How To Become Alert To Success Opportunity

the secret of success is your daily routine - change

“How do you become alert to opportunities around you to advance your career and make your life more of what you want it to be? How do you stimulate your imagination and you attention to discover what is available to you that you may have been missing? You don’t want to miss out do you?

Napoleon Hill had a precise method that works. It works wonderfully well. It is easy to do and will bring you great insight and reward. All you have to do is put it into practice. If you dedicate yourself to this method it will work for you too.

Hill stated, ‘I know that if I need my own mind to be opened up to receive opportunity, the best way in the world to open it up is to start looking around to see how many other people I can help.’

Something happens when you take the focus off of yourself and your needs and begin to wonder how you can more fully benefit others. You get out of your own way. You stop thinking your ritualistic way about you, your life, your limitations and your resources.

When you begin to get really curious about how you can help other people you open new doors. You aren’t thinking the same ways because you are thinking about others. You are looking at what they might need and what you can do to fulfill their needs. This opens your mind, your brain to travel in new directions.

You actually find ways to help. When you actually help you open up the door for others to reciprocate. You must do it with a clean heart, without seeking any compensation in return because when you do it for THEM it will come back to you. If you are trying to get something by doing ‘them a favor’ they won’t be receptive to it.

When you go the ‘extra mile’ for others for no reason at all they know it. They get it!  The wish inside themselves IS to return it to you. You attract what you put out there. You seek to benefit others without return and they will seek to benefit you in the same manner.

Even if not everyone does, even if some take your help and do nothing, you benefit from the exercise of your mind. You benefit by opening your heart and helping others in need. Your imagination is piqued too because you are looking for needs to be filled. Win/Win!

Great inventors do the same thing. They think, ‘how can I solve an existing problem? How can I make something easier, quicker,  or more fun? What can I do to help people have more free time and enjoy their lives?’ This is how great ideas are borne.

You have this opportunity when you first seek to make others better off. You help them which alone can make you feel good. You stimulate your thinking and look for solutions. By thinking about others you often find answers you can use. In looking for opportunities to assist others you find opportunities for yourself.

Applied to your own life you become more alert and aware of opportunity surrounding you day in and day out. Advantages abound. This is an abundant universe! YOU just have to notice them and then act on them!” Rex Sikes

Have a thrilling day!

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