Experts Say These Things Screw You Up And Prevent You From Having What You Want

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“If you are not being, doing and having what you want in your career, your relationships, your finances or your life what is it you are getting? What is happening or not happening? Why aren’t you creating or attracting what you want?

Some of the well-intentioned gurus say you have limiting beliefs, paradigms, behaviors and habits that hold you back. These, they say, limit you and do not allow you to maximize your potential. These screw you up and are why the Law of Attraction won’t work for you.

Here’s the rub with that thinking. The Law of Attraction is always working! It is always attracting something. It’s either attracting what you want or what you don’t want it. It is ALWAYS working. You don’t turn it on or turn it off. It is ongoing. It IS process.

Whatever Your Mind Feeds Upon Your Mind Attracts To You

EVEN if you do not believe in the Law Of Attraction it is a useful concept. It does’t require you to believe in it to utilize the principle to make you life better. It is a useful way of organizing your thoughts feelings and behaviors to get what you want. You can use anything!

According to the Law of Attraction you attract what you are. What you vibrate at. You attract what you pay attention to most of the time and what you are feeling. Feel good attract more good. Feel bad attract more bad. You get whatever you are already doing the most.

To get what you want means you begin to focus on what you want and keep it there. You focus on who you are and what you want to become. Imagine what you want as if you already have it. If you feel good while imagining it you will attract that. Key point here!

Our Only Limitations Are Those We Set Up In Our Own Minds

If you feel bad or less than good while imagining it you are not going to get what you are imagining but will create or attract more of the not so good feelings. It must feel good, it must feel right. It must to get more of it. You get whatever you think and feel, Understand?

If you are focused on problems and feel bad you get more of the same. If bills are overwhelming you and you are worried you get more of the same. If you are negative you create and attract more of the negativity. It is always working. Key point here!

IF you’re focused on having limiting beliefs, paradigms, behaviors and habits that hold you back then WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE ATTRACTING? According to the Law Of Attraction WHAT will you attract? You get what you focus on. Remember?

One Comes To Believe Whatever One Repeats To Oneself

You become what you think about most often! You will end up attracting MORE OF THE SAME! This kind of thinking IS counter to manifesting positively the good things you want. DO you understand this. You can’t buy into the premise that YOU are broken somehow.

The idea that you somehow sabotage yourself or hold yourself back or somehow keep yourself or prevent yourself from getting what you want unconsciously IS FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU DON”T WANT? Can you see that? It doesn’t help you get what you want.

So what to do?

You can consider it this way. The farmer must prepare the soil prior to planting the seeds. The earth must be cleared of weeds and rocks and other elements to make certain the soil conditions are right for the seeds to grow. That is part of the planting process.

Success Comes To Those Who Become Success Conscious

If you want to dedicate yourself to clearing out some limiting beliefs, or some bad behaviors and habits take a limited amount of time.  Take 30 days. Mentally limit yourself to the notion that you are simply preparing the soil. That is a fine practice. BUT know this:

There is NOTHING wrong with you! You’re not sabotaging yourself. You’re not limiting yourself. You work perfectly well! You manifest whatever you focus on. Be sure you’re focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Don’t be distracted or focus on limitation. Be focused on creating the goodness that you are worthy of and deserve! Do you get it? If you take your eyes off the prize because somehow you’re not good enough to get it then you’re not going to have to get it.

A Negative Mind Never Attracts Happiness Or Material Success

You won’t get it  BECAUSE you continue to perpetuate the myth that something is wrong with you. That’s what you continue to perpetuate. You are always attracting. You are a master at attracting. You cannot NOT attract or create. That’s the law!

If things aren’t going the way you want IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE ATTRACTING THAT CURRENTLY! You must stop what you are currently doing and do something else! You can’t do the same things over and over and expect anything to be different. It won’t be.

You cannot think in terms of limitation and decrease and expect to increase and prosper. To increase and prosper attention must be on increasing and prospering. It must be on ‘I’m feeling worthy and I deserve all the goodness that is coming to me now’.

A Negative Mind Spawns Only Negative Ideas

Create what you want. Focus on what you. Focus on what you can become. Focus on the good. Focus on making it happen and accepting that you are good enough and that you are worthy. Focus on right now knowing you have everything you need. You do!

You have everything you need to be the powerful creator you already are. Stop creating a mess and start creating bliss and prosperity Get it? Take responsibility for everything and choose to create and attract a better life.

You are in charge.  You are already creating everything. YOU ARE ALWAYS creating and attracting. Since, you can’t not it is time for you to specify and create what you want to create instead of anything else. Don’t be misled by yourself or by others!

Progress In Life Begins In The Mind And Ends In The Same Place

It’s OK to take some time to prepare the soil. That is absolutely a positive move. BUT realize you are worthy even while preparing. You don’t need anything else! You’re already doing everything.  The real question is what are you aiming at? What are you thinking?

You’re getting exactly what you create day in and day out. That’s how this all works. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t choose. It just does. It just is! It is ongoing, day in and day out. You determine what you get by what you focus on most frequently. So choose wisely!

All you do is decide whether you’re sending your thoughts and your feelings at the positive or at the ‘not’ positive. If it is not positive that’s what you’re creating. If it is positive that is what you are creating. You aim the car and that is where it goes. Get it?

Your Own Mental Attitude Is Your Real Boss

Make up your mind because you absolutely can get everything you want. STOP thinking you are broken, sabotaging yourself or needing more. You simply have to shift what you focus on. Shift away from the negative thoughts and feelings.

Maintain focus on positive thoughts and feeling. Yes, it is not always easy. It is simple but not always easy. It takes dedication and perseverance but so what? It can be done AND YOU can do it. Don’t be misled into thinking you need to be fixed first.

Yes, you must apply it moment to moment. That IS how you gain control. Yes, you fill your mind with positive thoughts by reading positive materials, listening to inspiring audios and by hanging around with other positive people.

Change Your Attitude And The World Around You Will Change

You attend events and keep you attention on what you positively want. You maintain a positive attitude or outlook and you feel positive and feel good. Feeling good is a big indicator. The better you feel the more ‘better’ things you attract.

Live your life well and have fun and you will get back more of the same, plus! That is what it means! You don’t attract what you are NOT you attract what you ALREADY ARE! You get back more of what you are! If you are positive and wonderful you get that back.

If you are down and out you get that back. You transform yourself by your thoughts, your feelings and your willpower and the rest begins to change because YOU do. Because YOU have the rest will fall into place eventually. ‘If it is to be it is up to me’, is how the saying goes.

You Become What You Think About

There is more to cover and we will. There is more to learn. I encourage you to study my posts here. Read and re-read and apply what you read to your life. Application of the material is where the power comes from. You must put it to practice to make a difference.

Take charge and you can do it. The only limitations you or I have are the ones we accept we have. (NO, it doesn’t mean you can fly without a plane.) The only limitations are in our thinking. You can and you will do anything and everything when you allow yourself to.

Recognize you are already a creator and attractor. Realize you have everything you need NOW. Apply it. Focus on what makes you feel the best and think the best thoughts. Live your life that way. Enjoy the little things. Feel grateful for everything. Live well.

Keep Your Mind Fixed On What You Want Not On What You Don’t

As you do things that make you feel better; take a walk, enjoy music, enjoy a bath, play with children and pets, read and listen to positive material, have hobbies, the more you live and enjoy, the more you think and feel good the more it comes back to you. It really does!

As it does you continue to create goodness all around you. You learn how to focus on being, doing, getting and having more of what you want to ALSO include. You create more goodness and love and prosperity because you are already living from that mindset.

Clear the soil that is fine. Plant the seeds and nurture them with positivity. Set your mind and your heart, your thoughts and your feelings on enjoying everything. Delight in it all. Learn from challenges and tough times. Everything IS a blessing.

Live – Love – Laugh – Celebrate Everything

The tough times are as important as the easy, blissful times. Extract the learning and shift your attention to the silver linings. All is good once you understand this. Enjoy it all. Embrace it all. You can enjoy so much if you allow yourself to. Keep it in mind! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today fun!

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