Your Story Holds You Back And Keeps You Down! You Must Do This!

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“Most people spend most of their time focused on what they do not want. They have poor health, their pocket book suffers, they are in a lackluster job or their relationships are falling apart. These are the things they are focused on. Doom, gloom, boredom and suffering.

They share these stories with family and friends, co-workers and strangers. They tell their stories day in and day out about what isn’t working for them and why. Over and over again they repeat the same sad tales. They know their story. They repeat it often.

They have gotten really good at telling these stories.  It’s as if they were rehearsing lines in a play. They got them down. They say things like, ‘You think you have it bad’ and  ‘Let me tell you about my boss!’ ‘I can’t believe what my spouse did yesterday’.

You Choose Which Story You Tell – That Is Always Your Decision

‘Do you know what the bank did to me?’ My car, my doctor, my kid, the government. They talk about how things are screwed up. It is as they  brag about all that is wrong. They they can’t make ends meet, their health sucks, their job sucks, they can’t get a break. Whatever!

They focus on the bad news, the latest reports, gossip or things they cannot change. They even focus on things that do not involve them. All negative. All distractions. All rob them from the life they could have. Truly, because they are busy repeating these stories.

These are their battle stories. They take pride in their stories of what is wrong. Sometimes, they may laugh as they tale their tales. People get together and commiserate. They share their bad stories with each other. They even try to outdo each other at times.

You Write Your Story From The Choices You Make

The problem is EACH and EVERY time they tell these stories they are reliving the experience.  Over and over again the re-live their problems.  REMEMBER, you get what you focus on. We become what we think about most often.

So they end up creating the same thing over an over. Energy flows where your attention goes. Their book of life sucks. Each chapter is filled with trauma drama and they wonder why their life doesn’t improve. It can’t They are too busy creating it the same.

They create and attract more of the same problems into their life. Can it be any clearer? What you say is what you get. This is why I emphasize to speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others.  If you say it, IT is so! You create your reality.

You Have The Power To Say – This Is Not How The Story Ends

If you want happiness or success or a better life you have to tell a better story. Your story has to be about what you want. You must turn your back on what you don’t want and focus only on what you do want. That is when the change will occur. It will begin right away.

That is when good things can rush in and begin to happen. You must rehearse what you do want and not what you don’t want. Whatever story you tell you are creating more of it! Re-live the experience you want to have more of not what you do not want. Change your story!

It is not about ignoring or blocking what you don’t like. It is about changing the frame and putting it in another perspective. A different perspective. Napoleon Hill said in every difficulty there is a seed of opportunity. Stop focusing on the adversity. Find the opportunity.

The Life You Live Is The Story You Repeatedly Tell

Every situation or circumstance or event in life can be looked at as a positive experience, or at least a positive learning experience or negative. One side can be emphasized more than the other. You must focus on the positive. It isn’t and won’t be easy at first.

Still, you can do it. You can learn to reframe your difficulties. You can find the positive and focus on that and look forward to learning and growing. You can expect good to happen when hope seems lost. Again, not easy, but doable. If you begin to do it and keep doing it.

You must break the habit of focusing on what sucks and emphasize what works and what you can find to be grateful for. Find the good, reframe the bad as a positive learning experience. Find the opportunities and the good. This is the new habit to develop.

Your Past Is Just Another Story – You Can Always Change It

Habits can be hard to break but they are not impossible to break. You overwrite old habits with new ones through correct practice and spaced repetition. Practice at every opportunity. Practice the new way until you get good at it. It isn’t comfortable at first.

It is unfamiliar because you don’t do it. It isn’t your habit yet. Many people don’t like to be uncomfortable but that is where your growth occurs. You won’t change by remaining the same! It will be a struggle because your tendency will be the old habit you are good at.

If you stick with the new one you will eventually master it. The question is do you want to create a new, better, more wonderful reality and get positive results or do you want more of the same old, same old? You must decide and take action if you want it better.

Every Moment You Create Or Attract – Is It What You Want

Practice telling new positive stories about how, though facing some challenging moments, you are finding new opportunities to explore. That good is around the corner even though you can’t yet see it and don’t know what it is. Expect things to work out. Learn and grow.

Discover what there is to be grateful for right now. Share how you are learning and growing and moving forward. Life has presented challenges for you to excel and succeed and you are finding yourself up to the challenge and making things work out for the better.

It is either positive or negative. You thoughts and beliefs and actions either support you and uplift you or they don’t and they drag you down. Which do YOU want more of? Manage your thoughts, your self-talk, your internal images, your feelings. Take charge.

Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your World

Create, vibrate and attract differently. You know what it is you don’t want so turn around and focus on what you do want. Imagine already having it, feel it, see it, say it. Focus on being what you want and feeling that as though it is already accomplished.

Make this your story. Become a can do person instead of a can’t do, troubled, burdened person. Created and attract the good things. Live and rehearse how you are making wonderful things happen. The choice is yours. The decision is yours each moment.

Be grateful, and stick with it. Keep rehearsing the positive and you will become more positive. It will get easier. Keep choosing the positive and choosing will get easier too. You will develop new habits that support you. Live, love laugh. Do it today! Change your story and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day glorious.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. For the rest of the day it’s only going to be positives for me. Every time I see something that is wrong I’ll consider Rex’s teaches and move on. This is not ignoring what is not right but living a better story.

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