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“People want their life to change quickly. Do you? Are you one of these people who wants to have it now? Transformation can happen instantly? Often there is a breakthrough or ‘eureka’ moment when everything changes. This is very possible!

Then it takes time for everything else to adjust to the change. If you want six pack abs it will take some time to acquire. If you want to keep the six pack you know you will have to maintain them. If you get physically fit you still have to eat right and exercise right to stay fit. Still, there are moments when powerful things happen suddenly.

Just by reading this blog you could instantly change! Did you know that? You could transform in a single moment! You could enjoy great improvements in your life. You could delight more and have incredible happiness. You could skyrocket your career success. Its true!

Time Spent Reading Is A Wise Use Of Your Time

If you read my blog regularly you will learn and come to know what to do to get what you want. You will know what to do when you have difficulty and how to overcome it. It is rich with life transforming principles. That is one of the reasons I write the blog. I want to share what others have used, kept secret, or openly revealed that people still miss out on. When you learn amazing things will begin happening!

Just by reading! When you read and fill your mind with positive, inspirational material on a daily basis you can develop the necessary winning mindset to be, do and have anything you want in life. You can learn to live as a champion does and make your life marvelous.

So am I doing something to you? No. Is it what I write? Partly. What I share is wisdom from ancient times to modern times. Most of it is not mine I am just sharing what I have learned during my life. I am a messenger.

And one powerful message I want to deliver to you NOW is this: Read the blog. Read other inspirational material. Fill your mind. Read it and go back and re-read it regularly. You can and will transform. Go back through the blog site and read it again. Here is why.

You Make New Neural Connections And Pathways

Reading these words can instantly transform you but it is not because of the words. It is because of what you do with the words. It is because of your thoughts about the words. Everything in these blogs is about what you do! (Who is this YOU I write about? It is you and me. It is all of us. We are all in this together. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander). You must do something with it!

Information doesn’t transform us unless we apply it. If you know what to do but do not do it, you actually don’t know it. You can’t or you would be doing it. If you have the secret to life change and don’t use it you haven’t the secret. I am telling you right now here is an incredible secret if you put into action will make a phenomenal difference for you.

Transformation occurs due to your rumination. Your cognitions, and reflections. When you ponder over, think about, study and consider these concepts repeatedly your mind can begin to do astonishing things. Your mind will make connections within. Your contemplating and meditating over the concepts continually is like preparing the soil so seeds can sprout and grow.

What transforms you is not the words but your repeated study of the words and principles. The insights you gain is how change occurs. Your ‘ahas’ are what transforms you. Your instant illumination, that powerful moment when the concepts and principles gel and come together. That moment IS the result of you repeated filling your mind.

Apply Your Insights And You Evolve

Your personal ‘eureka’ instants are what changes you in amazing ways. These flashes and insights that you will have is when the magic happens. It is when everything suddenly comes together for you and you wake up to a new idea or a new way of being. You ‘get it’ finally!

This is precisely why it is important to fill your mind daily with positive, inspiring material. When you read it you can have an insight that changes everything! Wham! Everything comes together and you know what you need to do! That is a beautiful moment. You will still have to put things into motion and follow through but it all came together in an instant.

Your insights will lead you in positive and powerful directions. The conclusions you draw, change and draw again will change you in more beneficial ways than you can imagine. You will notice new things in your journey that previously remained hidden. You will wake up to new opportunities and advantages  as your mind assembles the principles and concepts with your experiences.

Correct Repetition Over Time Brings Success

So it it critical to get repeated exposure over time. When you go back and re-read the material a week or two later it can even seem entirely new material. You will be surprised by what you missed previously. Go back a month later. Keep re-reading.

The reason for this is because between the repeated readings you have thought about the principles, put them into action, gained experiences and evolved yourself. Write out your thoughts and conclusions. Then a while late, week or two, month or two re-write them out again. You will gain so much as you put into practice these simple practices.

By continuing to revisit the same concepts your mind has the opportunity to tie things together. If you only read something once and move on it similar to taking one bite of your dinner. You got a morsel. It is like pumping iron once. It doesn’t get the intended results. When you pump iron over and over muscles grow.

You Can Be Do And Have Anything You Want

So when you return to the same material you notice new things in it. Your mind puts it together in new ways. It is a fantastic evolutionary process. That means it is ongoing and improving. You can’t exposure you mind to positive messages enough. Each time you return to the same positive material you will get new things from it!

Those who are truly successful already do this.Those who have fabulous lives read regularly. It is really a secret that is hidden in the open, yet few take the time to do it. If you will you will discover a remarkable new world opening up to you. So please don’t miss out.

This material comes together in a new, meaningful and powerful ways for you. I write it to get it to you and to remind me. It is your cognition, your thought processes that are being stimulated by what you read. Focus on it, immerse yourself in it and real magic can happen. All the magic is within you.” Rex Sikes

PS YOU may know someone who could really benefit from hearing this message. Feel free to share this with them via social media or email. Buttons below make it easy for you to do so. If you benefit from these words please help someone else benefit too.

PSS I have discussed how to make changes more easily using questions throughout these blog posts. You can search by topic and find some. A great thing to do is read the posts daily and then go back and re-read from time to time. You will discover things you missed the first few readings. Try it, you will be surprised.

Make today fantastic!

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