Learn To Use This Master Key For Personal And Social Change


“Why do people want change? Probably obvious to state they don’t like something. There is a problem. They feel discomfort. Something is off and needs to be adjusted, eliminated or changed in some way by some means. Yes, frequently that is why we make changes.

When comfortable we enjoy. It is good so we don’t push for things to be different. We may enjoy learning or improving ourselves but we don’t feel as if we need to so we coast a bit. Then something comes along, usually an ouch, and we decide something must be different!

Here is what to do. Make a big list of what is wrong. List everything you can think of.  Whether it is everything about one problem or multiple problems. Take some time. Go on get it all out. Purge! Shine some light on those issues lurking about, too. Clean house. List all!

Think Positive And Positive Things Will Happen Focus Focus Focus

Next make a big list of what can be better. Clarify what you want for the future. What would be the ideal if the problem didn’t exist? How would life be better? What do you want instead? Take your time and be thorough. Use this example as a guideline. You have a house.

It is condemned. A lot is wrong with it. List all the repairs necessary but realize the whole house has to go. Now build a new house. The house of your dreams. What is that house like? Those problems areas how are they different in the new house? For example.

You might say, ‘The sink is tiny and leaks. The plumbing sucks. The fixture are old.’  Your new house would have a brand, new, beautiful sink that works perfectly. It is just the right size. The fixtures are gold (what ever your ideal is) and when you use it you feel great,

Negative Thinkers Focus On Problems 

Okay, get it? You have a list of what is wrong and unwanted that you want to exclude.  You have a list of what is right and desirable that you want to include or have more of. Okay, great. You have clarified the situation. Anything else you want to add, or change? Do it now.

Now take your list of positives and do whatever it takes to create and build what you want. Focus on creating and building rather than tearing down and getting rid off. If you tear the old problem house down you still need to build a new one or all you have is an empty lot.

So spend 98 or 99 percent focused on what you want to build and build it. Shift away from the problem to the desired solutions. Now, really do whatever you need to do, honestly and positively, to bring your desire into being. If you need to learns some things, learn them.

Positive Thinkers On Results

If you need some money find a legal way to raise it. Learn to do it or find someone who will help you. Do whatever it takes to make what you want happen. No excuses. No waffling. No whining. Just do it. Make your dreams come true. It is completely up to you!

Enlist others who want to help build. Find and attract positive like minded people who will work together for solutions. Fighting the old does not bring in the new. If you are working on a goal you agree on for yourselves or a social goal then together clarify and specify.

Together determine what you want to build. Work together in harmony. The purpose is to bring about what you want by working harmoniously together toward the same end. Keep the harmony. Preserve the relationship. Stay positive. Work together! Enjoy!

What You Think About You Bring About 

Work without ever giving up. Adjust as necessary but make it happen. Conversation may be a starting place to find like minded people but at some point like minded people need to do something. Over come inertia and the tendency to do nothing and move the ball forward. If you want it create it stop being a victim.

Start being a victor. If you want to apply it to the town, city, state or or  country you live in. Adopt the Gandhi method. Do what Gandhi did. He mobilized a few hundred million people with positive inspiration and motivation. Today it should be easier than ever.

We have social media and are more connected globally.  Or  it may also be somewhat difficult because the ‘controlling’ powers have wised up. However, anything is possible and achievable if you believe you can do it and work to make it happen without giving up.

Visualize Your Success Then Take Action – Action Is The Key

Correct, adjust and keep moving forward. Find a way. Create a way. That is what I suggest. I’ll leave it to others say why that won’t work. Then you’ll see the difficulty that needs to be overcome,inertia and ‘can’t do’ thinking. You’ll hear from the naysayer mindset.

No excuses. If we decide we want to do it, do it! Determine to build what we want. Resolve to not let anything stop us. Then we can prevail. Believe and take action. We can do it if we decide we will. You can do it when you decide. Talk is cheap action is everything. More in the next post. Make your dreams come true and celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Make your family or friends feel fabulous today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “Learn To Use This Master Key For Personal And Social Change”

  1. Nothing like cleaning house! I had a course of Effective communication where one would try to recognize any negative thought into a rational positive which could therfore result in better behavioral choices. It was very informative yet putting into action a challenge. I forget to do this but try when I can. THANKS for the wisdom.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. All things we learn are at first difficult to do. As infants we learned many difficult things prior to learning how to comment on how we were doing. We just did and did and did without quitting and we learned to roll over, crawl, sit up, balance, walk, talk, feed ourselves, use a toilet, read and write, hobbies, sports and passion.

    Learning to manage and control our thinking is the same. It takes application and commitment. We must do and repeat and repeat again and again the thoughts we want to think instead. Eventually, we learn and these become our new habit thoughts. We replace one for the other.

    Not always easy but simple. Not impossible but absolutely doable. Stick with it and within in time you will get better and better. Stay with it an you will eventually master it. Become the master of your own mind!

    Again thanks for sharing. All the best wishes in all things! Peace and blessings!!


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