Are Your Problems Stepping Stones Or Stumbling Blocks?

horizons the-risen-tree-phil-koch

“Problems and struggles, negative circumstances can be the best things that happen to us. Few believe that, but if you embrace that thinking and embrace your difficulties you find a new power. You discover how blessed you truly are. Problems are opportunities.

You can believe and act as if the universe has intelligence and is providing you with lessons to learn from hardship and circumstances. It’s to your advantage to look at each situation you are going through to try to find the seeds of benefit and opportunity.

You can think it’s random dumb luck, mere chance, and unfortunate. You can believe there is no intelligent guiding hand in any of it but still you learn from a hardship in circumstances by extracting  what ever lesson you get from the situation. Seek and you will find.

Believe In Yourself And All That You Are

Believer or atheist doesn’t matter. YOU can always learn and evolve from anything life offers you if you’re intelligent enough to do so.  Problems can be stumbling blocks or stepping stones depending how you view them. Perception is everything. You decide.

You decide what meaning you assign to events. You have always been doing this. You call it misfortune or bad luck. You call it a terrible occurrence or you call it a lesson and opportunity to learn from. You blame and accuse, excuse and whine or you learn.

Perhaps, you have done some of both. Perhaps you blame first. Then after suffering for a duration you learned a lesson while looking back on what the problem was. People do look back after a enough time has passed and realize the benefits derived from the situations.

Know There Is Something Inside You Greater Than Any Obstacle

Only in looking back can you connect the dots. This is why the statement is ‘hindsight is 20/20’. However, consider how much faster you would benefit if you would only do this sooner. You can. You can learn to do it in the midst of your troubles. Here is how.

Embrace each trouble, everything that happens, as a blessing. Given by god, the universe, yourself, the divine or simply happenstance it doesn’t matter. Choose whatever works for you. Adopt the mindset that all of life is a blessing and whatever happens is for your benefit.

Then stay open and look. Be grateful for all. Appreciate and learn from EVERYTHING! Redefine your troubles. Re-frame tough times and catastrophes as situations. You may say you are working on some things other’s might define as difficult or as obstacles.

The Struggle Of Life Is One Of Our Greatest Blessings 

BUT you are finding your way through them. If you don’t go to overwhelm with your difficulties, if you don’t exaggerate them in your mind, if you don’t emphasize them and make them important, you can much better handle and resolve them. Make them tiny.

If you consider yourself blessed, if you believe ultimately you can see your way through these, learn and benefit from them, AND find opportunity hidden within, you will go through them faster and more productively. You will feel better by being more resourceful.

David of the Bible, rushed the giant Goliath and killed him after declaring that god would be victorious that day. Goliath, big as he was was no issue for god or for David. Both were bigger than the presenting problem. You become victorious when you are bigger.

Character Cannot Be Developed In Ease And Quiet …

Be bigger than your problems. Make the mountains molehills. It is always your perspective on things. It is always a matter of what you believe and how you view everything in life. It is all your definition. Change how you believe, define and view things and your life will.

Will it be easy to adopt this mindset. It will be easier for some than others. It depends on where you are in your own evolution. It will provide everyone with positive and powerful, personal growth. You will learn to control your mind and your feelings and that is needed.

When you take charge of your thinking and feeling you are on the road to making great things happen. Assume responsibility and direct your thought processes into what you want, the good and the positive. This is the beginning of great awareness and power.

… Only Through Experience Trial And Suffering Can The Soul …

Instead of it running on its own into distractions and negativity out of control, you control your own mind and thinking process. Then YOU can ASSIGN the meaning you want to ANY situation. Everything in life changes. It is process and we are living processes.

When we manage ourselves we have greater ability to navigate the changes in life. When those changes are ‘less than glorious’ we can utilize them, understand them, resolve them without loosing hope, or going under. To do this we must be able to re-frame them.

We must be able to look on them differently. We must be able to appreciate them. Call them blessings instead of problems. A tree that grows alone faces hardships from the elements but is stronger than trees surrounded by forest. Hardship brings strength.

… Be Strengthened Ambition Inspired And Success Achieved

Your difficulties can be stepping stones along the way to success once you consider them such. As long as you consider them stumbling blocks to be avoided, your journey will take much longer and be more painful. Attitude is everything. It is always, all up to you.

How you go through any situation determines the length of time you suffer. Whether you look to blame or to find opportunity determines how you feel going through it. If you resist it will persist. If you let go, embrace, and accept it, even if it lasts a while it won’t seem like it.

You are in charge ALWAYS, even when you think you aren’t. Whether YOU are in CONTROL while in charge is another matter entirely. You always call the shots. You always decide whether it will be pleasure or painful. You make you own way each step of the way.

Be Grateful For You Problems You Grow Because Of Difficulties

This is and has always been the case for each of us. When we recognize, accept this and take full responsibility we can begin to determine how it will go. We can’t control the world changes but we can control our response to it and how we travel through it.

You are only in control when you assume control. You don’t drive the car from the back seat even if you think you do. You must take the wheel and steer. You must steer your own mind and not be a passenger taken for a ride. You choose to think positive. You decide.

You take control of your thinking. If it is less than glorious you shift it, you change it from negative to positive, if by no other means than by will power. You make thinking positive, productive and powerfully a habit. Your thoughts and feelings become new successful habits.

Master Your Thoughts And You Master Your Life

Seek to control your thinking. Seek to develop the best positive attitude. Seek blessing over problems. Seek gratitude over complaining and you will transform your life in immeasurable ways. You will find everything more delightful and joyous. Do it!

Throughout these blog pages I give you tips, suggestions and strategies for developing control and a powerful positive mindset. You can change your beliefs and change your life. Study and apply what you learn. If you don’t apply it you don’t change. Nothing will.

When you take charge things change. Change your thinking and your life changes. Make each moment a stepping stone in the right direction. Live with purpose and positive meaning. Triumph over terrible times by managing your mind. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is your day. How will you choose to spend it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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