Don’t Be An Idiot Manifestor

“The ‘idiot manifestor’ male states, ‘if what I think I become, then I should be an attractive, available woman.’ The idiot manifestor states, ‘if all I have to do is imagine it, then I should be able to fly.’ You have heard these arguments before, I am sure. I do, frequently.

It is with tough love I call them the’ idiot manifestor’. They confuse the science of getting what you want with magic or wishing for things. They equate visualization and affirmation, and putting your mind to work, with mysticism. They misunderstand! Get it?

You can wish for silly things all day and night. You can pray, light candles, visualize, affirm and PERHAPS you might get them. In all likelihood you won’t. The science of getting what you want is about creating what you want. It’s about you making it happen. Get this!

You Can Be Do And Have Anything You Want Within Reason

The ‘idiot manifestor’ usually is frustrated and confused. The person tries for a bit and gives up. Because they are misguided they don’t learn the science for making things happen. They think things come to you or you create things out of nothing, magically.  Things don’t!

Because their thinking is unrealistic and their expectations out of whack they don’t get the results they want and abandon the practice. OR, their misguided misunderstanding of it prevents them from attempting it in the first place. They have all the excuses.

It isn’t about wishing things into existence. It isn’t magically being able to fly or walk through walls because you think you believe it. It is about developing an unstoppable mindset that you put to work for you to create realistic, likely, results in the real world. It isn’t magic!

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – Mindset Matters

It can seem like magic when you master how to do it but it still works within the law of physics. We aren’t literally turning lead into gold. We are learning how to think our way into successful ways of being to much more likely make happen what we want to make happen.

Napoleon Hill stated you can have anything you want ‘within reason’. I balked at this notion when I was younger because I didn’t understand what he meant. Does that mean I can’t wish for great riches or health or attract the ideal mate? What is within reason?

It means, if I am willing to put the mind work into it I can have the money I want. Mindset affects health in a multitude of ways. If I think, feel and behave accordingly I can be happier and healthier. As for the mate, I need to make myself attractive to a mate first. Get it?

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

I can’t wish a mate into my life sitting in a chair hoping the person shows up. I can make myself the kind of person another person might want to get to know. I can’t fly without wings, nor can I walk through walls. Do you understand what you can and can’t expect.

One is practical and achievable. The other questionable at best. I never like to say never, but it should be made clear that Hill said, ‘What you can conceive and believe you can achieve’. Within reason. There is nothing negative about that tag. It means you can do it.

You can get real world results. If you apply your thinking, your attention, focus and energy into creating and living the kind of life you want, and believe you can make it happen, then you can achieve it. It is all up to you. It is always up to you and nothing else. Get it?

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You

In my next post I will again, remind you of the formula for using your mind to create what you want. Also know, gratitude is one of the major pieces in making it all work. When you consider everything a blessing you are ahead of the game. So, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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