It Isn’t Enough To Want It! Lot’s Of People Want It: You Must Become It!

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“You know what you want AND you have wanted it a good long time. Still you don’t have it. You can continue to want it and still not get it. Wanting it isn’t enough. It isn’t the answer. There is something else.

Some people try hard to make the Law Of Attraction work. They stick with it awhile then abandon it stating, ‘it doesn’t work’ or more accurately, they ‘couldn’t figure out how to make it work’.

IT always is working but knowing how to work with it is something different. Gravity is always in operation and knowing how to work with it is different if you want to make a airplane take off.

Awareness And Understanding Are The First Steps

Consider this for a moment. Imagine you live in a land where there are no bicycles. Never saw one. They do not exist. One day you pick up a book and you read about bicycling.

It captivates you and you long to ride one. It becomes a deep passion and your read everything you can get your hands on about riding a bike. You imagine doing it. You desire it. You want it.

Still, you have not ever ridden one. Knowing about and wanting to do are not equivalent with having the experience. You know about riding the bike but aren’t riding one.

Your Desire Must Become White Hot – Then You Must Have Faith

It is not a perfect analogy but similarly, some people know all about the Law Of Attraction without ever actually tapping into it. Do you understand this? They want it. They know about it. But they aren’t it.

Remember, we don’t attract what we want. We attract what we are. We attract what we ALREADY are. If you want to be different in the future you must imagine already being different right now.

You must BE it to attract it. You want money you must be wealth first. You want happiness you must be happy first. You want success you must be success first. It begins within you. You become it first.

You Must Become What You Want To Attract

In your mind and in your soul you must already be it. It isn’t a question of whether you will or won’t get it because you already are it. You are that which you seek. That is why you ultimately find it.

As long as it is only a mental fascination you will not easily manifest what you want. This is why some people give up. They are interested but that is as far as they take it. They want but they aren’t it, yet.

Everything in these blog posts is designed and intended for you to discover how to become it. You must make it your study. You must do what it takes and you will unlock it. You must become it!

To Achieve Something You Have Never Achieved Before …

It is as close to you as your breath even when it seems miles away. Remember, you become what you think about most often. What is it you are thinking about? What is your attention on most of the time?

Your feelings are your indicators. How do you feel most of the time? You must feel your best most of your time. How can you feel your best? Turn your attention to what you are grateful for!

Gratitude is the attitude of feeling well-being. When you are grateful for all now you are making room for more. Fill your mind with gratitude and positive thoughts. Enjoy, delight, feel it and be it.

… You Must Become Someone You Have Never Been Before

Act as if you already have that which you want. Feel what it likes to be the person you want to become. Feel what it is like to do and have the good you want in the future, right now. Experience the feelings.

Pretend! The mental work IS feeling work. Feelings drive the show. It isn’t enough to know it intellectually you must become it. Then you attract what you already are. Like only attracts like.

Pretend it inside! You did this as a child. Feel it Fully! Live it! Be It!

It makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it. If gold only attracted gold, and you are lead thinking you want to be gold, you aren’t gold. Feel like gold and you become more like gold.

Become The Rock The River Can’t Wash Away

Get it? Your feelings are what make it work. Your thoughts precede your feelings. You will never feel it unless you think it right in the first place. From thinking comes feeling. From feeling comes action.

From action comes habits. Automatic, reliable actions help you make it happen. From habits come results. From your mind to reality you can make it happen when you become it. Like attracts like.

Act as if. Fill your mind daily. See it, hear, it, feel it, taste it, smell it. Live it over and over, want it so much it becomes burning desire. Feel yourself IT. Know you will have it because you make it happen.

What You Think You Become – What You Feel You Attract

Then you can get it. Then you create it and attract it. Then all aspects of you are aligned to have it. It is about being congruent. Some use the word vibrations. Your vibrations must match what you desire.

That is what it means to be congruent. It is a match. Beyond that it is all oars in the water paddling in the same direction, working together at the same time to get to the same destination. Get it?

Enjoy the process it goes faster. Trust it when you can’t see it and it goes faster. Live it and feel it and it goes faster. How you think, feel act, speak and live determines your successes. Be it! Be gratitude, be love, be kindness, be wealthy, be happy, be love, be delight! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How much bigger can you smile today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “It Isn’t Enough To Want It! Lot’s Of People Want It: You Must Become It!”

  1. I think the penny has finally dropped for me. Reading this blog and others has helped to turn my thinking around. As Genevieve Davis says, the best way to ask is by not asking! The Universe knows what we want because we’ve asked so many times. But if you’re constantly asking, you’re not in the place to receive. Now, I’m not desperate for the big lottery win, I’m focusing on being happy, and helping others, day-to-day. Its actually taken a weight off my shoulders. I don’t feel the pressure to have those big goals come through. Things will unfold as they will. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is good news. Yes, you can’t constantly ask – that is begging for what already is yours. We must accept what is ours, before it shows up, and act as if we already have it. Inside our minds. We don’t have to tell others who might think we are odd, but we need to know with certainty it is already ours. THEN it can show up. Otherwise, we keep it at bay. Awesome! Steve, thanks for sharing!


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