The Reason You Must Be Tough And Speak With Authority

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“Most people seek and find problems. They don’t think they do but that is what they spend most of their time doing. They put out daily fires. Then they re-live them by talking about the fires of today and from long ago. They keep the issues alive in their minds talking about them. They even seem proud to share them much of the time.

They look for where things are wrong. They look for poverty, lack, frustration, crap and they find it. They seek limitations and what they can’t do and they find them. You can’t move forward always focused on what’s behind you. You must look forward. You must look forward free of what holds you back.

Stop looking at limitation and problems! Reverse the direction. Seek what is good and new. Seek and find what is enjoyable and positive that you can delight in. The brain provides you with either. It is up to you to direct it. The brain’s default is problems and dangers. It evolved this way to protect you in the jungle. It does a great job too!

You Must Focus On The Finish Line To Win Not The Starting Line

It is good at finding what is wrong so you could deal with it if you had to. This is WHY you must take charge of your brain and learn to direct it. You want to move it from operating at default to working for you. It will work perfectly for you when you train it to. It is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. You must master it.

The reason it seems difficult at first to make positive changes or gain control over one’s thoughts and feelings is because it runs by habit automatically. You want it to do that. You want it to be somewhat difficult to change because you want it reliable. You don’t want it  randomly changing all over the place. You want it to be consistent.

So it seems tough at first. It may be a little but you can change it. You must absolutely, positively change your focus from what you currently see, what the ‘reality’ currently is, and focus completely on the reality you want to create. You must focus on, and maintain your concentration on, the future reality as though you already have it.

Refuse To Succumb Emotionally To Negative Events Around You

Don’t talk about what is. Stop. That is what you must no longer do. Talk only about what will be as if it has already happened. Create what you want. Don’t reinforce what you don’t like. Yet, that is what most people do. They discuss what is wrong far more often than what can and will be. That is why what can be never shows up.

Command the future to become your present. Demand it. Declare it. Affirm it with strong emotions. Expect it. Be certain of it. Then you will make it happen. You most likely can’t get to this place over night. It takes work, dedication and persistence. It takes will power. That is why many abandon the pursuit. They don’t develop what it takes.

People will tell them, ‘you can’t do it’. They will read articles that state, if you focus on what you want and don’t get it you will be disappointed. So don’t try it is too hard. There are all sorts of messages from others, and reasons from oneself, why not to attempt it. If you never attempt it you will never know what might have been.

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

The courageous and the steadfast make it happen. That is the plain truth. Those who go after their goals, in a smart and wise fashion, can and do make them happen. There are plenty of examples of people who get what they want and even exceed their own expectations. Learn from them. Learn from success. You can do it.

Don’t learn from those who haven’t done it and tell you not to. You are listening to the wrong people. Listen to those who try and who win. Stop listening to those who don’t and haven’t. They may mean well, so be polite, but if they are holding you  back, if you are holding yourself back, then what is certain is, you are held back if you listen.

Stop and move forward. How? Do what I have been sharing in these posts. Condition you mind. Learn from successful people. Focus on gratitude and ‘can do’. Do something each day. Exercise your mental muscle as you have to to condition your body. Eventually, the results will begin showing up. It isn’t magic. It is how it works. IT does work!

The Pain You Feel Today Is The Strength You Will Feel Tomorrow

You don’t get in physical shape overnight. It takes time. The same is true with mental toughness and the renewal of your mind. You condition it for success. Remember, the quote I shared from Muhammad Ali, ‘I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’

You must become the authority of your life. You must take charge, be in charge and stay in charge. You must think, and speak and act from authority. Stop being the victim of your own mental processes. Develop the direction  that serves you. Your brain is already serving you well. NOW you have to learn how to aim it positively. That’s all.

Your brain is working perfectly well on default to get keep you focused on what is wrong so you are aware of it. That is marvelous appreciate that. NOW learn to turn your attention from the problem to the solution and what works and what is good. Stop focusing on what is broken, wrong and bad. That is what you must learn. Steer it.

Develop The Mental Strength And Toughness Of A Warrior

Out of control it will run on and on as it always has. Take control and you will discover how powerful your are. If you don’t have enough money stop, shift the focus. Be thankful for the little bit of money you do have! Be grateful you have any money. Be grateful money flows.  Be grateful you can spend that money even if it is on bills.

You are circulating energy. You are making things move. If your attitude sucks, if it is is, ‘woe is me I am  broke, I’ll never have enough, this is awful’ what do you expect to attract and live from. You live from that attitude. That is your reality. Why? Because you go no further. Yes, you wish it different but you don’t demand it.

If on the other hand you begin by emphasizing what you are grateful for, what you have, ‘I have money, I can spend money, it is good to circulate money, I am able to put money toward my bills, money flows to me and I use it as a tool’.  Then you have a much more productive mindset. Speak with authority that which you want.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Inside you mind live as if you already have it. Imagine this, see it, feel it and say it once or twice a day. Work your way into it. Concentrate on having wonderful feelings when you imagine and speak what you want your future to include. Imagine this future IS your present reality. Live within that reality, experience this fully in your mind.

‘I am glad I have money. I am glad I can spend money. I am happy to take care of my bills because it means I have money.’ This may seem foreign to you if you have’t done it. If you haven’t and you have been stuck for awhile realize that if you want things to be different in your life you are going to have to do different things.

You can’t do the same things and get different results. You must be different to get different. Be, do and have. Mindset first and actions will follow. Speak with authority. Live from your own strength and power. It will take a little while to develop strong muscles but you will as you work at it. Keep going and don’t give up. Commit.

If You Want Quality Act As If You Already Have It

Know what you want. Imagine it as if you already have it. Feel good and enjoy the marvelous feelings. Believe in yourself and expect to make it happen and never quit. You will make your dreams come true. Enjoy the journey all along the way. Learn from obstacles and keep going. Keep the faith. Feel positive. Plan for success!

You become what you think about most often. What you focus on expands. Energy flows where your attention goes. If it is going to happen it will be up to you. Remember and repeat, ‘If it is going to be it is up to me!’ It truly is. Enjoy making positive and powerful changes. Have fun with it. Delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Let your smiles travel miles, today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “The Reason You Must Be Tough And Speak With Authority”

  1. These daily inspiration posts are such a gem I look forward to them daily with feverish delight. Sir, your knowledge and insight into the human’s psyche is so deep and vast all I can say is thank you so much may your well of knowledge and wisdom never run dry.


  2. “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This one really rings true for me. The main thing I’ve struggled with in my life is just getting started. I’d love to hear some possible strategies for making that first step as smooth as possible!


    1. Thanks for sharing. One way to be far more successful with starting is to take tiny bites. Chunk it down. Break it into manageable steps you can easily and readily take. Remember, Muhammad Ali, said he hated training but decided to suffer now to live as a champion later.

      Motivation doesn’t come by waiting. Waiting only brings or results or attracts more waiting. He or she who waits – waits. Doing precedes motivation. Sometimes people just don’t feel like doing ti but they do it anyway. Why? Well, as for Ali, the goal was worth it. He was prepared to suffer now for reward later. Some people find reward in doing what they can right now. Small bites. Appetizer before the meal. Mindset is everything.

      Learning to control one’s thinking and feeling – taking charge of one’s life is a decision. Doing what you haven’t done before means creating new success habits. You never get different results doing the same old things over and over again. If you want to change your life you have to change some things that you think and do. New habits. Start and everything follows. You can’t wait, no time will be perfect. No step smooth enough… small enough yes.

      If you are hoping for the first step to be perfect it never will be. If you step and fall, that is fine, get up and step again. As an infant learning to walk you just did it until you mastered it. You didn’t try to determine if it was right, or if you were, or anything you just took the steps, fell, got up and kept going.

      Eventually you walked without thinking anything of it. Do that. step out and enjoy it. Make it fun. Find enjoyment. Be grateful and delight in all things. AND you will. Thanks for sharing. all the best. stay in touch.


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