The Number 1 Way To Stop Screwing Up And Live Successfully

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“The bottom line if you want your life to be different you need to do different things. That is it. It is all up to you. You can’t do the same crap again and again and expect it to work out differently. You can’t focus on how lousy things are and expect it to be wonderful.

If you want it to be wonderful you must make it wonderful. You must take charge and do it. Think positive, be positive, feel good, take action and practice and create success habits. I know you want me to tell you that you can sit in a chair and wish it well but you can’t.

Okay, you can. I’m the first person to tell you to expect that to work. If you believe it, as the placebo effect and research on beliefs and expectations indicate, it could happen. It could happen now or 50 years from now or not at all. If that is how you want to spend time.

To Master Your Life Control The Mind

Frankly, you are better off pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps and getting it done. If every day you do something positive in your own behalf, toward getting your goals you are that much closer each day. No wondering, you know you are moving.

With each success comes more confidence and more success. Bit by bit you get there and do so pleasantly. In order to do this you can’t live tales of woe and focus on lack and despair. You must change! Become the person you want to be. This is how to start it off.

You must change your mindset. You must change your story. You can’t repeat the same crap over and over. Watch what you say. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Live for living well, don’t live an underwhelming life and then report it to everyone near by.

To Master The Mind Control The Tongue

Make it marvelous. Make it an adventure. Make it what you want. Stop the BS and make it glorious. Okay, now I will share a personal moment with you. I was hit by a car today. Hit and run. My body. Not a vehicular accident. I was injured BUT it could have been worse.

There is a lot going on. All I know is that somehow it will all work out. In the long run, and it may not be seen for sometime, something good will come of this. It already has. It will continue. There are worse things in the world. Here is what I have learned in life.

If you focus on the shit you get more of it. Today, while challenging, some people might call it negative, there is lot’s of learning, growing and exploring is occurring. There are opportunities not yet seen. My day played out very different from how it started out.

Guard Your Heart For Everything You Do Flows From It

Okay, so what? Life goes on. Through the years I have learned so many marvelous things and ways to be. I’ll be fine. My foot is in a boot. I am comfortable, but have been unable to do some things I needed to. All of it will be taken care of. I am fine! I will be better soon.

However this resolves is how it resolves.  Meanwhile, I have other important things to focus on and to enjoy. Years ago, less than this would have been a day stopper. What can I say, shit happens. So focus on what you want and stop talking about it.

I only shared this with you to let you know all of us face challenges. I take responsibility for this. Yes, somehow it could have been avoided. A minute later, or sooner any number of things happened simultaneously to bring it about. I was complicit in it too.

Be Vigilant Guard Your Mind Against Negative Thoughts

Now I create healing. I create forgiveness. Did I experience some shock and anger. Yup! Everything will be fine. I got a big signal of what I don’t want and now aim to focus on what I want to create instead. Who knows how it will play out. I know I expect good things.

I am grateful that all is well. That I am alive. That I can write my blog. That I can continue to do many things. I am thrilled actually with what is going on inside me at the moment. I am blessed. We all are. What we all need to do is focus and talk about our blessings.

Leave the politics, the economy, the injustice, the travesties and tragedies alone. Comment on blessings. Speak about good things. Find the good and new. Speak about prospering and how things go well. Leave the trauma drama in the past. Live a new way.

There Are Success Habits And Not Success Habits – Choose Wisely

Yes, there is more to do. Read and re-read my other posts. Still, this is a great way to start. Stop filling your mind with negative chatter and gossip and start filling it with positive words and phrases. And praises. Live well and speak well. Speak well and live well. Get it?

As you do all new possibilities open up. You’ll be so busy enjoying the shit won’t matter all that much. Transform yourself and your life by the renewal of your mind. Take control of your thoughts! Have fun, be thankful. Live with awe and wonder. Enjoy and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Life is short! Delight whenever and as often as you can.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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8 thoughts on “The Number 1 Way To Stop Screwing Up And Live Successfully”

  1. I am sorry to hear of the hit and run. I am glad you can still write your blog I read it every day. It is important to me. I have been studying the things you write over fifty years. I found everything you say to be true. Life for me has been a magical fantastic great adventure all my grandest dreams come true. Once again thank you for your words. May the blessing of the universe rain down upon you right now. As my magical benefactor said once to me: keep plugging away. My magical benefactor was the guy who displayed real magic for me and changed my whole life. May your grandest dreams appear….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Thank you. Yes, all is good. Opportunity is always around, it is just whether we notice or not. I am lucky. I am blessed. Thanks for sharing. Life is magical!


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