Trump For President – Yes or No? What Makes ‘The Donald’ Trump The Rest?

Donald Trump

“He is rich, he is rude and arrogant. It doesn’t matter whether you are for him or against him, like him or not.  Perhaps, he has some attributes you don’t like and some that you do. It is worth taking a look at him to understand his success and his appeal and the behaviors that many don’t like nor appreciate. There are many things. Let’s briefly explore a few that make Trump, trump.

Donal Trump, presidential candidate, does not play by the rules. He makes them. When people ask him what his plan is at most he says, ‘we have a plan, it will work. We will make it work’. He says this because this IS how he thinks. This IS how a successful person thinks. He may or may not know ‘how’ he just knows it will happen because that is what he wants. He intends it to work. He’ll do it.

If it doesn’t work out he will find another way. This thinking works for him, but this is not what we want to hear from our candidates. It is, however, the thinking of the truly successful. ‘I will have a team and put them on it and we will make it happen’. Carnegie, Edison, Ford, major CEO’s, nice people or not, have a success mindset. They ‘know’ it will work! For them, the plan follows the intent.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

People can ask, ‘what if it won’t or what if people don’t like it?’ He says, ‘they will, they will like it, they will come to like it. they will see’. He believes this. He knows this! He may not know politics or behave like a typical politician. He may or may not make a good presidential candidate or leader but he does exemplify the mindset necessary to succeed. He, himself is convinced and acts convinced. Completely!

There are rich people who are wonderful people and there are rich people who are awful. Money is an amplifier for the kind of person you are. The Bible says, ‘the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.’ It is not money that is evil. It’s been said, ‘…absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ There is the good and the not so good. There are those who exemplify the admirable and that which isn’t.

Trump is from wealth. He grew up in it. He inherited it. He has lived it for decades. He is surrounded by it. He oozes it. He made and lost money and is still apparently at the top of his game. He is a billionaire, a developer, a media darling, he is someone you may ‘love to hate’. He’s been in the public eye, as a person of wealth, for a long time. He thinks and acts different from most other candidates.

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference

For the very reasons mentioned above he IS different from the other candidates. You can tell from his body language. He is confident, used to getting his way, able to bulldoze over anyone, yet, has a sense of humor. Watch his body language. Trump is comfortable with himself, his position, his wealth. He is exudes power and dominance even while attacked by other candidates. He is secure!

Cruz and Rubio while wealthy in their own right, are not as comfortable nor confident as Trump. He baits them and stands centered, planted, hands in pockets, a condescending look on his face. He is nonplussed. They look at him and look TO him. He does’t bother to look at them. They seem so weak by comparison. Bush was completely out of his league. He knows he is in charge of the room!

Again, I am not suggesting Trump would be a good President or that he should even be President. I am simply pointing out the differences. What gives Trump the edge? Cruz and Rubio are pretty confident in their own right, on their own, but are no match for Trump on the same stage. He knows it, they know it, and it is painful to watch. Trump isn’t a politician he is a dominant force!

If You Really Want Something You Will Find A Way

There may be a host of other qualities and characteristics voters want in a candidate but Trump is comfortable being Trump. He is used to being  in the spotlight, being outlandish and extravagant in all regards. He is used to being rich, and used to being a celebrity. He is media savvy. These could make him a great choice or a horrible one. Trump knows something the others don’t from experience.

Whether he can run the country or not remains to be seen but one thing is for certain. He has been running the media show so far. He has been running the debates. When have you ever seen such chaos before as people attempt to assert themselves against the lead candidate. I am not suggesting you like him, or be like him. Be yourself. Be your best self. Come into your own strengths.

Why do I mention ‘the Donald’ here? He has characteristics you may not want to have and he has some it would be beneficial to have. He didn’t get this far in the election or life without something going on inside. It is a mental game, after all. From within to without. No it doesn’t have to be pretty. The results you create stem from what you have going on in your thoughts and feelings.

Success Is A Matter Of Correct Habits

Like it or not he has ‘attitude’. He knows he is a force to reckon with. He knows how to play the game and he makes you play his. He seems to believe he is right, better, or a better choice, good for the country, and unstoppable. Whether he is or would be remains to be seen but he has attitude. That sets him apart in a very big way. Kings, queens and lords think differently from the subjects they rule.

Some create some really incredible things some create discord. Trump has something going on on the inside whether or not like it or agree with him. If we want to be a success we need to make sure we have something going on inside. Thoughts come first. Our thoughts lead to feelings. Our feelings lead to our actions. Our actions to results. If you want stellar results start with stellar thoughts.

Some people unite others some divide. Not all rich people or successful people are likable but YOU could be. You don’t have to be abrasive to get to the top. Notice however, those at the top are are different. They believe in themselves. They act certain. They know! They expect good results from to come from their actions. You can know this too. Control your thoughts, don’t let them control you.

The Brain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Do you think Trump could stand the waves of attacks warranted and unwarranted if he wasn’t steeled in his thinking. If he wasn’t in control or in charge of his thoughts or what others think of him you’d see different responses. Look at the behaviors of Bush, Cruz and Rubio when they engage with him. Very different. Trump is a champion boxer taunting his opponents. He knows he will win!

He calls his opponent out and names the round. His attitude – he is unbeatable. Personally, if he lost, I don’t think it would bother him much. I don’t know, but he seems unflappable. Trump may even be a narcissist. That isn’t a good and YOU don’t have to be. The quickest way to the top may not be the nicest. You don’t have to not be nice to get ahead BUT the easiest way to the top is through being nice.

By working with others you succeed! There are lot’s of examples of wonderful people who are powerful. Make it a point to begin by being the best inside and you will be the best. Be nice, loving and kind inside and you will radiate it outside. Be a success in your mind and you can be a success in your life and you business. Take charge of your attitude. Think winner and you can be a winner.

Even, if I am totally wrong, you must agree that it has to be better to think ‘I am a winner’ than thinking consistently that you are a loser. So step up the game inside you. Be the boss of you. I suggest being a benevolent one, but a boss none the less. Keep your promises to yourself and others. Trump didn’t make it on his own, even if he tells you that. Others helped. With Trump it began with his dad.

A Rising Tide Floats The Whole Boat And All Those In It

It takes collaborating and negotiating to get ahead. Even the worst examples of the most successful need others to get ahead. They may not acknowledge them or give them the credit they are due, but they would not have made it without collaborations and partnerships. So model and adopt the finest qualities and characteristics and leave the not so nice ones alone. Find the best and leave the worst.

One of the finest books to read and re-read is ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. In it he discusses the need for having certainty, being unstoppable, making your dreams come true AND how it is easier and more likely when you cultivate a winning personality, add value to others and go the extra mile first. Your wealth and your value will be determined by how many people you help in life.

Celebrate and co-operate with those around you. Read the book, if you haven’t. Re-read it if you have! You can be, do and have anything you want. If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it because we become what we think about day in and day out. You attitude does determine your altitude! Become unstoppable. This blog post isn’t really about Trump or the candidates. It isn’t meant to be political. It is all about you, me and who we become. Be the best you, you can be! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight each moment just because!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Trump For President – Yes or No? What Makes ‘The Donald’ Trump The Rest?”

  1. Trump is a true warrior, when you read his book he makes this clear….he wins because he destroys the enemy….he has personal power….generated by his powerful thoughts….the only way to beat Trump is to do it totally invisibly with out him ever knowing who caused it or how it happen….that takes a mental point of view and creativity that most cannot even imagine….it takes the person who makes the Kings and does it with imperceptible stealth…..the real problem is I am sure Trump has an invisible agent behind him at this mental level mentoring him invisibly…..

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