Here’s How You Can Feel Good More Often!

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“Would you like to feel better more often? Would you like to enjoy life more? It is far simpler and easier than most people think it is. Of course, that is because most people think from tired, old, worn out, habitual, pre-conditioned programming we got from others.

Wouldn’t you prefer to think for yourself? Wouldn’t you prefer your thoughts and feelings to serve you as they are supposed to instead of you serving them. Too many people fall victim to what is between their ears and they do not have to. Would you like it to be different?

The key to making your life work and getting what you want is your feelings. The better you feel the better everything works. Is feeling good important? Yes it is! Is feeling good all the time important? Yes, but we are human and all emotions are part of being human.

Feel The Best You Can

Still, the goal is to feel the best you can as much as you can each day. This means that when you don’t you make some effort to change it. What does this mean? It means, notice it. When you feel less than glorious notice it. First, become aware.

Usually we do this without too much difficulty because it is less than glorious. The feelings get our attention. Still, to notice it and become aware of it means to acknowledge it. That is what is going on so accept it. It is what it is. That is how you feel.

These less than glorious feelings are a signal that something is off kilter. Something needs your attention and adjustment. The feelings are a signal alerting you so you can change whatever is the cause of them. You can adjust whatever is going on.

As Often As You Can 

Typically, it is your thoughts have dipped. You are thinking less than gloriously. Your attention and energy is on what is wrong, what you don’t like, what you want to avoid or something in your world that is less than glorious. The feelings are alerting you to this.

If your thoughts are on what is negative your feelings will follow. As your feelings follow you create and attract more of the same thoughts and feelings. As a result your actions follow. Less than glorious results follow. You spiral down. Circumstances suck too!

Your thinking you can change. While it may not be that easy for you if you never tried to change it, you can control your thinking. You are going to want to learn to do it anyway so that instead of crappy life circumstances you begin creating and attracting positive ones.

For As Long As You Can

When you learn how to change your thinking your entire world changes. No longer are you a victim of your thoughts but master of your thoughts. They work for you! They serve you. You determine how things will be instead of living at the mercy of things!

As you steer your thoughts back to positive and productive your feelings will shift. You can also do things to shift them. Do something positive for yourself. Take a bath, go for a walk. Exercise, meditate. Enjoy nature, play with a child or a pet, relax, get active. Do anything that works to shift your feelings for the better.

We tend to do is think, if I don’t feel like it then I can’t. I don’t feel like cleaning my room so I can’t or won’t. We don’t have to feel like cleaning in order to clean but that is something we learned. It is incorrect. That is not acknowledging and validating our feelings well.

Our Thoughts Determine How We Feel

On the other hand. If we suffer loss. We should grieve. We want to acknowledge the contribution and the loss of a loved one. We miss the person. Acknowledge what is going on. Allow and accept that you will feel down and sad. It is totally fine.

That is completely normal. This is different from not feeling like working. Don’t fall for your feelings. Utilize them as a signal and learn to adjust your thinking. It may take a little time because we live from habits we acquired long ago. We need to change our habits.

Consider this. You are an incredible being. You have an awesome brain and heart and are alive in inexplicable ways. You are a bio-chemical, electrical phenomena; a life form and a life force. We are amazing! Yet, we take so much for granted and abuse ourselves so often.

Appreciate How Incredibly Amazing You Are

We should live like emperors, at least in our own skins, if not everywhere else. Instead, we live like beggars. We can be happier, healthier, have more enjoyment and delight in all life offers. Sadly, most people don’t feel like it and think crappy thoughts.

Take control and live as fully as possible for as long as possible. Claim your inner and outer riches. Don’t settle for less but enjoy all the positive good there is to enjoy.  Why not? Whether we go around once or multiple times now is NOW!

Decide to live fully. You deserve it. Once you make a real decision everything will start changing! You have planted a seed. It will grow. Encourage it. Change your thinking habits and your entire life will transform. Live to the utmost. You were meant to!

Live victoriously! Learn to be the master of your thoughts and feelings. You don’t force or deny anything. You learn to understand and accept and work with your bio-systems as all of us are meant to. Live gloriously! Help others to do the same!” Rex Sikes

Make your day delightful!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s How You Can Feel Good More Often!”

  1. Read and share each of your posts…..thank you…..I am so blessed with feeling fantastic all the time and all my impossible dreams come true….all my life I have controlled my thoughts and I have been blessed with a heaven on earth… are doing a wonderful thing…..truly appreciate your inspired words….

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  2. Yes, it depends on our level of awareness. It’s extremely important to be aware of our feelings. Positive and negative ones. I tend to believe that humans are holistic creatures so I try to implement a holistic approach to my life and wellbeing.


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