Can You, Will You – Answer This Question?

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“Today my blog will feature a statement and question or two. This blog will be brief. It is up to you if you will entertain the question/s and answer but I think it would be most useful if you did reflect on it for awhile. We can learn a lot from some time well spent reflecting on what we do and how we do things.

Recently, We have been discussing beliefs.  Are you ready? Here goes.

Whatever we focus our energy on we create an increase of, more of, an abundance of. What we think about predominantly we get back more of. What we think about we bring about.

The question: What have you created? What are your results? What is your life and circumstances like? Are you pleased or not?

Exploration Is The Doorway To Adventure

I used more than one sentence for the statement and the question so I could state it and ask it in a couple different ways. Consider the questions for a few moments.

So are you pleased or not? If yes, fantastic, you must be doing something right, so keep it going. If not, then some changes may be in order so you can live more successfully as you would like to.

What are some of the beliefs you have around this topic? Can you list them? How do these serve you? How do they limit you? In other words, what does believing what you believe do for you?

You might want to reflect on this for awhile whether not pleased or pleased. Then you might want to consider where you put your attention, on what, and how you use your attention most of the time.

Are you focused on what you want or what you do not want? What are you getting back more of? What is the increase you are getting? What can you do, regarding your thinking, to stop getting what you don’t want? What can you do, regarding your thinking, to begin to get what you do want?

We Become What We Think About

Each one of us deserves the very best. You deserve the very best. More happiness, joy, success, and all good things. DO YOU  believe this? Why or why not?

My hope is that during the moments you consider these questions you learn something wonderful about you that allows you to move forward and live exactly how you want to live. More to come! Peace, blessings and celebration!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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