Distraction Can Be Worse Than Negativity

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“The idea is to live in advance of the world. You think and feel, you embody the thoughts and feelings of that future you, right now in your present. For example, you want to be a multi-millionaire. You’re not one yet. How does a multimillionaire think, feel and behave?

You might ask yourself; how does a multi-millionaire get dressed in the morning; what does a multi-millionaire think about while driving to the office or the golf course; how does a multi-millionaire feel driving a car; what would a multi-millionaire do in this situation?

Of course, the idea is, you are that multi-millionaire. How are you thinking, feeling, behaving and having what you want in life? What is your daily life like, your work and your leisure? What does it feel like to pay bills, purchase things, go places you want to go? What’s it like?

Focus On Your Goal Don’t Look In Any Other Direction But Ahead

What’s it like being rich? Get a feel for that. Be rich in mind and body and spirit first and you create and attract wealth to you. From within to without. You ARE it first and THEN you get it. You live it and it becomes reality. That is how it works. Focus on being it first.

What do we do that prevents us? Some people doubt, fear and worry it will never happen. That stops the energy flow. Some live thinking mostly negative thoughts. That keeps one from getting ahead. What you say and see is what you get. Negativity sucks!

What you express on a daily basis, moment to moment, to yourself and others, and imagine in your mind, is what you create. If you are rehashing troubles, difficult times, and the a-hole from the freeway you end up getting back more of the same. We get more of the same.

Don’t Get Sidetracked – Stay On Course – Keep It In Mind

All of this should be obvious. If you read positive, inspirational material, like Hill, Hicks, Wattles, Emmerson, and others then you know energy flows where attention goes. You must vibrate in alignment with your desires. Vibration is important,

You get who you are over and above what you want. Do you understand this. Here is an example. A poor person may want riches but focuses on lack and struggles so that person creates and get more of the same. It is why the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

One reason, at least. Become it and you can have it is the rule. Negativity, doubt, fear, and worry won’t make it happen for you. You get more of the back. There is something else even more of us do that prevents it. Distraction. We are distracted. Pettiness rules.

Stay Focused On What You Want – Don’t Doubt Yourself – Believe

We focus on petty things, issues, gossip, the news, the freeway, the weather, what the neighbors are or aren’t doing. We live our lives with petty concerns. We aren’t living our lives as a multi-millionaire would we are doing what we have always done. So we get that back.

We keep getting what we have been doing all along. In order to get something new and better we have to change things and become new and better. We can’t continue the way we are and expect things to miraculously change. We re-create what is already going on!

We’re not be severely negative. We just aren’t positive most of the time. We aren’t living the future ‘as if’, as if it were right now. We are living now with petty frustrations and ho-hum moments. So we get more ho-hum. We need to fill life with love, laughter and celebration.

Life Is Like A Camera – It Captures Perfectly What You Focus It On

We need to be rich in mind, spirit, heart and wallet. It begins in the mind with who and what we are. If we major in minor things we are only going to get minor things back. We need to ‘BE IT’ to do it and have it. Then THAT becomes our habit and our results improve.

Do you understand this? It may be there is nothing terribly wrong. No major massive negativity. It is just the subtle undercurrent of ‘oh well, same stuff different day’ that keeps us creating the same stuff each day. We need to create differently to create differences.

Gratitude, celebration, delight, enjoyment, fun, a wealthy, healthy mindset, incredible feelings lead to positive inspired actions. Done consistently over time these become habits or lifestyle. Living this way increases the possibilities and opportunities for you.

The Secret To Change – Stop Fighting The Old – Build The New

Your life changes AFTER you change. Make the change and then everything can change. So what would a happy, healthy, multi-millionaire think, feel and do to make life more wonderful? Bring that attitude to everything you do. Bring it to your work, your travel.

Bring it to you problem solving and issues. How would a successful multi-millionaire deal with this? Would it be a big deal or not? Get it? Create the mindset. If everything in your life was glorious and you were absolutely the person you want to be how would you handle it?

What you you think and feel and do as you go through each moment of your day? You’d have a different energy and vitality, that is for certain. You’d have different awarenesses and understandings? This is what you want to embody and embrace. This, IS becoming!

Focus Is Defined As – F allow One Course Until Successful 

You become what you think about most often! Create the ideal you. Live it right this moment. Then, experience how life transforms. Stop the negativity. Put an end to the distractions. Live powerfully and positively. Feel the best you can. Enjoy each moment. Savor it all.  Delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Choose to enjoy each moment today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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