Now! You Can Overcome Difficulties & Have A Life Worth Living!

horizon and whispy clouds

“Can we live a life worth having? Can we love and enjoy being loved? If we have only one go around then why not find the way to enjoy it and others as best we are able? Can we create a wonderful life and a wonderful world for everyone?

These are questions I find important that we ask ourselves and the purpose of this blog is to help us ask questions that bring us more wonderful results and answers.

Commit to making a change for yourself, commit to your goals and commit to asking yourself new sets of questions. Doing this will help you be happy and able to succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

You might ask the following samples and you might create your own:

I wonder how exquisitely talented I can become? How quickly will I begin to learn these new skills? In how many different ways can I express my confidence appropriately? How easily can I find my self being able to make these changes now? In how many different ways will I be delighted to look back and realize I was able to readily accomplish my goals?

How come I am so lucky? Why am I so wonderful? What are my very best qualities? How soon will I begin to notice myself feeling more surprised and delighted each day?  What new wonderful things will I discover today that can and will amaze me? How soon will I notice myself smiling and laughing more? How much fun can I discover?

I wonder how quickly and easily I can achieve my ideal weight by eating right and getting the right amount of sleep and exercise? How can I become thinner while enjoying the process? How soon will I find myself naturally eating the foods that are healthy for me? In how many positive and powerful ways can I picture my ideal self?

I wonder how delighted I will be as I begin to notice the many different ways I am feeling better and better? How naturally and easily can I begin to pay attention to the most pleasant, wonderful positive feelings? Which sensation in my body feels the very best right now? What can I pay attention to that makes me feel loved?

How delighted  can I become to naturally notice myself feeling more vibrant and alive? How many great feelings can I discover? In how many different ways can I powerfully imagine myself successful? What are the many different ways I can begin to notice my life becoming more and more wonderful? What am I most grateful for?

How quickly and easily will I begin to talk nicely to myself in ways that make me feel grand?  How easily can I see myself feeling incredible having accomplished my goals? What are the best feelings I can feel today? How soon can I begin to notice and pay attention to the many different ways I am blessed and feel absolutely thankful?f How soon can I notice everything always works out well for me?

You can substitute pronouns. For example you can ask yourself or another person the any of the above questions or the following:

How soon will you begin to notice with absolute delight how happy you can become? Do you realize how exciting it is going to be when you take this vacation? In how many different ways are you going to enjoy it? What do you imagine will be the most fun for you? Isn’t it wonderful to be able to relax and let go?

Asking questions of yourself and others directs the mind to areas it is most useful, positive and beneficial to focus on. You aren’t looking for ‘an’ answer you are allowing your brain to find examples. Birds of a feather flock together so the brain comes up with more and more.

The more you ask the more you can find and delight. These are samples. Create your own. Ask repeatedly. The more you ask the more quickly you will benefit. Soon you will find it becoming a natural and automatic habit to look for the good and the new  in your experiences. Remember, we become what we think about!

Questions are useful in feeling better, learning new behaviors and skills easily, overcoming difficulties and discovering new opportunities and advantages you may have been missing. Asking the right questions repeatedly in the right way directs the mind to look for numerous ways to evolve yourself or solve your problems and resolve your difficulties gently. Take it easy and enjoy asking!

You will readily begin to direct your attention and yourself in positive and powerful ways. Right now, notice how well these work to direct your attention and the attention of others in positive ways. Ask nicely! How you ask is as important as what you ask. These types of questions are especially wonderful with children and teens!

I have shared Directed Questions™ since 1980. Countless numbers of people have benefited positively and powerfully by learning to direct their minds. You will too!

So what can you do today for yourself and for others that will put a smile on your face and on theirs? More tomorrow.” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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