How Dedicated Are You?

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“Some people have lives that seem to work very well in all areas. They almost seemed charmed. Why? How is this possible? Might they be doing something others aren’t? The answer is yes. There are reasons why their lives seem to be working better. Let’s explore.

Some people have areas of their life that are messed up, even troubled, while other areas seem to be okay. Their lives seem compartmentalized. This may be normal for some. It may even seem to be how it should be. It isn’t. Others have lives in shambles.

First, remember not to make any judgements about yourself or others.  Certainly, it is okay to assess and become aware in order to change. It isn’t right to blame oneself or others. It is right to assume responsibility and make appropriate positive changes.

Every Flower That Blooms Goes Through Dirt To Be Beautiful

Life is a process. Everything is in flux. Not everything grows at the same rate or at the same time. So there is variation. However, some gardens look beautiful and are well tended, while others are overrun with weeds, look nasty and aren’t growing well. Understand this?

Consider your life a garden. How are you caring for it. Are you nourishing it? Are you weeding it? Do you regularly care for it or have you let it run wild. Is your garden inside of or outside of your control? Who is in charge of your garden?

There is the principle that how you do one thing is how you do everything. Everything is a choice! How dedicated are you to you? How committed are you to having the best life possible? How much do you truly want your goals and dreams? Do you go for the gold?

Your Mind Is A Garden Your Thoughts Are The Seeds …

It is true different areas of one’s life will be in different phases. As one begin the science, the practice, the art of making one’s life more glorious different areas may improve before others do. As one changes different areas require different amounts of attention.

Eventually, as in a garden, overall everything improves and looks wonderful. Still, there may be those certain plants or areas that take more work or dedication. As one tends to life’s garden the goal is for all of it to be harmoniously working together for ultimate good.

How you do one thing in one is how you do everything means you need to bring the same dedication and commitment to each area of your life. Your health, relationships, career, finances, leisure each area needs to be tended and working together.

… You Can Grow Flowers – Or You Can Grow Weeds

If one area is out of whack it is similar to driving on only 3 tires. While you could do it, you can’t for long, nor can you get very far. You need all tires to be working well to travel most smoothly. So are there areas you are neglecting? Are you letting things go?

As you pursue certain dreams your life may be out of balance. You may be passionately pursuing a career or finances. In order to succeed you have to give it your all. However, it isn’t worth it if you end up sacrificing your health, loved ones and friends.

If at the top you aren’t able to enjoy it, or have no one to enjoy it with, success can’t be that satisfying. While career takes a lot of energy remember to nurture the other areas too. Put energy into them and help them to grow positively. You will be glad you did.

Tomorrow  Your Seeds Will Grow – What Have You Planted

Napoleon Hill said only 1 of the 525 successful people he modeled and studied to assemble ‘The Laws Of Success’ had a balanced life. The rest he said were plagued with all sorts of issues. From the breadwinner to the youngest bread eater some had big problems.

He reasoned that this was because they made making money the end all, be it all, of their lives. That is pretty sad when you consider it. It isn’t money that is the problem it is the LOVE of money that is. I’m not suggesting your shouldn’t pursue money, that isn’t the point.

You should seek to have a glorious life and healthy relationships overall. AND YOU CAN! Believe in yourself and believe in others. Think the best of you and the best of them. Believe in them before they believe in themselves. The more you give the more you get.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – To Know Is To Do

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and the best feelings. Energy flows where your attention goes. Dedicate yourself to wholeness, to making life wonderful and delightful for you and everyone in it. Open up, take it in. Find ways to love more, give more, enjoy more.

Embrace this world and the people in it. Learn to accept more. Drop issues that aren’t real issues. The news and media will keep us divided and fighting on things that truly don’t matter. The messages are of fear and lack and hate and everything less than glorious.

Put a guard before your mind and lips. Don’t spend time with negativity. Let go of the things you can’t control or change and focus on what you can. If you can’t change something then change your attitude. Focus on the positive, the good, the loving , the kind.

Wake Up With Determination – Go To Bed With Satisfaction

Enjoy life and the people in it. Don’t be a victim of bad thinking. Be dedicated to making your mind your servant and your life garden a paradise. Dedicate yourself to creating what you want and be healthy in all areas. Don’t neglect some for others. Bring total game.

Bring your total game and commitment to each area of your life. Even just a little bit each day. Love the one’s you are with. Nourish your family lovingly. Take care of your health. Get the nourishment and rest you need. All work and no play isn’t healthy. Play, have fun.

Be passionate and enthused. Feel joy and gratitude for all. Bask in each glorious moment. Decide not to let tough times get the better of you. Learn from everything. Remember, only knowledge applied is power. You can know about exercise but not do it. To know is to do!

Hug Harder – Laugh Louder – Smile Bigger – Love Longer

Your life, as you care for it, as you tend to it, can and will improve overall. Life becomes more glorious as you take charge and commit to making it what you want. Especially, when you commit and care for it in loving ways. Enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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