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The Giant Step To Success: Why You Must Learn To Trust Your Gut


“In my last blog I shared with you secrets for getting what you want. Secrets that have been around for thousands of years. Then why are they secrets? Because only a few will apply them. When people do they get results. If they don’t use what is available they miss out.

Secrets hidden in plain sight but missed by most because we aren’t conditioned to make our dreams come true. We are conditioned to go to school, get a job, work for 40 years and retire. People could do that for a number of decades but times have changed.

That is why I share these blogs and these secret principles , methods, approaches and practices. It is with the hope that you will apply these and revolutionize your life so you begin living on your terms. It is time to end being a wage slave and not living your dreams.

Trust Your Intuition – Trust Your Gut – Shhhhhh – Listen And Feel

So — What do you do after you ‘act as if’ you already have what you want. Unless you have gotten the results in the outer world you are in the process of creating, manifesting or attracting what you want. While in the process you continue. You visualize, affirm, and feel it.

You keep doing that. You focus on what you want as though you already have it and you continue to live and operate from that mindset. IN ADDITION and because of the mindset you begin to take inspired action steps. These come to you. Watch and listen.

Your brain works around the clock as you focus on what you want. Your brain assists you in making it happen. It looks for the opportunities for you. Your awareness opens up. What you were blind to before, now you might see. Now you can see. It works!

The More You Trust Your Intuition – The Stronger It Gets

You live it and you take action. Your action is based on your intuition. You must listen to your intuition, you inner voice, your hunches and be prepared to pounce on opportunities as you become aware of them. These may come as flashes of insight, feelings or as thoughts.

These may or may not make sense to you. Perhaps, you get a hunch to dine at a particular restaurant. Follow your hunch. Learn what happens. Expect a blessing. You may not discover anything special or perhaps you run into a long lost friend or meet a new one.

You may not know right away. Still, get in the habit of listening to your inner voice. Your gut feelings. As you do you will discover they are reliable. They just aren’t delivered in a coherent fashion you might wish they were. They come as gifts however they come.

Listen To Your Inner Voice – Question Others – Listen To Yours

You either accept them or you don’t. The more you ignore or reject the less they will occur. You can, as some people have, turned a blind eye and deaf ear to their own inner awareness. If you don’t have the habit of gently listening you need to develop it. Pay attention.

This inner awareness can cause you great benefit if you follow it. How it works no one really knows. It just works. Learn to trust yourself and your hunches. You won’t over night it will take some time but gradually you will get better at it. Use it or lose it!

Who are you listening to? YOURSELF! Your inner wisdom. You have a subconscious knowledge base that parallels any outstanding library in the world. You have collected information, experiences, memories your entire life. Your brain searches these for the answer.

Pay Attention And Trust Your Very First Gut Instincts – Your First

When you focus on what you want you aim your own brain at searching for answers. The brain communicates them to you. It downloads them to your conscious mind but not typically all at once. Ah Ha’s are major downloads. Usually, you get fragments or flashes.

This is why you need to pay attention. Be aware and be still. Shut up and trust. You are in the process of creating something for yourself and you are aligning all of your inner resources and getting these to work together for you to assist you in actually making it happen.

You still need to examine and vet and insure that the hunches or flashes and the opportunities presented you are valid and worthwhile. You want to quickly but thoroughly research each and make sure it is legitimate. This is not the time to be gullible. Never is.

Don’t Shhhh Your Inner Voice – That Is Who You Really Are

Examine and if appropriate, act. Large steps once in awhile is not as effective as small steps each day. Move steadily and slowly toward your goal or outcome and you will get there quicker than the person who leaps only once in a while. Stick with it don’t give up.

Focus on one course or avenue until successful. Don’t try to do to many things at once. Don’t be a jack of all trades but master of none. Get good. Become exceptional at one thing. Follow your passion and your intuition. Too many opportunities can become a limitation.

Once you complete yours or are wildly successful then diversify. Until then follow your one big dream. You can break it into steps that you pursue one at a time as you would climb stairs, each one at a time, to get to the top. The same logic applies. Bit by bit you advance.

You Bring About What You Think About – Practice Gratitude

Work toward your goal. Listen and allow your intuition to guide you. Trust but vet the information. Make adjustments as necessary while maintaining your vision. It all comes together as you do continue the process. Stick with it , never give it. Follow through. Be grateful. You will get there. Stay the course. Have fun. Take it seriously but lightly. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be marvelous today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It Isn’t Enough To Want It! Lot’s Of People Want It: You Must Become It!

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“You know what you want AND you have wanted it a good long time. Still you don’t have it. You can continue to want it and still not get it. Wanting it isn’t enough. It isn’t the answer. There is something else.

Some people try hard to make the Law Of Attraction work. They stick with it awhile then abandon it stating, ‘it doesn’t work’ or more accurately, they ‘couldn’t figure out how to make it work’.

IT always is working but knowing how to work with it is something different. Gravity is always in operation and knowing how to work with it is different if you want to make a airplane take off.

Awareness And Understanding Are The First Steps

Consider this for a moment. Imagine you live in a land where there are no bicycles. Never saw one. They do not exist. One day you pick up a book and you read about bicycling.

It captivates you and you long to ride one. It becomes a deep passion and your read everything you can get your hands on about riding a bike. You imagine doing it. You desire it. You want it.

Still, you have not ever ridden one. Knowing about and wanting to do are not equivalent with having the experience. You know about riding the bike but aren’t riding one.

Your Desire Must Become White Hot – Then You Must Have Faith

It is not a perfect analogy but similarly, some people know all about the Law Of Attraction without ever actually tapping into it. Do you understand this? They want it. They know about it. But they aren’t it.

Remember, we don’t attract what we want. We attract what we are. We attract what we ALREADY are. If you want to be different in the future you must imagine already being different right now.

You must BE it to attract it. You want money you must be wealth first. You want happiness you must be happy first. You want success you must be success first. It begins within you. You become it first.

You Must Become What You Want To Attract

In your mind and in your soul you must already be it. It isn’t a question of whether you will or won’t get it because you already are it. You are that which you seek. That is why you ultimately find it.

As long as it is only a mental fascination you will not easily manifest what you want. This is why some people give up. They are interested but that is as far as they take it. They want but they aren’t it, yet.

Everything in these blog posts is designed and intended for you to discover how to become it. You must make it your study. You must do what it takes and you will unlock it. You must become it!

To Achieve Something You Have Never Achieved Before …

It is as close to you as your breath even when it seems miles away. Remember, you become what you think about most often. What is it you are thinking about? What is your attention on most of the time?

Your feelings are your indicators. How do you feel most of the time? You must feel your best most of your time. How can you feel your best? Turn your attention to what you are grateful for!

Gratitude is the attitude of feeling well-being. When you are grateful for all now you are making room for more. Fill your mind with gratitude and positive thoughts. Enjoy, delight, feel it and be it.

… You Must Become Someone You Have Never Been Before

Act as if you already have that which you want. Feel what it likes to be the person you want to become. Feel what it is like to do and have the good you want in the future, right now. Experience the feelings.

Pretend! The mental work IS feeling work. Feelings drive the show. It isn’t enough to know it intellectually you must become it. Then you attract what you already are. Like only attracts like.

Pretend it inside! You did this as a child. Feel it Fully! Live it! Be It!

It makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it. If gold only attracted gold, and you are lead thinking you want to be gold, you aren’t gold. Feel like gold and you become more like gold.

Become The Rock The River Can’t Wash Away

Get it? Your feelings are what make it work. Your thoughts precede your feelings. You will never feel it unless you think it right in the first place. From thinking comes feeling. From feeling comes action.

From action comes habits. Automatic, reliable actions help you make it happen. From habits come results. From your mind to reality you can make it happen when you become it. Like attracts like.

Act as if. Fill your mind daily. See it, hear, it, feel it, taste it, smell it. Live it over and over, want it so much it becomes burning desire. Feel yourself IT. Know you will have it because you make it happen.

What You Think You Become – What You Feel You Attract

Then you can get it. Then you create it and attract it. Then all aspects of you are aligned to have it. It is about being congruent. Some use the word vibrations. Your vibrations must match what you desire.

That is what it means to be congruent. It is a match. Beyond that it is all oars in the water paddling in the same direction, working together at the same time to get to the same destination. Get it?

Enjoy the process it goes faster. Trust it when you can’t see it and it goes faster. Live it and feel it and it goes faster. How you think, feel act, speak and live determines your successes. Be it! Be gratitude, be love, be kindness, be wealthy, be happy, be love, be delight! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How much bigger can you smile today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It’s Best To Stop Fighting And Surrender To Success

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“Is success a struggle? Do you work hard but feel like you are spinning your wheels? Napoleon Hill wrote ‘Think And Grow Rich’ because he discovered modeling and studying 520 of the world’s wealthiest successful people that it was 99% mental and 1% effort.

With the correct mindset action becomes inspired. With the right attitude and beliefs supporting you, you are able to more effectively plan and work your plan, smartly. Work becomes pleasure. You don’t feel like you are working. You love what you do. Still, you work at it!

He pointed out that first you must know your purpose clearly. It should become a passionate burning desire, and you must absolutely believe you can and will make it happen with certainty. Then you must never give up. Learn from obstacles and persist by will power.

Will Power Is A Muscle – The More You Use It The Stronger It Gets

I want to shift our focus today to will power. There are many things Hill added into the mix that are important. Will power is one many people miss today, or so it seems. I also want to provide you with a way of doing things that helps move your forward with your goals.

When I use the term will power I mean that by an act of will you continue on toward your goal or ultimate purpose. It is you doing it from inner strength and fortitude. When I say control your thoughts and persist through will power I mean keep at it. As I think Hill did.

When negative thoughts arise you can acknowledge the thought, even thank it.  Appreciation goes a long way. Then shift your attention to the opposite, the positive thought, think on what you want instead. Re-focus you attention of what you want to include.

Stop Saying I Wish And I Want And I Hope – Start Saying I Will

Drop what you want to exclude. Don’t fight the negative thoughts. Accept, thank and let go. What you resist persists. Don’t wage battle, instead re-direct your attention. Energy flows where your attention goes. Yes, you may have to re-direct any number of times at first.

Eventually, you train you brain, your subconscious, how to work the way you want it to. It is a conditioning process. It is a training process. Be dedicated. Be committed. Be rigorous. Be persistent. BUT you don’t have to fight yourself. It is better if you don’t.

Be gentle. Be accepting. Be forgiving. Be in favor of you. Be encouraging. Be kind. Be friendly. Pat yourself on the back for whatever you do. Even when you don’t do it as you want. You did it however you did it at the time. There is no blame in that. Accept it.

What You Focus On Expands – You Get What You Focus On

Frustration, anger, blame and self-loathing don’t get you where you want to be faster. In fact those tend to prevent you from changing swiftly and easily. So use will power to carry you through and to stick with it but don’t be hard on yourself. Be committed and gentle.

Strength can be many things besides force. Let go. Learn flexibility. Bend don’t break. Shift your attention away from negative thinking toward positive thinking by focusing on what you want, what you like, what you enjoy, what you are grateful for. Place attention there.

Withdraw your attention from what you don’t like, what feels bad, what you don’t want, what is upsetting, what you want to eliminate or exclude and turn it toward what feels better. Place it on what feels the best. The goal: feel as best you can for as much of your time.

When You Stop Struggling – You Float 

If you have to do it 10 times or 100 times a day so what? In the process you are moving from the less than glorious to the glorious. You are shifting your awareness, your attention, your focus, you energy, your vibrations to something positive and good feelings.

You are training yourself to pay attention and enjoy good thoughts and feelings. Eventually, this will become your default setting. You’ll wire in new neural pathways. The negative processes will re-write into positive ones. You’ll develop new success habits of thought.

From a mindset that is predominantly positive you can then accomplish your purpose. Your mindset and attitude, your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs support you. Your act because it feels right. Your actions become inspired and enjoyable instead of dreaded.

Focus: Start Being Positive About What Is Right

Because your thoughts, feelings and actions align you develop positive habits and begin getting more positive results. You have moved from the less than glorious results into new and glorious ones. You trained yourself into having patterns that support you.

So be gentle. Don’t fight it. Go with the flow. When the water is raging go with the flow. People drown more quickly fighting the current. It exhausts them. Going with the current. You can seek to swim toward shore eventually. Keep going in the right direction.

Get it. Let the current carry you too. Use the momentum you create to keep moving forward easily. Stop resisting, keep persisting. All the while enjoy. Delight, be grateful. Discover what you can presently appreciate. Fill yourself with gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight yourself and others today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Want To Change But Don’t: This Is What You Must Know And Do

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“Do you know why most people don’t make positive changes and get the life they deserve? They want to, they really want to. Wanting to is not enough. Here is what you need to know and do. Wanting only leads you to where the possibility to change exists. It’s a beginning.

Recently, I shared what holds us back. Automated processes that run on and on, outside of our awareness, that lead to less than glorious feelings. While some think of it as obstructive it is not nefarious. It is not sabotage. That is what our subconscious does.

It runs impersonal, learned processes that are outside of our control, for the most part, unless, we deliberately learn other ones instead. These habits of thought, feeling and action that are triggered by outside and inside events and circumstances. We react.

Today You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You

One thought leads to another. A thought leads to a feeling. The feeling leads back to another thought of a similar kind. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. How we feel often, most usually, determines how we act and if we act.

As we engage this process enough, repeatedly, through time they become our habits. We routinely think, feel and act, OR NOT, certain ways, positively or negatively. Either these support us or they do not. These habits determine our results in the world.

If we don’t like the results we are getting it can all be traced back to our thoughts, our beliefs, our mindset and attitudes. This is precisely why, for centuries, thought leaders have emphasized taking control of your mind and learning your power to do so.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

We are absolutely capable of making positive changes and learning new habits. More difficult are the evolutionary processes such as fight, flight or freeze but even these can come under some control. We can manage the affects of these more than previously believed.

The processes that govern our results are changeable, manageable and controllable, when you learn how.  Using our perception, our ability to reason, our imagination and will power we can intelligently make changes that serve us powerfully and positively.

Just as you learned any skill, learning to control your thinking and feeling is a skill. It is completely do-able. You are capable. It requires patience, dedication, understanding, perseverance and awareness. Awareness is the first step to change. Awareness comes first!

You Cannot Escape The Consequences Of Your Thoughts

We only change that which we know, are AWARE of, or perceive needs changing. Then we can intelligently REASON and decide that we must actually change. When we CHOOSE to take responsibility for our thinking, for everything in life, we take a major step forward.

Even if it isn’t true that we are responsible for everything in life that happens to us or involves us; even if we haven’t control over all of our circumstances it can benefit us to ‘act as if’ to ‘think as if’ we do. To do this without blaming ourselves or others is powerful.

It organizes our perceptions, helps us marshall our resources. It puts the ball and everything, in our court so we can think and work to make changes if we don’t we live as a victim to happenstance. It is far more beneficial to live powerfully than helplessly without hope.

Life Is 10% What Happens To You And 90% How You Respond To It

When one thinks as a champion victor one feels as a champion victor does. Hence one behaves and can get the results of a champion victor. Sure, there will be obstacles and problems but the champion victor takes care of them along the way. It doesn’t stop the victor!

It doesn’t prevent the victor! Everything is line up, aligned and congruent for moving forward positively. This awareness alone is dynamic and perhaps the most needed change anyone can make. Live as an emperor not hopeless and helpless. Live powerfully!

Take control of the power between your ears to make changes in the results you get. Live effectively. Stop making blames and excuses and start living the way you want to be living. It begins with mindset. It starts with controlling our thought habits so they serve us.

Better To Get Hurt By The Truth Than Comforted By A Lie

When it comes to creation, making things happen, getting goals, manifesting, attraction or vibrating in alignment, whatever words you choose to describe the process, being congruent is crucial. That is why it pays to get rid of all junk thinking and negativity.

Most people think of something they want and their habitual patterns of thoughts leap in stating you can’t afford it, your not good enough, you don’t deserve it. Others can have it but not you. Why bother? You aren’t the type of person who does that, and on and on.

These thoughts use up our creative energy because they operate under threshold much of the time. Just like my thoughts about how the woman in the lap pool was the problem. We must become aware of our routine, habitual, less than glorious thinking.

Still – Nothing – No One  – Can Hurt You – Without Your Permission

Then we can begin to change. Awareness opens the door. Once we become aware there’s an issue we need to address it and take care of it. We need to stop it AND make a better choice.  It is a choice. It is ALWAYS a choice. It is in our control and up to us to be different.

Most people won’t make the choice because they think it too hard. They don’t feel capable. Prior, bad thought habits. This is why it is first crucial to identify that you are not thinking powerfully. This is why it is necessary to point out the negativity again and again.

The message signal value has to be strong and loud enough for the individual to think, whoa, maybe I ought to try to do something differently. The person needs to become aware of what is holding them back. What IS the problem to be solved? Get it?

Be A Product Of Your Decisions Not Of Your Circumstances

If you don’t know there is a problem you won’t do anything to change it. Most people put the blame outside themselves so then they never have to address it. If you take responsibility for everything, everything is up to you. Now, you are in charge.

Once aware you have a choice. I f you choose to be different you will be. It requires will power I won’t kid you. It doesn’t happen over night, although it could potentially. Be prepared to condition yours mind for good mental health as you would your body.

You have to eat right, exercise right, sleep right consistently, repeatedly, long enough over time to get in shape and then to maintain it. The same is true about controlling your thoughts and feelings and taking charge of your mind. Step by step you move.

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side Of Why You Can’t

You condition your body AND your mind bit by bit over time. If someone is obese and doesn’t notice it affecting their health, or blames everything else for the issue then they have no power to change it. We have bought into societal memes, too.

We are told things aren’t our fault. It is genetics, it can’t be helped. It is the environment, our education or lack of it, the parents we have that are responsible. Our upbringing was less than glorious. All sounds plausible hence we buy into it. It is limiting programming.

We’ve been told this since birth. We’ve been misinformed, led astray, For each example one can use to prove the above case ‘true’ one can find counter examples of people who have changed in spite of every possible odd being against them. We are remarkable! We are!

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Sadly, most of us don’t think we are. We have been conditioned to believe we are not powerful or strong enough. I won’t get into why this may have happened here. Suffice to say our power has been usurped in so many ways. It is time to claim it back. Use it or lose it!

You will be glad you did. Once you begin to notice the results you are able to get with a renewed, transformed mind you’ll wonder what ever took you so long. However, you’ll be too happy celebrating the new changes to regret the time it took. It happens when it happens.

You’ll enjoy glorious new feelings and a positive outlook. All of life becomes marvelous even when, or if, circumstances don’t because you aren’t dictated and controlled by circumstances any longer. Those can and will change too. YOU determine your course.

I Have Failed Over And Over In Life And That Is Why I Succeed

If it is ever going to happen it will be completely up to you and the decision you make. No one can think your thoughts for you. They can provide you with thoughts and programming, as they already have, but they can’t think your thoughts for you. Do you understand this?

It is up to you to decide whether you take your power back or forever continue to act out of how you were previously programmed when you didn’t have a choice. Are you going to live from the beliefs and limitations you learned as a child? I hope not.

Some of those did serve you. Yes, they protected to. They kept you safe and/or they kept you from trying. Or they comforted you when you tried and gave up. Sure, those beliefs served a purpose. To insure you don’t travel too far. To make sure you don’t head the pack.

To Move A Mountain Begin By Carrying Away Small Stones

You decide. Decide now! Do you want to live from chronic, old, prior, limiting, conditioning, most of which you absorbed prior to five years old, OR do you want to begin living as the person you deserve to be? Don’t you want to find the real you hidden in there? Discover you!

There is no better time than now to act. Begin now, start, and learn along the way. When it is completed will you be able to look back and connect the dots. So be courageous, take control of your life by taking control of your mind. DO it Do it now. Awareness first.

Then use your imagination to begin to see, hear and feel the you, you already are within, that you want to be in the real world. Begin to imagine living the life you have always wanted. See, hear and feel yourself ‘act as if’ it is all absolutely real. Stick with it. Stick with it!

People Don’t Lack Strength – They Lack Will

Will power is necessary. Some things, like the Chinese Bamboo plant, don’t show up for quite some time. Stick with it. Be passionate, have faith. Become convinced you can and will do it and you will. You attract and make happen what you ARE – not what you want.

People want all sorts of things they learn to live without. That is from their habitual mindset. Become the change you want to experience and you will have what you desire. You will transform yourself by the renewing of your mind. Get it? You do it! YOU!

“It is a lesson which all history teaches wise persons, to put trust in ideas, and not in circumstances,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Don’t give circumstances the power, claim it back. Learn to dictate what the circumstances will be. It begins with controlling your thoughts.

Exercise Your Power And You Release The Power Of Life Energy

Take charge. Focus your mind. Feel the best! How do you feel the best? Think the thoughts that produce those feelings. Put your attention on what you have to be grateful for. Stay focused. Thought leads to feeling and feeling leads back to similar thoughts.

Change your life thought by thought. Step by step. Fill your mind with CAN DO power. Enjoy, delight! Think right and feel WONDERFUL! Keep doing it over and over and before you know it this all becomes your new habits. Your new results.

Practice success until you are successful. Act as if! Be it NOW! and celebrate! When you do this consistently, long enough, everything can and will change for the better because YOU ARE DOING IT! YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF IT! So enjoy life now and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Determine to delight more today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: How To Stop Failing And Start Succeeding Happily!

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“How is it we make changes to overcome difficulties and move in positive directions? What must we do to eliminate the self doubt and the negative feelings? How do we keep going and changing instead of giving up and quitting. It is actually quite simple.

Welcome to Part 14 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 15 tomorrow. Let’s go!

We use the very same method we were first programmed by. Instead of less than glorious messages and feelings we now deliberately provide it the positive messages we wish we would have gotten the first time around.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Yes, we can change any thought, feeling or behavior. We can change and learn to get better, positive more successful results in our life. It is simple and most of the time it is easy. It is not easy all the time. It takes application and dedication.

You can’t quit and expect things to be any different. They won’t be. They will be the same as always because your brain will insure you remain consistent. With dedication and perseverance, however, there comes that tipping point you can take advantage of.

There will come that time when the old gives way to the new. Keep going. Yes, you have arrived and you have to keep going! Once you arrive at the tipping point it will get easier and easier because you create momentum for change. Change is easier and faster then.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

If you have ever changed residences you may have found yourself taking the route back to the old residence shortly after your move. Your brain knew the old way and wants to keep taking it at first, until your brain learns and remembers the new one.

You don’t lose or forget the previous address you just now know to go to the new one instead. You still have a choice which to go to. As you learn new behaviors your choices increase. Your talents and abilities increase. You upgrade yourself and up-level your life.

Why do most people fail? They quit. It is over and done. They make excuses, blame themselves, others and the world. Or they don’t take the first step. THE VERY FIRST STEP  we all need to take to do better and guarantee our success is to take control of our mind.

You Become What You Think About Most Often

This missing first step IS why so many fail to change. Attitude and mindset, what you think and believe, determine what you feel and the kind of actions you take and the type of results you get. It all begins with the appropriate mindset. Most don’t prepare well.

That is why Henry Ford said,  ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right!’ Condition your mind for change. Prepare the soil for planting and harvesting the seeds. Get control of your thoughts and feelings. Develop a powerful basis for change.

Positive thinking is not wishful thinking it is powerful thinking. Those who say ‘and this is not positive thinking’ as if thinking positive is a bad thing are wrong! Your mind is the one thing you can control for certain in this life. You either think negative or positive.

You Get What You Focus On

If you don’t like the results you are getting in your life right now realize there will not be any change if you don’t change your thinking. Your brain will insure things remain the same for you to be consistent. You will continue to do what you have always done.

You will get what you have always got! That is the truth. That is the way it is.  You won’t be different unless you think different things. Your life won’t be more positive and better unless you think more positive and better things. Want to change? Change your thinking!

If you want it to be different in the future you must think things differently now. You are where your thoughts brought you tomorrow you will be where your thoughts today take you. Right now you are where you are because of previous, prior thinking.

Whatever You Nurture Is What Tends To Grow

If today’s thoughts are the same as those yesterday and the day before and the day before that, well then, you will get what you have always got. Most of us THINK we think lot’s of different thoughts. Research states we think mostly the same thoughts again and again.

Yes, there is some variation. Life circumstances change, we learn new info and have different discussions BUT we react mostly the same. We think the same things, the same way, we say the same things in different conversations, we don’t change much.

We are habitual, reliable and routine. We think, feel, say, act and do the same things over and over most of the time but we think we are freely thinking and acting differently. We are not. We are on automatic and very robot like. Sad, but it is true. We are automated.

Old Habits Die Hard – But They Do Die

Do you get it yet? If you want things to be different change your thinking. That is the first step. When you change your thinking your feelings will change in alignment to what and how you are thinking. To be truly different you have to think truly different.

If your life isn’t what you want it to be it is because of your thinking and acting it is not the government, the weather, your parent’s fault even if you think it is. Even if they were contributing factors unless you take responsibility and think and do differently it’ll be the same.

If you don’t like the results you have been getting you need to change your thoughts and what you focus on. You need to get your energy and attention moving in a different direction.  You must realize and accept this first in order for change to begin.

You Can Do Anything When You Learn How

Negative thoughts produce negative feelings. Positive thoughts produce positive feelings. Negative thoughts rarely make you feel happy and successful. Positive thoughts can contribute to you feeling happy and successful. It is a choice you have to make.

What do you want more of? To get more of what you want is dictated by where you spend most of your time. If you want to be happy but are mostly negative you will not be happy. Do you understand this? If you want to be happy you must think happy.

You must spend most of your time thinking and feeling and saying and doing that which brings happiness about. It doesn’t work any other way. People think something will happen and then they will be happy. It doesn’t, and if it does occasionally it is temporary only.

If You Always Do What You Always Did …

Lottery winners are happy for a short while but most of them return to the lifestyle prior to winning the lottery. Broke! Why? Because their habits don’t change. They spend as they always did. They think as they did when they weren’t rich.

They return to their conditioning. Temporarily, they got a big bump. Their happiness meter went up with their bank account. Sadly, they both plummet pretty soon. WHY? Because they aren’t in charge of their happiness or wealth. They aren’t in charge of their thinking.

If you want to be different you must think, feel and act different long enough for it to become habit. If you learned successful thinking and money management strategies, learned to feel and live wealthy, then, if you won the lottery you would be better prepared to keep it.

… You Will Always Get What You Always Got

Otherwise, it is likely you’d end up like the rest. The odds are in favor of returning to the previous life style. If mind set doesn’t change you don’t change. If you want to be happier don’t wait to be happy, don’t expect it to come from the outside. Begin now within.

Take hold of your thinking and do what is necessary to get it under control. Take charge. Think positive repeatedly. Read positive books. Surround yourself with positive people and mentors. Chant powerfully, positive, inspiring affirmations. Take action inside!

When you feel in charge and on top of the world, and you feel as if you can accomplish anything because you believe in yourself and your ability to learn whatever is necessary to succeed, then the magic happens. It really does happen, only its not magic.

The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing …

Then you begin to take the right actions that make success much more likely. It is mindset first and feelings follow. Your feelings determine your actions and your actions determine your results. That is the way it is. Repeat after me. Seriously, repeat it.

Mind to feelings. Feelings to actions. Actions to results. That is the cycle. If your mind is positive you get positive feelings and take positive actions which leads to better results. Then you feel good again as you acknowledge the results of your actions.

Feeling good makes you want think positive and feel even better. This cycle spirals upward, do you get it? The more you do the more you can do. You continue to bring about positive thoughts, feelings, actions and results because they add to each other.

… Over and Over Again But Expecting A Different Result

What if you get some not so good results or obstacles? You learn from them, take the feedback, adjust whatever it is you need to, your thoughts, feelings or actions and continue on again, repeating as necessary, until you get what you wanted. You don’t quit.

The opposite side of the spiral up equation is true, too, and you could spiral downward. That is what far too many are already doing. They use the same formula I am proposing but negatively. So they screw themselves up and out of good things.

They have been doing this forever. They can learn to do things differently but they must want to. They must first become aware  and become willing to change. Then they need to do what you and I need to do. Make the changes. Take action and follow through.

The More You Do The More You Can Do

You don’t have to live in the dark side. Walk in the light. Take control of your thoughts and feelings. Take charge and be in control. Stop blaming yourself and start appreciating yourself for all the cool things your brain does for you. It truly is marvelous. Make it a friend!

Beyond beating your heart, circulating your blood, filling your lungs and a myriad of other beneficial things it does for you it helps you win or lose depending on what you  tell it to do. If you aren’t getting the results you want you aren’t speaking the language it does.

I have shared that language in this blog site. Throughout the pages here, search, affirmations, Directed Questions™, visualization, go back through and re-read on Intentional Thinking and becoming a Deliberate Creator. Study this blog site to learn and to change!

Whatever You Want To Do With Ease … 

Learn the brains language and use it. Your subconscious has to ‘get it’ and ‘know’ what you want in order to carry out what you want. You can speak all day to a waiter in a language the waiter doesn’t understand and what is the likelihood you will get what you desire?

Speak your brains language. Positive self talk AND positive feelings is how it understands. It is the FEELINGS you feel most often and the strongest the brain responds to most. You have to begin feeling things, even when you don’t, to signal the brain to respond.

That is the trick to learning control. You have to learn to do it, in some cases, by sheer force of will, in order to begin making it a habit. For example. Motivation comes from doing. You don’t feel like doing something, anything, like cleaning your room, so you never will.

… You Must First Learn To Do With Diligence

You wait and wait but don’t feel like it. However, if you start cleaning your room, even though you don’t feel like it at first, once you begin you are more likely to continue. The motivation comes from beginning the process. Sometimes you don’t feel a certain way.

You wake up feeling dumpy and down. Get up, stand up, chant your powerful affirmations, jump up and down if you have to. Laugh, sing, giggle, do whatever it takes, to change your emotional state from down to up. When you do this YOU ARE IN CHARGE!

You took control, you changed what you were thinking and feeling and doing by chanting your new positive thought affirmations and doing whatever it took to feel good while chanting. THAT is taking charge. The more you do it the more the habit will develop.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way …

You want to develop the habit of being in charge of your thoughts, your feelings and actions. THEN you will get better results. BUT you must first learn to make this a habit. If you do not everything will remain as it is. You won’t be in charge everything else will be.

DO you understand this? The powerful uplifting emotions you generate while chanting the affirmations IS what the brain recognizes most. Then it thinks ‘OH This is what you want, I get it ‘ and it looks for matches. It produces more! Like attracts like.

Get it? You have to initiate and maintain the process until the brain gets it. It learns from extreme emotions negative or positive. If you want more positivity and happiness in your life then you must provide those to your brain to begin with.

… If You Don’t You Will Find An Excuse

There are two dogs fighting inside you? Said the old man. ‘Two dogs live within you and are constantly fighting.’ ‘Which one wins”‘ asked the young boy. ‘Whichever one you feed.’ was the reply. What are you feeding your brain? Positivity or Negativity. YOUR choice!

You must continue the process until the brain gets it. Just like learning to ride a bike, or anything you have learned to do. You use spaced correct repetition through time. You do the correct things repeated over and over long enough until it becomes habit.

If you don’t feel like learning to ride a bike you most probably never will. So you won’t develop the habit of bike riding. To become a  bike rider you must first make yourself feel like doing it, you must put yourself in the mood. You must think you enjoy it or need it to do it.

You Go Wherever Your Thoughts Take You

You may need to pump yourself up at first. You might have to do that military boot camp style ‘HooHAA’ until you do it. Chant, use discipline, get a tough love coach who will get in your face until you do. Think the thoughts ‘I am a fabulous bike rider,’ ‘I love this!’

Because unless you actually eventually get on the bike you will never learn how to do it. You must motivate yourself since it is unlikely anyone else would bother. If you wait to be inspired you will wait forever. YOU take charge if it is something you want.

DO you understand this example? Everything begins and ends with you! Not in a narcissistic egotistical way but in the way that matters if you want better results in your life. If you want to be happier, healthier, wealthier, enjoy more loving relationships and more.

Thoughts Are Things

Affirmations and visualization with powerful positive emotions are the way you program the brain. Repeat and repeat. Keep going and don’t quit. You will get there eventually. How long? Who knows but you will. Enjoy the journey along the way. Attitude is everything!

Enjoy the journey because many wonderful things will become available to you as you progress. Keep your eye on the prize but also notice all the other cool things going on around you as you make your changes. Appreciate everything. Have fun! Enjoy it all!

Align with yourself, be respectful of you and your subconscious. Love all of you even when it seems in conflict. Pat yourself on the back either way. You did whatever you did. If you screwed up so what? Stop the judgements. Carry on positively. Learn to let go.

Drop By Drop The Tub Gets Full – Skill Comes Of Doing

When in conflict seek to communicate and co-operate not fight and negate. Don’t add insult to injury instead create harmony. Work together for a change. Get it? Work together for a change! Great things are in store for those who will. Open your eyes to take it all in.

Your beliefs determine what you see. In order to find and see good things believe they are there. Think, ‘there is so much good all around me, I wonder how soon I can more fully delight and begin to appreciate the incredible opportunities that surround me right now?’ Yes, useDirected Questions™ AND count your blessings. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a blessed day?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals You Can Eliminate Self Sabotage Forever!

horizons fence-line-phil-koch

“You can learn to eliminate self-sabotage. You  can eliminate it forever. You can free yourself up to make permanent, positive changes. The  first step is to become aware that you must change. From there nearly anything is possible if you believe it is possible.

Welcome to Part 13 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues and this post continues from the previous two. Part 14 tomorrow. Let’s go!

Once you become aware that you need to change then you go through a process. It continues until the new change is reliably in place. This takes as long as it takes. It is as easy or hard as it is, or as you think it is. Your mindset determines much of  everything.

When you begin to change you don’t want to set up a contentious, oppositional fight with yourself.  You don’t want to create resistance. You want to align you resourcefulness. You want to be of one mind and congruent, not conflicted.

You Can Do Whatever You Believe You Can Do

This is why what you believe is possible is important. You want to establish a respectful relationship between your brain and your new desire. You want to align you conscious and subconscious minds for the changes and have them work together, not oppose each other.

Both are correct. Your subconscious wants to do what it knows to do and run on and on the patterns it has learned so well. It remains faithful and consistent. Your conscious mind wants new change to get better results and to feel better in life. Both are correct.

You consciously want to replace the old ways with something new. The easiest way is to honor the old. Be grateful. Thank yourself for working  perfectly. Some people want change so much they resent themselves. They think they sabotage themselves, remember.

It Is All A Mind Game – You Play On The Inside

Insulting yourself adds injury not better co-operation. I am describing this as is your subconscious cares. It doesn’t but consider this. Treat it as if it did. Act as if you are trying to gain the cooperation of a friend, make it an ally and not fight with it.

Get used to respecting all of you instead of thinking about yourself as trying to screw things up. Manage you self-talk and images, keep them positive. Think ‘what you want’ not what you don’t want. Understand? Pretend, it is a person you want to work with you!

It is you! And you have learned many things. Your goal is to line them up, all working together, pursuing the same goals and dreams. Think about people in a boat all sitting and facing in the same direction rowing at the same time to get somewhere.

You Have Learned To Do So Many Marvelous Things

It works better when they work together that way then independently at different times creating opposition. Get it? Your goal is to get yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions together on the same page, congruent, cooperating. Together!

Consider that computer hardware can work perfectly well even if the software has a few bugs. You may not get the results you want due to the software but the hardware works as it is supposed to. Your brain works as it is supposed to. Stop complaining.

Acknowledge it works well. Be grateful. Respect it. Love yourself for it. For goodness sake don’t dis it! Be glad. Enjoy, Celebrate. Be thankful old habits die hard and you live consistently. Be thankful your learning lasts and you carry out what you learned to do.

It Is All About Learning To Learn And To Grow And To Change

Be thankful you can learn anything. You have already. You have learned positive and negative, useful and useless things. YOU can learn ANYTHING! Celebrate this. You can learn the new positive change you want to make and have it reliable too! Be happy.

Acknowledge you are a great learner. Accept it. Enjoy it. You have now decided to change. That is cool. Since you have learned well before you can now too. You are a great learner! Do you get the mindset you are adapting. You are getting rid of the old one.

You are creating a new, positive, confident, new one. You are using your thoughts to change your thoughts by thinking good things about what you want instead of the old, chronic, negative habitual thoughts that kept you conflicted. Do you understand this?

Direct Your Mind And Changes – Celebrate Taking Charge

To make the positive changes you now use AUTOSUGGESTION. What the heck is this? Autosuggestion is or are suggestions you give yourself or self-suggestions. You use your own self-talk. You replace the old suggestions with new ones you want to support you.

They may not seem or be true at first. That is okay. The old ones weren’t necessarily true at all. You accepted them as reality so they shaped your reality and determined what you did or didn’t do, what you tried or wouldn’t try. They limited you in particular fasion.

NOW you change the content and decide WHAT you want to believe that will be useful. You monitor and manage your self-talk suggestions to give yourself only the  positive messages you want to replace the old, chronic negative ones you originally learned, with.

Be The Captain Of Your Ship – Pilot It To Where You Want To Go

Why do you use autosuggestion? Remember?  It is because you originally learned from what you were told, and heard and saw around you. Much of your learning was second hand, as well as, first hand. You are replacing that old conditioning with the new.

You override the old message with the new. This is why you do it and this is HOW you do it. You do it through repetition because the messages you originally learned you learned that way. You learn using your emotions. Then it was probably haphazard what you felt.

Now you deliberately utilize the best feelings to wire in the change. The subconscious is driven by the strong feelings you feel. Feelings deliver the message and make the difference. Your thoughts govern your emotions which govern your actions and results.

You Grew Up HowYou Grew Up – Now You Grow Deliberately

Anything you do you have learned to do, nearly 100% of the time, by repeating the activity enough. From crawling, walking, feeding oneself, using the toilet, reading, writing, riding a bike, driving a car, dribbling a basketball, knitting a scarf, using the computer or phone.

Whatever it is , most all human activity, writing, speaking, thinking, spelling, math, anything. To get good at it required practice. Think games. The more fun you have, the better you feel the more you want to play. The more you do the better you get.

Mastery comes from continued correct and improved repetition. It occurs over time. I repeat, most anything you learned you learned by repeating it again and again. To stay good, to maintain your edge you continue to practice. Pro athletes stay pros by practicing.

When You Are In Control You Dictate The Circumstances

They don’t become the best and then quit the process. Once they arrive they continue the process IF they want to stay good. That is how they get better. Consistent, dedication even when the best, to remain the best is required.

There are a rare, few things that one might learn almost instantly. You might dislike a food your first try. You could learn to like it by continuing to sample it. A Phobia may and can occur because of one powerful, intense and significant experience.

It is a unique one time learning event. Most people don’t have true phobias. They may have fears but not genuine phobias, although, some will. All things are learned over time by repetition with a couple possible exceptions. That is the process.

Lead Yourself As The Best Leader In The World Would

You learned to be who you are growing up over time. Understand to change habits it may take some time. Don’t bother about how long it takes because you can begin to make progress right from the starting point. That is good news.

Step by step, bit by bit you will get there. Just keep at it. Be persistent and consistent and you will get there. If it gets tough keep going. When it gets easier keep going. Enjoy the process all the way through. From the moment you start if you decide you can have fun.

If you decide you can have fun changing and growing then you will. How it is will be up to you! That is what is great about changing now. You deliberately get to determine how you want to go through it. You run the show. You make the decisions.

Become A Compassionate Benevolent Leader Of Yourself

You may encounter all sorts of other things, snags, and obstacles but you decide how you want to handle them. In doing this you learn control and how to maintain it. If you accept responsibility for all of it you will guide yourself as needed. It is an amazing process.

You repeat to yourself the new positive suggestions over and over again. You fill your mind with CAN DO thinking instead of Can’t Do thinking. You set your mind straight and develop the winner ‘I can do anything’ attitude ‘when I learn how’!

You keep thinking and repeating these positive mantras. These positive self-suggestions. When times get tough you keep repeating. When you don’t feel like it you keep repeating, You feel the best you can during all of this. You keep going no matter what.

Positively Direct The Changes You Want To Make 

Encourage strong emotions while you do this. Feel excited, feel eager, feel enthused, feel confident, feel powerful, feel angry, whenever you feel powerfully strong emotions that is what signals the brain that your words are important.

It really isn’t the words it is the feeling that accompanies them. You can repeat words listlessly, or apathetically forever without much change or you can change fairly quickly by chanting them out loud powerfully. Intense, positive strong emotions works great.

Your words and feelings and what you see in your mind, what you visualize work together in powerful combination to bring about the new changes. You remain congruent and aligned as you pursue and manage your new changes.

To Enjoy Enduring Success Travel In Advance Of The World

See yourself as already changed. Feel the wonderful feelings you’d feel when you are like that. Make it right now in the present not someday far off. Feel as though you are it and have it this moment! Notice how great it feels. This is how you change.

Stick with it no matter what. Develop the attitude that you can do this no matter what. Athletes continue to workout even when they may not feel like it. They also know that by working out when they don’t feel like it – they will begin to feel like it as they work out.

People wait to feel motivated, You can’t. Motivation doesn’t come from sitting on your butt waiting. Motivation comes through action. Do it and you will feel motivated. Wait for motivation and you will wait and wait. This is why you begin before you are ready.

Drop By Drop The Tub Gets Filled

You start right now no matter what. Begin now to have a wonderful relationship with yourself. Adore your ability to learn and be consistent. Be grateful you can learn and reproduce the behaviors you learn reliably. Appreciate that your brain.

Appreciate your subconscious does what it does. Your subconscious mind doesn’t have a critical filtering ability. It just doesn’t have it. It will learn whatever you teach it good or bad, right or wrong, negative or positive. That is why one can learn to smoke.

If you learned to engage in destructive habits this is why. Your brain doesn’t judge them as that. This is also why you can put an end to them and develop new positive habits instead. The subconscious mind doesn’t judge.

Now Is The Only Time We Have

It just acquires as its own whatever messages you give it with the highest emotional signal value. It learns from signal strength repeated over and over. SO you use the same process to change now deliberately. You are in charge.

Will it go smoothly. Nope, most likely not. Will you feel frustrated and want to quit. Most probably from time to time. Learning to go through this IS PART OF LEARNING how to manage your change now. It is part of learning control and becoming a champion.

When times are tough the tough get going. Hooray. It will be all things. The more you understand this in advance the more likely you will stick with it. How many times might you try and ‘fail’ as many as you do. Just don’t quit. Keep going even if you don’t feel like it.

If You Fall Seven Times Rise Eight

If you throw in and give up rise again. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall as long as you get back up. Make it fun, enjoy the challenges, feel your best and you will make it through, in time. To gain control and self-mastery isn’t easy but it IS WORTH IT.

Be grateful you can change. Be grateful for your history. Be grateful for the opportunity to create a new one. Be grateful for everything and you will move through faster, easier and more powerfully and enjoyably. Life works best when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment delightful!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Buy Into The Myth Of Self Sabotage!

horisons left-behind-phil-koch

“There  is no such thing as self sabotage. The brain only does what it learns to do.  Some one labeled this activity as sabotage but it truly isn’t. It is a blessing not a curse. It just doesn’t seem like one at times.

Welcome to Part 12 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues and this post continues from the previous two. Part 13 tomorrow. Let’s go!

Believe me you want the brain to do what it does the way it does it. It has learned  to do all sorts of wonderful things. Positive beneficial things and useless and negative things. The brain learns!

Success Is Not The Key To Happiness …

The brain is a learning machine designed to keep you alive. It takes care of your survival. It creates neural pathways and then runs those neural pathways thus establishing habits so you don’t have to relearn everything again and again.

Those habits are what it learned to do. When you want to change one your brain goes into survival mode. Not full fledged fight or flight necessarily, but for some people the feelings may be intense.

It opposes the change because what it is doing IS what it learned to do. It continues to assert the old habits while you are attempting to add in the new. Because of this conflict you or someone else labels it self-sabotage. Nothing could be further from the truth.

… Happiness Is The Key To Success

It is not trying to sabotage you. It is trying to keep you successfully doing what you have always done. The issue is NOW you have decided what you learned long ago doesn’t serve you and you want to change. YOU are changing the way things worked.

In order to make changes you now want, you need to do the very same things you did when you originally learned the programming you now don’t want. You need to condition your brain in the same fashion as your earlier conditioning  but with positive updates.

How?  By repetition and powerful emotion. Early on you were influenced by others, and by their emotions as well as your own. They gave you suggestions day in and day out. They didn’t consider them suggestions they just talked to you and in front of you.

The Capacity To Learn Is A Gift

You listened, you heard, you heard them over and over and you adopted them. Sometimes, because you were emotional and sometimes because they were. You took on their ways of viewing and approaching the world. We all did it similarly.

Many messages we got were how tough things are, how hard we must work, that some people are lucky while others aren’t etc. We got a variety of self-limiting messages that resulted in our beliefs and attitudes about ourselves and the world.

Some people believe lies.

If you think, ‘I am stupid’, ‘I am not good enough’, I am too fat’, ‘I am useless’, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I always screw things up’, ‘I am not worthy’, ‘I have to work harder’, ‘The economy prevents me from getting ahead’, ‘If only my parents had taught me better’, ‘I’m not educated’.

The Ability To Learn Is A Skill

Those sample thoughts are all lies. Yet, many people believe them. Why? because they adopted them while growing up. None of them necessarily are true or accurate but they will limit you if you accept them as true. You don’t have to believe them but you do.

That is the conditioning. It is not the mind trying to sabotage you. You could just as easily with just as much or little effort believe, ‘I can do anything I learn to do’, ‘I am capable’, I am worthy’, I am smart’, ‘Nothing can prevent me from reaching my dreams’.

But most people don’t. Why? Because they weren’t conditioned to believe this way growing up. The brain can learn either belief, it doesn’t care or judge. It just accepts them as is. Most people are stuck, not because they have to be, but because they believe the wrong beliefs.

The Willingness To Learn Is A Choice

They believe lies about themselves. They accepted them as gospel and they do nothing about it. They don’t like it necessarily and it may be uncomfortable but they believe that is who they are. They don’t realize they have a choice, UNTIL they realize they have a choice.

Here is the thing. All beliefs are lies. Positive or negative. The question is which do you choose to believe? They are either supportive or unsupportive. Which do you choose to believe? It is your choice.

This is how we go through life. We are born, get conditioned, accept that conditioning, have some experiences that verify that conditioning and lock it in. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) part of the brain is designed to do that. It finds matches.

Believing In Yourself Is The First Key To Success

Its job, beyond helping us survive, is to find a match. You say, ‘I am stupid’ and your brain goes ‘right you are’! ‘AND HERE IS WHY’ and provides you examples of screw-ups and incidents from your past and present that verify it. It looks for examples to prove you right.

Had you said, ‘I am marvelous’ your brain would look for those matches and find them just as readily. Even now you and I can say either and get matches. Most people get more of one type than they other because that is what they are most used to looking for.

Sad isn’t it. We want to change and it seems our own system prevents us. It doesn’t do it for nefarious reasons it does that for our protection and for keeping us consistent. We know who we are, what we believe and value. We will even argue about it.

It Is What We Think We Know That Keeps Us From Learning

We will fight to prove we are stupid, if we say it, and fight to prove we aren’t if someone else calls us that. Well, usually, sometimes we may agree. The point is we don’t have to believe any of these limiting beliefs we just do out of habit. We can be free of them if we choose.

Here is what it comes down to. After years of living with limitations we decide we want to change these. We know if we don’t change we will always do what we always did and continue to get the same old results we have been getting. Right? Unless we change.

That is what the brain is designed to do. To continue to get you the same results again and again reliably. You want it that way. You don’t want to walk through the door one day and into the wall the next. You want to get the same results day and night.

If You Are Not Willing To Learn No One Can Help You

NOW you want different results. So you make up your conscious mind to change. You want to lose weight or gain weight. Stop eating certain foods or begin trying new ones. You want to change your attitude. You want to feel better. You want more money.

Whatever it is you have decided you will change it. You may or may not think it will be hard to change, but sadly, most people go into it thinking it is going to be tough. It doesn’t have to be, but it is BECAUSE old habits die hard. Precisely, what you want. Remember?

You don’t want them to die off easily or the new ones wouldn’t stick either. You want it to be tough in actuality you just don’t want it to be tough for you. Am I right or am I right? You prefer it easy, yes? I understand. So do I.

If You Are Determined To Learn No One Can Stop You

In order for it to be easier you know it may take some time but you should think, ‘I can do this. It will be easy. Easy or not I will do this’. If you think it will be easy, while it may be difficult, it will be easier than if you think, ‘oh my god this is soooooo hard’. Get it? Read it again.

Your mind set determines how you go through or endure anything. Mindset, your attitude, determines 99.9% of your success and how you feel while attaining it. You want to learn to feel good no matter what. It is easier to change when you are feeling good.

If, when you begin to make the change the old habits rear up and you get upset, screw up, drop off, and decide, ‘It is too hard to change, I will never do it.’ You most probably won’t. That is a defeatist attitude for certain. Can’t throw in the towel and expect success.

Winners Have Simply Formed The Habit Of Doing Things … 

If you think, ‘I want to do it but I keep sabotaging myself’ that is as wrong to do as if you punched yourself hard in the face. You are labeling protective, survival processes your brain engages in to insure your success as sabotage. You are insulting your very self.

You are putting up additional opposition to your own ability to learn and grow. Instead of saying,’my brain is wonderful and keeps me alive and consistent’, you are saying ‘my brain is screwing with me. It sabotages me and prevents me’. Your emotions are conflicted.

Your thoughts are negative. You are not helping yourself. You are making excuses for not continuing and blaming yourself at the same time. Some people LOVE LOVE LOVE to blame themselves. They say things like ‘You don’t understand I sabotage myself!’

… Losers Never Do – Be Diligent And Win

‘You don’t understand I am chemically addicted’. ‘You don’t understand…’ as if their problems are the most significant ones in the world. No one has problems they do. They wear these as a badge of honor. They are proud they are unable. They suffer so.

They are good people and guess what? They learned to be that way. They learned to defend their unwillingness to change and blame it on anything and everything. They learned to feel good about feeling bad. It is habit for them. Yes, they can change it. Of course they can.

Tomorrow I’ll share how to change that. I give you some pointers in how you can eliminate self-sabotage for good. So be sure to read the next blog. Share too if you know people who could benefit. In the meantime, learn to be grateful for how you work. You work perfectly even when you don’t like the results you get. Love yourself.

Change Is The Result Of All True Learning

You can learn to change and get different results. So hang in there. But make it easy on yourself by loving yourself and appreciating how you already work. You change easier and more readily through acknowledgement and validation than through negativity and pain. Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How will you make each moment marvelous today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why ‘The Secret’ & The ‘LOA’ Doesn’t Work For You!

horizon green creek and sky

“Why does ‘The Secret’ not work for everyone? Have you ever felt this way? Have you thought, ‘well I tried the Law Of Attraction (LOA) thingee but didn’t get very far’. If so then you want to read this. The Secret, the LOA, does work. It really does!

It works for everyone the same way. It rains and the sun shines on everyone equally; the good and the bad, the rich and the poor. It doesn’t care nor does it discriminate. It does take longer for some than others but it always works.

Why it takes longer for some than others is up to the individual. That is actually cool because it means it is all within your control. You are in charge of the results you get.

Do This If You Haven’t Yet Had The Success You Desire

If you go back and read Napoleon Hill or the New Thought Leaders or even the ancient texts they seem to agree in various ways with Hill’s language. Know what you want. Know your Definite Purpose. Clarify it. This is a must do first step. Make no mistake about this.

Next, it must be made into a Burning Desire. You must want it with every fiber of your being. Then you must have faith that it will happen. You need to expect its arrival. You conceive of it, you believe it and you achieve it.

Then YOU make a total commitment to make it happen. Never give up. Keep going until you make it happen. The Law Of Attraction is for proactive people. It works for people who make it work. LOA is about harnessing your attention, your energy, your focus and your abilities.

Some people believe they don’t have to do anything but think about it and it will magically manifest. That is NOT what the LOA actually is about. It is a magnifying lens. Anything you place before it expands or is exaggerated. If you look at wonderful things you are blessed. If you put crap in front of it don’t be surprised if life is crappy.

What you focus on you get. Whatever the mind can conceive and you can believe you can achieve. It is about what you ACHIEVE. Not what magically appears. It all starts with the correct attitude or mindset. It begins first in the mind. It involves your feelings and your actions.

Know What You Want – Believe You Can Make It Happen

Some of the reasons LOA doesn’t seem to work is because people believe wrongly about what it is. It isn’t the fast food, magic bullet, quick fix, chant it into being formula some think it is. IT IS a practical, proven means to get you off your ass and into success by putting timeless principles to work. It works when you work it!

Some people take longer than others to know what they want. For some it takes a while  to specify it. It takes some people time to hone it and lock in on one thing. They may go back and forth about what they want or are vague in the first place.

Precision is key. Focus is Key. Practice is key. Write it down. Make autosuggestion work for you instead of against you. Autosuggestion is always ongoing. It is not something you do once. It is a life long continuing process. It is the basis of getting what you already have.

For some the problem is they concentrate on what they do not want. The subconscious mind (or the universe if you prefer) doesn’t care of judge. It gives you whatever you focus strongly on. It makes happen whatever you think about accompanied with strong emotion.

Some People Inadvertently Get What They Don’t Want

Some people are great at getting what they don’t want. They are scared, or depressed, angry, resentful, fearful, anxious or worried. So they get more of these.

Their attention is on what they want to avoid and they feel emotional at the same time. THAT is the magic formula for creating more of the same.

Make autosuggestion work for you by visualizing what  you do want as if you already have it. Feel these feelings strongly. Enjoy these. Affirm what you want positively with strong emotion. Feel it!

Do these things repeatedly. It will work for you. Hill states read it out loud at least twice a day. Fill your thoughts with it all day long. What you think about you become.

Think in terms of already having. State emphatically, ‘I am confident’ or ‘I have confidence’ rather than thinking you will some day. Some day never comes. Claim it now! Be a champion. Act like it!

You Already Use Autosuggestion Even If You Don’t Know It

You already have everything you need. This issue is you do not yet believe that nor do you fully realize it. You already have all the resources you just have not tapped into them yet. They ARE within you. They truly are. You will discover this if you act like it is true.

Too many people wait and hope. They don’t believe or affirm what they want. If you remain unconvinced that is what you end up with. Convince yourself you can do anything you set your mind to do.

You can learn how and you can make it happen. Don’t make excuses. Make what you want happen! Affirm it. See it as if it already happened. Imagine it so strongly you can see, feel and touch it.

Do this everyday until it is a burning desire – a white hot burning all encompassing desire. You must absolutely want it more than anything. Some people aren’t there yet. Don’t wait. Do it! It will not happen by itself. You make it happen.

You must do what it takes and keep doing it until you get it. Many won’t even try and many don’t stick with it. Hardly, anything else needs to be said about this. If you give up YOU quit! Don’t expect to be a winner if you are a quitter.

Commit Don’t Quit – Stop Being A Wimp

Some ‘gurus’ tell you it is because of your past unconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs. While this may be accurate it is a slippery slope. Don’t use what they say to look for crap. Remember, you get what you focus on.

Hill said you would come to believe what is necessary through repetition of thought. By repeatedly filling your mind with what you want you re-condition your mind to believe. The principle which is tried and true is ‘A lie repeated often enough is substituted for the truth.’

This means if you stick with it long enough you will get it. You will come to believe it as you affirm it or claim it. It does work. Spaced repetition is what creates a habit. Repeating the correct action over and over again during a long enough period of time is how habits are formed. So you create NEW thought habits the same way.

When ‘gurus’ say it is YOUR limitations there is a tendency to look for, find and focus on what is wrong. This is not going to help but can hinder you. Yes you want to free yourself of the limitations but wallowing and sifting through garbage doesn’t make you better.

Think of weeding a garden. You plant seeds expecting a certain plant to blossom. Weeds may enter the garden. Extract them as you find them and get rid of them. You do not give those weeds any more thought than that. You concentrate of making your garden healthy.

Use Autosuggestion To Get What You Do Want

You do need to focus on what you want and the new beliefs you want to have. Autosuggestion is the process we use to build new thought habits.   We are always suggesting things to ourselves.

We are always already affirming either positively or negatively.  We are already imagining wonderful things or not so wonderful things. We are already thinking about what we want to include or what we want to avoid. BOTH types of thinking create the results we get.

Stick with positive affirmations and positive visualization to program your mind positively! Use Directed Questions™. Fill your mind with positive inspiring and motivational materials. Read & listen to positive, life affirming materials. Hang around positive people.

Find ways to stay positive and feel your finest. Be happy and enthused. Allow yourself to enjoy and celebrate everything! Smile, laugh, sing, dance. The better you feel the more you enjoy life! Radiate! Imagine you are a light unto the world. Your job is to illuminate and spread joy.

Love Life And You Will Get Everything You Want

Help others get what they want and you will be helping yourself get what you want. Enjoy the success of others. Hold every one in positive regard. Practice, hell, LIVE the Golden Rule. DO these things and you will transform your experience all for the better.

You will be better equipped to handle difficulty when it arises. AND you will be better equipped to enjoy life daily. Make tiny moments magnificent and make terrible moments tiny. Whatever you can conceive and believe YOU can achieve!

Yes, it may take time but do you want it or not? What conditions do you put on getting it? If you can be, do and have anything you want this year will you do what it takes to get it? Will you keep doing it if takes 5, 10 or 20 years?

The answer to that question determines whether or not you are in if for the long haul.

Never give up! Persist in spite of any and all difficulty. This is the most difficult concept for people to get because, sadly, most people lack will power, backbone, dedication and tenacity. Stick with it!

It is easy to give up albeit disappointing. You must not quit if getting to your destination is important to you. There are things I am working on that are only now beginning to come together. Some things just take time. Accept this. Whatever you resist, persists!

Celebrate The Journey Because Where You Are Is Where You Are

Life is a process. That means ONGOING. We can’t tell where we are while in a process. So give up trying to. Nothing is all at once. We don’t have all the information at one time. Let it go. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the process. Celebrate everything and all will be better!

You cannot and must not compare yourself with others. Their path and yours are not the same in any way. You must not be locked into a time frame. You can work with deadlines but some things may take longer. THAT is just the way it is.

Think, ‘THIS or something better is coming to me.’ Think, ‘Good things are happening, and I don’t know when or how. Everything always works out for the best.’ Attitude really IS everything! It is ALL mind set!

How you are and others go about things is different. Stop comparing. Why you or they get something slower or faster is not worth suffering over. If you want something be patient. Anticipate getting it. Do not look at your present and complain you don’t have it yet. That will thwart it. Stop this!

Keep the faith regardless of what present circumstances are like. These have nothing to do with what you are creating. Do not be distracted by less than glorious circumstances or events that come up. Stay focused on what you want. Stay focused on celebrating everything.

Good Habits Get You What You Want To Be, Do And Have

The secret to the Law Of Attraction is the work you do on yourself. You must do the inner work. It begins in the mind and continues through into your actions and behaviors. Your attitude and your feelings determine how far you will go and whether or not you will continue when the going gets tough.

You must visualize and affirm and concentrate and focus on what you want to the exclusion of doubt, fear and worry. You must be passionate and want it and be convinced you will have it. Nothing wil stop you.

You must daily do the work and repeat it over and over until your subconscious mind takes hold and helps you with it. You consciously dictate again and again to your subconscious what it is you want.

Eventually, it gets it and things happen more swiftly. YOU have to lay the groundwork. You have to prepare the soil for planting, then plant, then nurture, then harvest. It takes time.

You have to dig the hole, lay the foundation, build the house. It takes time. You can’t rush it. If you do each step faithfully you will get what you want. You want to build it strong to last. Haste makes waste!

No doubt about it. You will make it happen. BUT remember it is YOU who makes it happen. It doesn’t happen to you. It is YOU working in co-operation with others who will make it happen.

Create a wonderful life for yourself. Commit to being the best, feeling your best, living your best and helping others to do the same. Your life will take on great meaning and you will be fulfilled!” Rex Sikes

Make marvelous this day!!!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do This To Stop Suffering & Start Living! Change Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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“Do you ever feel overwhelmed with too much information? Too many adds! Too much noise! Do you sometimes feel things are going by way too fast? It’s like we have become a fast food consumer of everything. Cheap ingredients and not very healthy. Does it seem like everything gets treated as, ‘Next’, move along?

Have you ever felt, because it is so fast, we don’t get the thoroughness or depth we need anymore?  So much is  just all surface and shallow? We need to explore some concepts deeper than they typically get treated, don’t you think?

This is the day and age of distraction by bombardment. There are so many competing distractions, advertisements, messages assaulting us. We go to read an article and a assaulted with endless pop-up messages. The news has talking heads and scrolls along the bottom distracting us from what is being said, or read or vice versa. Stock market reports may be littering the side.

Distractions Are Rampant

Everything is going on all at once. Doesn’t it  seem  as if someone has hurled pasta against the wall? Everything is there, some of it sticks some of it doesn’t. It is difficult for important messages to get through. Some social media limits who can be reached by you, but meanwhile, allows you to be reached by advertisers.

Few of the important messages get the signal attention or strength needed for us to recognize them and then act on. News cycles are fast. Rarely more than 24 hours. Every hour they need viewers for advertising dollars so constant updates are provided. More bangs and more whistles added  to keep you watching.

It is designed  to keep you hooked. Even if they are wrong, they don’t care, they will change it and move on. Tomorrow their will be another media managed crisis for the water cooler conversation and more gossip. Fast and over! Another new problem or celebrity in trouble or another disease to worry about. On and on it goes.

You Need To Focus

So you might wonder why I write similar things from day to day? There is a purpose. I write on a few themes. I re-visit these again and again. I attempt to provide some new angle or another way of considering the same information. It is on purpose!

People need to hear the same message multiple times before they actually hear it? Advertisers know how many times they need to repeatedly expose you to their product for brand awareness to take hold. Repetition is necessary for you to know a brand exists and consider it when purchasing.

People opt for the familiar. Even if they have never tried it if it feels familiar they are more likely to purchase. Advertisers work hard to create familiarity with you. They repeat the adds over and over.They know how many times you need to view an informercial before you are likely to pick up the phone and dial in.

Repetition Builds Ability And Habit

They know you need to get the same message again and again and again before you will act on it. Especially, in this day and age where so many messages are vying for your attention. For you to take action, as opposed to an impulse buy, you need to be conditioned to take action through repetition.

I want the really important, life changing messages, to get through to you.  I want to increase the signal strength needed for readers to recognize them and then act on. I know that repeated exposure is necessary for the person to get first an inkling, then a recognition and then ultimately a desire to act on the message. Then action!

You become what you think about. You have read this from me again and again. It is not my saying, I only use it. You become what you think about most during your day! It’s true! I want you to utilize what advertisers already know so you will put these life changing principles and practices to work for you.

You need to read or hear the same message or a similar message every day, multiple times a day so that eventually it takes root and grows. If every day you read the same message or a similar message your mind receives it again and again. You learn new things each time you re-read.

Develop Positive Habits

You have the possibility to actually understand and act on the message. By repeated exposure you learn and grow, Habits are formed by repetition. It is a simple process actually.

You learn best when you re-read, when you re-visit, when you re-expose your mind to the concepts.  You develop skills when you repeat the skills you want to learn. Through constant repeating a thought or behavior you make habitual. Repetition is the mother of skill.

Repetition is the mechanism by which skills and muscles are built. When you exercise, you may use reps (short for repetitions) and sets (groups of particular repetitions).  You do 4 sets of 10 reps adding weight to each set. Or 5 sets of 4 reps. You repeat the exercises over again adding challenge or more weight. Overtime muscle is built.

Expose Your Mind Again And Again To Positive Messages

Habits are formed by repetition through time. If you repeat the same thing over and over ultimately it becomes habit. If you consistently think positive thoughts you will develop the positive habit.

You can develop the thinking habits and the action habits of those who are wildly successful if you will only think and do what they do for a long enough period of time.  Then their positive, powerful, successful habits will be your life changing powerful, positive, successful habits.

It all begins in your mind. It begins with what you think about most. If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right about it. It is up to you. So…

I re-visit the themes to constantly provide your mind the important messages over and over so they take hold. You can assist yourself by reading and re-reading again and again the positive material in positive inspiring books, this blog, and articles.

Read, Listen, Act

You can put up inspirational posters and pictures and sayings that keep you focused on what you want in life. Listen again and again to motivational audios and watch DVD’s that help you feel your best and do your best.

Fill your mind up with positive messages every day multiple times a day. When it becomes habit and a lifestyle it becomes easier to make the changes you want to make. Your attitude determines you altitude. Your mindset is the precursor to any change you want to make and keep permanently.

You will stop suffering and start living powerfully when you consistently expose and fill your mind with powerful positive messages. You become what you think about. You become what you think about. You become what you think about most during the day.

Let that sink in. If you aren’t right now thinking positive powerful thoughts you are indeed already whatever you are thinking about. Your results and your life reflect that.  If you aren’t happy with where you are currently at begin today to do what is necessary to get what you want.

You Become What You Think About

If you will just start thinking positively your life will change. The easiest way to begin is to commit to reading some positive and inspiring material a little bit each day. The more you can do the better but if you can’t do at least a page.

Commit to reading each day for 30, 60 or 90 days. Habits take time to develop just as building muscles or losing weight does. Be patient  and persistent. As you read you will discover many things and what you can do. You will become more inspired and motivated. It is all good. Just do it!

Read then go back later and re-read. Then go back later and re-read again. Each time you will get new things from the material. The same is true about audio, video. You should re-listen, re-watch these materials. Space it out the repeats, a few days, a week or a few weeks and then return. It will really help you.

Each Small Positive Step Leads To Positive Change

How soon change occurs will be up to you. Read, listen, fill your mind. If you want to change you will have to change what you are doing and do different things. You will have to do the positive steps consistently to get where you want to get to.

How you think about it determines how you will go about it and for how long. Most people try to change the behavior without having addressed the mindset first, so they do not get very far. I have in my past, perhaps you have tried that way as well. It just does not work well. Hope doesn’t get you the power to make and keep the change.

If you want to change anything about yourself your mind and your self image must be the first thing that changes. Then everything else will follow. I encourage you each day in different and similar ways to affect the change that matters most. Change your mind and your life will change! Make it a habit!” Rex Sikes

Make today count!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What Your Body Language Reveals About You? Others Can Tell!

"Scarlett"From an article by Jim Stingl...."Sarah Platka is haunted by one particular sunrise, Aug. 17, 2011, and she is hoping someone around here photographed it."......... I did, I just never posted it, so here it is.She and her husband, Nate Weber, of South Milwaukee, had a baby that morning one year ago today, and the sunrise over Lake Michigan was so red and spectacular that it inspired the name they gave their daughter, Scarlett Lucia (Lucia means light in Italian).Ñ with Annette Kelley and Pat Landsel. Photo by Phil Koch

“Did you know people see the real you even if you attempt to hide it? At the very least they see someone attempting to hide. You do realize this, don’t you? It would be far better to live authentically, would it not? Wouldn’t it be great to live with less worry and fear?

What might it be like to move through the world more confidently? Can you imagine?  How wonderful would it be if you felt courageous most of the time? What if you were able to make things happen in positive ways? Wouldn’t that be grand?

You could be happier, healthier, wealthier and more successful. You can, you know. It is far simpler than most people believe. All you have to do is implement some easy things and keep doing them until they become habit. It is that simple.

My recent blog post was about living assertive and assured because it is important to have faith and be confident. I shared with you how you can use your mental movie theater, your imagination, to begin to become more positive and powerful. You use your mind to produce the wonderful feelings that are important to live from.

Use Your Mind And Your Words For Positive Change

You can and should use affirmations, Directed Questions™, or positive self-talk to move you forward. What you think and say to yourself is critical. It means the difference between being a success or failure, champion or loser. Think and speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others. Be careful of your thoughts and words.

You will not be a success, or happy or a champion ragging and nagging on yourself all day long. The outer you will demonstrate to the world what goes on inside you. Everyone will see the way you think and feel by how you act and move.

You need positive, powerful, supportive, nurturing images, words and feelings to feel successful, happy and a champion. When your thoughts, words and feelings are aligned you are congruent.

You are most powerful and capable when congruent. It shows in your eyes and body. It is noticeable when you speak. It is evident how you sit, move and use your body. It is as if every atom of your being is charged with power. You and others will see and feel it.

There is a soft-spoken form of quiet self confidence one can recognize. This person is completely filled with presence. This person is completely present, in the here and now, and engaged.

How You Move And Speak Reflects Your Inner State Of Being

You can tell the person is congruent by the sound of their voice, the firmness and the look in the eye. Everything about this person communicates ‘I believe in and mean my message.’ or ‘I am who I say I am. I believe in myself.’

This person, when communicating with you, looks you straight in the eye, maybe looks right into your heart. You know it when you encounter it. They are right there with you totally here and now. They are alive yet completely calm. Relaxed yet vibrant!

The energy from them is strong and focused. There is no distraction. There is a steady, calm, confident assurance. If you have ever encountered a someone with immense personal power you will understand what I am speaking of.

The confident person’s posture is strong and tall. Shoulders are back, chin is out, eyes are forward. The confident person moves with purpose. Confident people tend to smile more. Why not? They know who they are and are proud and pleased. They smile because they feel good and feel like smiling.

This person speaks with authority or confidence. Nothing  about it is hostile or demanding. Their tone can be very pleasant but it commands you to listen. The person speaks so you can hear but not loud unless giving a speech. This person is assertive, and can be gentle and caring or passionate and persuasive.

You can easily tell this person believes in him or herself. You can tell how the person looks; the look in their eyes; on their face; how the person sits, moves, stands and behaves. You can tell by the volume, rate and tempo when they speak. You know by the quality of the voice and firmness. Everything points in one direction – confidence.

Mind And Body Affect Each Other – They Are One

Your mind affects your body. What you think shows up in how you approach the world. It shows up in your posture and how you sit, stand, move and act. It shows on your face because your thoughts and feelings are intimately wired neurologically.

If you think weak, tired thoughts you feel that way and act that way. People easily recognize when someone thinks self defeating thoughts, or is worried, fearful or sad. They show it. They behave it. Their defeated thinking and feeling  is reflected in everything they do. How do people see you? What are you demonstrating everyday?

People also easily recognize courageous, confident, successful, and happy people. They show it. They behave it! Their positive thinking and feeling is reflected in everything they do as well. Do people see you as someone happy and successful, confident and together, or not? How do people see you? What are you demonstrating?

We cannot easily hide what goes on inside us. Some do try, though, it is true. People try to mask their emotions which means others see the mask. They may not see the real you but they do notice the phony mask. This is no way to live. You are most attractive when you are genuinely you. Learn to live happily and with courage!

Since our mind and body are intimately wired we can use our thoughts to affect our body or our body to affect our thoughts. If we stand tall, and move with confidence and smile more we will feel more confident and brave. Do it! Keep doing it during the day!

Our primitive brains react to stimuli, real or perceived, by fight, freeze, or flight. If you allow your primitive brain to rule you your life will be ruled mostly by fear. It will not be within your control it will control you.  Many people live this way but this is no way to live.

In reality, there is little to fear in this day and age. Far fewer worries than when you had to avoid being devoured by a predator in the wild. That is what your primitive brain was useful for. Today, it is important to learn more appropriate ways to respond to life situations. You don’t have to react with fear or worry.

How You Use Your Body Affects You

Learn to stand tall and smile. Learn to walk, move, stand and speak with confidence and courage. Your body is intimately wired to your thoughts.  Use your posture purposefully. This is the way you can control and even neutralize the primitive brain. Smile, Smile, Smile!

Simply by using your body in this manner you can make very positive changes. You will think and feel better, You will be more confident. When you do some vigorous exercise shortly after dragging your butt from bed, complaining you are too tired, you become more alive and alert and feel better. You shake and wake things up!

How you utilize the mind affects the body. Think and affirm confident and courageous thoughts and you will stand, walk, move and speak more powerfully and assertively. Mind and body go hand in hand. Use both. Adjust your attitude and your body language!

You will be far more powerful and able to take advantage of possibilities and make things happen when you use your mind and body together productively. People will respond to you in positive ways when you exude a positive, friendly, fearless attitude.

This is why successful people look and sound and behave successfully. Their thoughts and feelings and body language are congruent. You are  much more powerful when your totality is aligned. Then you can relax and be completely you! No mask.

Power Comes From Aligning Your Thoughts Words And Body

When you are purposeful and deliberate, courageous and confident you become unstoppable because you know you will prevail no matter what. Every neuron, every cell, every fiber of your being works together to accomplish it. You are focused, determined and living purposefully. Others will see the real you!

You will discover your power can be unlimited. You will find you notice and take advantage of opportunities and circumstances you may otherwise have missed. You will attract other positive people to you. Overall your well-being, your health and life improve!

So do not put it off another day. Adjust your thinking and Aadjust your posture. OR adjust your posture and adjust your thinking. Work on both. Use the tools, the methods, the approaches I have shared with you in these blog pages. Continue to read. Go back and read through the other pages too. Re-read again and again.

You will discover so many positive benefits when you act on the information shared here. If you will just put it into practice you will transform your life incredibly. If you wait and debate you will remain the same. For you to change yourself and your life, if you want to, you must decide to act. It is simple and it is completely up to you!” Rex Sikes

Have a passionate play day!!!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

HEADS UP!!!  Soon Daily Inspiration And Gratitude will have a new home.  A new URL, a new look and feel. All this content and new content will be delivered there. Some of you get this blog emailed to you,

I don’t know whether that will continue or not. I do know you will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter. I hope you will stay with us. I’d hate to lose you or have you miss any blog you want to receive. So will you stay with me?  I sure want you to. I’ll let you know when the change is taking place.