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Expert Reveals Secret: How To Overcome Any Problem And Build A Success Record!

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“Success creates confidence. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take it one step at a time and gather confidence by becoming competent first. Each time you succeed you are capable of bringing about more success. Then even more success. This is how it works.

Some people start off way too big. If you believe you can make it happen and know that with certainty that you will, big is fine. If you have doubts and don’t believe you can make it happen, then start smaller. Begin as tiny as you have to but still keep it desirable.

If it is too easy or isn’t desirable or interesting you won’t go after. You have find the ‘sweet spot’ where it is just enough stretch but not too much. It needs to be big enough to challenge AND you still have to believe it is possible for you to attain it. Faith is necessary.

Whatever You Can Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve

Search until you find the right thing. Your Definite Chief Purpose or Aim is what you want in life. Your mission. Your reason for being on the planet. Usually, it involves you and your contribution to the world and your legacy. You need to find your purpose in life.

From your purpose you find the steps that take you to it. You absolutely keep your purpose in mind, behind the steps. Think of it this way. You want to get to L. A. from the East coast and you set your travel markers. You know where you want to end up.

You get there step by step. Make sure your first step is something that you want, that captures you, but is easy enough to get, while still challenging you to stretch some. AS you build confidence the steps can increase in size and importance.

Inch Your Way To Great Success You Will Get There Soon Enough

The reason for this is to build on your successes. When you do that you remain motivated and persistent. If it doesn’t work or it is boring you may not be inclined to continue. If you give up along the way to you Definite Chief Purpose you are not going to get it. Is this clear?

Some people make 20 K a year. They make their Definite Chief Purpose 1 million or more dollars so they can live how they want while helping others. If you want it and ABSOLUTELY believe you can make it happen that is fine. Your goals should stretch you!

However, if you can’t believe it completely, it is wiser and better to start with smaller wants. Go for 30, 40 or 50 thousand first. Then 100,00. If you begin to big, don’t quit, just readjust the size of your first step. Keep going and keep making it happen step by step.

Dream Big – Think Long Term – Take Baby Steps To Get There

In fact, a good practice is to start stocking up some successes daily. To do this you can count nearly anything as a success. Your goal is to get to work on time. Get up 15 minutes earlier. After that becomes habit go for 30 minutes earlier. Keep adding time until it works right.

Do it and you’ll feel more successful. Your goal is to do the dishes tomorrow. Do them, get it done. When you set small daily goals and cross them off as completed you will be building successes and feeling good along the way. Keep a list of successes.

Doing dishes. Clearing the table. Taking out the trash. Making your bed. Cleaning a room. Cleaning your desk or office. Washing the car. Anything! Anything at all. Determine what you intend to do and do it. These things build your daily success list.

To Succeed – Desire For Success Should Exceed Fear Of Failure

Each night write down your list of successes for the day. Write down all the things you crossed off your list. Be sure to write down those specifically applicable to your Definite Chief Purpose too. Make succeeding a habit and you’ll develop unstoppable confidence.

The most important aspect of this is to keep your word. Do what you say you will do. Don’t go to bed with unfinished business. Don’t break promises.Don’t make your list of to-dos too large. Do as many as you are able that stretches you without overwhelming you.

How do you eat an elephant. One bite at a time. Drop by drop the tub fills. Instead of being overwhelmed or feeling like you can’t do it all, or that you don’t believe you are likely to get your goal, chunk it down. Anything can be accomplished when it is small enough.

When You Change The Way You Look At Things …

You can manage each piece of it or step along the way. This is crucial for you to understand and here is why. By learning to be successful incrementally you are building confidence and learning that you can be successful doing anything you put your mind to.

You memorize the feelings. You grow new neural pathways. You evolve yourself and develop new successful habits. You change and grow positively. How marvelous is this? Pretty incredible right. But, there is more to it. This is where the rubber hits the road – problems.

Whenever you are faced with insurmountable odds. Whenever you are face with really big issues, problems, challenges or obstacles if you chunk them down, and you can because you have been practicing this, you can handle ANYTHING that comes your way!

… The Things You Look At Change – Perception Is Everything

Size matters! The smaller the easier to deal with. Because you learn how to resize things and make them work for you, because you have spent time practicing bite size successes you can do the same thing for any problem that comes your way. Chunk it down. Make it small.

Try it on the smaller issues first. Build a success record managing obstacles and difficulties. Soon you will be pretty darn good. You will build positive success steps toward your goal while learning to dismantle any issues holding you back, or that you may encounter.

Chunk it down. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. It may take you longer but you can handle it. You can accomplish anything you want. You can overcome any obstacle one bite, one drop at a time. Overall you become more successful and much more confident.

Build The Wins All Along The Way – Success Breeds Success

Continue on toward you Definite Chief Purpose. Remember, to enjoy the process. Enjoy right now! This is crucial for all success. Now is all you have. Tomorrow is built on your thoughts and feelings right now. Feel successful and confident today and you’ll be more so tomorrow and you’ll make your dreams come true. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Your moments matter. How will you enjoy them this day?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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To Have Anything You Want In Life You Must Do This!

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“Einstein purportedly said, ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.’

However, it appears the quote actually belongs to Bob Samples, reflecting on ideas expressed by Einstein. We know Albert highly regarded the intuitive mind. He valued imagination over logic in many, many ways.

It may be that Samples was paraphrasing János Plesch who said, “When I examine myself and my methods of thought I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.’

If You Can Dream It You Can Be It

Einstein, did apparently say, at another time, ‘And certainly we should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality. It cannot lead, it can only serve; and it is not fastidious in its choice of a leader.’

Okay, I have tried to provide some historical background for the sake of accuracy. Just a smidgen. I like the first quote whether brilliant Albert said it or not. I think there is much value in it. It may have been Bob Proctor who stated, ‘We look at the report card and let it control what we are like.’ I agree with this assessment too.

While we are all somewhat different on the outside, and from varied backgrounds, and individual programming and conditioning through environmental factors people are very much the same inside. Our conscious minds differ but our subconscious minds work the same.

What You See (Inside) Is What You Get

We have been conditioned or trained to use our senses to approach the world and believe that our senses don’t lie. In fact they do. Not just a little bit but a lot. Still, we believe them. We look at the world and think the world is what we see. We look at the report card and declare it so.

The fact is, everything originates within us. It is from within that we look out at the world. We have been trained to do it backwards and that is why we encounter so much difficulty being and doing and having what we want. It is from within that we make things happen.

This is why attitude and mindset determine how far one gets in life. This is why what we think is what we get. Because if we can’t think it, if we don’t conceive of it, we won’t ever know or imagine it is possible. It will be outside the range of our choices. It starts inside!

What You Say (To Yourself) Is What You Get

This is why if you focus on poverty it is unlikely you get rich. If you focus on disease it is unlikely you get well. If you focus on hate and violence it is unlikely you will have harmony and peace. What you focus on determines what you get. It begins on the inside of us.

Instead,  people look at their bank accounts and fear they won’t be able to make ends meet. That then becomes their destiny. They have decided they are stuck there and they can’t see a way out. AND THEY ARE CORRECT in that assessment. They will remain stuck.

BECAUSE that is what they are focused on. In order to get out of it you have to envision the way out of it. You need to imagine first the better life and focus on the better life. You have to imagine what you want day in and day out not what you do not want.

Declare It! Command It! Be In Charge! And So It Is

When you imagine clearly what you want you tell your subconscious mind what you want it to work on. You tell it to problem solve for you. You tell it to get to work creating the means by which you can have what you desire. When combined with strong positive emotion it will do as you tell it to.

OTHERWISE it will continue to create the means to keep you poor. BECAUSE that is what you tell it to do when you focus on being and by feeling poor. When you feel really badly about something you are telling your subconscious to give you more of that. This IS HOW it works. Your feelings and thoughts run the show.

The outer circumstances don’t dictate to us what the world is like we create our outer circumstances. What we think and how emotionally charged we are thinking about it determines what we get back. We determine our circumstances. I’m not suggesting that people born to poverty or in the ghetto. There are.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me

But there are those who don’t let their birth conditions rule their life, and there are those who do let it rule them. The difference is not in the birth conditions but in how one thinks about them. Some see them as the end point. ‘I was born poor I will always be poor.’ Yes, then they will always be that way.

Another uses the very same conditions as a launching pad to leave the conditions of birth behind. It is our thoughts that make the difference not what is going on around us. Millionaires and billionaires are made when the economy is good or when it is bad.

There are people born well who blow it. They become alcoholics, disturbed, or worse. They’re bred into the finest conditions but it is what they do within that determines what they make of it. It is NOT the outer world that makes us who we are. It’s OUR inner world. We become who we decide to become! It is always our choice!

Attitude Determines What You Do Or Don’t Do

Attitude determines whether you will or you won’t. ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right’, said Henry Ford. ‘Imagination IS more important than knowledge,’ said Albert Einstein. We should honor the gift more than the servant. Use the inner to create the outer how you want it to be.

Within these blog pages, I have shared with you, in various ways, repeatedly, what you can do to live the good life IF you want that. Everything you need to live it is already within you. You simply have to tap into it! You only have to access you inner resources. You don’t have to be a victim of circumstances you can live as a victor, a winner and a champion.

You can be, do and have anything you think yourself into. Whatever the predominant thoughts are in your mind day and night is the world you create around yourself and for you. Circumstances are a reflection of what is going on inside you. From within to without.

If you don’t like your circumstances change your thinking about them. Dictate what the circumstances will be and YES your life will change. YOU be in charge. TAKE CONTROL! Become the captain of your soul and the master of your fate. Learn how to control your thinking and you will learn how to have anything you want in life!” Rex Sikes

Discover what is good and new today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Hello! What On Earth Are You Waiting For?? DO IT NOW!!

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“Is this you? The tendency for me is to read about things. I want to learn something new, I do. I want that extra bit of info. I want to find the missing piece. Instead of doing what I could or should be doing I busy myself looking into it. Do you think like this?

I don’t want to GET the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don’t want to actually DO the work. I just want to already HAVE the body. I know I should visualize at least five minutes morning and night. But do I everyday? No, I just want the results as if I had done all that.

Skill Comes Of Doing

I know I could and should repeat my affirmations or mantra twice a day, at least, if not more, how come I don’t? I have great intentions but little action. I think I will watch the Secret again maybe then it will finally all work. Hopefully, that will get me the results I want. But it never does. BUT there is this new book with the secret of…

Does this sound like you? If it does you must, at some point, understand that learning about it is not how transformation occurs. It is a great first step and fine to do but it isn’t what transforms you. Stop waiting! Stop Stalling! Move it buster!!!

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Transformation comes from doing those things that bring it about. Skill comes from doing. Whether it is mental exercise of physical exercise the point is you must engage in order to change. You must do the work to have the attitude or the body you want. Capiche?

Master the basics. Do what is necessary at least a little bit each day to develop positive, powerful new habits. Mastery comes from doing and doing correctly. Obviously, someone can practice wrong so you do want to make sure you do it right. It is better to do even the least you can do for yourself than to do nothing at all. Do something!

We Go Where Our Thoughts Take Us

Read a bit everyday. That fills the mind with positive inspiration and motivation. Spend time visualizing and affirming your definite chief purpose and your goals. There is Absolutely NO substitute for doing the work if you want to transform your life and make your dreams come true. Find an accountability partner if you must. That can help!

Throughout the day you can continue to think positive and grab moments to affirm and visualize, be grateful and feel blessed. You want to fill most of your day with positive thoughts about you, what you CAN DO, and your dominant desire.

If You Truly Want It You Will Find A Way

We become what we think about. If you aren’t thinking about this the most of your day and night you aren’t becoming it. If you are distracted with daily issues and woes, news, gossips, television and social media you aren’t spending your day in constructive thought.

This is why most people who abandon the practice claim it doesn’t work. It is because they don’t actually dive in. Dive in means leap and get wet all at once. Submerse yourself completely. Those who don’t get dabble, they dip a toe. They never make it because what they do most is everything but their dominant desire and positive thoughts.

If You Don’t Want It Bad Enough You’ll Find An Excuse

If this is you and you want your life to change it is time to stop. It Develop new success habits and do the actual work. Thinking about doing it some day won’t make it happen. You will never be more ready or more prepared or in greater need than you are this moment.

So stop waiting and start getting. Stop making excuses and begin. Stop thinking you need something else and use what you already have. You are resourceful whether you know it or believe it or not. Spend most of your time feeling wonderful! You make that happen by what you think. Take control of your thoughts!

Discover this by beginning now. Start doing and make all your dreams come true. Once you begin and are down the road a bit you will discover yourself transforming. Discovery will accompany your journey. It won’t happen prior to your journey. SO make this year and this day YOURS!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate your blessings today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What Are You Waiting For? Do This Now! Start Succeeding!

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“Some people wait until they feel ready to begin. They wait until they know what to do. They think if they wait they will feel more assured. Usually, that never happens and they just end up waiting. There is no perfect time. There is never THE perfect moment to begin. Consider this in the reverse.

Death always interrupts us from something we are doing. We don’t get to complete it. Whatever we are doing is left unfinished. Apply this thought to the beginning: We don’t have to be ready to begin. There is never THE right time.  We  just need to start it now. We will never be ready enough. Just do it.

It is now or never! Sure it might be scary. New things tend to  be. If you wait until the fear goes away you could wait for ever. It is normal for people to be apprehensive when doing something new. It is completely normal, so get over yourself and your drama around it and go do it! The longer you wait the longer it will take. Get it?

The Past Is Gone The Future Hasn’t Happened Now Is All We Have

In, ‘ A Year Of Growing Rich’ Hill states, ‘If you want to achieve success make today the day you stop drifting. Decide upon a definite goal. Write it down. Commit it to memory.’

‘Decide exactly how you plan to achieve it. Then begin putting your plan into immediate action. Your future is what you make it. Decide now what it shall be.’ Napoleon is pretty clear. This isn’t rocket science. Okay?

Don’t put it off. Do it now! He who waits, waits. That is all that will happen if you put it off; you will only delay it further. So begin now. Know this, your plan doesn’t have to be perfect. It most likely will change anyway, as you move forward. That is normal.

The Present Is A Gift To You

Once you are on the road, even though you’ve planned your trip, you may wish to deviate, take a side road, a detour, remain longer in one place than another, bypass a particular location altogether. Plans changes. Just make one you can implement and start doing it now.

Do something today. Do something tomorrow. Work you plan. Ask yourself each day, ‘What can I do today to move closer to getting my goal’. At the conclusion of the day ask, ‘What did I do today that moved me closer to having my goal?’ Both times and both questions are important.

Ask and answer. If you didn’t do much do more tomorrow. Make a list, a short list so it is manageable. Cross off things you accomplish. Little by little you will accomplish a lot. Don’t wait, Do! Feel how good it feels to get things done! Notice Napoleon Hill’s last two lines in the quote above.

‘Your future is what you make it. Decide now what it shall be.’ Whatever it is going to be you make it so. It is your decision. Decide now! No one else makes it for you. No one else can decide for you. No one else can do it for you. Only you choose your future and only you make it happen. Accept this and begin moving forward now.

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself

The Wright Brothers didn’t know how to fly until they had already done it. Until they did it they were simply trying things to find out what worked. They kept doing until they succeeded. You should to. Keep doing, keep trying, keep experimenting. Your devotion will pay off. If you do nothing you get nothing. So what is it going to be?

Don’t wait for the perfect plan, you will never have it. It will never come and you will just waste time waiting and hoping. Instead just do it! Be grateful and acknowledge your positive productivity. Then determine what you will do tomorrow. The next morning begin again. In this manner each day you close in on your destiny. Feel proud as you move forward.

You’ll get further along and closer to where you want to be. Soon you will arrive! Have fun along the way. Take it all lightly! Then the journey will be enjoyable and seem to pass more quickly.  Celebrate and delight in everything. Enjoy each moment. Why not? If you have to do it anyway, you might as well make the best of it, right? Okay, get moving!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate and plan today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Know Why The Heck You Are Even Here? You’d Better!

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“It isn’t enough to set goals. Goals are only pieces of the pie or of the puzzle, if you prefer. Goals are the steps you take on the way to your destiny. Goals are the rungs of the ladders that you pick up on your way to the top. There is something much more important than the goals you set and get.

Your purpose! Why are you here? For what were you born?  This is the larger and much more important piece to focus on. You are born into this world with a definite chief objective; to discover the reason you live, your destiny, why you are? Napoleon Hill called it your Definite Chief Purpose or your Definite Chief Aim.

Why are you? This is what you must uncover, discover and decide on. Your purpose is the umbrella that covers everything else. You were born into an abundant universe with more than enough of everything for everyone to participate in. Most don’t sadly, but that doesn’t change the fact that the universe has plenty for all.

You Are The Master Of Your Fate

You were born to delight and participate and partake of all good things. To celebrate and enjoy; people and relationships, events, circumstances, and all good things, whether you realize this or not; whether you believe it or not. – BUT –  If you don’t realize it, and if you don’t believe it, you won’t have it.

You must claim it for yourself. It is there, you are right smack in the middle of it, but if you are blind to see it and take advantage of it, no one else can help you. You must discover this on your own. Another aspect of your Definite Chief Purpose is why you live, what you want to do. This determines how your present and future unfold.

The larger your purpose the easier to fulfill in many ways. What are you totally passionate about? What do you love and enjoy? What kind of work makes you feel good when you do it; so good, you would pay people to do it? What work is play for you?

You Are The Captain Of Your Soul

Some people enjoy giving and helping others. Some contribute to the world in other ways. What is your way? Once you discover your ultimate purpose you set goals which move you closer to your purpose. You live your purpose, you accomplish your goals and that is the difference.

Hill states, any thing you want can be yours in abundance once you clarify and decide on your Definite Chief Purpose. Once you feel the passion and desire and enthusiasm for living your purpose everything else can begin to fall into place. Search your soul. Search your heart and your mind?

We have been discussing Barnes and his burning desire to become a partner of Thomas Edison. We shall continue. Between now and then consider this: If you already had everything you want, if you had all the money in the world, you are rich beyond belief in every way, what would you do? How would you spend your time? How would you contribute to the world?

Conceive It, Believe It And You Can Achieve It

In seeking answers to these questions you can begin to clarify and discover what trips your trigger. What are you, or would be, completely passionate about? No one in the world has ever made it completely alone. The ‘self made’ man or woman relies heavily on the help of others all along the way. How would you give back?

Remember, purpose is what you are after. This differs from goals,which can help you fulfill your purpose. Goals either move you closer or further away from fulfilling your purpose. We will come back to this point later.

Goals  may include making a certain amount of money, working in a particular field, developing certain relationships, living in a chosen location, having certain things, etc. These either align with your overall Definite Chief Purpose or they could conflict. This is why it is important to know what you are going for in the first place.

The Starting Point Of All Achievement – Definite Chief Purpose

What is the big picture? THEN what are the steps?  Are they congruent with what you want? Does each step bring you closer to fulfilling your purpose or take you further away?  These are important considerations, but first, if you haven’t already, clarify and decide on your purpose. Then you can learn how everything else fits.

Your purpose is there within you but it may not be obvious, at first. You don’t have to get it instantly. Mull it over, entertain it. Spend time with this important consideration. Search yourself. Ask yourself, reflect, consider, concentrate, be serious, yet playful and in time you will come to know it.

Be open to flashes of insight or answers that come from within. Feel grateful, celebrate everything! Remain positive. A positive mindset, a strong positive attitude is crucial for success. Stay open, available and optimistic and the answers will come. You will answer yourself. Once you do that IS the beginning of making your dreams come true.” Rex Sikes

How will you make today a special one?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What Do You Want And Need Most?

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“On the road to making our dreams come true we sometimes hit snares or get caught up in problems and issues. It would be wonderful, would it not, if we could more simply move through these tough times? It would be great to have help and support, right?

What issues keep you captive? Where do you get stuck that you’d like to change? What do you need to know, want to know, need to do that will help you get through the tough times? How can I help you accelerate your progress?

Yesterday was my 400th consecutive blog post. I thought I’d celebrate a little bit by taking a break. Not a rest but a moment to say thanks for reading and sharing. THANKS!!!!


More than anything I hope you find value in these pages. My life has been so transformed in incredible ways because of the practices and principles I practice, write about and share here.

Most of them are not new. Most are not mine. Some are. They have either been around almost for ever or re-emphasized in one way or another in the past couple of centuries. Regardless, they are powerful. My goal is to simplify and illuminate these.

Yet, it seems success using them may be elusive at times for some of us. Some people gravitate to them and seemingly make them work instantaneously. Others, seem to have more trouble. I want to assist both or all types of people on this path make them work for.

Plus, I really hope to help those who seem to have trouble because I certainly did. I understand it when it is difficult or when you don’t seem to get the results you want fast enough. I really do.

I am a powerful creator. Took me a long time to realize that. Most of what I created for many years was the opposite of what I wanted. I was incredibly skilled at getting precisely what I did not want. It took me a long time to figure that out and begin to change it.

We Are Powerful Creators And The Results We Get We Created

One of the most profound insights I can share is that it is all a process. We are all a process. Life is a process. Everything is a process or in process. I said it a bunch of times what do I mean?

I mean rarely do we see it or get it all at once. Information comes to us in a trickle or bit by bit. We can’t see the conclusion or around the corner or the forest for the trees. So whenever we get upset, discouraged or lost we do so on limited information.

We only see a part of the picture at a particular time. We never see the whole thing at once. Or very rarely do we. Because of this we act on incomplete information. Imagine if your GPS only had part of the directions to where you want to go.

Things will change. No matter what they will change. Better or worse and most usually for the better. We just forget that much of the time because of where we place our attention. AND that is the big point.

Where we place our attention while in this process is what we pay attention to! Since we can’t pay attention to everything WHAT we pay attention to IS critical!

Since we don’t have all the info it is too easy to get caught up and lost in details that drag us down. We have to remember we are in a process! We can place our attention any where we choose. This is a major point. We choose!

Keep It In Mind: Everything Is A Process – We Are In Process

This simple, but not always easy act, makes a helluva a difference for us. Often, it means the difference between great suffering or great blessing. It is the meaning behind ‘we get what we focus on’ AND ‘we become what we think about.’

What we think about we bring about. What we hold in our head we will some day hold in our hand. From within to without.

Okay, enough for now.

I wanted to say I hope you find value here. If you do I hope you make your lives everything you want them to be. You can, you know! Plus, I hope you help others do the same. A great way to get is to give.

I always enjoy comments but I want to make a special request.

If there is anything you want to discuss, or anything I can share, or anything you want to know more about please post comments or questions. Let me know what is important to you.

Share With Me In Comment Section What You Want And Need

If I know about it I can discuss it. If I don’t, maybe I can find out for you. I really want to know what is pertinent to you. I want to help you have more successes. Please, also share your success that can help others!

I want to work with you on making your dreams come true. I want to help see you through your difficulties. Which areas do you need to read about more? How can I better serve and help you?

How can I make what I share really valuable to you? What do you want and need? I want to deliver as best as I am able. So I really want to hear from you.

Together We Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Then over time and in these pages I can address these areas. We can even discuss in the comment sections. So let me know, okay?

The new blog site is coming soon. I hope you will enjoy it and stay with us in transition. For now, thanks for everything. And please tell me how I can best meet your needs and what you want to know.

Help me help you make your dreams come true! You can do it. You will do it! Exploration is the doorway to adventure! Keep the faith.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy your day!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do Things Have To Get Bad For You Before They Get Good?

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“Are you one of these people? Do circumstances in life just go from bad to worse? There are some people who have to wait and let things get bad enough before they act. Is this you? They don’t move toward their goals. Instead they move away from discomfort. Things must get really bad before they get better. Many are like this.

This is known as the Pleasure/Pain Principle or The Carrot/Stick. Instead of moving toward the carrot, or the reward or pleasure they move away to avoid pain and punishment. When things are bad enough then they act. BUT not until they are BAD enough!

This is similar to the Last Straw Principle. They keep allowing pain and discomfort or bad events to pile up or circumstances and feelings to get so bad that they say, ‘Enough! That’s it! Never again!’ Finally, they act. You know the story. The camel’s owner kept piling straws on the camel’s back until it broke.

Many People Are Motivated By Pain And What They Don’t Want

In order for this person to be motivated it has to get really, really bad or bad enough. Some modern day guru’s have said, if this is you and you want to change, find a way to deliberately add on the pain until it gets so bad you do act in some way in your own best interests. I was never good at doing this deliberately.

If you are motivated by moving away from painful thoughts, events and circumstances this is how you are motivated. Until you learn to be motivated by focusing on what you do want and move toward it you will have to use what you have.

For example, some people decide they want to be rich and they move toward making money and having plenty. This is what they want and what they enjoy. They want to include money and having fine things in their life. They create positive circumstances to pursue.

Others don’t want to be poor. They hate being poor so they move away from poverty or lack.  They avoid it and want to exclude it as a possibility. They leave it behind.  If you are this latter person you may have experienced the struggle this type of motivation is.

You Need To Determine And Clarify What Your Do Want

You are driven by the need to not feel pain and to avoid what you don’t want. There is some benefit to this or in getting to the point of The Last Straw . Knowing what you do not want CAN help you clarify what you actually do want. If you spend time to decide precisely you can benefit immensely. Determine what you want!

Once you know exactly what you do not want then turn your attention to what you do want instead. Focus on what it is you want. Specify it. Make it real and desirable.  Turn your back on what you don’t want and put all of your attention and energy into creating and making what you want happen.

When you know what you want you are aiming at where you want to go. You have set your course and can move in A PURPOSEFUL direction. You can think intentional thoughts about it. You are able to close in on it step by step. The problem with the negative motivation is it is similar to running from a bear in an unknown woods.

You Must Focus On What You Do Want

While attempting to flee the bear you run anywhere you can. You attention is on not getting eaten. You run wherever you can. You may know you want safety but you don’t have time to plan. So you run to avoid the dire consequences. You don’t have a specific direction to go to. Any direction away from the bear is better.

It is important to realize that what you focus on you get. Call it  the Law Of Attraction or Karma, call it anything you like, the point is, whatever you put out you get more of it back. You plant one seed you get a lot more seeds back. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

If you have to wait and wait until it gets bad enough for you to feel motivated to change you are focusing on what you don’t want. When you get enough of what you don’t want you then try to escape it. If this is you, the key to making it work is the moment you take action you must turn your attention to what you do want instead.

You Can Learn To Do Anything Persistence Is The Key

You have to shift your focus from what you do not want to what you do want. Keep you eyes and mind and thoughts on what you want. Then you are able to get what you focus on. What you think about you bring about. So you want to be thinking about what you DO want and not what you don’t want.

If while thinking about what you do you you notice yourself feeling less than glorious, not so good, or even bad then you have inadvertently slipped back into thinking about what you don’t want. The negative feelings are the signal to let you know you have gone off course. It is so wonderful we have feelings as an internal guidance system.

Feel good means you are focused on what you want. Feel bad means you are focused on what you don’t want. To have an enjoyable life you want more pleasure and far less pain. What you think about you bring about. So if you are thinking less than glorious thoughts you will be feeling less than glorious feelings. It is quite simple actually!

Both forms of motivation are possible. I find that it is more positive and powerful and feels better, once you know what you want,  to move toward what you want to have. I prefer to be drawn toward it magnetically than to be escaping from something I abhor. It is here, where what we focus on and how becomes meaningful.

Your Feelings Are A Great Guidance System

If you are focused mostly on what you don’t like and don’t want, if that is mostly what you see and experience then how do you get out of it. If all you notice is poverty and lack, if what you experience is not having what you want, you probably aren’t feeling very well or thinking very powerfully because you are focused on what sucks.

The good news is this: You learned to do that. Perhaps, at the time you didn’t realize you were learning it but that is what you did. It is a skill and it did serve a useful purpose at the time. AND we can learn to do many things. You made that a habit you can learn to make getting what you want easier and moving toward what you want a habit.

I have already told you how.  Countless times within all these blog pages. Go through it and read. The key is deliberately shifting you focus and keeping it there. It will be odd at first, a little uncomfortable or unfamiliar while you try a new thing but just as in learning any skill, stick with it, and you will master it. You will make it a new and useful beneficial habit. You can do this and when you do more good things are in store for you!” Rex Sikes

Savor the seconds, make marvelous the minutes, delight in the day!

PS YOU may know someone who could really benefit from hearing this message. Feel free to share this with them via social media or email. Buttons below make it easy for you to do so. If you benefit from these words please help someone else benefit too.

PSS  A great thing to do is read the posts daily and then go back and re-read from time to time. You will discover things you missed the first few readings. Try it, you will be surprised.

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

HEADS UP!!!  Soon Daily Inspiration And Gratitude will have a new home.  A new URL, a new look and feel. All this content and new content will be delivered there. Some of you get this blog emailed to you,

I don’t know whether that will continue or not. I do know you will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter. I hope you will stay with us. I’d hate to lose you or have you miss any blog you want to receive. So will you stay with me?  I sure want you to. I’ll let you know when the change is taking place.

The Number 1 Reason You Aren’t Getting What You Want!

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“Are you getting what you want with ease or is it a struggle? Creation should be easy, right? It seems some people suffer for their art and for their life. Are you having difficulty with your career, hitting your goals, making your life what you want it to be? Here is  the number 1 reason you may be having difficulty.

You are not focused on what you want to the exclusion of all else. You are divided.  You are split in your attention trying to get what you want and trying to avoid what you don’t want. You are focused on your problems and trying to solve them.

A House Divided Will Fall

More of your thinking is spent concentrating on how to get your life to work INSTEAD of thinking about all the ways it already does work and being grateful. You can’t move forwards if all your time is spent thinking backwards.

Thinking about how to fix your career or life and why it is broken or not yet working will not get you a better life anytime soon? You are negatively focused while not meaning to be. You ARE getting more of what you are focused on.

Your goal or dream must be specific, detailed and stated positively in terms of what you DO want to include. It must make you feel wonderful when you think about it. If it doesn’t make you feel eager and excited and joyful when you think about it you are not thinking about it in the right way!

You Must Concentrate More On What You Want Than On What You Don’t Want

What you put your attention on is what you end up with. The reason most people don’t live the kind of life they want to live is because they are too busy solving problems. They are working hard too overcome circumstances, get out of debt, manage an illness, recover from a broken heart, disappointment or tragedy.

Their attention is on the issue and how to fix it. You can’t be living rich while focusing on not having enough. You don’t live a loving life thinking angry, hateful thoughts. If you are looking for solutions to your situation your mind is on your problems and not on what you do want.

You think it is on what you want but you are really focused on what you don’t want and how to get away from it. That is why you get more of the same thing. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. You get what you focus on. Your mindset is everything!

Drop The Delusion

Most of us grew up like this. We were told to be realistic, work hard, don’t believe in fairy tales and accept your lot in life. Other people may have it good but they were lucky or born to it. We grew up with limiting mindsets instilled in us by well intentioned people who tried to keep us from being hurt or disappointed.

We adopted limitations without question for the most part. We never even realized we were coopting their messages and making them our own. Yet, many of us, have had difficulty precisely for these reasons. We are looking in the wrong place and we are hampered by a limiting mindset.

In order to get what you want you must be focused on what you want! You can’t be trying to get away from where you are because then your focus is on where you are and what you don’t like and don’t want. The only true way to get away from it is to be thankful for everything that makes up your life!

It is counter intuitive I know but that is how it works. In order to create more of the good life on the outside in the ‘real’ world your inner world thoughts and feelings needs to be concentrated on the good life. You need to be creating joy and celebration and gratitude for everything you currently have and experience.

First Be It Then You Will Have It

If you want more joy be joyful first. If you want more love in your life be loving first. If you want more wealth feel abundance first. What ever it is that you want feel it and you will get it. Feel fear, worry, doubt and frustration and you will keep getting those. Do you get this? You become what you think about!

Your thoughts, your previous thoughts and mindset, and feelings have created your present circumstances. You are living what you have thought about. By default if you have not set any goal or dream desire to be fulfilled then you are also living what you are not thinking about. Your present is the result of your past thinking.

You perpetuate the less then glorious mindset when you do not change your thoughts. If you are still focused on solving problems you will stay where you are. Why you don’t like what is going on and how to change it will only keep you in the same circumstances.

Whatever You Have In Life You Have Created

If you want a new life you need to spend the bulk of your time  imaging what you want life to be like. You must imagine what it is you want to include and have more of. You must imagine it as if you already have it. You must dwell on thoughts of the ideal life.

Yes, it seems fanciful. Yes, it seems like you are ignoring your problems and being unrealistic. Our conditioning and habitual chronic ways of thinking will rear their heads and scream, ‘this is wrong!’ It isn’t wrong it is the way forward but it will seem foreign and unusual.

Most people never leave their comfort zone. They do the same thing again and again hoping for different results. They won’t get better results that way. In order for your life to change you must change things in your life.

You have to do things differently to get different results.

If you want you want your life to be filled with love, warmth, family, friends, romance, health, wealth and riches then these are what you need to focus on. What you focus on is what you create, attract and get.

Your energy goes where your attention goes. If you are looking for solutions to your problems your attention is focused on your problems. YOU get what YOU are focused on. Put your energy into who you want to be, what you want to do and have and keep it there regardless of what circumstances are presently.

If the sea is stormy you must have faith that you will get to your desired port. No matter how difficult aim for the port. Keep the faith. Put your attention on where you are going to end up. Keep it there.

Delight in what you want to create. Be grateful for all you presently have whatever it is. Celebrate and feel good. Have enthusiasm and passion for everything right now and the future you want. Keep the faith and expect all good things.

Feel Grateful And Celebration And Your Life Will Change More

As you do you will discover your life changing. It will take much longer if you think about what you want part of the time and then switch your attention to what you don’t want. THIS is the difficulty most people have. They go back and forth and never spend time predominantly thinking about what they want.

Train your mind to stay focused on what you do want. The good results will come more quickly. Learn to keep bringing your attention back to the good life, the good thoughts, the good feelings so that you make these the habitual thinking you live from.

As you do this you will create a glorious future. It all begins right now by what you do in this moment. For tomorrow to be what you want you must make today what you want tomorrow to be. Live, love, laugh, celebrate.

You create and attract what you put out. You get what you focus on. You become what you think about and thank about! Enjoy, celebrate and delight! Be positive and expect good things even if you don’t yet see evidence yet. If you do you soon will! Begin today. There is no better time than this moment!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate today to the utmost!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

HEADS UP!!!  Soon Daily Inspiration And Gratitude will have a new home.  A new URL, a new look and feel. All this content and new content will be delivered there. Some of you get this blog emailed to you,

I don’t know whether that will continue or not. I do know you will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter. I hope you will stay with us. I’d hate to lose you or have you miss any blog you want to receive. So will you stay with me?  I sure want you to. I’ll let you know when the change is taking place.

How You Live Right This Moment Is Critical! The Secret Only A Few Know & Use!

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“Do you want it yesterday? Some people are impatient for results to show up. Are you one of them? You can’t rush the growth of a flower or a tree. Babies take time to grow into adults. You cannot force the sun to rise. Why are you in such a hurry?

It seems some people want to escape the now and they want to do it quickly. They don’t like where they are at and want a big change to make everything different and better. Occasionally, that happens but in reality most things happen in the same way wine improves. Over time.

I have written on patience and how to wait. You may want to go and explore some of my previous blogs. Most people in Hollywood know an overnight success means 10 to 15 years of work first. So expect to wait, be okay with it and you will fare far better.

Create The Invite And Send It Out

Here is the deal. When you put out a party invitation you send out the word and then you wait for the people to arrive. You can either wait well or poorly.

You can either enjoy what is going on right now while waiting for your guests to arrive or you can worry, fear, doubt, and micromanage each moment. Which do you prefer it to be? Pleasant or painful it is up to you.

Neither of these two ways has any impact of who shows up or when? You have no control over that. The only thing you do have control over is how you wait and whether or not you enjoy the duration. In the same way some people try to push a rope, they try to push the results they get.

They fret, worry, try to do more, they fear, they think there is more to do, something else needs to be done. It becomes an ongoing, endless cycle as the they try to insure they will get their way. I think of it as fishing.

What Kind Of Fisher Are You

You get the proper bait as best you can for what you want to catch. You drop the line and relax. Let the fish take the bait because you can’t make it take it. You can only appeal to it. The fish takes it when it takes it.

You can be frustrated or you can enjoy the time you spend near or on the water. It is up to you.

The key to making you dreams come true is intent. Clarify what you want, be precise, be specific. Focus on it, be passionate it about it, feel wonderful and keep it in mind. Imagine it as if you already have it. Celebrate and be grateful and enjoy the marvelous feelings.

Let Go

Part of getting is receiving. Be open, be receptive, be patient, be relaxed and enjoy the meantime. Live in this time with great delight. Enjoy now! Live in gratitude, with passion and enthusiasm.  Don’t keep checking or comparing. Stop digging up the seeds to see if they are growing.

Let go and be open to receive. Let the guests arrive when and as they do. Stop trying to force and allow. You may be the creator and you may be the attractor but allow yourself to relax and let it come to you.

You Sent Out The Invitation Let It Arrive When And As It Does

We work during the day and we rest during the night. Rest. Trust. Accept. Allow. Enjoy!  This is important. This is a huge part of getting what you want. This is a part many miss. They are so busy managing they don’t realize they are pushing it away.

Have faith. Believe it is coming. Expect it is coming and relax. Trust means you don’t fight for it because you already know it is yours. This relaxed confidence is as much an important part as the effort you put into your thoughts.

Delight and feel wonderful. How you live now is critical! Don’t sacrifice now for the future. Enjoy now and your future will be enjoyable too. Whatever effort you put into making your dreams come true put equal amounts of faith and fun.

Be glad now! Celebrate now! Be grateful now and you will have more to celebrate and be grateful for in the future. Keep this in mind. YOU plant the seeds and you wait for them to grow and flourish. You nurture and you trust.

You Can’t Force The Seed To Grow

If you know this at some level apply it to your dreams and your goals. Relax! Trust. Be open and receptive. Allow yourself to accept them into your life. Stop trying so hard. Do and trust. Keep trusting. Keep celebrating and living in gratitude. Enjoy this moment while you wait. Then you are not waiting you are fully living!” Rex Sikes

Today can be marvelous. Make it so!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

HEADS UP!!!  Soon Daily Inspiration And Gratitude will have a new home.  A new URL, a new look and feel. All this content and new content will be delivered there. Some of you get this blog emailed to you,

I don’t know whether that will continue or not. I do know you will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter. I hope you will stay with us. I’d hate to lose you or have you miss any blog you want to receive. So will you stay with me?  I sure want you to. I’ll let you know when the change is taking place.

What You Do While Waiting To Succeed Is Critical!

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“Have you ever planted a garden? Have you ever tended to living, growing plants? As a child in school or as an adult did you help grow anything? Did you germinate seeds? Do you remember the process? Do you recall the time it took? You had to wait, didn’t you? Whether you liked it or not you had to wait.

People are in a hurry. They want everything fast and they want it yesterday. Well, some things just take time.  For everything there is as season. You just have to endure winter when it is upon you. It still takes the same amount of time whether you like it or not.

Patience Is How You Wait When You Have To Wait

How you go through it though makes the difference. Summer is shorter typically because we enjoy it more. Most of us. If we enjoy something time seems to go by quickly. Too quick. The key to being patient, when you have to, is HOW you spend your time.

If you are having fun and enjoying it will go by quickly. If you are counting the days and comparing the distance between now and then it will seem to take forever. Waiting is completely dependent on you and how you wait. If you are desperate it sucks. If you are fulfilled while you wait it is a breeze.

Growing up as an actor in Hollywood I discovered everyone wants to ‘break through’ to ‘hit it’ to become an ‘overnight sensation’ this moment. Especially teens and twenty somethings. At that age we want it all!  In the film business, most everyone comes to realize, an overnight success takes between 10 and 15 years.

You Cannot Rush It You Cannot Push A Rope

It is not just a saying. It is a reality. Few pop. Most take years and years. Exceptions are child stars. Look at anyone’s credits on imdb and you will see most started with uncredited roles or one liners and worked hard at it, for years, before you or I ever heard of them. They put in years worth of work before anyone noticed. During that time countless thousands of others gave up.

Those who keep at it usually have success of some kind. Those who quit, well, they quit. If you stop and give up, then you stopped. If you keep going you can prevail. Being patient doesn’t mean you don’t do anything while waiting it means you keep moving forward and keep the faith. What you think and do while you wait is critical!

You have to believe in yourself and what you want. You have to keep faith in your ability to accomplish what you set out to do.  You have to know in your heart that you will make it happen in spite of the odds and the time it takes. You have to know that you can do it and will do it!

Don’t Give Up If You Want To Succeed Keep At It

There will be obstacles, set backs and temporary defeat but if you keep at it you can accomplish it. You can and you will!

Did you know that most successful people nearly gave up just prior to gaining their success? Did you know that prior to ‘popping’ most experienced their biggest ‘failures’?  They were nearly crushed and threw in the towel. Those who did not went on to success.

Did you know the first million seems the toughest to make? Do you know Researchers like Napoleon Hill, going back over 100 years ago discovered this and it remains true today. It always seems darkest right before the dawn. Out of chaos and calamity stars are born!

Stay Focused Stay Purposed Stay Passionate And Have Fun

Any worthy purpose takes time to come into being. Be absolutely clear on what you want and you absolutely want it no matter what. If you believe in yourself that you can make it happen then you can find legitimate means to bring it to pass. Stay focused! Stay purposed! Stay Passionate!

When you plant seeds they germinate. The seed must crack open and send out shoots into prepared soil where it can grow in the cover of darkness for however long it takes. It takes time and we can’t see it. We have to believe all is well and make sure it gets nourished. Then one day it breaks forth from the ground a tiny plant.

With continued nourishment it can continue to grow. Depending on what you planted it could be a flower, a food, or a giant tree. It all takes times. It takes whatever time it takes. Ultimately, it produces more seeds and the cycle continues. All the while we wait patiently there is activity. Their is growth and development.

Keep The Faith You Will Succeed 

Patience is a quality you have. It is HOW you wait. It means expect to win while you wait. It means do whatever is necessary knowing your efforts will pay off even if you can’t see the results today. Stay steady and stay consistent. Step by step you get there. Persist!

It means you can’t hurry or rush it. Take steps each day and nourish your success. Stick with it and you will make progress. What you planted you will one day reap. Don’t abandon your positive garden! How you wait is important! Affirm, acknowledge, stay positive.

Focus on the end result. You can glance at present circumstances or difficulty as you do your dash board indicators, while driving, but keep you eyes on the road ahead and keep faith in your heart. You may need to adjust your plans or take detours occasionally but keep on going. Know your destination and keep traveling to get there. You will. Be patient” Rex Sikes

Have a triumphant day!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

HEADS UP!!!  Soon Daily Inspiration And Gratitude will have a new home.  A new URL, a new look and feel. All this content and new content will be delivered there. Some of you get this blog emailed to you,

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