If You Want To Change But Don’t: This Is What You Must Know And Do

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“Do you know why most people don’t make positive changes and get the life they deserve? They want to, they really want to. Wanting to is not enough. Here is what you need to know and do. Wanting only leads you to where the possibility to change exists. It’s a beginning.

Recently, I shared what holds us back. Automated processes that run on and on, outside of our awareness, that lead to less than glorious feelings. While some think of it as obstructive it is not nefarious. It is not sabotage. That is what our subconscious does.

It runs impersonal, learned processes that are outside of our control, for the most part, unless, we deliberately learn other ones instead. These habits of thought, feeling and action that are triggered by outside and inside events and circumstances. We react.

Today You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You

One thought leads to another. A thought leads to a feeling. The feeling leads back to another thought of a similar kind. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. How we feel often, most usually, determines how we act and if we act.

As we engage this process enough, repeatedly, through time they become our habits. We routinely think, feel and act, OR NOT, certain ways, positively or negatively. Either these support us or they do not. These habits determine our results in the world.

If we don’t like the results we are getting it can all be traced back to our thoughts, our beliefs, our mindset and attitudes. This is precisely why, for centuries, thought leaders have emphasized taking control of your mind and learning your power to do so.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

We are absolutely capable of making positive changes and learning new habits. More difficult are the evolutionary processes such as fight, flight or freeze but even these can come under some control. We can manage the affects of these more than previously believed.

The processes that govern our results are changeable, manageable and controllable, when you learn how.  Using our perception, our ability to reason, our imagination and will power we can intelligently make changes that serve us powerfully and positively.

Just as you learned any skill, learning to control your thinking and feeling is a skill. It is completely do-able. You are capable. It requires patience, dedication, understanding, perseverance and awareness. Awareness is the first step to change. Awareness comes first!

You Cannot Escape The Consequences Of Your Thoughts

We only change that which we know, are AWARE of, or perceive needs changing. Then we can intelligently REASON and decide that we must actually change. When we CHOOSE to take responsibility for our thinking, for everything in life, we take a major step forward.

Even if it isn’t true that we are responsible for everything in life that happens to us or involves us; even if we haven’t control over all of our circumstances it can benefit us to ‘act as if’ to ‘think as if’ we do. To do this without blaming ourselves or others is powerful.

It organizes our perceptions, helps us marshall our resources. It puts the ball and everything, in our court so we can think and work to make changes if we don’t we live as a victim to happenstance. It is far more beneficial to live powerfully than helplessly without hope.

Life Is 10% What Happens To You And 90% How You Respond To It

When one thinks as a champion victor one feels as a champion victor does. Hence one behaves and can get the results of a champion victor. Sure, there will be obstacles and problems but the champion victor takes care of them along the way. It doesn’t stop the victor!

It doesn’t prevent the victor! Everything is line up, aligned and congruent for moving forward positively. This awareness alone is dynamic and perhaps the most needed change anyone can make. Live as an emperor not hopeless and helpless. Live powerfully!

Take control of the power between your ears to make changes in the results you get. Live effectively. Stop making blames and excuses and start living the way you want to be living. It begins with mindset. It starts with controlling our thought habits so they serve us.

Better To Get Hurt By The Truth Than Comforted By A Lie

When it comes to creation, making things happen, getting goals, manifesting, attraction or vibrating in alignment, whatever words you choose to describe the process, being congruent is crucial. That is why it pays to get rid of all junk thinking and negativity.

Most people think of something they want and their habitual patterns of thoughts leap in stating you can’t afford it, your not good enough, you don’t deserve it. Others can have it but not you. Why bother? You aren’t the type of person who does that, and on and on.

These thoughts use up our creative energy because they operate under threshold much of the time. Just like my thoughts about how the woman in the lap pool was the problem. We must become aware of our routine, habitual, less than glorious thinking.

Still – Nothing – No One  – Can Hurt You – Without Your Permission

Then we can begin to change. Awareness opens the door. Once we become aware there’s an issue we need to address it and take care of it. We need to stop it AND make a better choice.  It is a choice. It is ALWAYS a choice. It is in our control and up to us to be different.

Most people won’t make the choice because they think it too hard. They don’t feel capable. Prior, bad thought habits. This is why it is first crucial to identify that you are not thinking powerfully. This is why it is necessary to point out the negativity again and again.

The message signal value has to be strong and loud enough for the individual to think, whoa, maybe I ought to try to do something differently. The person needs to become aware of what is holding them back. What IS the problem to be solved? Get it?

Be A Product Of Your Decisions Not Of Your Circumstances

If you don’t know there is a problem you won’t do anything to change it. Most people put the blame outside themselves so then they never have to address it. If you take responsibility for everything, everything is up to you. Now, you are in charge.

Once aware you have a choice. I f you choose to be different you will be. It requires will power I won’t kid you. It doesn’t happen over night, although it could potentially. Be prepared to condition yours mind for good mental health as you would your body.

You have to eat right, exercise right, sleep right consistently, repeatedly, long enough over time to get in shape and then to maintain it. The same is true about controlling your thoughts and feelings and taking charge of your mind. Step by step you move.

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Why You Can’t

You condition your body AND your mind bit by bit over time. If someone is obese and doesn’t notice it affecting their health, or blames everything else for the issue then they have no power to change it. We have bought into societal memes, too.

We are told things aren’t our fault. It is genetics, it can’t be helped. It is the environment, our education or lack of it, the parents we have that are responsible. Our upbringing was less than glorious. All sounds plausible hence we buy into it. It is limiting programming.

We’ve been told this since birth. We’ve been misinformed, led astray, For each example one can use to prove the above case ‘true’ one can find counter examples of people who have changed in spite of every possible odd being against them. We are remarkable! We are!

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Sadly, most of us don’t think we are. We have been conditioned to believe we are not powerful or strong enough. I won’t get into why this may have happened here. Suffice to say our power has been usurped in so many ways. It is time to claim it back. Use it or lose it!

You will be glad you did. Once you begin to notice the results you are able to get with a renewed, transformed mind you’ll wonder what ever took you so long. However, you’ll be too happy celebrating the new changes to regret the time it took. It happens when it happens.

You’ll enjoy glorious new feelings and a positive outlook. All of life becomes marvelous even when, or if, circumstances don’t because you aren’t dictated and controlled by circumstances any longer. Those can and will change too. YOU determine your course.

I Have Failed Over And Over In Life And That Is Why I Succeed

If it is ever going to happen it will be completely up to you and the decision you make. No one can think your thoughts for you. They can provide you with thoughts and programming, as they already have, but they can’t think your thoughts for you. Do you understand this?

It is up to you to decide whether you take your power back or forever continue to act out of how you were previously programmed when you didn’t have a choice. Are you going to live from the beliefs and limitations you learned as a child? I hope not.

Some of those did serve you. Yes, they protected to. They kept you safe and/or they kept you from trying. Or they comforted you when you tried and gave up. Sure, those beliefs served a purpose. To insure you don’t travel too far. To make sure you don’t head the pack.

To Move A Mountain Begin By Carrying Away Small Stones

You decide. Decide now! Do you want to live from chronic, old, prior, limiting, conditioning, most of which you absorbed prior to five years old, OR do you want to begin living as the person you deserve to be? Don’t you want to find the real you hidden in there? Discover you!

There is no better time than now to act. Begin now, start, and learn along the way. When it is completed will you be able to look back and connect the dots. So be courageous, take control of your life by taking control of your mind. DO it Do it now. Awareness first.

Then use your imagination to begin to see, hear and feel the you, you already are within, that you want to be in the real world. Begin to imagine living the life you have always wanted. See, hear and feel yourself ‘act as if’ it is all absolutely real. Stick with it. Stick with it!

People Don’t Lack Strength – They Lack Will

Will power is necessary. Some things, like the Chinese Bamboo plant, don’t show up for quite some time. Stick with it. Be passionate, have faith. Become convinced you can and will do it and you will. You attract and make happen what you ARE – not what you want.

People want all sorts of things they learn to live without. That is from their habitual mindset. Become the change you want to experience and you will have what you desire. You will transform yourself by the renewing of your mind. Get it? You do it! YOU!

“It is a lesson which all history teaches wise persons, to put trust in ideas, and not in circumstances,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Don’t give circumstances the power, claim it back. Learn to dictate what the circumstances will be. It begins with controlling your thoughts.

Exercise Your Power And You Release The Power Of Life Energy

Take charge. Focus your mind. Feel the best! How do you feel the best? Think the thoughts that produce those feelings. Put your attention on what you have to be grateful for. Stay focused. Thought leads to feeling and feeling leads back to similar thoughts.

Change your life thought by thought. Step by step. Fill your mind with CAN DO power. Enjoy, delight! Think right and feel WONDERFUL! Keep doing it over and over and before you know it this all becomes your new habits. Your new results.

Practice success until you are successful. Act as if! Be it NOW! and celebrate! When you do this consistently, long enough, everything can and will change for the better because YOU ARE DOING IT! YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF IT! So enjoy life now and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Determine to delight more today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. Yes, its a saying even by Lord Buddha, “You are what your mind is ~ what you Think you become” We move towards our dominant thoughts. Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, then to our character. Ultimately they all lead to our Destiny.Very good article. Than you !

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