3 Power Questions To Get You What You Don’t Yet Have

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“You could be living your goals and dreams right now! You do have dreams and goals, right? Perhaps, you want that perfect career or job.  Maybe you want to be rich and famous. You want the ‘right’ relationship with a partner or with your family.

You want a lifestyle that allows you to do what you want when you want it. Right? What do you want? Specify it. Elaborate. Be detailed. What are you focused on? Describe your desire. Write it down. Take your time. What do you want?  This is the first question.

STOP! Don’t read on until you answer the question.

Okay, if you did what is asked of you, proceed. Many people gloss over actually doing anything. They think if they just have the right information and know enough it will change them. It won’t. Applying the information is how you change. You must do in order to know.

Why do you want it? Variations on this question are – what will having it do for you or allow you to feel and do? Why is it important to you? Why must you have that? If you say it makes me feel good then ask why do you want to feel good? What does that do for you?

Keep asking the question. Be diligent. Specific. Elaborate. Take your time. STOP and answer thoroughly. What will being rich do for you? Why is being rich important? Ask until you can get no further. Push yourself through to discover the important WHY behind your want.

STOP! Don’t read on until you answer the question.

Why don’t you have it? WHY do YOU NOT have your DREAMS right now? Why don’t you have it yet? You know what you want but you don’t have it? Write down why not. Be specific. Elaborate. Be detailed. Take your time. DO IT! Don’t read on until you do.

I MEAN STOP! Don’t read on until you answer the question.

I know some of you blew past anyway.

Three simple, yet, powerful questions. If you genuinely ask these of yourself it will reveal much and you will learn a lot. Specify what you want. Discover why you must have it, how it is important to you. Then answer, why you don’t have it, yet. Your answers are important.

This IS a process of self discovery. Important things can come up for you and shed light on what is going on. You can discover much that is illuminating and helpful for moving forward. It can refresh you as each new day can if you allow it to. Increase your awareness. Enjoy.

Sit with your answers. Think about them. Go back over each and be absolutely diligent and honest. Next blog post I’ll share more on this process and what these questions and answers can do for you. In the meantime, reflect, learn, appreciate yourself and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day AND someone else’s day marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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