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You Need A Power Team And Here Is Why!

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“The world goes on no matter what. It doesn’t slow down for us one bit. Sometimes it may seem as if we just don’t have enough good juice to handle it all. There are ways, of course, practices and principles you can apply. Would you like to know an important one?

If you can only sit peacefully in meditation atop a mountain somewhere, removed from the noise and the hustle and bustle, then you haven’t really learned how to quiet the mind. One should be able to live meditatively anywhere. Meditation is perfect for living where conditions are less than desirable. Try it. You may like it!

There are circumstances we enjoy and those we dread. There are people who are good for us and those who are toxic. I am a firm believer that we should be able to rise above anything or anyone who is a problem. Just as with meditation we should not allow ourselves to be brought down because of outside influences.

There are those people who are good for you to be around. These are the people who love and appreciate you. They encourage and support you in positive ways. They help you nurture your goals and dreams. They enjoy who you are and allow you to become who you want to be.

These people respect and value you. You respect and value them. Together you feel more alive. These are people to spend more time around. It is good to surround yourself with positive energy and good feelings. Decide who these people are in your life and treat them like gold. They are resources to you and you can be the same for them. Together you form a positive power team. Embrace it.

Relationships like this are wonderful to develop and grow strong. Your team may be people you already know or people you meet soon. When it comes to new ones choose friends you are proud to know and have in your life. Choose people you admire and respect; people who walk their talk, because actions speak louder than words. This is critical. Do they live it?

You want people in your life who are nice to you and you are nice to them. It is important to reciprocate love and kindness. Notice what you appreciate in others and let them know. Tell them. Be their cheerleader too. Support them in their pursuits. Cheer them on to greater heights. Be genuinely thankful and happy when they succeed and move forward. Be thrilled for them!

Help them in their endeavors. Small or large it doesn’t matter. The more you help others the more they will help you. Go first when it comes to giving. Be a gracious and available receiver. What goes around comes around. Be honest and reliable. Keep your word. Be the kind of person you want others to be.  Care about them. Let them know how much they mean to you.

If an issue or misunderstanding arises be slow to blame and quick to forgive. Forgiving means don’t let resentments get the better of you. Put things back into perspective. Let go. If you have some incredible relationships with quality people seek to preserve these. It is desirable to have a great core of quality people who inspire, motivate and support each other.

There is a synergy that occurs when like minded people come together. There is an exponential effect when two or more are gathered. Together you create more than each person can individually. Together you may accomplish great things. Together you can live, love and laugh more. Together you form an oasis in the world. Celebrate your positive team of friends and family.” Rex Sikes

Make today make yesterday pale by comparison.

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A Critical Secret Necessary For Success

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“In times long past there was a practice that has long been lost. It meant the difference between remaining the same, staying stuck at a certain level of existence, and moving forward into success. It was a way of life that has been lost in modern times. Tiny remnants remain and while that is good news it is true we suffer from the loss of this practice. What is it?

Apprenticeship. The art of being and apprentice or a disciple. From early times on there was a path to mastery whereby the knowledge sought, the skills necessary we learned between a talented master craftsperson and an apprentice.  There was a process of becoming a knight. One did not just declare oneself a knight.

Nor did one declare oneself a master mason, carpenter, educator or anything else. One learned from a master and when the master deemed the student ready to progress then and only then did the student learner move to the next level. We certainly don’t do anything like this today, at least, in my culture.

What we have is beneficial and a tiny remnant of this important educational process. We have mentors. Studies indicate that nearly 94% of successful millionaires attribute their success to having at least one mentor in life or business. They attributed their wealth creation directly to having a mentor.

A mentor is someone who can show them the ropes, who can advise them and tell them what to focus on. A mentor can tell them what to do and what not to do. They share their mistakes and the student benefits from not only their knowledge but their experience. Wisdom comes from experience and nothing can replace that.

Finding a success mentor is a great way to become richer. You want someone who has been where you are and who is doing what you want to be able to do. Their experience should parallel your experience as much as possible. You want someone who has traveled the same road you need to, but before you, so they can show you the way.

Nearly 70% of self made millionaires said having a mentor was critical to their success overall. You want to find a good mentor to help guide you. Along the way you may meet many. Your parents, relatives or family friends could be your first mentors. They might become mentors later once you are older.

Books are good for gaining insight but there are obvious limitations. You do not get any human feedback. Still, you can learn much from books and should read to better yourself. You might find someone in your work, or while attending seminars, or networking. Whomever ends up being your mentor is someone who you respect and trust. You need to know they have your interests in their heart.

Learning and evolving is wonderful and each day you can become more of the you that you want to be. You can dream big, aim high and reach your destination making your dreams come true. A mentor can help you in ways you may not readily be able to help yourself.

Alone, you can still succeed. You will be schooled by hard knocks and learn life lessons by trial and error. NOTHING can ever actually replace  experience. Be glad! What you learn along the way will stay with you. It will become a part of you. Pursue your dreams and do not quit.

You may have to be your own cheering section but persist. When you do you will celebrate the win. You can be, do and have anything you want in life. So go after it. A trusted mentor will bring you great value but don’t let being alone stop you. Go for it. Make it happen!” Rex Sikes

Make today a wonderful one

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Need To Be Part Of A True MasterMind Group!

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“Do you have support for the changes you want to make? Are you working at it all by yourself? Are you helping anyone else? The Mastermind Group suggested by Andrew Carnegie to Napoleon Hill is a powerful and excellent possibility you will want to explore.

Carnegie and Hill stated it is a necessity. Hill wrote  extensively about what a mastermind group should be. You hear a lot about these groups today but few are actual mastermind groups. The name gets used for any collection of people gathered around a topic. It has become a popular term and selling point.

Without going into the particulars in this post I suggest that you find ‘likeminded’ positive people whom you can partner with or associate with to help you stay on course. It is important to surround yourself with positive people who inspire you and whom you can encourage and assist.

There is exponential potential when more than one person pursues a definite chief purpose. Together people can accomplish more than individually. A true mastermind is formed around that purpose. It is tightly monitored to insure all are on the same page. Members work toward accomplishing the same agreed upon end.

You Can Accomplish More When In Harmony With Others

It is a special and unique group that forms in particular fashion for a particular purpose.  It is not the mere collection of like-minded people. Still, there is a point to also having like minded people to engage with. It is important to begin there. It is a great benefit too!

For our purposes today I suggest you find people to associate with for the purpose of having a cheering squad and a support team. When you associate with positive others you are inspired to greater heights. You travel together instead of separately even though you each are on a solo path. Birds of a feather flock together.

We will discuss at other times elements of a true mastermind group. This is an important topic and according to Carnegie and Hill a critical component for achieving great success.  Meanwhile, I encourage you to read Napoleon Hill, ‘The Laws Of Success’ and ‘Think And Grow Rich’. Two very worthwhile books!

Read these works for a more complete understanding of the time honored principles for success and an accurate description of a true mastermind group. A mastermind is not an internet collection of hundreds of people but a select few chosen for particular purposes.

Surround Yourself With Positive Energy People

Meanwhile, surround yourself with people who are accomplishing their dreams. Find those who already have made their dreams come true and who continue to make positive pursuits. It is great to learn from people who have been where you are and who are doing what you want to do.

This is important too. People who have come from a similar background. Of someone is born to extreme wealth and you are not you don’t have much in common. Their path to success is not yours, you don’t have those advantages. If the person came from humble roots but went on to great success that is the person to learn from.

That person’s path is more parallel to your own. They have some things to teach you and you have some things to learn from them. Spend time in nourishing atmospheres with uplifting people. It is part of your nutritional program for your mind and spirit.

Read and re-read positive materials. Listen to positive speakers. Attend functions and events and stay on course by having buddies who help and whom you can help. A wonderful thing happens for you when you can celebrate and cheer on another to success. Great things can happen when you assist and give to others.

Think of your own personal improvement program this way. How much time do you spend devoted to the positive pursuit versus the negative? How much time is positive versus distraction? The goal is for you to enjoy more and more of life so that the balance falls in the favor of the positive time. 70, 80, 90% positive.

Your Positivity Scale Should Tip In Favor Of Positivity

If you read a page a day and spend the rest of your time surrounded by negative whining people whom you join in helping criticize current affairs you aren’t spending much time filling yourself with positive and inspiring thoughts, feelings and actions. You need to change that and adjust those times appropriately.

Social media can be a huge time waster and downer because so much is focused on what is wrong with everything. As is the news and unfortunately as is a lot of people we care about. Make sure you are getting more than adequate nutrition for your mind and body.

If you want to turn your life around you can. Spend more time engaged with the positive thoughts and behaviors that make it so and you will! Spend more time with positive and encouraging people. Adjust the positive to negative time spent ratio and you will find your life moving into the positive fast lane. ENJOY!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate Today!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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9 More Easy Ways To Program Yourself For Success!

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“Today we continue to explore powerful ways you can program yourself for success in life. Here are another 9 that will help you raise your vibrations, your attitude and abilities to move forward and succeed in whatever area you want to. There is no particular order to implement any of these. Although you should first get clear on what you want to be, do and have. Knowing this before you begin is important. You want to know where you are supposed to end up prior to beginning your travels. It is the same with your dreams. Then you can visualize, affirm and take action to make them happen.

All the other steps can be done in any order. Little by little or a lot at once. Sometimes it is easier to work on tough things, get them out of the way and move on to the little things remaining. Other times, you might want to prepare, take care of the little things, have some fun and work your way into the larger issues. Whichever way you choose is up to you. Add these into your life as you wish. When you do you will discover their power and their long term far reaching effects.

1. Sing, draw, create. Sculpt, play music. Write in a journal with pen and paper. Have some positive hobbies or crafts and arts you can do, that you enjoy and that bring you and possibly others delight. Get lost in your own creativity and imagination. Let go, have fun, be as a child. Relax, meditate, do some yoga. Chill, give yourself a positive time out and take a break. Go into your creativity and imagination.

2. Smile, giggle and laugh more each day! Laughing a lot is incredibly energizing and transforming. Let go! Enjoy. A great way to begin the day is to sit in your room somewhere and laugh out loud for at least 5 minutes. More if you have the time. It changes your breathing, you get more oxygen and you use your diaphragm. It makes you feel more alive and puts a smile on your face. Laughter is fabulous medicine. Take a good dose whenever you can!

3. Obstacles,challenges and mistakes provide opportunities and life lessons. Look for both and learn from them. Your RAS will help you to notice what you might otherwise miss. Keep your attention on your dreams as previously described. Concentrate on what you want. Mistakes you make give you feedback so that you can adjust what you are doing. Be flexible. Be adaptable.Reframe them all as an opportunity to develop new skills and awareness. Life may hurl a number of things at you but opportunity favors a prepared mind. Learn from challenges and mistakes!  It will enable you to respond more resourcefully now and in the future.

Understand that troubles will always arise. Things you acquire can be taken from you. Who you are, who you evolve to be, can never be stripped from you. It is not what you have or don’t have that is so important it is the kind of person you are. Learn to take on challenges by looking for the solutions. Aim high and you will find the best. Look for the silver lining in each dark cloud. It is who you are, your attitude, your mindset, your resourcefulness that makes all the difference!

4. Enjoy being you and the life you have. De-stress. Live to the fullest. Find the best feelings! Have fun and spend time with loved ones. Make it quality time, Talk and meet loved ones heart to heart. Look into their eyes and enjoy the connection. Hug, smile and laugh together. Snuggle.  Visit some nice places, get out and about but make sure dedicate time to one another. Have fun together. Delight!

Listen more and talk less. Find out what is important to the people you care about. Nurture them, help them over a difficulty or with something enjoyable. Give to them more of the excellent you and less of the busy you. Give whenever you can because you get back so much more when you do. They’ll appreciate it and so will you.

what are you grateful for today

5. Let go, forgive and forget grievances. Stop carrying baggage whether it is moments old or decades. Stop letting old wounds and scars dictate your present life and your future. The energy you spent protecting yourself, surviving, and resisting what was could be better spent living joyously and fully. Be free. Be totally free!

The only way is to drop your grudges and hurts. You can’t hang onto something if you dropped it. So drop it! Forgive! Forgiving does more for you than it does for the person you forgive. Letting go is FOR YOU more than for anyone else.

Letting go can be for others if your hurts and baggage are affecting your loved ones and their home life too. It can affect them. Do not to let it interfere with the people you love most. Let go for them. Resolve to make the changes you need to in order to live free for yourself so that they too can live free. Your cares are their cares! Help them over your hurts so they can live free too! Then everyone can enjoy the feeling of that release.

6. Forgive yourself. Let go of regrets about what you should have or should not have done. Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Mistakes are fine they help teach us as we go along. What happened back then was the you back then ‘the old you’. This is you now. Let go and realize that you don’t have to hang onto the past.

Accept yourself. Accept who you are today. Accept the person who you want to become. Aim at being the best you and move in that direction. Celebrate your forgiveness and acceptance. Celebrate yourself and be grateful for everything you have created in your life. Take 100% responsibility and move forward. It is powerful to recognize your role as creator!

Perhaps, you created alot you didn’t want, that you didn’t intend and didn’t like. That’s okay, everyone has. NOW begin creating what you do want, create you do intend and that you will like. If you were able to bring all that about in your past even when you did not want it you can bring about great things in the future! Imagine if you used your powers for good! Just concentrate now on creating the good life for yourself and others.

7. Love yourself! Appreciate yourself. Celebrate everything. Live in joy, happiness and well being. Nurture your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit. Choose the best feelings and savor them. Make your moments count. Treat yourself well. Gift yourself in some fashion. Take a bath, a trip, read a book, go to a movie, treat yourself special.

List all your positive qualities and abilities and reflect on these. What makes you incredible? Focus on what you are good at. List your accomplishments. Take positive care of yourself. Think the best and expect the best of yourself. Hold yourself in high esteem.

how can i help others olve their problems and acheive their dreams

8. Practice the Golden Rule. Whatever you put out you get back. Think the best and expect the best for and from others. Hold everyone else in the highest esteem. Wish them the best no matter who they are. What you concentrate on you attract. This is a great way to make sure you attract what you want to attract and not what you don’t want.

There is no reason to attract more anger, resentment, hostility, hatred or even indifference to yourself so be sure you aren’t putting this out there. Think, feel, speak and do the best and you get the best in return.Shower others with peace, love and enjoyment. Wish them success and celebrate the good things that happen for them.

9. Birds of a feather come together. Like attracts like. This is true not only about our thoughts and feelings, our wants and circumstances but other people as well. Align with positive high energy creators who are loving, kind, helpful, supportive and fun. Like attracts Like!

Energy and good feelings, ‘vibes’ rub off. The more time you spend with others nurturing each other the better off everyone is. Seek the highest and the best. Seek those who are congruently positive people who walk the talk. We get further faster when we travel with others in the same direction. You can inspire and motivate each other. Surround yourself with positive people.

Notice the reoccurring theme? It is: Choose to think, feel, speak and act the best. Choose the most positive. Spend the bulk of your time learning how to think, feel and act wonderful moment to moment. The more you fill up each day with high quality thoughts, feelings, words, actions and friends the more you will get back many times over. When people start out often they are mostly negative and only a little positive. Your overall goal is to shift that balance so that you are mostly positive.

The higher your thoughts and feelings the better you feel. The better you feel and the more often you feel wonderful the less stress and more well being you create. You activate your immune system to more easily keep you healthy. You think better and recognize opportunity quicker.

With the right attitude you are far more equipped to accomplish your career and life goals. You begin to make your dreams come true because you realize you alone are responsible. AND you know that you can! Your relationships become more wonderful. You begin attracting the right kind of people who can help you AND whom you can help. Overall everything improves! Live a wonderful, integrated, holistic life style in mind, body and spirit you and you will notice the difference it makes.” Rex Sikes

Today is a special day. What will you do that is special today?

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Why Your Friends And Colleagues Are Important!

i am starting to attract the people around me

“Invest in your relationships. Nurture your personal and professional connections. Surround yourself with people that make you feel incredible. You can be more awesome when the people around you help you feel awesome. You can’t be your best if some people are making you feel less than glorious. You get further faster with support.

You may have to choose to not spend so much time with those people who bring you down. You may need to be a bit selfish with your time and space in order to spend it with those who uplift you. Don’t be rude about it. Be gentle, be kind and simply withdraw your presence gradually over time. Spend your time elsewhere bit by bit. It will always be your decision to let them back in at some time.

Wish them the best in your mind, your word and your deed as you choose those other people who can help you fulfill your purpose. Always wish everyone the best! Make it a point that most every person around you is someone that you chose to keep around.

Nurture and care for the important people in your life young or old but seek those who inspire you and challenge you to be your best. Don’t just choose like minded people who want to keep you the same as they are. Choose those who help you to stretch and develop your talents, abilities and resources. Surround yourself with those who help you to discover yourself and help you believe in yourself.

It is our network of people who help us move ahead. We cannot do everything by ourselves nor should we try. We should connect and network and form strong healthy close ties with good people. We need to care for the people in our lives and stay close to our loved ones, family, friends and associates. Together we are stronger!

We want people in our lives who accept us as we are while allowing us and encouraging us to grow. It is important that this goes both ways. Be certain that you accept them and allow and encourage them to grow as well. Relationships are based on mutual reciprocal support and nurturing.

be the type of person you want to meet

It is important that you give first what you seek in return. Be the same kind of best friend you want for yourself. Be the loving, strong family member you want in return. Become the person you want to meet and include in your life. Accept others and they can accept you. Inspire, help, motivate and support everyone in your life.

Be grateful for everyone. Even the ones you may let go of. Every person in our lives, intentionally or not, offers us opportunities to grow and see aspects of ourselves we may otherwise not. Every person is a much needed mirror to reflect back to us who we are and what we value.

From those closest to us to strangers we randomly meet each shows us ourself and is a valuable asset to us. So be grateful for each and every person and the challenges and opportunities they present us with JUST be being themselves.

When you are incredible to be around you will attract back into your life incredible people. Make the other person feel marvelous first. The easiest way to do this is to feel wonderful. When you first feel awesome you can help them be more awesome . They can’t be their best if you are making them feel less than glorious. So think and feel and behave your best.

Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. You get what you focus on. When you are positive and all your thoughts, words and deeds bless, heal and proser those kind of people will be attracted to you and come into your life. Others who you may need to let go of may simply spend less time with you all on their own and seek the company of those more similar to them. It is amazing how it works.

SO live by the Golden Rule! Hold all people in your mind and heart in high esteem and with respect and you will be surprised how wonderful life becomes and how many new doors open for you.” Rex Sikes

Delight fully in your day!

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Maybe, You Are Praying Wrong!

what u put out u attract

“Most of my life I have been a student of ancient texts, western and eastern. It seems to me that most people pray wrong. This may be a controversial statement but from everything I know and understand praying is not begging it is celebrating. Hang with me on this. I am not professing to be an expert but I am sharing my insight and experience.

Prayer is an attitude of gratitude and blessing. In an English translation of a paraphrased Bible verse it states, ‘Ask, believing you shall receive, and you will receive’. It makes sense then that the key to receiving is not in the asking but in the believing you will receive.

It seems begging and pleading hasn’t done much for many people. Now I could be wrong, but it seems many ask for prayers when something is wrong. They focus on getting a solution to what is the problem, lack of health, wealth, well-being for self or loved ones. They beg, really asking and hoping when something is wrong. I don’t blame them it makes sense. Just as little kids plead with adults for things we plead our case for a hoped for result.  The focus ends up being on the problem and that IS the problem with how most may be praying.

I think prayer is being thankful for everything. It is knowing and trusting that all good things come to those  who trust. It comes to those who have faith.  Another verse states, ‘every person has already received a portion of faith’ so it isn’t something you have to muster up. You already have it within you. Exercise it.

what u resist persists Jung

Faith that you receive means you see it as already done. Your answer is already provided. It is accomplished you don’t have to keep asking. It is the full imagining in your heart and mind that you already have what you want instead of continuously asking for something to happen sometime in the future. The promise seems to be ‘believe it and you will see it’. Your thoughts and words and actions should be only those that bless, heal and prosper self and others.

If you keep asking for a result to happen in the future you are putting everything off in the future. Now is the eternal moment. You have to declare it completed now. ‘You stand on the word’ and the promises made in that word. You own the victory. You truly believe in the promise so you don’t have to beg. Even if you can’t yet hold it in your hand you have to imagine it completed in your heart and head.

I think many of us just have it in reverse. Our religious teachers have taught us incorrectly. Maybe they themselves don’t know. I realize that I only paraphrased a few Bible verses. If you are really interested you can search this out in the Bible and just about every other ancient or even modern spiritual text and practice. They all say essentially the same thing. This information seems to be all over the world in texts from isolated groups and people from all times on the planet. You can find it when you seek it out.

act as if you already have it

Celebrate what you ask for as already accomplished! Be grateful, be thankful that this or a better outcome is in store. Don’t try to push your plans or your agenda learn to accept whatever will be. Have faith, trust, expect the best, plan for the miracle. Receiving the miracle seems to be the toughest for people. You have to let go and accept it at some point. Allow it.

‘If you have the faith of a mustard seed’… It doesn’t take lots of faith apparently but it takes some. It takes enough to declare it and believe it as already accomplished. It takes enough to be appreciative of everything and live joyously. Live and celebrate, ask and be thankful for however it turns out. There can be hidden blessings now and later in whatever outcome arrives.

‘Ask and you will receive’. It all seems to boil down to what you believe in your heart. If you pray desperately, pleading, hoping, that is not the same as praying, asking, declaring, believing and accepting that it is done. Birds of a feather flock together is one of my pet phrases. So if you are anxious when you prayer you seem to stay anxious. You need to relax, let go, trust and rest in the promise.

ask for what you want and be prepared to get it

Asking others to pray celebrating the completion of what you requested is sound. ‘When two or more agree…’ Again, the key is to celebrate. To celebrate having your wants already heard and delivered. You step out on faith, in your heart and mind and act as if. You claim it! Ask people to join you in celebrating receiving.

Feeling positive, feeling gratitude, feeling deep in your heart that what you want IS already done, is different than waiting and hoping for the outcome you want. Believe it and you will see it. Be thankful and loving in all things. I believe  prayer is feeling joyous while convinced your prayer is already answered. It is not hope, it is the feeling you are complete and you delight in all. I believe we can all live prayerfully and when we do life is miraculous.” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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How To Keep Your New Year Resolutions!

align yourself with mentors

It is the beginning of the New Year. You want to make a difference for yourself don’t you? You want to get your goals and keep your resolutions? A great way to do this is to help others get their goals and keep their resolutions. Be a support to someone else. Create a support team or buddy system.

Make it a point to give to them first and allow them to give to you. The magic happens when you go first and give for no reason other than to help another person. Find positive productive people you can work together with as a support system. Help each other stay inspired and motivated. Help each other to keep reaching to their personal best.

Invest in these relationships with others. Choose people who are positive. Don’t expect the best if you choose poorly. Pick people who are positive and help each other feel better. Surround yourself with a team of happy, successful go-getters who are dedicated to making a positive difference in each of their lives. This will help to keep you on track. Help each other keep your commitments and resolutions.

This point is important! Give and help those less fortunate than you. Whatever your lot or station in life there are those who are struggling or who have less. Find them, wherever they may be, and help them. Give assistance and give service.

Help them for no other reason other than it is the right thing to do. When we help others it not only helps them but it helps us. Give, share, teach, assist whatever you can do to improve someone else’s situation. There is a beauty in giving to others who can’t return your help too. You have no expectation of repayment. This is priceless!

act show prove

When we give we get! When we give first without expecting return it is one of the best things we can do. Giving and loving unconditionally not only benefits the recipient but it benefits the giver. This year give more and you will get more than you can ever imagine.

The difficulty with many who arrive at their dreams of wealth is once they get there they no longer do what they did to get there. Instead they try to hang onto what they have. That change in mindset often results in downfall. You can’t hoard and have free flow towards you. Like attracts like. Fear, neediness, clinging attracts the more of the same. Giving cheerfully, sharing, helping attracts more of the same.

You have to keep doing what works. What works is giving cheerfully. Helping others who need some help. It works to surround yourself with a positive team who give freely to each other and keep each other going. Think the best, feel the best, do the best and speak the best and your life will become so much more magical and wonderful. Celebrate and delight in helping other people in this new year. Keep this team and keep giving throughout the new year! ” Rex Sikes

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