Maybe, You Are Praying Wrong!

what u put out u attract

“Most of my life I have been a student of ancient texts, western and eastern. It seems to me that most people pray wrong. This may be a controversial statement but from everything I know and understand praying is not begging it is celebrating. Hang with me on this. I am not professing to be an expert but I am sharing my insight and experience.

Prayer is an attitude of gratitude and blessing. In an English translation of a paraphrased Bible verse it states, ‘Ask, believing you shall receive, and you will receive’. It makes sense then that the key to receiving is not in the asking but in the believing you will receive.

It seems begging and pleading hasn’t done much for many people. Now I could be wrong, but it seems many ask for prayers when something is wrong. They focus on getting a solution to what is the problem, lack of health, wealth, well-being for self or loved ones. They beg, really asking and hoping when something is wrong. I don’t blame them it makes sense. Just as little kids plead with adults for things we plead our case for a hoped for result.  The focus ends up being on the problem and that IS the problem with how most may be praying.

I think prayer is being thankful for everything. It is knowing and trusting that all good things come to those  who trust. It comes to those who have faith.  Another verse states, ‘every person has already received a portion of faith’ so it isn’t something you have to muster up. You already have it within you. Exercise it.

what u resist persists Jung

Faith that you receive means you see it as already done. Your answer is already provided. It is accomplished you don’t have to keep asking. It is the full imagining in your heart and mind that you already have what you want instead of continuously asking for something to happen sometime in the future. The promise seems to be ‘believe it and you will see it’. Your thoughts and words and actions should be only those that bless, heal and prosper self and others.

If you keep asking for a result to happen in the future you are putting everything off in the future. Now is the eternal moment. You have to declare it completed now. ‘You stand on the word’ and the promises made in that word. You own the victory. You truly believe in the promise so you don’t have to beg. Even if you can’t yet hold it in your hand you have to imagine it completed in your heart and head.

I think many of us just have it in reverse. Our religious teachers have taught us incorrectly. Maybe they themselves don’t know. I realize that I only paraphrased a few Bible verses. If you are really interested you can search this out in the Bible and just about every other ancient or even modern spiritual text and practice. They all say essentially the same thing. This information seems to be all over the world in texts from isolated groups and people from all times on the planet. You can find it when you seek it out.

act as if you already have it

Celebrate what you ask for as already accomplished! Be grateful, be thankful that this or a better outcome is in store. Don’t try to push your plans or your agenda learn to accept whatever will be. Have faith, trust, expect the best, plan for the miracle. Receiving the miracle seems to be the toughest for people. You have to let go and accept it at some point. Allow it.

‘If you have the faith of a mustard seed’… It doesn’t take lots of faith apparently but it takes some. It takes enough to declare it and believe it as already accomplished. It takes enough to be appreciative of everything and live joyously. Live and celebrate, ask and be thankful for however it turns out. There can be hidden blessings now and later in whatever outcome arrives.

‘Ask and you will receive’. It all seems to boil down to what you believe in your heart. If you pray desperately, pleading, hoping, that is not the same as praying, asking, declaring, believing and accepting that it is done. Birds of a feather flock together is one of my pet phrases. So if you are anxious when you prayer you seem to stay anxious. You need to relax, let go, trust and rest in the promise.

ask for what you want and be prepared to get it

Asking others to pray celebrating the completion of what you requested is sound. ‘When two or more agree…’ Again, the key is to celebrate. To celebrate having your wants already heard and delivered. You step out on faith, in your heart and mind and act as if. You claim it! Ask people to join you in celebrating receiving.

Feeling positive, feeling gratitude, feeling deep in your heart that what you want IS already done, is different than waiting and hoping for the outcome you want. Believe it and you will see it. Be thankful and loving in all things. I believe  prayer is feeling joyous while convinced your prayer is already answered. It is not hope, it is the feeling you are complete and you delight in all. I believe we can all live prayerfully and when we do life is miraculous.” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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