Whatever Your Excuse It Doesn’t Matter!

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“Do you want to be happier? Would you like to be healthier? Want to book more work? Are you seeking the career of your dreams? Do you want fame, fortune and success? How about love? Wouldn’t you enjoy a deep loving relationship? Whatever it is, what do you want?

Okay, great. How come you don’t have it yet? Why aren’t you experiencing it right now? I bet you know. I bet you have already answered that question in your mind. What was your answer? Go ahead write it down. Write all the reasons down. Part 1.

Let’s do an exercise. Let’s do something that will reveal a lot about you and help you aim your thoughts and efforts toward success and what you want to accomplish in your life. Write down all those reasons why not; why you don’t have what you want.

As Our Awareness Grows – So We Grow

I can’t be successful because I don’t have enough money. I can’t be happy because I don’t know how. I can’t be successful because I am not educated. I can’t become successful because I don’t have the right connections. I can’t make it because I am not pretty enough.

I can’t become rich because I am not smart enough. I can do what I want because I am a single parent with responsibilities. I can’t be healthy because I like sugar too much. I can’t go to the party because I don’t have nice clothes. I can’t learn because I have a disability. I can’t concentrate because I have ADD. I can’t, I can’t I don’t, I don’t!

Continue this exercise fill in the blanks:

The reason I’m not rich –

I can’t be happy because –

I can’t do it because –

Awareness Like The Sun Shines On Things – They’re Transformed

Go on. Answer. Keep answering. I bet you have multiple answers for each. Dig deep. Keep going until you exhaust the possibilities. Notice what you find and how it makes you feel. Do you like what you feel? Notice what you notice. This is an opportunity to become aware.

Did you get some answers? I bet most of your answers are one’s you have told or said to yourself and others many times over and over during your lifetime. These reasons are excuses and blames for why you aren’t where you want to be yet. These reasons are your story.

These answers are the stories you have been telling and believing and creating over again and again in your life. It is comfortable even if it hurts. You are used to these. These are thought habits. Chronic, old thought habits which may or may not have originated with you.

Awareness Allows Us To Observe Ourselves In Action And Change

This is the very thinking you must stop and change. This is the very negative thinking you must switch to positive. You must eliminate the why’s you are not able, the blames and the excuses and all the reasons for why not and begin to emphasize what you can do.

In the next post I’ll share with you some of the powerful approaches you can take to eliminate the negative, focus on the positive and make your goals and dreams come true. Meanwhile, do the exercise. Discover your excuses. Dig deep. Enjoy the process of illumination.

Turn the light on in a closed shuttered room and the darkness flees. Turn the light on your negative reasoning and it can flee too. Stop making excuses and blames and start making positive declarations and mantras. Enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today most enjoyable!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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