Whatever Your Excuse Doesn’t Matter: Change It Part 5

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“Some people have the belief that change is difficult. Some think that change is easy for others but difficult for them. Some people believe without pain there is no gain and it must hurt to change. Others believe you must wallow around in your pain and hurt endlessly.

Some believe you must understand why you are the way you. Whole schools of therapy arose for this purpose. Uncover why you are broken. Some people believe they are broken; that they sabotage themselves; that they are afraid of failure; or afraid of success.

Whatever one believes you can divide the beliefs into two groups; support beliefs and non-supportive beliefs. Either they support you, uplift you and help you move forward or they limit you pull you down and inhibit your movement. Increase or decrease – that’s it!

Belief Creates The Actual Fact – Positive Or Negative

It doesn’t matter why you have limiting beliefs. You know you have them. You were born. You grew up. It is as simple as that. Accept it! Move on. Learn new beliefs! Learn to respond to triggers instead of reacting to them and your life will improve immensely. It will!

Stop trying, stop  wallowing and trying to figure out why things are they way they are. Decide this is the moment when you change and move forward. Beliefs are either about increase, can do and will do, what is possible. They are positive and you feel good thinking them.

There are those that are about decrease, can’t do, won’t do and what you think is impossible. These are mostly negative and you feel less than glorious or down right bad when you think these. Neither beliefs are true. Either they are useful and serve a purpose or not.

In The Sky There Is No Distinctions Of East And West …

If you believe your beliefs are true, gospel, and unadulterated reality THAT is the first belief you might wish to examine and change. Otherwise, you probably aren’t going to bother doing anything because your beliefs dictate you instead of you dictating them.

You are a victim of your beliefs instead of their master. The most desirable outcome is to learn to become the master of your thoughts. YOU think them, Thoughts SHOULD NOT think you. You can learn to be the master of your thinking and your destiny.

The beliefs you currently hold are habits of thought. You thought these over and over again at one time until they became automatic. Triggers from the outside initiate the process. Some external or internal stimulus occurs and you react out of habit. Pretty much it!

… People Create Distinctions In Their Own Mind And Believe Them

Thoughts arise, feelings follow. What you think determines how you feel. Then what you feel determines your next thoughts. This is how we spiral into negativity. We could have spiraled into positivity the same way by thinking positive thoughts.  So we want to change this.

We want to end the old limiting belief habits and adopt new ones. We make new habits the same way we did the original ones. This time, however, we are doing it consciously. We decide we want to change them. Earlier, we just wired them in without choosing.

Now we choose. When we do, guess what. The old habits arise and it feels tough. Our decision is the stimulus. The old beliefs come rushing in reliably as they always do. The new ones will rush to your support just as reliably. Once you train them to. New for old!

You Can Have Anything You Want If You Quit Believing You Can’t

We must condition our mind to accept the new positive beliefs and wire them in. We replace the old habits with new ones the same way we learn to go to a new address when we move homes or workplace. At first we may find ourselves going to the old address. It’s normal!

Eventually, our brain learns NOT THAT address but THIS ADDRESS and we now reliably go to the new one. The old one isn’t lost we don’t go there any longer UNLESS we choose to. The same applies to changing our beliefs. We don’t lose anything. We exchange them.

We replace old beliefs that don’t support us with new ones. Once replaced they work automatically instead of the old ones. We laid down new neural path way habits. We actually altered the structure of our brains too. We evolved in positive ways. All great benefits.

Believing In Yourself Is The First Secret To Success

The point of these recent posts is for you to examine the limitations you think you have and neutralize them. Then build new positive beliefs by repeating them over and over with strong positive emotions. It is the positive powerful emotions that lock them in.

Feeling good when chanting affirmations often is how we wire in the new beliefs. You can write them out too. It is great. There will be times when you don’t. Times when you backslide. That is all part of the process. Step forward a couple steps, back step, forward again.

As long as you consistently and persistently continue to move forward you will arrive at your destination. Detours and all. While traveling your old beliefs will rise up and your new ones will be challenged. All part of the process of trading in the old for the new.

Always Believe Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen

It is simple but not always easy. You need to use will power from time to time. Some moments will breeze by others seem to take forever. All part of the conditioning, rewiring process. Brains learn from emotion, repetition, over time. You train them like a pet.

You make your brain the servant instead of it being your master. Gain control over your thoughts and beliefs and you will discover a most wonderful and amazing world. You will create, attract and manifest more and more of what you want to include in your life.

You will become the person you always wanted to be, if you choose to. Life gets better and better. There will always be challenges but you play a different game now. You play to win and you love a good challenge. It works this way. Don’t delay begin today! Enjoy it and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Imagine being the change you want to become and smile!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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