You Suck If You Can’t Keep This! You Really Do!


“Want to ruin a romance fast? What to destroy a business relationship? Are you tired of keeping family and friends around? Want to lose a few? Do this and you will. Many have already? It is simple to drive people away. Harder if you want to keep them.

Do you ever make promises? Do you keep your commitments? Are you known as a trustworthy and reliable person? I am sure you’d like to think so, but are you? Do you stand by your word? Is your word your bond? Is your word law? If not, you absolutely want it to be.

I don’t have to point out how aggravating it is to receive promises from family, friends or businesses and expect them to honor their word only to have them not deliver on it. I don’t have to do that, do I? It sucks, right? Does it make you like them better? I bet not! Right?

People Of Good Character Keep Their Promises – Stay True

Do you feel like believing them the next time? How many times have you been repeatedly burned by the same person or business? What do you ultimately do? Are they gaining any good will from you? Have you cut some off. Have you said, ‘never again!’ Maybe to some, right.

‘My word is my bond. My word is law’. You are only as good a person and reliable as you word is true.  Your promise is your word. It is your commitment. Your word is a contract. You and I make verbal contracts all day long. Do you honor them is the question? Do you?

If you say you will be somewhere or do something, do you? If you promise to deliver then do it. Keep your agreement. If you say Friday you will do it or have it done that is a promise that you will have it done on Friday. If you don’t deliver on Friday your word is not good!

Never Make A Promise You’re Not 100% Committed To Fulfill

You are only as good and as valuable to others as the agreements you keep. Most people, want the people they associate with, in their family, friends, relationships, business and elsewhere to be honest, loyal, trustworthy and reliable or dependable. We value these!

We want to be able to take you at your word and hold you to your it. If we can’t count on you, if we aren’t able to rely on you, if you fail to come through and deliver as you say you will, of what use or value are you to us? No use! Because you betray the trust we place in you.

If you say you will do something. DO IT! That is the honorable thing to do. Your word is your bond. Your word should be law. Your word should actually mean something. If it doesn’t I don’t want much to do with you. I may like you but I can’t count on you. I don’t trust you.

Respect My Time – Match My Effort – Keep Your Word – Be Honest

So I may like you but you aren’t anyone I could recommend to others. Think business. Think networking. Think jobs. Do you want to refer someone to others who you know will let them down. Of course, you don’t! It would bite you in the ass. It would reflect poorly on you.

You may have a family member like this. You love them with your whole heart and soul but you can’t count on them for anything. What to do about them? Nothing. You can’t do anything until they begin to value their commitments, their word and their relationships.

If you state ‘I’ll try to get it done by Friday’ you are wishy-washy and not deserving of the trust of anyone. Yes,I know this is hard-core. The point is your word is your bond. Your word is either 100% valid or not. If it’s only 50% valid or 8o% valid who can rely on you?

You Lose Credibility When You Don’t Keep Your Word 

If you don’t honor your word why should anyone else? Why should anyone trust or rely or think you will deliver? They shouldn’t. We shouldn’t! Yes, I know there are times when you are over extended and you don’t want to commit to anything. It’d be better if you don’t.

Don’t say you will try only to disappoint someone else. Better to not say anything at all. Of course, that is difficult, but if you can’t keep your word don’t act as if you will. Better to pick a time when you know you can and will deliver and give them that date and time.

There are two people in the world most important to keep your word with. The first is YOU! You should always do what you say you will do. Keep your promise to yourself. If you say you are going to clean your desk Monday morning then do it. Keep your word!

A Promise Means Everything Once Broken Sorry Means Nothing

You are worth keeping your word with. You deserve respect. You are worthy of following through on your own promises to yourself. Make intentions. Keep them clear and simple and commit to them. Don’t say you will do things and then not follow through.

That is bad practice. Develop good habits. Make the task bite size if you must but do it. The second person absolutely critical to keep your word with is THE OTHER PERSON. Whomever you give your word to, friend, foe or stranger KEEP IT! Keep your promises.

Don’t be childish. Some people will argue that ‘I said I would do it but I didn’t promise’.  Because they didn’t utter the word promise they think that lets them off the hook. It doesn’t. Your word IS your verbal contract. If you say, ‘I will’ you promised you will. Not maybe but will.

Integrity Is The Most Valued And Respected Quality Of Leadership

Your word is either valuable or worthless to yourself and others. Keep your commitments. Keep your appointments. Be on time. Get  known as a person who delivers. Become known as someone who can be relied on.  Develop that reputation. Treat yourself well!

Because when you do you become a person of great value to others. You become indispensable in business. You stand out from all the rest. Your word is law. You are known to keep it. You are trustworthy. You make yourself indispensable. You are valuable!

Remember your word is gold. Every promise you make is a verbal contract. Keep it with yourself and others. If you can’t keep your word don’t give your word. Build the habit of being reliable. Great things can come about when you truly begin to value your own word! Practice keeping it and succeed! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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