Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter! Part 2

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“Have you noticed you can feel stopped by all sorts of things? What we think and say to ourselves has a great impact. Some people never get going for this reason. Instead of making their dreams come true they live life as a victim. Do you? Do you have victim mentality?

If you honestly ended up answering yes, you can change it. That’s good news! You don’t have to live as a victim of excuses and blames. You can become free and begin to make marvelous positive changes that are meaningful and powerful. Let’s begin to explore how!

Start changing all your ‘I can’t’ and ‘I don’t’ to ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will not’. Take complete responsibility for being in charge. Example; I won’t make enough money because I will not. I won’t make enough money because I won’t do the things I have to. ACCEPT responsibility!

Awareness Is The First Step

I won’t be happy because I won’t think positive thoughts. OR I am not going to get healthier, any time soon, because I refuse to eat right. I will not get a raise because I will not do what is expected of me at work. I will not be good at basketball because I won’t practice.

Take FULL responsibility for not being, doing and not having. Accept that it won’t happen because YOU won’t make it happen. No blames, no excuses simply shoulder the responsibility. Convert all your can’ts and don’t’s to won’t and will not. If YOU won’t then YOU won’t.

I can’t be rich because I won’t work at it. I won’t be rich because I will not do what is necessary. I am not going to be happy because I will not take control of my mind. I will not be healthy because I will not eat right, exercise right or sleep right. I am not going to ___________.

The Second Step Is Understanding

OWN up to not being, doing or having what it is you want! Understand if you want to be, do or have anything in life it is up to YOU. It is not going to happen without YOU making it happen. YOU are the one who determines your own happiness and success.

Take all your excuses and blames and reasons why YOU can’t be, do or have, why life isn’t grand, and convert them to ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will not’ statements and notice what is different.  WRITE these out. Notice what happens when you change them. Notice how you feel.

Notice if and how things shift. It may feel very foreign or uncomfortable. You may fight or resist trying these statements on but do it anyway. If YOU can’t do it then you must! Realize you must put yourself in the driver’s seat if you want to get anywhere.

Beliefs Create What Seem Like Facts – They Are Beliefs

Besides, the only way you couldn’t write these is if someone tied your arms down or removed all writing implements and locked you up so you couldn’t write them out. Otherwise, you are more than capable to make these adjustments to your excuses list.

Of course, there are those of you who didn’t do the exercise from my last post, to begin with. Why not? Didn’t want to. Seemed silly. I already know it. Didn’t have time. What was the reason you didn’t do it fully? Why not? Own up to it.

The bottom line is you chose not to for whatever reason. Own your decision. Each second we have a choice. Each second we come up with  reasons for the choices we make. Whether they are valid or not is a separate issue. We believe they are. Hence, believing is seeing.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t – You Are Right

We act as if these limiting beliefs are the truth. They aren’t but we think they are. As long as we maintain limiting beliefs we will be limited. Don’t you think it is time to change them? Do the exercises and we’ll discuss more in the next blog post.

Once you convert your I can’t, or I am not able to, or this is what prevents me to I won’t or I will not THEN hang in there. It can be upsetting or it can be liberating. You are challenging assumptions and beliefs you have held for a while. It takes a bit of time to adjust.

Realize this, whatever you discover can be wonderful. Even if it is painful at first. Look at it and understand you don’t have to be limited. You have the opportunity to change in wonderful ways. Sit with it, even if it is uneasy. Relief is coming!

Be Willing To Explore Discover Become Aware And Understand

You will discover how marvelous you truly are. You are marvelous with imperfections and flaws. Embrace yourself and be gentle with yourself. Understand it is only old conditioning, it ISN’T YOU who are limited. Beliefs either support us or they don’t. It’s the beliefs!

Most of us weren’t brought up told we can choose. We were brought up believing we had to be the way we were. We had to accept what we think and believe as the truth. The TRUTH is we aren’t our beliefs but we operated from them as if we were. We can change them!

As we choose more supportive and productive and positive beliefs we transform delightfully. As we accept responsibility for everything, without blaming ourselves or outside ourselves, it frees up our energy to find opportunities so we make good things happen.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

This is a journey of discovery and exploration. This is all about becoming aware. Great changes can occur and you can get anything your heart desires. Let’s clean some house and make room for the new, good stuff. Do the exercise. Learn what you learn. Be grateful, enjoy and delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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