Do You Know How To Stop Suffering And Start Living?

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“Why do many people suffer and feel in pain? Often, it is something we do. If you suffer or are frustrated would you like to learn a new way to be, think and do? Would you like to end most of your suffering and begin to feel much better more often.

Much suffering is caused by how we use our minds. It is what we focus on. We can put an end to lots of personal suffering by changing how we use or mind and what we focus on. We can create new thought habits. There are those who can shut out pain and suffering.

Certain meditators and spiritual practitioners learn to control their focus of attention to such a degree that they can withstand much physical pain. They train so they can also endure mental and emotional pain and overcome it. They gain control, they take charge.

Why Am I Happy – I Feel Grateful Thankful And Blessed Every Day

We use correct repetition. What is correct repetition? It is doing the right thing, the right way, over again. We repeat it. We can practice the piano or a golf swing, for example, correctly or incorrectly. If we want to get good we need to do it the correct way each time.

By using correct repetition, consistently, we engage in the practice for a long enough time to make it a new reliable habit. That is how habits are born or acquired. It takes about a month to begin to form a new habit. 30 days from now you can be wonderfully different!

That is a guideline time for forming new habits. It depends on you. If you do the right thing consistently for a long enough period of time you will wire it in. Once the new habit begins to form it gets easier and easier. You enjoy it more and more! Okay, now, back to the pain.

The Smile On My Face Means I Appreciate My Blessings

Comparison creates pain. We compare ourselves to others; how tall or short; fat or thin we are; how good looking or not good looking; how rich or poor or what kind of things they have that we don’t. We try to keep up with the Jones. We hurt because we compare.

We compare where we are to where we want to be. We decided we want to work with the Law of Attraction, then we compare how fast or slow we got what we are working on. If it is not fast enough we suffer. If we don’t yet have it we complain it isn’t working.

We compare time frames.  We compare where we are today to  how far we have yet to go. If it is a long way off we suffer or get frustrated Most often, what we compare causes our suffering. It can be used it to find out how you are better off. You can us it to feel better too.

A Beautiful Day Begins With A Beautiful Mindset

Compare today to how you were before. Notice how you have evolved. Determine how far you have moved ahead and how blessed you have become. Look back and connect the dots with what you didn’t have to what you now do have. Feel fortunate. Use it wisely.

Make comparison work for you instead of against you. Live, laugh love and celebrate.  Drop painful comparison, let it go. Begin appreciating where you are. Be filled with gratitude for who you are, what you are, how you are, when you are, and where you are.

If you can come to understand that everything is perfect right at this moment you will always feel blessed. Yes, you weren’t brought up believing that, most likely. You were probably brought up to strive to get ahead and complain about circumstances not to your liking.

Every New Day Is An Opportunity To Feel Blessed For All Of It

I was. If you are able to adopt the mindset that everything is perfect then you are always blessed. It doesn’t mean you can’t change it, it means changing it is part of being perfect. Challenges are blessings. It means there is always something good about it right now.

You can find a lesson to learn from, or the seed of an opportunity that might germinate and take hold if you allow it and nurture it. Nothing is over, we are always in a process. We are always right where we are in this process. Let go, accept and enjoy it all.

It is a journey and wherever we are along the way is an exploration and an adventure. Adventures have ups and downs. It is what makes many carnival rides fun. Life can be fun too. Stop suffering by comparing and start living large by accepting.

The Situation Will Ultimately Be To Your Benefit – So Be Happy

The moment you start acting like like is a blessing is the moment it will start to feel like one. Discover the thousands of reasons you have to feel blessed. Choose to feel blessed! Choose to feel happy. Choose to feel exited. Choose to feel grateful and appreciative. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Bring a smile to your lips more often!

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