Stop Limiting Yourself! Expand Your Options!

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“It is important to understand this concept.  Don’t chase concepts. Understand the meaning of the words without getting caught in the words. Many people miss out by trying to define terms.

Some people limit themselves by first trying to determine if they are doing it right. If they are enough. If they understand it completely. The limit themselves by not allowing themselves to be enough.

Some try to figure things out before they move. You can’t do that. We’d never fly or have reached the moon if we had to know how to do it before we did it. At first, we could only make the attempt.

You Know More Than You Think You Do – Trust Yourself

In order to be freer and find success or happiness more readily you need to include more not exclude. Well, yes, exclude the extraneous waste of time and those things that prevent you and hold you back.

You need to include more easy options. You want to grease the wheel. Take things lightly up front, not so seriously. You want to begin and not try to figure it out in advance of doing it.

When I say ‘be happy’ some people try to figure out what it means to be happy. They may even claim they don’t know what it is or that they have never been happy. They get caught up in the notion.

Trust Yourself – The Answer Is Yes You Can – You Are Able

Don’t get lost in the word happy. Simply, feel good, or happy.  Do that positive activity that puts a smile on your face. Play with a pet or a child. Spend time with a loved one. Enjoy the moment. It is simple.

Don’t spin wheels deciding whether this is actually happiness or not. Just enjoy the moments. If you love camping or fishing or gardening or hiking do that. It could be you like to exercise, or to relax. Or both.

Go to the movies, listen to music, read good books. Perhaps, you enjoy hanging out with fun friends, going new places, trying new foods and experiences. Do what makes you feel good more often.

Life Is Made Up Of Simple Tiny Moments – Enjoy The Moments

Make quality time for yourself. Treat yourself well. Enjoy life. Smile and laugh more. Spend pleasing time in positive ways. The more time you spend living like this the happier you will be. Automatically!

Don’t get caught up in the word happy at all.  Spend your time enjoying life and the things you think and do. Think wonderful thoughts. Feel good. Love yourself and others. Celebrate!

Any word could be a sticking point for some person. Don’t get snagged by the word. If you can’t immediately love yourself find those things you can appreciate and validate. Forget the word.

Some People Miss The Forest For The Trees – Why Not See Both

Look at any abilities no matter how small. Seek and you shall find. Do not make it a matter that you HAVE TO – LOVE YOURSELF, just enjoy you a little bit more. Take it easy and let go of the meanings.

Positive is another word. Think positive. What does that mean some ask? It means stop thinking negative about what you can’t do. Focus on what you are able to do and do it. Imagine you could.

See, feel, act as if you are doing it. Speak as though you can do it. Don’t think you can’t or that it is too hard or tough. Break it down into tiny bite sized pieces and begin doing it. You can do this.

Life Is So Much Brighter When We Focus On What Matters

Feel good is another. You don’t have to feel bliss and ecstasy. While that may be nice the point is to move in the direction of more pleasant. ‘More better.’ You don’t have to exist in the extremes.

Feel good that is enough. The more you do it the more you will be able to do. Skill grows. Muscles grow through use. People complain that they aren’t enough, don’t have enough, or it is too hard.

They make excuses that they don’t know how, and get caught up in trying to decide if they are doing it right, or fulfilling the extreme definition of the word. Please shut up! Get off it. Keep it simple.

It Is Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been

Do what you can and keep doing it again and again. Live what you want to be more of. Definitions don’t matter. Simply look to spend more time living life more fully. Embrace simple pleasures.

If all you can manage is to squeak out a single pleasant thought or feeling DO IT then REPEAT IT! Soon you will be able to add more to it. Grease the wheel. Prime the pump. Make it happen.

If you don’t attempt it, one thing is certain, nothing will happen. Doubt and fear and procrastination do more to kill dreams than failing at a task ever has. People stop before they start. Be different.

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills – Bite By Bite You Eat The Meal

Don’t be one of them. Resolve to make life the way you wish, want, hope, and dream it to be. Resolve to make it happen, become certain about it by doing a little bit each day. A little can go a long, long way.

Sometimes the smallest efforts make the largest difference. Stop! Don’t worry about being happy, or positive, or peaceful or love. Do those tiny things that make you feel more that way more often.

Do those things more over again. Think those thoughts frequently. As you do you become it more and more. Pretty soon you are it. When you are it you attract and make more of it happen. Get it?

Better To Do Less And Enjoy More – Savor The Simple And Easy

Do it! That is why the practice of gratitude is so powerful. You begin by appreciating anything you currently are or have. Think on those. Think on that. Feel grateful. Take inventory. List them out. Enjoy.

Count your blessings. Feel how good it feels as much as you can. Don’t be bothered by, is it enough? It is! Just start doing it. Delight in it. Speak your blessings. Talk about how you are blessed. Focus.

Think, speak, feel and act only to bless, heal and prosper. Put a guard before your mind and lips and soon enough that will become your predominate thoughts, feelings and way of life. Inch by inch.

Step By Step The Journey Made  Enjoy The Journey It’s All There Is

Never make a problem where one doesn’t exist. Think, ‘I can! This is easy. I enjoy this. I feel good. I think positive, powerful thoughts.  I enjoy life. I am lucky. I am blessed. Things always work out.’

Fill your mind bit by bit with more of the good stuff. Be grateful. Focus on the positive, the ‘can do’. Feel the good feelings little by little more and more often. It all grows with repeated practice. Soon you will notice more and enjoy more. One step at a time! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Start with a smile or a giggle and enjoy it today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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