Since Your Brain Is Unreliable In This Way – Use It To Your Advantage!

horizons the-polar-vortex-phil-koch

“Eye witness testimony has always been considered unreliable. Victim reports are too. In fact, any human assessment of what happened moments ago, or a long time ago are suspect and subject to deletion, distortion, and generalization AND confabulation.

It is known that an operator’s questions of polygraph participants can skew the result BY the questions they ask. False memories can be induced hypnotically, and while people are under stress.

Researchers and law enforcement know that people make up reasons in the absence of any, and that people ‘fill  in’ the holes with ANYTHING that seems plausible (or not) as Gazzagnia demonstrated in his split brain research.

Two siblings can argue over different versions of what happened at a family dinner table 20 years earlier. Some will have the same argument over what happened 20 minutes ago.

Memory and reposts of ‘reality’ are extremely suspect, yet that is what many rely on, especially if they have nothing else to go on.False reposts of abuse and abduction have been known to be induced by examiners.

I was fortunate a few years back to work with a homicide detective who showed and explained how interrogation techniques lead to confessions. These same techniques can produce false confessions.

Whether the person believes the ‘confession’ or not is part of the issue. Many confess without believing. Many report incidents that never occurred because of the way an examiner questioned them. We all know we can’t remember everything.

If someone can supply you with a false event, backed up by historical facts or details you know to be the case, it isn’t surprising that some would say, ‘wow, i forgot all about that’, or confabulate details and provide story for events that never occurred.

We must first and foremost realize this world we call ‘real’ ain’t. We think it is. We perceive through a glass dimly. Because of our neurological filter we never have all the information so nothing should surprise us too much.

Believing wrong or inaccurate things is what most of us do most of the time anyway. So what is one more? We believe inaccurate things about ourselves too. Beliefs are only thoughts we repeatedly think until it becomes habit.

We accept them as true when they are not. Since, that is the case, why not have decide what you want to believe instead of being a victim to what you believe? Choose your beliefs. Choose to believe that which empowers you, increases you instead of not.

Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right’. So why choose to continue to believe things that hurt you, limit you or keep you from fulfilling your goals and dreams? Why live in worry, fear or worse when you can choose to think, feel, believe, and act otherwise?

Given the choice of I can’t or I can why not choose I Can Do Anything? What you think today is a result of thoughts and beliefs and attitudes you co-opted from others. You were programmed to believe it from parents, peers, authority figures, popular culture and the media.

Now it is time to get free and determine which beliefs best serve you. Never limit yourself. You are bigger and better than that. You deserve to be the best, do the best and have the best. You deserve to think the best, feel the best and act the best. You are the best!

When you do you also will get the best results. Until you do, things will remain the same. It is time to take charge. Be the boss of your brain and decide what you believe. You can and you will if you want to. You have believed many useless things now believe better!

Begin by filling your mind with powerful positive thoughts through autosuggestion. Repeatedly affirm, declare and assert positive thoughts with enthusiasm.  Chant these powerful positive beliefs each day. Visualize yourself already as you want yourself to be again and again. Keep at it and you will be it! Stop at nothing, keep going. Celebrate Everything!” Rex Sikes

Each moment is magical and just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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