Gold Is Hidden In The Dirt But You Won’t Find It If You Never Look

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“When you are troubled and things aren’t going your way do you think and feel you are at your optimum? Most people say no. Sadly, that is accurate. Most people get preoccupied with the issues troubling them. Their attention, focus and energy get drained.

This is why a negative mind state isn’t useful. It is detrimental. You can’t operate at your peak if you aren’t thinking and feeling your best. Most people try to solve the issue by figuring out what to do and by working harder at it and that rarely works well.

It is better to get your mind thinking clearly and your feelings supporting your resourcefulness so you can move forward instead of remaining stuck in one spot trying to work things out. Attitude and energy is far more important in these instances than much else.

Nothing  Can Stop The Person With The Right Mental Attitude

Some people resort to whining, excusing and blaming. They blame themselves, others or outer circumstances, god, the weather, the banks and more. Finding the culprit doesn’t do much.  It may be satisfying for an instant but in the long run solves little or nothing.

Taking responsibility, even when one might not feel it is theirs, gives one incredible power to  begin to make positive changes. One assumes control over self and circumstances. This helps each of us to marshall our resources and apply them thoughtfully as needed.

Otherwise, we waste much time looking in the wrong places for the wrong things. When we look within ourselves we can find a vast treasure house of experiences of all kinds that can help us in any difficult situation. The beginning of positive change is awareness.

Nothing Can Help The Person With The Wrong Mental Attitude

When we take control of our mind and feelings by guarding our thoughts to keep them uplifting and useful we are learning to exercise a powerful gift. The ability to choose how we think and feel in any situation. It isn’t easy to do at first, but then, few things are.

Napoleon Hill wrote, ‘A positive mental attitude is the habit of looking upon all unpleasant circumstances with which one meets as merely opportunities for one to test one’s capacity to rise above them by searching for that ‘seed of  an equivalent benefit’ and putting it to work.’

If we can examine each situation we are in and find the good, find the gold, find the benefit we are accomplishing some important things. One is we are making a habit of finding the good. We are training are mind to work in a particular direction to benefit us. This is great!

A Positive Attitude Is The Seeking What Can Be Accomplished

Second, we are finding the benefit and potentially the learning we can extract from the difficulty. Not only have we trained our mind in a positive beneficial way but we are learning and discovering benefits to apply. We are growing and evolving. We use the benefits.

Plus, we are finding opportunity where few would think to look. Often, the gold is so hidden in the dirt it sin’t obvious unless you look  hard, and sometimes long. In addition, we are getting out of our own way, out of the muck and mire and releasing our energy and feelings.

We can think clearer, and act better when our thinking and feeling is right. We move in inspired ways to take action instead of from worry, fear or doubt. There are many additional benefits to gain from making the effort to adopt a positive mindset.

A Positive Mental Attitude Helps You Do Everything Better

Hill further states, ‘A PMA is the habit of keeping the mind busily engaged in connection with the circumstances  and things one  desires in life, and OFF the things one does not desire’. Focus and concentration is maintained on what we want to be, do and have.

We focus on who we are and want to be not what is lacking or wrong. This gives us the ability to achieve rather than consuming us with the problem. Our energy is focused in what we can and will do as opposed to what we can’t and won’t do. Mindset is everything!

What we ‘don’t want’ IS useful to help us clarify what we do want. Once we totally know what we don’t want we SHIFT and aim our attention on what we want to be, do and have. We focus on what we want to create and not on what holds us back or keeps us down.

All Skill To Think And Do Is Acquired By Repetition And Repetition 

My hope for all my readers, especially those who haven’t yet made use of the opportunity life gives them,  is to learn to take control of their minds. Your mind is a powerful tool that can be focused like a laser to help you get what you want most in life.

It can also be used to screw you up and hold you back until you take control. It is a wonderful servant and a terrible master. Take control. One of the easiest ways is to begin with  the simple awareness of what is already good in your life and focus on that. Appreciate it all.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find, but it is the habit of finding the benefit within the hardship that is important to develop. Find people, and things about them, your world and yourself to be grateful about and emphasize them. Think and feel the gratitude.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do – Success Is A Habit

Make a list. Do it daily. Often! In finding what is already good you open your mind to finding more good now and to creating it later. You build an important habit. You get your mind and feelings supporting you. It can take some time or be nearly instant.

Most things take awhile so keep at it until you break through. Usefully, pretty soon you will notice a shift occurring. It gets better and easier. Then guess what. You will be tested. Something will happen that will provide you the opportunity to test your mettle.

Life just happens that way. Then you either rise or fall. Whichever occurs use it to learn and benefit from. If you fall get up again, as many times as you need to, in order to move ahead. This is how habits and control are formed. You need to use them in tough times.

The Habit Of Persisting Is The Habit Of Victory

If it were never tough you wouldn’t need the abilities. Yet, this is where most people drop out. They exclaim, ‘I was doing everything I should and then things went bad and suck. This stuff doesn’t work.’ IT WORKS you have to learn to apply it where it counts!! Get it?

You need to learn control and use it when times are tough. Don’t buckle. But if you do, get back on top again. Pat yourself on the back for doing whatever you did, be grateful to become aware and have the opportunity to use what you are learning. Then do it! Apply it.

Stay grateful. Keep looking for benefit. Affirm the positive. Focus on who you are that is wonderful already and who you want to become. Stick with it. Enjoy, delight, be strong when necessary. Guard your thoughts and self-talk. Be the author of your own life story. Be the master of your thoughts and feelings. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Decide now to have a most wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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