Without This You Are Like A Ship Without A Rudder


“Does it seem like you work hard and still get no where? You put in effort for a long time but it seems you are spinning your wheels? Are you going around in circles? Do you have difficulty moving forward consistently? Perhaps, you advance a couple of steps only to fall back a few more. Is this you?

Today, I would like to paraphrase a couple of Napoleon Hill’s powerful analogies. I love Hill. If you haven’t read his works yet, I heartily suggest that you do.

Hill states that a person needs to have a Definite Purpose in order to succeed. One should be absolutely clear about one wants and intends to do. It should be clarified and written down and enthusiastically read out loud at least twice a day.

You Need To Have A  Definite Purpose

Print it out and put it somewhere you will look at it a lot during the day. Keep it before you on the outside AND on the inside. In your mind’s eye see your goal as already accomplished. Feel what it is like to enjoy having what you want. Savor and bask in these feelings. Make them intense. The stronger they are the better it is. Hill says ’emotionalize’ your definite purpose!

Without a Definite Purpose, Hill states, you are like a ship in the middle of the ocean that loses it’s rudder. The ship struggles along going in circles, getting no where fast. All it’s efforts do it no good. Soon it will exhaust all of its power, all of its energy, and it will not make it to its destination.

Hard work alone will not get you where you want to go. You can work hard and get no where at all. Working hard without the correct specified mind set IS like being that ship without the rudder. You need to be able to steer your efforts appropriately based on what you absolutely want most.

Know what you want. Think success first. Get your mind set right. Feel successful. Become confident you can do it. Then all of your efforts will be aligned with your mind set and will valuable. Specify your purpose and steer your ship. Then all of your energy is aligned and utilized correctly to move you to the place you want to be.

Hill’s other analogy is marvelous! He uses it to illustrate the power of Organized Effort. Organized Effort is where all of your talents and abilities, resources and plans are aligned and congruent with your purpose and working in harmony. This is how you maximize your efforts to make your dreams come true.

Harness The Power Of Organized Effort

In an experiment, you most likely have conducted sometime in your life, or at least you’ve seen it done, you take a magnifying glass. This glass represents your Definite Purpose. Aim the glass at definite spot on a piece of paper. The glass focuses the sun’s rays and harness it’s power and soon the paper bursts into flames.

Without the magnifying glass focusing the sun’s rays on a definite spot the sun can shine on that same paper for millions of years without anything happening.

Determine your Definite Purpose. Know what you want. Feel good about it. If it doesn’t make you feel wonderful it isn’t for you. Focus your attention and direct your energies and efforts so you can move forward productively. You must have a purpose first or you will get nowhere. Notice Hill emphasizes your mind set over and above your actions. From your Definite Purpose you make Organized Effort.

Hill states these three things are necessary to succeed. The first is to know what you want. Have a Definite Purpose. Second, concentrate on it so that it becomes a Burning Desire. Your definite purpose occupies your thoughts day and night resulting in incredible, intense feelings. Third, take Appropriate Action through Organized Effort.

Have A Burning Desire

When your mind set is correct and your are passionate about achieving your goals then you be able to take the appropriate steps to making it a reality. Your thoughts and feelings will be in harmony. When these are aligned you are better able to create plans and work your plans. You will know the right steps to take. Everything begins to fall into place.

When you put these three principles into play you stop spinning your wheels and start advancing your goals and dreams. When you concentrate your energies and attention you make them available in your daily life. You become what you think about. You become clear, passionate and powerful.

You create and attract like minded people who resonate with your attitude and presence. You are better able to utilize resources and notice opportunities, events and circumstances that can help you. You transform yourself first and your life transforms with you.

Thoughts And Feelings Come First

You become the magnifying glass able to harness and focus the power to make your dreams come true. Once your mind set is correct and your definite purpose energized you are on your way to making it reality in your everyday life.

Remember, Hill said write it out and repeat it out loud enthusiastically, passionately at least twice a day. Energize your purpose. Feel great about it! Keep it in your mind. Affirm it. See it, hear it, touch it, smell it, taste it. When you hold it in your head you will someday hold it in your hand. Go for it and keep at it! Never stop!

If you have been working hard with not much to show for it realize now that transformation begins within. It is what you do on the inside that’s most important. Get that right and the rest will fall into place. Presently, you may have had the cart before the horse. It’s time to make the necessary change and create the life you want!” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day! Enjoy!

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