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From Right Thinking Comes Right Action And Results

“If you think right, you will take right action. Successful people don’t just act for the sake of acting. Being busy doesn’t mean you are productive. Maintaining the right mindset, leads to right action.  Learn to take right action, while maintaining the right mindset.

Being productive means you do the right things to move you towards accomplishing your goal. Successful people do the right things on a daily basis. They love making things happen. They enjoy taking steps towards creating what they want. Do you?

Whether you want to be happier, be debt free, have more money or enjoy a loving relationship, taking right actions will get you there easier and faster. It begins with developing the right, positive mindset and the right feelings. Everything then comes together.

With The Right MindSet You Can Succeed – It All Begins Within

Right actions come from inside you. You lead yourself. You follow your intuition. You stop doing busy work and take the appropriate steps to make things happen. You create a momentum and a follow through. As you move forward you become clear on what to do.

Right now, perhaps, you don’t know what to do. You don’t even know, what you don’t know. So, work on your mindset.  As you develop the proper mindset you move forward. Go as far as you can see and when you get there you can see farther. That’s how it works.

Take the first step on faith from the right mindset. Your feelings will guide you if you pay attention to them as you develop the right mindset. Everything works together but you have to initiate the process and work it positively and correctly. Then you can begin to understand it and have it all! Begin right now to do the right things that get you closer to accomplishing your goals and dreams. Celebrate everything” Rex Sikes

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The Giant Step To Success: Why You Must Learn To Trust Your Gut


“In my last blog I shared with you secrets for getting what you want. Secrets that have been around for thousands of years. Then why are they secrets? Because only a few will apply them. When people do they get results. If they don’t use what is available they miss out.

Secrets hidden in plain sight but missed by most because we aren’t conditioned to make our dreams come true. We are conditioned to go to school, get a job, work for 40 years and retire. People could do that for a number of decades but times have changed.

That is why I share these blogs and these secret principles , methods, approaches and practices. It is with the hope that you will apply these and revolutionize your life so you begin living on your terms. It is time to end being a wage slave and not living your dreams.

Trust Your Intuition – Trust Your Gut – Shhhhhh – Listen And Feel

So — What do you do after you ‘act as if’ you already have what you want. Unless you have gotten the results in the outer world you are in the process of creating, manifesting or attracting what you want. While in the process you continue. You visualize, affirm, and feel it.

You keep doing that. You focus on what you want as though you already have it and you continue to live and operate from that mindset. IN ADDITION and because of the mindset you begin to take inspired action steps. These come to you. Watch and listen.

Your brain works around the clock as you focus on what you want. Your brain assists you in making it happen. It looks for the opportunities for you. Your awareness opens up. What you were blind to before, now you might see. Now you can see. It works!

The More You Trust Your Intuition – The Stronger It Gets

You live it and you take action. Your action is based on your intuition. You must listen to your intuition, you inner voice, your hunches and be prepared to pounce on opportunities as you become aware of them. These may come as flashes of insight, feelings or as thoughts.

These may or may not make sense to you. Perhaps, you get a hunch to dine at a particular restaurant. Follow your hunch. Learn what happens. Expect a blessing. You may not discover anything special or perhaps you run into a long lost friend or meet a new one.

You may not know right away. Still, get in the habit of listening to your inner voice. Your gut feelings. As you do you will discover they are reliable. They just aren’t delivered in a coherent fashion you might wish they were. They come as gifts however they come.

Listen To Your Inner Voice – Question Others – Listen To Yours

You either accept them or you don’t. The more you ignore or reject the less they will occur. You can, as some people have, turned a blind eye and deaf ear to their own inner awareness. If you don’t have the habit of gently listening you need to develop it. Pay attention.

This inner awareness can cause you great benefit if you follow it. How it works no one really knows. It just works. Learn to trust yourself and your hunches. You won’t over night it will take some time but gradually you will get better at it. Use it or lose it!

Who are you listening to? YOURSELF! Your inner wisdom. You have a subconscious knowledge base that parallels any outstanding library in the world. You have collected information, experiences, memories your entire life. Your brain searches these for the answer.

Pay Attention And Trust Your Very First Gut Instincts – Your First

When you focus on what you want you aim your own brain at searching for answers. The brain communicates them to you. It downloads them to your conscious mind but not typically all at once. Ah Ha’s are major downloads. Usually, you get fragments or flashes.

This is why you need to pay attention. Be aware and be still. Shut up and trust. You are in the process of creating something for yourself and you are aligning all of your inner resources and getting these to work together for you to assist you in actually making it happen.

You still need to examine and vet and insure that the hunches or flashes and the opportunities presented you are valid and worthwhile. You want to quickly but thoroughly research each and make sure it is legitimate. This is not the time to be gullible. Never is.

Don’t Shhhh Your Inner Voice – That Is Who You Really Are

Examine and if appropriate, act. Large steps once in awhile is not as effective as small steps each day. Move steadily and slowly toward your goal or outcome and you will get there quicker than the person who leaps only once in a while. Stick with it don’t give up.

Focus on one course or avenue until successful. Don’t try to do to many things at once. Don’t be a jack of all trades but master of none. Get good. Become exceptional at one thing. Follow your passion and your intuition. Too many opportunities can become a limitation.

Once you complete yours or are wildly successful then diversify. Until then follow your one big dream. You can break it into steps that you pursue one at a time as you would climb stairs, each one at a time, to get to the top. The same logic applies. Bit by bit you advance.

You Bring About What You Think About – Practice Gratitude

Work toward your goal. Listen and allow your intuition to guide you. Trust but vet the information. Make adjustments as necessary while maintaining your vision. It all comes together as you do continue the process. Stick with it , never give it. Follow through. Be grateful. You will get there. Stay the course. Have fun. Take it seriously but lightly. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be marvelous today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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