Expert Reveals: How To Accelerate And Apply What You Learn

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“People have asked what is the best and easiest way to learn to make changes? How does one master this material? I am so glad readers want to know. Learning is simple and fun. It is what we are designed to do. We can learn easily and fairly quickly.

As I and others suggest read everyday. Find some great inspirational material and immerse yourself daily. A good time is first thing in the morning after a period of time doing affirmations, visualization and a list of gratitudes. Read quality inspirational material.

Read every day as much as you can. I recommend at least a chapter but if you can’t do that read as much as you are able, a few pages, a few paragraphs, a few lines. Just read. Highlight and take notes. Study the material, pause and think. It is not a novel. Reflect.

It Is That We Think We Know That Keeps Us From Learning

Ask yourself, how the material relates to you? How you will apply what you learn? How and when and where and with whom would you use it? What will you do to apply it? Think about it. Imagine it. Relate it to your life and what you want to accomplish. Study.

Go back and re-read the material a week or two later. Review it. Re-read your notes. Attempt to put the material you learned into your own words. Share what you are learning with others WHO ARE interested. Discuss the material. Help others. Consume and digest.

I often find a chapter that is meaningful to me and read it everyday for a month. Yes, sometimes you have to fight the urge to gloss over it because you have become familiar with it. Learning comes from repetition over time. You want to continue to re-expose your mind.

If You Are Not Willing To Learn No One Can Help You

If you read only once and keep moving you aren’t  really absorbing it. You exposed yourself to the concepts but didn’t take the time or the repeated exposures to to actually learn it. Reading over and over again is a very healthy, worthwhile practice. Don’t be in a rush. Relax.

Between readings your mind works on it. You have real life experiences. When you return to read the same material you will find things that you didn’t know you have read. You will discover new things there that you missed before. Why? You changed in between.

From the last reading your brain, your reflections, your use of the material has helped you evolve some. From this new place you are able to notice more things. When you return to reading you will have grown more able to see what is there. It will surprise you!

If You Are Determined To Learn No One Can Stop You

You can listen to audio books while driving. I prefer to listen while sitting home with a notebook and pen. I do what I have already described. Take notes. Lots of them. Then I go back and review my notes regularly. I re-write them from time to time. I listen repeatedly.

As for affirmations and visualization and list of gratitude. I do these daily too. A short while in the morning devoted to each. Plus, I love to do affirmations while I drive. Sometimes, I split the drive, affirmations and then I’ll listen to a positive audiobook. I enjoy this.

Affirmations should be spoken out loud whenever possible with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm. Shout them, say them with conviction and really mean it. Visualization gets easier and more vivid with regular practice. Some don’t see so clearly at first.

Education Is Not Learning Facts But Training The Mind To Think

It will get better the more you do it. You build muscles from repeated exercise. Your ability to visualize deliberately increases too. Be specific, as vivid as possible and imagine that you have already accomplished your goal. Savor those wonderful feelings,

Use Directed Questions™ routinely. Anytime throughout the day is good for affirmation and questions. Decide on the end point of what you want, your goal, and ask yourself questions that direct you there and specify how you feel on the way. Feeling is most important.

Adjust your mind and body throughout the day to feel your best. If you get agitated or upset, down or anxious, bring yourself step by step, inch by inch to feeling better. Think worst, better, best. Eventually, you will feel better. Move in increments toward that way.

Remain Curious And Keep Learning

Smile more, laugh more, move your body. Walk, skip, sing, dance. Shake things up, do new things. Vary your routine add in some novelty. Meditate, relax. Be curious, take in nature, be playful as a child would be. Have fun learning. It isn’t all serious.

Each element I described requires one thing very important. If you don’t do this you won’t learn much of anything. You must take action. You must apply it. If you don’t apply it you haven’t learned it. Information, knowledge is only power when you use it. Apply it.

To not use it is to not know it. You can learn ABOUT something without ever experiencing any difference. You can read about France but if you never go there all you know is information. Information won’t change you by itself. Use it. Do it. Repeat it!

Learning How To Learn Is One Of The Most Important Skills In Life 

Somethings you can learn in a few minutes but they take a life time to master. You can learn to juggle 3 balls in a short while, perhaps not five minutes, but fairly quickly. To become a great juggler requires lots of practice. To be world class even more dedication.

For you to learn you must be exposed to the material. You must think about it , examine it, reflect on it and review it. Repeat. Put it in your own words, understand it and apply it repeatedly. Correct mistakes. Apply again. It is a continuous conditioning process.

Little bits studied and applied well help you learn quicker. It is better to do a little well than a lot in a shoddy fashion. Bit by bit you increase you abilities. Everything grows exponentially together. Stay with it. Learn! Make it your own. Play with it. Stay with it. Delight!

Learning Is A Treasure That Will Follow Its Owner Everywhere

That which you do daily, as long as you continue, becomes a habit fairly soon. You want to develop positive, powerful, habits that support you in getting what you want. Attitude is everything. The more fun and enjoyment you have while practicing the better.

If you do this you will be delighted to discover yourself easily learning and incorporating the new material into your life in ways that can surprise and amaze you. You can find yourself more easily and readily making the changes you want quickly. Enjoy it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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