Who Else Knows What Precedes Career & Life Success!

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“How is your career going? How about your life? Are you as happy and successful as you would like to be? If yes, that is fabulous! If not, why do you suppose that is? If you ask people this question you discover some pretty insiteful answers that all tend to be the same.

Most people will tell you that they just can’t get a break. They are spinning their wheels. They can’t get past a glass ceiling. They state that the economy or the world has changed and hence it is impossible. They say they don’t know what to do.  They have tried many different things. Nothing seems to work.

People answer saying it isn’t their fault. Something or someone outside of them is preventing them. They are not responsible. Most people answer as if they are passengers on a bus in life rather than as the bus driver. Even then some drivers blame the road and conditions.

Attitude Determines Altitude

Too many people take a passive stance to their success by putting in other’s hands. They feel like circumstances or others dictate what their life and career will be like. In Hollywood it is, and was, always easy to blame the ‘gatekeepers’. Gatekeepers are those we perceive that keep some from making it while allowing others access. Never let the notion of a gatekeeper prevent you!

When you aren’t getting the results you want you must make an active change. Yet, most people think you must change what they are doing. They want to change an activity. You should but this is not the first thing you must change. You must first change your mindset! Thoughts precede action. When you get your thinking right right actions will follow.

You must create the successful, winning, champion mindset first.  From this mindset all else follows. Think like a winner and you can become a winner. Think like a champion and live as a champion. Take responsibility for making your career and life what you want it to be.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

Stop blaming and stop looking at the less than glorious circumstances. Stop putting your energy and efforts and attention on what you don’t want and focus entirely on what you want. Get your attitude up. Make you attitude right! Persist in your right thinking in spite of any obstacles.

You have to think, ‘if it is to be it is up to me!’ Once your mind is set in right thinking your mind opens up so that you can effectively plan. Your creativity and awareness improve. Your ability to plan and know what to do improves. The information has usually been there all along but you can’t see it because your mindset wasn’t right.

You miss opportunity and knowing what to do because your attention was in the wrong place. With the correct mindset you are able to notice new opportunity and advantages too. Everything opens up and your resources become more available to you. The blinders drop off and you can see more clearly how to act more effectively. You can plan!

As you move forward your plans may change. They most likely will. Along your path to making your career and life dreams come true they may change a number of times but don’t give up! When traveling to a favorite vacation spot, if a road or bridge is out, you don’t abandon your decision to get where you want to go. You find an alternate route.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

You change your plans. Obstacles may come your way and you may go through a number of plans but you will find what works because you are open to it. You are adaptable and flexible. You are more resourceful as a result of having a winning persistent mindset. You are more competent and confident.

Your mindset, your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes are aligned and congruent. When this is the case you become a force to reckon with. If you know what you want in your career and in your life you take your powerful mindset and aim it at getting what you want. Then you can and will do the things that work and bring about what you. You become passionate and unstoppable! 

Most people put the cart before the horse. They try doing things hoping whatever they do next will be the right thing. They spend years spinning their wheels. Knowing what to do comes after knowing what and how to think. Actions follow right thinking. Get your thinking in order and your life and career will excel.” Rex Sikes

Make all you moments marvelous today!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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