How Can You Tell When Your Dreams Are On The Way?

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“How can you tell when your dreams are on their way? How do you know when you are creating, making them happen or attracting them? Do you know? There is a way to tell. There is a clear indicator.

Your feelings are a clear indicator of what type of thoughts you are thinking. Your feelings inform you. Remember, what you think about you bring about. What you focus on expands. What you think you become.

If you are feeling good your dreams are on the way. When you are feeling good you are thinking positive, productive, powerful thoughts.  You are in creation mode, attraction mode and when feeling good you have the least resistance. You are most open and inviting.

You Are Most Open And Inviting When Feeling Positive

If you are feeling negative and less than glorious you are working against your dreams. Your feelings are a clear refection of your thoughts. If they aren’t positive and productive what would you expect to end up with?

You are least positive, least creative, and most resistance when you feel negative. You are still powerful and attracting but not the things you want. You are interfering with getting your goals and dreams.

Your emotions tell you whether you are moving closer to your dreams or moving away from them. Your emotions and your beliefs, your thoughts determine the results you get or don’t.

Your Reticular Activating System (RAS)  filters and determines the evidences you get back from the outer world. It ensures that the outer world will match your inner world.

You Either Move Toward Or Away 

So if you are positive and happy and feeling excited that is what you get back and what you experience in the outer world. If your inner world is dark and gloomy your outer world reflects the same. It is simple to understand how this works.

The big questions now IS DO YOU believe this? DO you believe what I just described? We have been discussing beliefs and how they affect you and your circumstances. If you do not believe it that is okay. You don’t have to.

I invite you, however, to act as if it is accurate and true. Act as if, try it on for a while, and find out what you discover. Accept it long enough to validate or invalidate it again. Does what I am asking make sense?

We know what your immediate reaction to the question is. If it is ‘no I don’t believe it’ then I ask you to suspend that for awhile, while you try on a different belief for a bit. Imagine you have a coat rack and you take off one belief as you would a suit coat and try on another one.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Wear it long enough to determine if it is a true fit, The reason for this is IF you aren’t happy with your current circumstances or results something is bringing them about. Perhaps, it is your thinking.

Perhaps not. You may already have an opinion. What you need instead of an opinion is an open enough mind to experiment to find out if your opinion is valid or not.

If it isn’t valid you may want to and need to make some changes. You will only know if this works well for you if you are courageous enough to try it on fully.

You Never Really Know Until You Try

To really practice it and find out whether things shift for you. You can’t really know for sure until you actually test it out. That will require an honest test.

But if you are willing to try for at least 90 days then you will have given it a decent beginning try. WHAT! you think 90 days is too long. It is the blink of an eye. But try it for 60 or at the very least 30. You do realize you need to do at least 30 days of honest, intentional trial.

What am I asking you to do? Fill your mind and being with positive, motivational material. Read and listen to positive speakers. Practice with affirmations and visualization daily.

Declare positively, powerfully with wonderfully strong enthusiastic emotions who you are and what you have. Live it for at least 30 days as optimistically as possible.

Set Up A No Whining Or Complaining Rule

If you catch yourself, whining, complaining or making excuses stop it and immediately focus on being more positive and feeling better. Try it on and find out if, at the end of the test time, you don’t feel much better and get better results beginning to come your way.

It is all up to you. Live with gratitude and celebration. Have fun and delight. Speak only to bless, heal, prosper yourself and others. Either you are moving toward feeling good or away from feeling good.

Whenever you notice you aren’t moving toward feeling good change what you are doing so that you are. Take control of your thoughts, feelings and life for a minimum of 30 days. Then evaluate. This makes the most sense to me. So go ahead, do something wonderful for yourself! You might just be surprised!” Rex Sikes

Make it a marvelous day!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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