Skin We Must Shed Our Past Repeatedly

Without yearning and dreaming where would we be? Accepting what is and doing nothing IS NOT the same thing. Accepting what is means be grateful for where you are. Appreciate everything, YES!

That doesn’t mean you must remain the same. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve on what you have. It doesn’t mean you have to but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It is always your choice! YOU decide.

This author’s view is not an enlightened one. It is a message of give up. Let the rich be rich you are better off where you are at, message. Don’t try to be happy you might only be sad in the end.

Don’t Exist – Live – Get Out There And Explore – Thrive

If you never try, you never grow. You will never improve. If you can’t risk anything ever you will remain the same. Many people are stuck, frozen with fear, worried about the future. It is true.

Some are stuck in the past. Re-living past tragedy and never getting over the old wounds. People are stuck in many ways. Some are stuck in ruts and feel like they can’t get ahead no matter what.

Better not do anything was the author’s message. I suggest you not listen to that message. Don’t stay the same if you don’t want to. Accept who and what you are. Celebrate it, enjoy it and enhance it.

Challenge Yourself – Evolve

If you do want a better life you have to risk not having one. BUT you can also manage the risk, take calculated risks. You can do little things to improve. Take tiny steps if you wish. It is valuable to do so.

You can smile more. You can laugh and move more. You can look around and appreciate all the beauty in the world. You can focus on the good things you find and ignore much of what isn’t.

You can do special things for yourself and others that make you feel good. You can enjoy relationships with family and friends. You can enjoy hobbies and recreation. You can delight in the day.

We Were Not Put On The Earth To Remain Stagnant

We can enjoy life. We ought not to feel as if we have to excel or feel pressured to be a success at the expense of enjoying life but one can have fun, feel good and enjoy pursuing lofty goals at the same time.

You can dream and set goals and go after them. Small or large. If you want to dream big, as many do, that is up to you. But if you never dream big you will never know what might be.

‘Might be’ isn’t a guarantee. Success isn’t handed anyone. You make your own. If you intend to be successful and do what it takes you can be. You may not be the first time you try but you can succeed.

Everything Changes – Change Is A Constant

Realize it is all up to you and take responsibility for your own success. Hey, you also get to define what success means to you. It doesn’t have to be others definition it should be your definition.

It is true you need not live the rat race. You need not live to others expectations to be happy. You should live your expectations and your life as you choose to. You do this by intentionally deciding to.

It won’t happen to you. You won’t luck into it. You make it happen. Do you have to read a book or take a seminar? NO but if those help you get what you want then they are resources. Stepping stones.

Drop By Drop The Tub Gets Filled

You determine the person you want to be and the life you want to have. You make it happen from your thoughts to your actions. You and no one else, really. Even though everything is a collaboration.

Together we all help each other in a variety of ways. We don’t live in isolation. The point is YOU set your course and you sail it. You are the captain  of your ship. Go wherever you want to go.

Don’t get to the end of your life and feel you lost out. Enjoy the relationships that are important to you. Be grateful for the love, and friendship. Be grateful for your fun and leisure. Enjoy it all now.

Treat Yourself As If You Were Your Own Best Friend

Continue to improve if that is important to you. Change, grow, expand and increase. Accept what you can’t change, learn from it and let go. Be gentle and kind with yourself and others.

Aspire to live well. Why not? You may only have this one go around, as far as we know. Don’t spend it struggling always, although are struggles are good for us, spend it thriving too. Live well and enjoy.

Find every reason to delight now and later. You can think positive or negative, you choose. You can be rich or poor, you choose. You can have fun or not, you choose. You can love or not, you choose.

It Never Gets Easier You Just Get Better

It is your choice how you live now and live later. I suggest you learn to live fabulously now so you continue to later. If you wait you will accomplish only one thing. You will wait. You won’t get you will wait.

Live in wonder and joy. Live with appreciation and gratitude. Live with passion and enthusiasm. Live with fun and delight. Include smiles and laughter, health and wealth in all areas. It is your life make it what you want it to be! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Find whatever you can most delight in today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Hello! What On Earth Are You Waiting For?? DO IT NOW!!

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“Is this you? The tendency for me is to read about things. I want to learn something new, I do. I want that extra bit of info. I want to find the missing piece. Instead of doing what I could or should be doing I busy myself looking into it. Do you think like this?

I don’t want to GET the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don’t want to actually DO the work. I just want to already HAVE the body. I know I should visualize at least five minutes morning and night. But do I everyday? No, I just want the results as if I had done all that.

Skill Comes Of Doing

I know I could and should repeat my affirmations or mantra twice a day, at least, if not more, how come I don’t? I have great intentions but little action. I think I will watch the Secret again maybe then it will finally all work. Hopefully, that will get me the results I want. But it never does. BUT there is this new book with the secret of…

Does this sound like you? If it does you must, at some point, understand that learning about it is not how transformation occurs. It is a great first step and fine to do but it isn’t what transforms you. Stop waiting! Stop Stalling! Move it buster!!!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Transformation comes from doing those things that bring it about. Skill comes from doing. Whether it is mental exercise of physical exercise the point is you must engage in order to change. You must do the work to have the attitude or the body you want. Capiche?

Master the basics. Do what is necessary at least a little bit each day to develop positive, powerful new habits. Mastery comes from doing and doing correctly. Obviously, someone can practice wrong so you do want to make sure you do it right. It is better to do even the least you can do for yourself than to do nothing at all. Do something!

We Go Where Our Thoughts Take Us

Read a bit everyday. That fills the mind with positive inspiration and motivation. Spend time visualizing and affirming your definite chief purpose and your goals. There is Absolutely NO substitute for doing the work if you want to transform your life and make your dreams come true. Find an accountability partner if you must. That can help!

Throughout the day you can continue to think positive and grab moments to affirm and visualize, be grateful and feel blessed. You want to fill most of your day with positive thoughts about you, what you CAN DO, and your dominant desire.

If You Truly Want It You Will Find A Way

We become what we think about. If you aren’t thinking about this the most of your day and night you aren’t becoming it. If you are distracted with daily issues and woes, news, gossips, television and social media you aren’t spending your day in constructive thought.

This is why most people who abandon the practice claim it doesn’t work. It is because they don’t actually dive in. Dive in means leap and get wet all at once. Submerse yourself completely. Those who don’t get dabble, they dip a toe. They never make it because what they do most is everything but their dominant desire and positive thoughts.

If You Don’t Want It Bad Enough You’ll Find An Excuse

If this is you and you want your life to change it is time to stop. It Develop new success habits and do the actual work. Thinking about doing it some day won’t make it happen. You will never be more ready or more prepared or in greater need than you are this moment.

So stop waiting and start getting. Stop making excuses and begin. Stop thinking you need something else and use what you already have. You are resourceful whether you know it or believe it or not. Spend most of your time feeling wonderful! You make that happen by what you think. Take control of your thoughts!

Discover this by beginning now. Start doing and make all your dreams come true. Once you begin and are down the road a bit you will discover yourself transforming. Discovery will accompany your journey. It won’t happen prior to your journey. SO make this year and this day YOURS!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate your blessings today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop Being Stuck It Doesn’t Have To Suck! Live The Life You Want!

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“What happens when we don’t think we can’t accomplish something because it is too difficult? Since, thoughts determine our reality shouldn’t we be more careful what we believe? Can we do something about self-limitations ? How do we overcome what seems to hold us back?

Switch your thoughts! Stop thinking what you are thinking and begin to think new, different productive thoughts. You may exclaim, ‘but that is hard’. Yes, if you think it is, it most probably will be. THAT is but another thought!

Thoughts determine our reality. Everything begins with thought. Are you really going to let a thought prevent you from seeking the highest good? Are you? You would let a mental packet of energy, or an internal feeling prevent you from being and doing and having everything you want? Really? Sad, that seems pretty wimpy.

At some point you simply have to face it. If you want things to change you must change some things. You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect anything to be different. It doesn’t work like that. So give it up and face the fact that YOU have make some alterations if you want the clothes to fit. So to speak.

Why Would I Ever Choose To Believe That

You need to think more positive, productive thoughts. So whenever you discover yourself thinking or saying something less than productive or counter to what you want you challenge it.

When you encounter a limiting belief and recognize it as such ask yourself, ‘why would I ever choose to believe that?’

Your answers will be more of your paradigm of your limiting beliefs. More grapes from the cluster may appear. If you treat them as no big deal they will be no big deal. They are conditioning from your past that you accepted from other people. If you treat them as big things they will be big things.

You determine whether your responses will be minor or a big problem for you to deal with them.  How you feel about them will determine whether it’s  difficult or whether it is something you can easily and effortlessly change. YOU decide! Again, YOU DECIDE!

You can change effortlessly and let all your limiting beliefs go.

Whenever you encounter a limiting belief, from time to time, celebrate be happy. When you encounter something and you think ‘I can’t do that’ celebrate that you uncovered it because that’s the moment when you can become free.

Even If That Were True Why Would I Ever Choose To Believe That

If you become aware of a limiting belief then you can do something to change it. If you’re not aware of it it will just remain obscure. So as they come up, notice and let them go. Treat them as minor incidences. Ask yourself, ‘why would I EVER choose to believe that?’

You will get answers that are other reasons.  Continue to ask that. You can even state, ‘EVEN if that’s is true why would I choose believe that?’  The answers may sound logical, even plausible but be willing to simply gently challenge or question the belief statements.

For example, you think, ‘I can’t make a lot of money’ or ‘Other people get all the luck’, whatever the limitation statements may be THINK ABOUT IT – WHY ON EARTH would you EVER choose to belief that? WHY would YOU ever choose to limit yourself in this way? Who says you can’t?

How would your life be different if you didn’t believe that? Why would you ever accept that as true? Even if it were true why would you chose to believe it? Ask and repeatedly ask. You may find you get into a recursive loop of, ‘just because I do.’

Who Says? According tTo Whom?

The reason why most of our beliefs have some sort of power is because the assumptions within them go unchallenged. Questions have a way of helping you bring light to the darkness. Once illuminated you have some choices to make. Adopt new ones or continue with old.

There are many other questions you can ask, ‘ How do you know?’ ‘Who says’ or ‘According to whom?’ “How specifically does X cause Y?’ or “How do you know this causes that?’ ‘How does thinking this limit me?’ ‘How does X mean Y?’ ‘How does thinking this stop me from doing what I want?’ ‘Whose fault is it that I have this problem?’

‘How does this limitation benefit me?’ ‘What can I learn from this limitation or problem, or negative thought?’ ‘What seed of opportunity or advantage can I discover hidden within this?’ There are other questions.

Realize it is your choice. At some point you just let it go. IF you could be, do and have anything you want in the world why would you ever let a negative thought stop you? Yup, there might be that answer? BUT so what, that answer is only another thought.

Who Is Wearing Your Pants?

YOU could be, do and have anything you want in the world. It’s unlimited. Give yourself permission! Allow yourself to discover who you are without limitations. Seek the positive, the highest good for yourself and everyone else and enjoy what life offers.

In addition to the previous questions you can also ask,  ‘What do I want?’ ‘When, where and with whom do I want it?’  ‘What positive benefits and opportunities are there for me to explore?  ‘When I get what I want, what else will improve?’

What stops me from having the what I want already?’ (Yep, this question again explores the negative, limitation, or problem aspect of any situation) ‘What resources do I have to help me achieve what I want?’ or ‘In how many different ways am I resourceful?’

Time For You To Realize You Are In Charge – You Decide

‘What are the many different ways I am able to overcome it being a limitation?’ ‘What am I going to do to accomplish my goals and dreams?’ ‘What can I easily do to begin making it happen?’ ‘What will I do next?’ ‘How much fun can I have making my dreams come true?’

Don’t suck for your paradigm.  Don’t suck for a cluster of limiting beliefs you unconsciously adopted while growing up. Don’t let negativity and limitations hold you back from the positive good things in life. BUT treat them all lightly. They are not big things even when they may seem like it. They are what they are. Routine, patterned though habits.

There are not things in your unconscious you need to get rid of. If you worry about your paradigm you will worry about your paradigms and create another problem for yourself. Don’t be silly in this way. Others want you worried about your paradigms but you need not be. Be free instead! Be free. Enjoy life and have fun!

They are simply, old habits, familiar, comfortable ways of thinking because you didn’t think differently. Yes, they are traps, but they are only thought habits. They hold fast but they are no big deal. YOU can overcome negative thought habits and create new powerful positive thought habits. Let go of them. Keep it simple. Have fun. Enjoy!

Just remember to THINK that they are easy. THINK this will be easy. THINK This is easy. You probably have already thought for years that they are difficult. THIS TIME, right NOW, you determine how it is going to be instead of letting them call the shots.

When You Drop Your Keys You Don’t Try To – You Just Drop Them

Decide it will be easy and it will be a heck of a lot easier than if you decide it will be hard. That is how this thing works. Do not take them seriously or make an issue of them. Determine to keep it simple, easy, fun and free and it will be. Put your energy into what you want!

Declare yourself to bigger, larger, freer. You are unlimited. You are powerful. Assert it, affirm it, declare it with gusto and you will be! Remember, whatever you affirm negatively you will end up with too. You decide what you will affirm and declare. YOU make it so! You are the one who decides what and how life will be! Make it what YOU want!” Rex Sikes

Why not celebrate everything today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Can You Do This???? — Extra Blog Post 10/19

horizon fence post prelude

Hey there. I trust you are well. Hope you have had a marvelous day. If times are tough I hope they resolve themselves soon. They can you know. Keep the faith and maintain your forward momentum in gratitude and celebration and you may be quite surprise.

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If you can and if you will that would mean a lot. I’ll still write it in the middle of the early am hours and get it to you.

Thank you! I look forward to your feedback on improvements and topic ideas. Have a wonderful rest of the day! Meanwhile, all the best. Make your dreams come true. Celebrate and enjoy!

Rex Sikes

You Are Marvelous!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What Can You Do To Improve Today?


“What can you do today that will move you closer to being, doing and having what you want for your career and life? What small steps can you take today? What will you do? When it comes down to it it is up to you.

What can you do today to enjoy life a little bit more? What tiny change can you make that will allow you to focus on feeling delighted and celebrate your life right where you are at?

What can you do today that will put a smile on the lips of someone you know? What can you do to help this person feel better? Perhaps, you could help them finish or accomplish a project. Maybe, together, you could  begin something important.

What can you do today that will put a smile on the lips of someone you do not know?  A complete stranger. How can you be of benefit to this person? What might you do that would help them out?

What can you do to make the world a little nicer, a little better and a happier place? What might you do today? It doesn’t have to be something big and great. Some times it is the little things that really make a difference. What will you do today?

Have a beautiful day!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How Easy It Is To Hate And Why

horizon black and white

“Why do people treat each other poorly? Why do we have such little regard for our own species? Why do we hate those unlike us? I am not sure I have any answer to these important questions but I learned much from some adventures during the 80’s.

I have become convinced that focusing on hate and trying to rid oneself or others of hate is as futile as anything else we have tried to rid ourselves of. We don’t stop hating by legislating against it, however, we may curb it by focusing on love and acceptance.

We need to focus on what we do want and not what we don’t want. We identify what we don’t want, yes! Then we put our attention onto what we do want instead. This keeps up moving forward regarding our goals.

If we want to end hate and discrimination we need to be love. We attract that which we already are, we create from whom we are. We need to be it not simply want it. Wanting it means it has not arrived yet. If we are it we already embody that which is necessary for change. I believe this is an important distinction.

A Journey Of Sorts

“Here is what I experienced. From 1980 to 1990 I had been a sannyasin of Osho otherwise formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I fell in love with the little guy’s message from books and listening to tapes.

I had been a student of the mind since I was 11. I read every book I could on spirituality, meditation, powers of the mind, Napoleon Hill and New Thought leaders, religious text, hypnosis and other disciplines. I sought to improve myself and evolve as a person.

I adored the message and promise  of meditation. I had spent time with others, including Swami Muktananda, Satchidananda, Krishnamurti.  Living in Los Angeles allowed me to have access to other prominent speakers and thinkers East and West.

When Osho came to America and headed west to Oregon I decided to go too.  I had received sannyas in Laguna Beach at an ashram center. So when I could, whenever I could, I went to stay or live in Oregon at the city commune. There were some dedicated people who lived and stayed there year round. I came and went.

Initiation Into Sannyas And Living With Awareness

Taking sannyas then meant  wearing clothes the colors of the sunrise as a reminder of one’s commitment to meditation. It meant wearing a mala, a neckless of 108 beads, to represent 108 forms of mediation. It meant taking a sannyas name. I did all three.

I was very aware that wearing red clothes and beads was my clown suit. It was different from the jeans and clothes I wore and most others did. To say I stood out is an understatement I suppose. I certainly did. A red orange beacon in a sea of brown and blue.

I lost friends because I wore red clothes. Suddenly, I was a cult member. I must be brainwashed were the statements I heard. I tried to explain that I could always take off the outer trappings; which are no different today than wearing branded clothing from popular designers. I was branded a sannyasin in the East. In the West I was branded a cult member.

I wore a brand – sannyasin wear. I was identifiable by being an odd ball. AND yes I could always remove them if I chose. I chose not to. It was, for me, an exercise in awareness. At first, prior to becoming a sannyasin, the thought of anything other than jeans, blue jeans was terrifying. Wearing beads absolutely out of the question.

Clown Suit Colors Are Most Fast Food Colors And Then Some

Once I put them on it took some time to become comfortable. As I stated it was an exercise for me. Not for anyone else. While I wore the sannyas, monk trappings that separated me from the rest of ‘normal’ society as a catholic priest or nun would, I didn’t consider myself different or special.

I sought to allow mediation to be my life. Anyway, I learned that I did not have a problem with the colors or the beads but that others did. My clown suit became a marvelous testing ground. When asked, I tried to explain to people the clothes and colors were meaningless.

They didn’t make me better or worse. They were clown colors. I didn’t have to wear them I chose to wear them. It didn’t matter. People believed whatever they wanted to regardless of my explanation. I did look like a walking fast food restaurant I suppose.

People either accepted me, got to know me, or they didn’t. The clothing and the beads was a barrier. It was right where most people stopped and drew conclusions. I figured they didn’t even begin to see me if all they did was stop at the colors.

Everything Is A Choice

Some made it  through the barrier of red, orange and purple clothes when blue and brown and green ruled the day. Some people couldn’t accept a beaded person in flamboyant jeans and tee shirts. I still wore traditional jeans and tees just dyed a different color.

Many times I was asked if I was gay. I must be they concluded. No real man wore purple or maroon. I was shunned. People would stare and comment. People would point, snicker and laugh. I was followed many, many times and taunted.

I was screamed at and called names. I was threatened with violence and told to go back to my country. I was physically chased out of places and many times accosted. I had guns pointed at me a couple of times.

In Oregon I was refused food in restaurants and gas at gas stations. In the LA airport one man passing out gospel tracks shouted repeatedly at the top of his lungs for someone to shoot and kill me.

He drew the attention of the police to the area. They ultimately settled everything down and stated he had the right to his opinion. He was expressing free speech and they left. As did I.

We Are Constantly Choosing

L A was less hostile because there are so many odd people wearing odd things. I traveled the country. I spent time in the East and in NYC, the Midwest and the South always dressed in my clown wear. Different parts of the country had greater degrees of intolerance.

Through all of my experiences I faced with myself. Does this bother me or not? Is it important? Is it my issue or someone else’s? Do I care what they think? Can I accept them even if they don’t accept me?

What they do has nothing to do with me because they don’t even know me. They are upset at my clothing and what it means to them. There were some times when I lapsed and made it my issue.

Most of the time I realized I was wearing clothes that, for whatever reason, others had problems with. Others took issue with my clown suit choice and made it about me. A person they did not know. Maybe they didn’t care to know and that was fine.

We Are All The Same

I was a provoking beacon traveling through the world. I learned opinions and actions of others were their own and had nothing to do with who I was or am. They didn’t know me they only saw the beads and clothes. That wasn’t my problem so I didn’t make it mine.

I am not saying I was always aware or awake or that I wasn’t at times offended or frightened. For the most part though I knew inside I could take these off and no one would be the wiser. I would immediately fit in. I would be accepted. I knew it was my choice.

Because of this I chose to wear them. I wore them because from moment to moment it was a reminder of my decision to live as a meditator and live peacefully. I am no better than anyone in any regard. I have those things that I took or take issue with.

This exercise has helped me see my sticking or stopping points. It has made me more aware of when I get stuck and stop short and do not go beyond and investigate more. We are people. We are cut from the same swatch. We all have areas of issues.

Learn To Respond Instead Of React

People’s responses could push my buttons and I could react or respond. I sought to learn how to respond in the moment with awareness and acceptance of whatever is. I could wear them or not it didn’t matter. There would always be something someone could find an issue about. Isn’t there?

Because I had an unusual Swami name, wore beads and silly colored clothing people assumed I gave up my mind to a guru and did whatever he said. Not true. They thought I gave up my will and would follow blindly anywhere. Not true.

The believed I gave all my money and worldly possessions to the ashram but I never gave a dime. No one ever asked either. Some times I tried to explain, when asked, but l learned most people concluded whatever they would conclude about me because of the clown suit.

My words didn’t mean much or make much impact anyway. If my explanation mattered it meant they would have to believe differently. I was stereotyped because that is what we as people do. It is convenient and we don’t have to think anything through.

Beliefs Run The Show: What We Believe Is What We See

It’s a no-brainer based on obvious characteristics. So I let them think what they wanted. I let go of attempting to change their opinions. Their opinions and name calling and actions against me had nothing to do with me. They were reacting to the clothing colors.

Sure, they were reacting to the person who wore them but they did so in ignorance of who the person was. That was their problem not mine. Yes, it could be dangerous for me at times, but I was learning so much about what we as people do inside our heads about others.

I developed some strong marvelous non-sannyasin friends too because they could see past the outfit. In some ways I wore it to see who was the type of person who could get around it in their mind. If they were able and were able to get to know me and I them then we could be very honest with each other.

I had some incredible girlfriends. I had amazing sannyasin friends and non-sannyasin friends. I moved in places where people could care less about what was worn and in other places where what you wore meant people wanted to beat you up.

Do Not Stop At The Obvious Be Willing To Go Beyond

It was an incredible exercise.  I learned so much about me. I learned so much about people and triggers and acceptance and hatred. I learned all this because I chose to do it. Did I tell you, I always knew I could take it off and slip back into the ‘normal’ world? Yes, I know I did but this is an important point.

OTHER people can’t take off their skin color or their gender. They live in their skin and in their body every moment of each and every day. Some encounter horrible cruelty and even death because of the family, the nation, the religion they were born into, not the least their color and ethnic heritage.

I could always remove it. Because I knew this made me want to wear it all the more. I got to experience a tiny taste of the prejudices and even violence directed at people because they are different. I was safe because I knew if I ever had to I could remove the outer wear and walk right through the haters. I never did but I could have.

Awareness Is A Choice

My clown suit was a luxury. A lesson few of us get to live and learn from. It was so valuable as a reminder to be aware and to let go and be meditative. If others hate you you do not have to hate back. You can, you may even, but you do not have to. You can choose.

I am so glad for my clown suit. The time came when the decision was made that people go and live among the rest. Drop the colors and the beads and the name. The ‘great exercise’ was over. Boy, that was hard. My clown suit was a tool for my awareness. If I wasn’t confronted moment to moment then what would happen?

Let me interrupt and make something perfectly clear. I don’t actually know what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes for even a single step. I got a taste of something from which came some realizations. What others face because of what they are born to can be unimaginable at times.

I only got a tiny, very tiny glimpse of a sliver of what some people must endure. I am not making any comparison. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn to be more accepting and to recognize choice points. For me, it was an incredible lesson and challenging exercise but so worth the years of doing it.

It was difficult to give it up but once I did I realized there are always buttons and triggers. It doesn’t matter. It seems we get to encounter ourselves no matter where we are. Alone or with others we are faced with who we are what kind of person we are.

Every Moment Is An Opportunity To Embrace

The world and others, even your own self is a great mirror being held up in front of you. What bothers us, gets us snagged up, frustrated, down and out, making excuses  and or being critical of ourself and others, blaming others, hating others, is a reflection and an opportunity.

We stare back at the other person who is reflecting us. Their behaviors mirror our own in some way. BUT we can choose. YES, it may be difficult but we can choose. We either reject it and fight it or them or we accept the lesson and let go of the anger and rejection.

It is a glimpse of oneself and one’s beliefs and conditioning. It is a look into what internal or external conflicts we may have. It is a little signal to get our attention so we can be aware, drop it, and go beyond it. It is benevolence disguised as pain.

Whether in red or blue clothes the world and its people provide opportunity to wake up. We can resist it or we can let go. We can love ourselves and everyone else through it all. We can find a higher road and not succumb to the lowest common denominator. We need to embrace all people because we are one people.

Seek The High Road

Love don’t hate. Be blind to differences that do not matter. Embrace yourself and embrace all those around you. Life is far to short for hate and discord. We need much more time to love and party. We can delight and celebrate and be grateful for all things. We should never stop at the obvious but seek to understand and embrace.

We are all far more similar than we are different. We are different mostly at the surface level. Some endure far more pain and suffering from hate and intolerance than anyone ever should. That is just wrong.

We need to embrace each other as the one species we are and seek love. Our differences make us richer and better. I have said for decades in seminars that what stops people is a thought. The notion ‘I can’t’ or ‘I am unable’ or ‘I won’t’ or ‘I refuse’ is what stops people from moving forward in positive ways.

Live Love Laugh Celebrate

I learned people stop at the most silly things. Color for one. Even color of clothing. WOW isn’t that an odd one? Type of hair, shape of eyes, size of nose, lips, dialect, gender you name it someone can make it an issue. They do literally stop. They do not seek to go beyond.

Going beyond requires being open. It requires acceptance of what is without judgement. We can use more of this, don’t you think? Focus on love not on hate. Don’t even hate the hate. Be love. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be acceptance.  Live, Love, Laugh and celebrate all. ” Rex Sikes

How often today can you delight in today?


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What Do You Want And Need Most?

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“On the road to making our dreams come true we sometimes hit snares or get caught up in problems and issues. It would be wonderful, would it not, if we could more simply move through these tough times? It would be great to have help and support, right?

What issues keep you captive? Where do you get stuck that you’d like to change? What do you need to know, want to know, need to do that will help you get through the tough times? How can I help you accelerate your progress?

Yesterday was my 400th consecutive blog post. I thought I’d celebrate a little bit by taking a break. Not a rest but a moment to say thanks for reading and sharing. THANKS!!!!


More than anything I hope you find value in these pages. My life has been so transformed in incredible ways because of the practices and principles I practice, write about and share here.

Most of them are not new. Most are not mine. Some are. They have either been around almost for ever or re-emphasized in one way or another in the past couple of centuries. Regardless, they are powerful. My goal is to simplify and illuminate these.

Yet, it seems success using them may be elusive at times for some of us. Some people gravitate to them and seemingly make them work instantaneously. Others, seem to have more trouble. I want to assist both or all types of people on this path make them work for.

Plus, I really hope to help those who seem to have trouble because I certainly did. I understand it when it is difficult or when you don’t seem to get the results you want fast enough. I really do.

I am a powerful creator. Took me a long time to realize that. Most of what I created for many years was the opposite of what I wanted. I was incredibly skilled at getting precisely what I did not want. It took me a long time to figure that out and begin to change it.

We Are Powerful Creators And The Results We Get We Created

One of the most profound insights I can share is that it is all a process. We are all a process. Life is a process. Everything is a process or in process. I said it a bunch of times what do I mean?

I mean rarely do we see it or get it all at once. Information comes to us in a trickle or bit by bit. We can’t see the conclusion or around the corner or the forest for the trees. So whenever we get upset, discouraged or lost we do so on limited information.

We only see a part of the picture at a particular time. We never see the whole thing at once. Or very rarely do we. Because of this we act on incomplete information. Imagine if your GPS only had part of the directions to where you want to go.

Things will change. No matter what they will change. Better or worse and most usually for the better. We just forget that much of the time because of where we place our attention. AND that is the big point.

Where we place our attention while in this process is what we pay attention to! Since we can’t pay attention to everything WHAT we pay attention to IS critical!

Since we don’t have all the info it is too easy to get caught up and lost in details that drag us down. We have to remember we are in a process! We can place our attention any where we choose. This is a major point. We choose!

Keep It In Mind: Everything Is A Process – We Are In Process

This simple, but not always easy act, makes a helluva a difference for us. Often, it means the difference between great suffering or great blessing. It is the meaning behind ‘we get what we focus on’ AND ‘we become what we think about.’

What we think about we bring about. What we hold in our head we will some day hold in our hand. From within to without.

Okay, enough for now.

I wanted to say I hope you find value here. If you do I hope you make your lives everything you want them to be. You can, you know! Plus, I hope you help others do the same. A great way to get is to give.

I always enjoy comments but I want to make a special request.

If there is anything you want to discuss, or anything I can share, or anything you want to know more about please post comments or questions. Let me know what is important to you.

Share With Me In Comment Section What You Want And Need

If I know about it I can discuss it. If I don’t, maybe I can find out for you. I really want to know what is pertinent to you. I want to help you have more successes. Please, also share your success that can help others!

I want to work with you on making your dreams come true. I want to help see you through your difficulties. Which areas do you need to read about more? How can I better serve and help you?

How can I make what I share really valuable to you? What do you want and need? I want to deliver as best as I am able. So I really want to hear from you.

Together We Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Then over time and in these pages I can address these areas. We can even discuss in the comment sections. So let me know, okay?

The new blog site is coming soon. I hope you will enjoy it and stay with us in transition. For now, thanks for everything. And please tell me how I can best meet your needs and what you want to know.

Help me help you make your dreams come true! You can do it. You will do it! Exploration is the doorway to adventure! Keep the faith.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy your day!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Please stay with us. I’d hate to lose you or have you miss any blog you want to receive. I’ll let you know when the change is taking place. I might launch and update as we go along.

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How To Stop Living Like A Beggar And Start Living Like An Emperor!

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“Can you imagine the emperors of old. They were in charge. They had the power. They commanded and others obeyed. Can you imagine what it would be like to be an emperor? If you could command it and your words would be carried out. That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

So what is stopping you? Think about that for a moment. What prevents you from living as an emperor? Yes, yes, I know those days are gone. I mean, why don’t you act like the emperor you already are? You do know that’s what you are don’t you?

Who Is In Charge

I mean, either you are in charge of you OR you are not. Either you are the emperor, the controller, the ruler of your own being or you are not. So which is it? Either you command things to happen or you hope they will.

When you hope you are really a beggar. You are hoping someone, something will be kind. You hope and pray things will work out but you don’t really know. All power is outside of you. Others have the power you have to beg to get their scrapes. Is this you? I hope not!

Live Like An Emperor. Stop Living Like A Beggar. Live as a champion. Walk and breath as a winner.

Stop whining, sniveling, begging, hoping, wishing, comparing and complaining. Stop worrying about your career, your relationships, your money, your life.  It isn’t helping anything so give it a rest!

No Whining Stop Worrying

Let’s pretend all this Law Of Attraction quantum physics stuff is true. You are a creator you are one with the universe. You are an aspect of the divine, an expression, a fractal, part of the hologram in which all is contained.

You are responsible for everything. You, your atoms, have been here since the beginning of time. You are one with everything.

This universe is as much yours as you belong to it. SO for goodness stake stop begging and hoping and wishing that you get some good part of it. Demand it and expect it. You create all of it. Create what you want.

Make it happen. You are responsible for all good things. So make sure YOU get some of them for yourself. All the other stuff I write about patience and kindness and going first, allowing and accepting and forgiving still applies. You are a benevolent Emperor!

It Is Your Decision And No One Else’s

It is all part of the whole and the whole is in each part. Stop acting like change comes from outside of you.

Everything necessary for having what you want is already in you. Exercise it! Use it. Claim it. Stop expecting something from the outside to grant your wish.

Grant your own wish! MAKE it happen. After all, that is WHO is making it happen anyway? Speak it into being! Think it into being! Your thoughts create your reality. Create the results you want!

While ancient texts, and new thought leaders and people like Neville and Hill and Wattles and current gurus all proclaim the Law Of Attraction realize YOU are the magnet in your own playground.

Stop creating division and become whole. Be congruent. Become one. Hill emphasized that YOU need to know what you want.  Make it a burning passion and desire. Have faith. Go for it and don’t stop!

Know What You Want And Go For It

Do whatever you have to, in positive ways. Co-operate with others, for the best for everyone, and you will get want you want if you never give up.

He didn’t say it would physically materialize over time.  No one said the atoms would magically assemble in the environment until it physically manifests while you meditate and chant,

Stop comparing and wondering if it will happen. Decide it will happen. Do everything to make it happen. YOU do it. You create it You attract it. Demand it of yourself and stop hoping somehow it will come together if you are just good enough.

MAKE it happen. YOU make it happen. Believe in yourself. When you understand you are responsible you can get out of your own way. Become congruent. Align your desires with your intentions and get what you want.

Stop Comparing Stop Wondering 

Stop the self-sabotage. Stop wondering ‘if’ it will happen. Put an end to the pleading. When you do these things you will stop being a victim and become a victor. You will take charge as you should You should be the person in control. Where there is a will there is a way.

Okay, NOW let’s imagine the LOA is a crock. It is BS. It is a fairy tale and none of it works. The same principles apply. You make it happen. No one else will but you. If you are going to get your goals it will be completely your responsibility.

Stop sniveling and whining and hoping and wishing. Stop doubting and fearing and worrying and comparing. Pull yourself up. Set your attitude right. Get it straight and keep it that way.

Know what you want. Make it a burning desire. Keep working it until you succeed. You will if you never give up. Either way it is up to you.

Attitude Is Everything

Make all your  goals and dreams come true. Go after it the way a champion athlete prepares for the Olympics.

Dedicate yourself. Have the right mind set, get the right coaching you need and train yourself to win. Keep going and don’t quit. No excuses. No reasons. No Blames. Live as an Emperor. Command yourself. Demand of yourself. Expect yourself to follow through. And Do it!” Rex Sikes

Transform today!

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