Warning! If You Neglect This You May Pay Dearly

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There is a final step. It is a critical aspect of your personal development and your ability to easily change and transform yourself and your life. It should not be ignored at any time. It is as important as all the rest. Be sure to well attend to it

Welcome to Part 21 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. 21 is the final part of this series. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment. Alright, let’s go!

Your health. Take care of your health. Your body and mind are part of the same system and both require care. Your body responds to your thoughts or you wouldn’t blush when embarrassed, or your heart quicken when you meet a potential mate.  Your pupils dilate too.

Negativity Is A Thief That Steals Happiness And Well Being

Negative thoughts adversely affect our health. Positive thoughts positively impact our health. We cannot escape the consequences of our thoughts. Our health and well-being impacts our ability to think. Both influence each other. You can’t have one without the other.

The cost of neglecting your physical and mental health is greater than the cost in dollars. Negativity takes a huge toll on your body and your ability to function optimally. Neglecting your body, or your mind has a massive downside. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF NOW!

Once you feel down and out it is more difficult to break the hold of negative thoughts than when happy and energetic. It can absolutely be accomplished, but many people won’t feel like it. They may not have the energy to make the needed changes BUT they can!

You Eat An Elephant Bite By Bite

Bit by bit do things that bring the body and mind more energy. Go for a walk. Work in the garden. Gardening is sage advice, because we connect with the earth, we get our hands dirty, we are preoccupied and concentrated on life in the garden. It works wonders!

We can change our physiology. Throw our shoulders back, put our chest out, our chin forward and sit, stand and move as if we felt confident, positive and powerful. We can get down and roll around and play as a little child would. We can move our body differently!

Stuck implies no movement and the same, frozen. In order to break free we need to move and change things up. We can do almost anything and bring about some positive results. If you always do what you always did you always get what you always got. Get it?

You Can’t Live  A Positive Life With A Negative Mind

If you can’t leap into things, at least, inch your way into them. Both ways are effective and can bring dynamic results. The point is you must do something. Start early, before it is too late is a wise approach. Prepare before it is required and you will be well served.

Shake it up. Vary it. Stretch a little. Do some light yoga, breathing, any form of exercise. If you are low energy, do that which brings energy to you. Move and gradually increase the variety and/or the intensity of your movement. Walk, skip, run, dance. Breath, laugh!

If wound up, relax. Slow down. Breath. Take a bath. Get a massage, a steam or a sauna. Listen to some soothing sounds or music. Turn off the electronics, eliminate distractions,  Get outside. Garden. Take a walk, enjoy the surroundings. Quietly, sit or lie down out there.

Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease

The issue for many people today is where their attention is. Often it is too self focused. We are narcissists. Change the focus. Help another person. Stop thinking about yourself and your problems and assist someone else. Look around you and find the good in the world.

Change of focus and change of what we are doing and how we are doing it IS how we bring about change in ourselves as needed. We can’t do what we always did and expect it will be different. We need to change things in order to have life change. Vary your routines!

Enjoy the simple pleasures. Fill your life with gratitude and thankfulness for what you already can do, for how you are blessed right now. Appreciate your body and your mind for how they work, with or without impairments. We are luckier than we think, usually.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do …

Eat well. The proper nutrition is important for your body as it is for your mind. Quit living on junk and get some good food. Good water. Cut out the bad foods and drinks as much as possible. Think at least 80/20 rule. Health is mental and physical. Pay attention to both.

If mostly you are well nourished, 80, a guilty pleasure, 20,  now and then is okay. Mental nutrition is important too. Read and fill your mind with healthy thoughts most of the time. Take care to think the best and be exposed to the best thinking. Eliminate the worst.

Eliminate the negative thinking and the distractions. Stay focused on the positive and feeling good. Include those things that make you think and feel better that are wise and good for you and exclude, as best you are able, that which is not. Mind and body work together.

… Excellence Therefore Is Not An Act But A  Habit

Get decent exercise and enough rest. Drink plenty of good, clean, pure water. Smile and laugh more. Have fun. Don’t make personal change and transformation harder make it fun and easier. Lighten up, let go, drop your cares and troubles, and live. Be as a child!

Read more, listen to music, listen to nature, listen to each other, communicate with loved ones, enjoy your family and friends. We live in boxes that are artificially lit, with microwaves, and radio waves and wifi and electric ambient sounds and noises, get away from it.

Change your routines from time to time. Take different ways home, or to work. You’ll see different things. Eat some foods you have never tried. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Vacation someplace new. Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed.

He Who Enjoys Good Health Is Rich Though He Knows It Not

Have fun doing and learning new things. Take some classes. Try different genres of books, music or movies. Take a spinning class or a ballroom or swing class. Make moments fun by meeting, new interesting people. Meditate or do something spiritual or natural.

Have I said, spend more time outdoors? Be freer, simpler, gentler. You have work time and rest time. Learn to manage both well. The more positive your thoughts the healthier all aspects of your life can be. The healthier you are the more positive your thoughts can be.

Prioritize your relationships. Cross things off your bucket list. You only live once don’t put everything off for another time, live now. Make it a point to not let the day to day troubles and distractions and negativity run the show. Don’t be controlled by circumstances.

Sometime You Just Have To Unplug And Disconnect

Determine how you want your life to be. Claim it back. Access your power. See it and say how it shall be. Declare it and make it so. Live as a champion and and emperor, not as a victim or a pauper. Decide to live a glorious life and make it that way minute by minute.

Fun, passion, delight. Movement and rest. Listening to music can arouse you and make you feel vibrantly alive or calm, quiet and serene. Both are important as night and day are important. Your body and mind cooperate as one. There is no separation in reality.

Live simple in a complex world. Enjoy all. Stop judging and complaining. Begin praising and encouraging. Look for and find good in all and you will develop that ability to always find the good even when well hidden. Delight in yourself, others and circumstances.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Live whole. Free yourself up to enjoy what is available to you and you will always discover more you didn’t notice at first. Linger in the goodness. Bask and bathe. Take a daily inventory of all the good things; the things you appreciate and your successes. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day count for something wonderful!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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