Who Is In Charge? It’s A Really Simple Concept

if you don't someone else

“It is a very simple concept, yet most people somehow miss it. Due to prior conditioning or whatever we want to attribute it to people just seem to miss it. The concept is easy to grasp, it is straight forward and clear cut.

The concept is simply this – Either you are in control of your own thoughts OR you are not.

You are either in charge of your own life OR you are not.

You are either in the driver’s seat OR you are not.

You are either creating the life you want OR you are not.

It is either up to you OR it is up to someone else.

It is easy to understand yet most people will make excuses, give their power away, blame or attribute everything good or bad to others instead of taking possession of their own power and unlimited ability.

Most people don’t live the life they want to or dream of. People settle for something else instead of doing whatever positive good it takes to be and do and have what they want in life.

Either you do it or you don’t. Very simple.

The question is when will you begin to create the life you want if you aren’t going to begin this moment?

How long will you put it off?

When is enough enough?

How much of life are you willing to miss out on?

Stop wasting your time and begin making life the life you want. IT ALL BEGINS inside your own head, it begins with your thoughts.

As Henry Ford said “If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right. Stop wasting your own time and begin to day. Live your dreams.” Rex Sikes

Make your day especially beautiful, not only for you but for someone else too!

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